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From a USA TODAY Bestselling Author

The Kategan Alphas Vol. 1
4.4 stars on 69 reviews
$0.99 on Amazon.

Androids. Humans. Revolution. War.

The Android Chronicles
by Marling Sloan
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Bestselling 2nd chance romance only $0.99

Because This Is Forever
4.3 stars on 77 reviews
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7 Heart-pounding romances

Hotshot Danger: Packing the Heat
4.9 stars on 10 reviews
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Love shows up in the least likely places and times!

Seaside Beginnings
by Stephanie Hurt
$2.99 on Amazon

Neil Friessen has almost everything he has every wanted

The Business Plan
4.7 stars on 22 reviews
$0.99 on Amazon.


Alphas Unleashed
5.0 stars on 26 reviews
$0.99 on Amazon.

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4.6 stars – 59 reviews
$2.99 on Amazon

4.8 stars – 53 reviews
Trading Places
$3.99 on Amazon.

4.2 stars – 65 reviews
Gathering Frost
$2.99 on Amazon

4.6 stars – 68 reviews
Face Of Our Father
$0.99 on Amazon