A billionaire alpha male; a nerdy heroine; and a deranged serial killer. Sometimes love can be murder!

In His Keeping: Taken
3.8 stars on 18 reviews

It's his story. It's his journey. The first and last, modern-day demigod. Can he rise from the charcoaled ashes of defeat to save humankind?

Darkened Demigod
4.2 stars on 26 reviews

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The Making of A Well-Designed Business is no nonsense advice for the entrepreneur who is ready to take action.

The Making of A Well - Designed Business
5.0 stars on 16 reviews

Step into the past with four sweeping historicals: HILDIE MCQUEEN’s Under a Silver Moon, DENISE DOMNING’s Lady in White, LAUREL O’DONNELL’s A Knight with Grace, and RUTH KAUFMAN’s My Once & Future Love.

Tall, Dark and Historical
4 Book Box Set

They were a match made in heaven, but when Lana disappears on the night Hayden was to propose, they each begin a long and torturous journey into their own personal hell.

7 Years Later Series, Book 1

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3 Free Books from Bestselling author J.S. Scott

3 Free Books from Bestselling author J.S. Scott

Saturday Free eBooks – The Newest & Best Free Kindle Books

Check out our list of the best free ebooks. A great chance to grab a book or two for the weekend. All of our books listed today are free ($0.00) on The Best Free Kindle Books List. Remember that many of the free kindle books are priced at $0.00 for a very limited time. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


Ride Baby Ride

4.2 stars on 169 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Book 1 of 5 in the Thompson & Sons Series

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author VIVIAN AREND the first book in the bestselling THOMPSON & SONS series.


He wants all her tomorrows

Small town mechanic Gage Jenick’s been waiting for this moment ever since his best friend’s little sister transformed from annoying tagalong to desirable woman. When sweet Katy Thompson kicks her boyfriend to the curb, Gage makes his move. In spite of an assignment that will take him completely off the grid for five long months, he steals her away for one night of steamy passion with the promise of more in the future.

She can’t remember yesterday

When a freak accident on a storm-swept road leaves Katy with a memory full of holes, she can’t remember her own email password, much less how the little pink “positive” on the pregnancy stick got there. She’s at a loss to explain what happened, or when…or with whom. Suddenly she’s got two men claiming to be her baby daddy: her redneck ex, and her long-time crush, Gage.

But what the mind forgets, the heart remembers. Still, it’s going to be a long, hard ride to a happily-ever-after for two, plus one.

Click here to see all available books in the Thompson & Sons Series by Vivian Arend on Amazon.




Book 3 of 3 in the Rattler Trilogy Series

Kyle is a man riddled with guilt. He believes he is to blame for unleashing Hagatha, and all because he wasn’t upfront with the girls about the strange murders. He only wanted to know if the stories about the witch were true, and now he really regrets his lack of honesty.

He knows it’s now up to him to put it right, but will he and Vana manage to end the curse before Detectives Fairway and Grain discover the truth?

He suspects that the clue to stopping Hagatha is hidden somewhere in his childhood, but can he find the answer? With the help of Vana, he hopes to stop Hagatha once and for all.

Click here to see all available books in the Rattler Trilogy Series by P.A. Fielding on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Cleaver Square

4.3 stars on 298 reviews

Crime Fiction

Killing Season

4.8 stars on 110 reviews

FBI Thriller

The Picture Frame

4.2 stars on 295 reviews

Occult Horror

Big Bad Neighbor

4.6 stars on 258 reviews


Complicate Me

4.6 stars on 627 reviews


Mister McHottie

4.7 stars on 124 reviews

Romantic Comedy

Whiskey Sour

4.3 stars on 1,763 reviews



4.8 stars on 158 reviews


The Moon Dwellers

4.4 stars on 750 reviews

Sci-Fi Dystopian Thriller

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


The Mother

4.5 stars on 124 reviews (United Kingdom)

3.9 stars on 7 reviews (United States)

Crime. Urban. Thriller.

Regular price $4.99.

I’ve taken your daughter, as punishment for what you did …

Prepare to be gripped by the heart-stopping new thriller from the author of The Madam.

South London detective Sarah Mason is a single mother. It’s a tough life, but Sarah gets by. She and her ex-husband, fellow detective Adam Boyd, adore their 15-month-old daughter Molly.

Until Sarah’s world falls apart when she receives a devastating threat: Her daughter has been taken, and the abductor plans to raise Molly as their own, as punishment for something Sarah did.

Sarah is forced to stand back while her team try to track down the kidnapper. But her colleagues aren’t working fast enough to find Molly. To save her daughter, Sarah must take matters into her own hands, in a desperate hunt that will take her to the very depths of London’s underworld.

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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