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BEA 2014 Notes and Photos

June 5, 2014

Below is a short collection of notes that was taken from BEA 2014. Hopefully you can find one or two bits of interest. Pictures can be found at the end of the blog post.

  • Mystery/Crime readers  – From Nielsen’s Book & Consumer Survey : Average reader is 50+, 39% use the library for some of their books, 18% use the library as their sole source for books, 1 in 5 own a Kindle, prefer to read on an eReader, responds to emails and special offers, uses email and Facebook, low use of social media.
  • Young Adult readers – From Nielsen’s Book & Consumer Survey: well-connected (Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler, Instagram);  high use of social media; Glamour #1 magazine to read; does not read newspapers; uses blogs, Goodreads, Groupon; likes personal methods of book discovery; book recommendations from friends, BS lists, school, in store displays, magazines. External factors for buying include reviews, in a series, movie/TV tie-ins. Price is usually not a factor (thought that was interesting).
  • Adult non-fiction including Christian – From Nielsen’s Book & Consumer Survey: 40-54 years old, religious, work in office, avid magazine reader (Family Circle, Cooking, Women’s Health), uses Facebook and Pinterest, unlikely to use Goodreads and newspapers, book discovery happens in stores, 1 in 5 own a Kindle.
  • Author’s Hub area: new at BEA this year. Grouped Indie authors together in one area/booth each with small table and chairs. Making it less expensive for authors to have representation at BEA.
  • Sat in on a presentation from author Hugh Howey concerning his website and reports on author earning. Read more »

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