A dance teacher, a divorced dad, a boy who needs them both. “So much depth, emotion, passion and love…A brilliant script for a chick flick we girls would love to cry and swoon about!”—Unputdownable Books

Kiss Me, Dancer
4.2 stars on 51 reviews

The de Wolfe Pack saga continues....

DarkWolfe: Sons of de Wolfe
USA Today Bestselling Author Kathryn Le Veque

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A mix of Personal Essays and Poetry on Lifestyle-based issues.

Personal Thoughts
Author Gregory Lane

What lurks in the world of Metzra?

Author M.U. Phoenix

When Sergeant Sophia Castellana stumbles into a terrorist kidnap plot, things are not as they seem. The boy band star she rescues now wants her as his bodyguard... and much more.

Love Bleeds Blue
4.4 stars on 72 reviews

Down on her luck, Sylvie Jenkins takes a job with reclusive, bestselling author Connor Hudson. Sparks fly between the demanding alpha male and his feisty assistant. But he's keeping secrets. Women who love him die!

In His Keeping: TAKEN
3.9 stars on 14 reviews

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Bestselling Paranormal Romance!

Dream Warrior
4.4 stars on 146 reviews

King Solomon had wealth, power, and hundreds of wives. So why did he always yearn for more?

King Solomon’s Troubles
Author Zoe Senesh

Follow Sam as she travels from West Virginia to Atlanta, where she begins a life-long unconventional relationship with the city's most eligible bachelor.

Sam's Story
4.7 stars on 32 reviews

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Where Do I Find Free Kindle Books for Friday?

Enjoy these Free Books for Kindle (limited time offer). These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free Books from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with our new list of freebies for Tuesday. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


Baby, I’m Back!

4.3 stars on 238 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Book 2 of 7 in the Return to Redemption Series

She’s trying to forget the pleasure in her ex’s arms
He’s doing his damnedest to remind her

Fledgling entrepreneur Samantha Riverà is in charge of her own life for the first time and determined to keep it that way. She’s attempting to banish her call-all-the-shots ex-husband, who could charm the knickers off a nun, from her dreams. Unfortunately, it’s kind of tough forgetting the Zorro look-alike who’s willing to do anything for her, except give her the only two things she wants–another baby and his love.

Corporate vice president Nicolàs Riverà’s refusal to sire a second child ultimately destroyed his marriage. His ex-wife has no clue how terrified he is of losing her to another high-risk pregnancy. Now, Nick will stop at nothing to get his family back–even if it means blackmailing his way into his ex-wife’s home–and with any luck–her bed and her heart.

Not for those seeking a ‘sweet’ romance

Click here to see all available books in the Return to Redemption Series by Laurie Kellogg on Amazon.


A Danger to God Himself

4.1 stars on 33 reviews


A Mormon missionary goes insane on his mission and all hell breaks loose. Assorted sexual congress! Miraculous occurrences! The God of the universe striking people dead!

Mormon missionary/onetime hedonist Kenny Feller has realized that God isn’t about to give him an ounce of the miracle power he needs to succeed on his mission—as promised. What’s more, he’s concluded that, frankly, people aren’t worth the trouble. Then his new junior companion shows up—the wisecracking Jared Baserman—and immediately starts hearing heavenly voices and seeing fantastic visions. For Kenny, it is immediately clear that God has sent Jared to propel him into Mormon Manhood.

But Kenny’s not the only person who takes note. Interests both virtuous and malevolent cozy up to Kenny and Jared, eager to make use of Jared’s gifting. At first, Kenny takes this as a sign that his perceptions of Jared are spot on. God is using Jared.
But something’s not quite right.

Specifically, why in the hell would God choose someone as slope-shouldered as Jared—someone so unreligious, so strange—to be a channel for His supernatural power? He doesn’t even read the Book of Mormon. Plus he smells funny. As their tracting grows fruitless and Jared’s messages grow more bizarre, Kenny begins to wonder: Is Jared really touched by God?
And, if so—what the !#%$@! is God doing?

A Danger to God Himself is a hilarious takedown of religious certainty, a life-affirming tale set in 1970s Washington state—equal parts spiritual road map and coming-of-age tale and dark comedy.



4.4 stars on 33 reviews

Thriller. Paranormal. Thriller. Mystery. Metaphysical.

Book 1 of 8 in the The Vision Chronicles Series

He sees horrifying vision of the future through a kaleidoscope each time he closes his eyes.

He’d like to live a normal life, but there are some who will do anything to study his paranormal ability.

The Vision Chronicles eight book series is a slice-of-life metaphysical/visionary mystery

Click here to see all available books in the The Vision Chronicles Series by Chariss Walker on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Only Wrong Once

4.9 stars on 54 reviews

Suspense Thriller

Murder at the Rocks

4.2 stars on 529 reviews


Forgotten Coast

4.8 stars on 639 reviews


Wreck Me

4.8 stars on 307 reviews


Wind Chime Cafe

4.7 stars op 340 reviews


Loving Ellie

4.2 stars on 195 reviews


Mastiffs, Mystery & Murder

4.3 stars on 103 reviews


The Fortune Cafe

4.6 stars on 82 reviews


Big Bad Neighbor

4.6 stars on 240 reviews


Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


Pirate in the Mist: Brody

4.4 stars on 10 reviews

Historical Romance

Promotional price of only $0.99!

Second in Command Series – Book 1

(Extended version, Revised, New Cover. First seen in the Mists and Moonrise collection.)

Brody, Captain of the Sea Mirage finds himself a victim of his mutinous crew. When he’s thrown overboard, he swims to an island. His vengeance of wanting to kill Old Man Muck, the pirate responsible for the upheaval, is what keeps him alive.

Gwendolen Fisher is the daughter of a fisherman, trying desperately to fill the shoes of her three brothers who have abandoned the family business and disappeared. When she spies a man adrift at sea, she convinces her father and the crew to help him. Once aboard the ship, the man is recognized as a pirate. Before they can address the situation, a storm at sea washes Gwen overboard. The handsome pirate named Brody jumps into the water to save her.

Hanging onto wreckage, Brody and Gwen fight nature as the sea washes them toward the legendary lovers’ caves of Cornwall. Can a pirate and a young maiden find love together or will trouble continue to follow them from both their pasts, making it impossible to be together?

This story was first seen in the Mists and Moonrise multi-author boxed set that is no longer published. However, this is the extended version with a new cover, and never-before published scenes, as well as an epilogue with a surprise ending. This is the story of the secondary character, Brody from the Legendary Bastards of the Crown Series. Brody’s story picks up where it left off in Reckless Highlander – Book 3 of the Legendary Bastards of the Crown Series. It is best to read the Legendary Bastards of the Crown Series first. Also, it would be good to read the Seasons of Fortitude Series before this, so it doesn’t ruin the surprise in the epilogue. Either way, the book can still be read as a stand alone.

Watch for more stories in the Second in Command Series to follow. Each will be a stand-alone book featuring a secondary character from one of Elizabeth’s many series.


Stealing Love

3.9 stars on 50 reviews

A Humorous Romantic Novel

Regular price $5.99. On sale for $2.99!

When a business trip to Romania turns to a crazily funny travel romance

A businessman is sent to Romania to find a plot for a new hotel. When he is pointed to a small Transylvanian village, a wild and funny plot unravels.

Why did our protagonist remain in the village, and why was he subsequently driven out in disgrace? Who is the man hiding under the table? What do you do when your neighbor raises a pig on his terrace? And, is it true that sweet garlic and a good man are two things that are hard to come by?

Funny, original and woven with insights about life and human relationships
Stealing Love places its charming protagonists in bizarre situations, anchored in the unfamiliar and fascinating context of Romanian villagers daily-life. With skill and charm, H. Schreter portrays funny, zany and memorable characters who never fail to surprise the reader.


Some Fine Day

4.2 stars on 71 reviews

Young Adult. Sci-Fi. Dystopian

Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

A generation ago, continent-sized storms called hypercanes caused the Earth to flood. The survivors were forced to retreat deep underground and build a new society.

This is the story that sixteen-year-old Jansin Nordqvist has heard all of her life.

Jansin grew up in a civilization far below the Earth’s surface. She’s spent the last eight years in military intelligence training. So when her parents surprise her with a coveted yet treacherous trip above ground, she’s prepared for anything. She’s especially thrilled to feel the fresh air, see the sun, and view the wide-open skies and the ocean for herself.

But when raiders attack Jansin’s camp and take her prisoner, she is forced to question everything she’s been taught. What do her captors want? How will she get back underground? And if she ever does, will she want to stay after learning the truth?

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

New Releases 9/27 – 10/10/2017

Cowboy Dreamin’


Western Romance

Sweet Christmas

Kisses 4


Not The Last Of Luke

Paranormal Romance

Mystery. Suspense.

To Test a Witch

Urban Fantasy


Bad Choices Make

Good Stories

Memoir. Dark Humor

Bastards & Whiskey

Contemporary Romance

New Adult Romance

Sweet Heat

Romantic Suspense


Drawn to Him

Romantic Suspense


Cosmic Love



Pretty Broken Hearts



Grady Judd

Western Romance

Military Romance

One Summer Night



Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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