Top 5 Unusual Olympic Sports I Enjoyed Watching With My Teens

August 13, 2012

I spent more hours watching the London 2012 Summer Olympics than I thought I would before they started. Maybe it was because my teens became interested in watching the games instead of their normal TV shows.

Of course there was the mainstream sports that we had all seen before. What really caught the attention of our household was the more uncommon sports which a person is rarely exposed to in the United States.

Some sports started out as oddities, but after watching them progress to the medal rounds we found ourselves looking at the event guide to watch the final matches.

The Top 5 Unusual Olympic Sports We Enjoyed The Most

  1. Rowing. My teens wished they could have been there riding their bikes along with the teams down the course. What a unique way to watch the race.
  2. Whitewater Kayaking. Really enjoyed the 2 person races.
  3. Fencing. The teens loved it more because it was electronic. They want a version for their XBox system.
  4. Synchronized Diving and Gymnastics. Both were amazing to watch.
  5. Handball. A soccer and basketball mix?

Honorable Mention: Table Tennis, Water Polo, Speed Walking, and the Modern Pentathlon.

What were your favorite unusual sports?


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