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Test Digital Book Today is always looking for additional content to share with our book reading fans and/or authors. Maybe you have written an article that would be interesting and applicable to our blog. The ideal post is of interest to our readers, but is not directed toward authors (ex: how to publish a book, creative outlining, etc).


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Your blog post has been accepted. How do you make the most of this opportunity?

Did you know we have some blog posts that get very few views? We also have had blog posts that have had 500+ views with 70+ blog comments by readers. Search engines give improved rankings to blog posts with reader comments. It is also important as the author to at least say “thank you” for each blog comment received.
Below is an email response for the blog article Defending Yourself From Werewolves and Vampires by Beth Trissel which has 80+ comments.
“Thanks Anthony. I am very pleased at how well it has done. Yes, I sent out a notice about the post on my author/reader loops, FB, Twitter, and contacted some authors of dark paranormal romance individually, inviting them to share their views and something about their related book if they would like. Many responded and some I didn’t invite also came. So yes, I did put quite a bit of effort into getting the word out, but it has drawn visitors from farther reaches then even I expected. I would suggest to other authors who undertake a post on your site to do the same. This particular topic has wide appeal and opinions, even more than I realized.”
Of course we can never guarantee traffic, but our reader base is likely to be much different the readers who are visiting your blog.
Remember marketing your books is never just a one shot event. It is an ongoing adventure.

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