Featured Book

Holiday stories that will put a song in your heart!

Love, Christmas
4.9 stars on 17 reviews
$0.99 on Amazon

Featured Book

Heartwarming stories that deliver Christmas magic and true love.

Romancing Christmas: Volume II
5.0 stars on 8 reviews
$0.99 on Amazon

Featured Book

Become swept away in Alexa Aston’s new Knights of Honor.

Word of Honor
Knights of Honor Series Book 1 by Alexa Aston
$0.99 on Amazon

Featured Book

Catch up now - book 4 releases soon in The Mage Craft series!

Cast in Faefire
4.8 stars on 75 reviews
$4.99 on Amazon.

Featured Book

Gripping suspense. Only $1.99 in October!

4.6 stars on 223 reviews
$1.99 on Amazon.

Featured Book

Bestselling urban fantasy on sale for $.99!

Cast in Angelfire
4.6 stars on 98 reviews
$0.99 on Amazon

Featured Book

A fitness guide to achieving the body you have always wanted.

The Balanced Warrior
5.0 stars on 15 reviews
$0.99 on Amazon (Free $0.00 from 10/24-10/28)

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