A dance teacher, a divorced dad, a boy who needs them both. “So much depth, emotion, passion and love…A brilliant script for a chick flick we girls would love to cry and swoon about!”—Unputdownable Books

Kiss Me, Dancer
4.2 stars on 51 reviews

The de Wolfe Pack saga continues....

DarkWolfe: Sons of de Wolfe
USA Today Bestselling Author Kathryn Le Veque

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A mix of Personal Essays and Poetry on Lifestyle-based issues.

Personal Thoughts
Author Gregory Lane

What lurks in the world of Metzra?

Author M.U. Phoenix

When Sergeant Sophia Castellana stumbles into a terrorist kidnap plot, things are not as they seem. The boy band star she rescues now wants her as his bodyguard... and much more.

Love Bleeds Blue
4.4 stars on 72 reviews

Down on her luck, Sylvie Jenkins takes a job with reclusive, bestselling author Connor Hudson. Sparks fly between the demanding alpha male and his feisty assistant. But he's keeping secrets. Women who love him die!

In His Keeping: TAKEN
3.9 stars on 14 reviews

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Bestselling Paranormal Romance!

Dream Warrior
4.4 stars on 146 reviews

King Solomon had wealth, power, and hundreds of wives. So why did he always yearn for more?

King Solomon’s Troubles
Author Zoe Senesh

Follow Sam as she travels from West Virginia to Atlanta, where she begins a life-long unconventional relationship with the city's most eligible bachelor.

Sam's Story
4.7 stars on 32 reviews

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Saturday Free eBooks – The Newest & Best Free Kindle Books

Check out our list of the best free ebooks. A great chance to grab a book or two for the weekend. All of our books listed today are free ($0.00) on The Best Free Kindle Books List. Remember that many of the free kindle books are priced at $0.00 for a very limited time. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


Feels Like the First Time

4.3 stars on 27 reviews

Romance. Western. Paranormal

Book 1 of 3 in the Untamed Series

“Only read if you don’t have prior engagements!!!! I swear my house is a wreck, and nothing was done except little as possible… I absolutely fell madly in love with Ciana Stone’s writings, and can not wait to start the next book on her list.” –Candid Book Reviews

When Clint Marsh pulls a woman from an overturned semi on a county road in Florida, he expects only to do a good deed then get back on his motorcycle and head home.

It doesn’t quite work out that way. The woman turns out to be Lily Ridenger, his first love, and the one woman who has the ability to turn his thoughts to sin with a single look. She’s in need of a place to stay and he has room to spare. So what if they have unfinished business between them? So what if there are still unresolved feelings? Chances are they’ll hook up, have sex hot enough to start a fire and go their separate ways. At least that’s what Clint thought…

He thought wrong.


Holy Sex Reboot

5.0 stars on 3 reviews

Self Help. Non-fiction (religious)

Whether you are single or married, this book covers everything you need to know in order to reboot your sexual identity to mirror the life of Christ.

Are you curious about God’s plan for sex? Do you have questions about masturbation, pornography, and same sex attraction? Are you tired of singles being treated as second-class citizens?

This book will challenge you as it uses God’s Word to speak openly about each of these topics.

Find freedom from the bondage of sexual sin as you embrace God’s plan through your own Holy Sex Reboot.

After years of struggling to understand sexual purity, Travis and Kristin Spencer realized there was a better way. Through uncomfortably honest conversations, time spent studying the Word and life of Jesus Christ, and determined discipline, they were able to reboot their sexual identity and finally leave their destructive sexual habits in the past. As the parents of three children, one of the reasons they feel so passionately about this topic is because they want their kids to understand God’s plan for their bodies and sexual intimacy.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Capitol Offense

4.0 stars on 283 reviews


Evil Intentions

4.3 stars on 113 reviews

Murder Biography

Designer Dirty Laundry

4.0 stars on 179 reviews


More, Please

4.7 stars on 297 reviews


When You Got
A Good Thing

4.8 stars on 161 reviews


Owned By The

4.4 stars on 309 reviews

Women’s Fiction

Stone Of Fire

4.1 stars on 593 reviews


Miss Armistead
Makes Her Choice

4.1 stars on 151 reviews

Historical Romance

The After House

4.1 stars on 261 reviews

Suspense Thriller

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


Make A Killing On Kindle

4.5 stars on 487 reviews

Business. How To. Advice.

Regular price $9.99. On sale for $0.99!


Ten new chapters with techniques that get you to the top of Amazon searches, lists you in 9+ categories and trains the algorithm to sell for you. Write seductive copy, discover high-sales keywords and run better promotions with proprietary systems and downloadable worksheets.

The new edition of Make A Killing On Kindle is more than DOUBLE the size of the original—all with one goal in mind: To help you sell more books on Kindle.


NEW! My proprietary approach–the Kindle Category Selection Technique– comes with a downloadable worksheet that guides you through the jungle of Amazon’s confusing categories. Bonus! It’ll get you approved by Amazon to appear in 9 or more categories while your competitors languish in two.


NEW! Tired of the grinding work of discovering keywords? Confused by all the options? My Amazon-compliant Kindle Keyword Optimization Technique cuts through the chaos with a systematic, ordered approach. You’ll discover keywords that land you on Page 1 of search engine results while quadrupling the number of searches you qualify for. Includes customizable worksheets guiding you through every step of the process.


NEW! With 200 discount promotion sites like Bookbub how do you tell the ripoffs from the home runs? I’ve ranked all 200+ websites by effectiveness —a first in the industry!


NEW! My Kindle Copywriting System shows you what conversion techniques professional copywriters use in your subcategory and how to apply them to your own book. Includes customizable worksheets guiding you through every step of the process.

Click here to continue reading the book description on Amazon.


Foolish Gamble

4.2 stars on 47 reviews

Contemporary Romance

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 1 of 2 in the Classic Romance Collection Series

An unexpected gift and a gamble on passion… Austin Keller’s latest girlfriend has a grudge: Kentucky’s most notorious playboy and sought after bachelor hasn’t endowed her with the engagement ring she hoped for. So she gets her revenge by giving ownership of one of his finest racehorses to a complete stranger! Cassi Whitaker is desperate: If she doesn’t find some money soon, her family’s debt-ridden farm will be foreclosed and she will lose her beloved colt, Foolish Gamble. She can’t believe her luck when during a chance encounter she’s given the registration of a valuable thoroughbred.

Austin is skeptical when Cassi comes along, claiming she wants to return his horse. But the attraction between them is electric, and her failing farm could be key to conquering the Bluegrass racing world. Austin always enjoys a good challenge, and offering Cassi a business proposition she can’t refuse could be the best gamble he’s ever taken.

Click here to see all available books in the Classic Romance Collection Series by Lita Lawson on Amazon.

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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