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 She risks her life for him. Yet can never know his true identity.

The Highland Duke
4.4 stars on 20 reviews
$3.99 on Amazon.

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Where do her loyalties lie?

Nowhere to Hide
Author Louise Lyndon
$4.99 on Amazon.

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New author, Ruskin Lines, releases his debut novel!

4.8 stars on 11 reviews
$6.99 on Amazon.

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 Create Clarity, Focus and Mastery For a Lifetime of Unlimited Success!

Bankroll Your Mind
5.0 stars on 18 reviews
$0.99. On sale for $0.00 (FREE) 3/27-3/31.

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Want to sell more books, learn social media? Buy this!

BadRedhead Media 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge
5.0 stars on 29 reviews
$4.99 on Amazon.

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The House of de Nerra Book 1.

Vestiges of Valor
USA Today Bestselling Author Kathryn Le Veque
$0.99 on Amazon

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4.2 stars – 37 reviews
Spring Fever and Black Chocolate
$3.50 on Amazon

4.2 stars – 28 reviews
House Of Girls
$3.99 on Amazon.

4.4 stars – 14 reviews
Fashionably Dead
$0.00 on Amazon.
4.9 stars – 34 reviews
Mind to Mind Conversation
$3.99 on Amazon.

13) A Paid Listing Of A Free Book – With Limited Reviews.

The Problem: Discoverability of a free book with limited reviews.

For a limited amount of time Digital Book Today will present an advertising opportunity for authors who are running their KDP Select book for free and would like to have their book listed on our popular Top 100 Best Free Books List even though the book does not meet our minimum guidelines (18+ Amazon reviews, 4.0+ stars).

Digital Book Today will be listing up to 4 eBooks on a daily basis that have between 0-17 reviews. These books will stay on our Top 100 Best Free Books List for up to three (3) consecutive days. The majority of our free book downloads are associated with fiction titles.

Placement of these 4 books will be mixed in with the other free books for the current day. All books continue to move down our list when the next day’s free books are listed.

We do reserve the right to exclude a book for any reason. Reason may included: quality of book cover and initial poor reviews. A refund will be made in those cases. However we do accept the vast majority of the titles submitted.

If your book is NOT free on the day it is scheduled to run, it will not be posted on the site and a refund will not be provided. It is your responsibility to make sure your title is free on the day you have requested it to run.

Free books that meet our minimum guidelines are eligible for a free book listing. Visit our submission page.

Before deciding to purchase this promotion, please read the following info below. The order form for this promotion is listed after the text.

With the large amount of books that are free on any given day (5,000-8,000) and the majority of those books having limited reviews, it can be very tough for an author to get exposure to their book on its free days.

Authors also discover that there are a limited amount of sites that list free books. Some of the very large sites only select a limited amount of books that they will advertise that are free. Many of the very small sites that list free books have a corresponding amount of limited traffic to drive free book downloads. Another issue is that many sites only list a free book on the first free day. The biggest issue was Amazon’s affiliate changes from 3/1/2013 which prevents affiliates from making money from listing free books (ex: A customer followed a free book link but ended up buying other products which produced affiliate income.). The end result was fewer new free book sites coming online and/or sites charging for their listing services. Advertising for new customers and running a large mailing list do not come without costs.

Digital Book Today is in the middle of that mix of websites. Our free book page generally averages between 7,000 – 12,000 downloads per day. Any amount of downloads an author can get on their free days can help to make it on to the all important Top 100 Free Books in a sub-genre category on Amazon. This should be the goal for every author in terms of when they run a free day(s).

Once an author is able to get their book onto an Amazon Top 100 Free Books in a sub-genre category list, the 800-pound gorilla which is Amazon takes over and usually trumps all other book sites on the market in terms of driving discoverability and potential downloads for your free book listing.

The majority of the authors whose books exceed our minimum expectations to be listed for free on our Top 100 list have already spent advertising dollars to get reader awareness of their books.

We know that authors have a tremendous struggle often in getting reviews for their books. This will provide an opportunity for these newer books to get some visibility that they normally would not get.

How should I use my 5 KDP select free days over the course of 90 days? A good question. The majority of authors will use their free days in a group of two or three days. This allows an other to run a group of free days twice every 90 days. It also allows the author to compare promotions. Ultimately the decision is up to the author.

This promotion will list your book on Top 100 Best Free Books List for up to three (3) consecutive days. The majority of our free book downloads are associated with fiction titles.

When is The Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books page updated? Our static free book page is usually updated between 6 AM and 8 AM CST.


We normally confirm all orders within 48 hours (usually sooner). If you have not received an expected email correspondence from us please check your spam filter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some users will have an email address associated with Paypal that is different from the primary email address they use on a daily basis. You can provide us with a different email address during the purchase process.

For further information please contact us by email at AnthonyWessel@Hotmail.com.

All orders must be placed 48 hours in advance of the first free day.  

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