Digital Book Today Weekly News Summary

May 26, 2012

Share Books & eBooks with our Troops

Read this article to find out how you can do this.

Are Books Becoming Too Long to Read?

With writers being able to do extensive research on the web do they have to included every tidbit in their books? Read the article.

Can you guess the classic books from their phantom covers?

Here is a quick game to play. 10 classic covers without their titles. Can you guess the name of the book? The cover in this post is from which book?  Read the article.

I Miss Paper Catalogs

Read the article from Josie Leavitt.

Should You Create A Social Media Will?

What happens when you die to your social media accounts. Read the article.

Profanity in Teen Novels

Do you know what your kids are reading. Read the article.


Action Thriller – Award Winning

Weekly Featured “Great Reads”

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4.4 stars – 41 reviews
Gallagher's Pride

4.0 stars – 35 reviews
Demon Inhibitions

4.5 stars – 42 reviews
Jump When Ready

4.7 stars – 34 reviews


**1 Week Sale $.99!** Romantic Mystery 4

Southern Page Turner 6

LIES and PASSION hot cops. Hot crime 12

Historical Romance 14