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Promotional Opportunities

The short version. For more details see further down the page.

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1) Feature your book(s) for 7 days on Digital Book Today with a Book Display Ad.   

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2) Feature your book or event with a 7 Day Header Ad on Digital Book Today.

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3) Get your book featured as a Deal of the Day or Book of the Day.
  • Get your book exposed in our daily blog post and in our email to our mailing list subscribers.
  • Also a great place to promote your Kindle Countdown Promotion.
  • Ideal for books that are priced between $0.99 – $2.99.
  • No minimum requirements.
  • Follow this link to see more details on this promotion and the ordering page.
  • To promote a book that is free ($0.00), then see option #11 below.

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4) Weekly Featured “Great Reads”.

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5) Author Interview.

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6) Guest Blog Post

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7a) Promote Your Romance Book

7b) Promote Your Steamy or Erotic Romance Book

7c) Promote Your Perma Free Book

7d) Promote your Mystery, Suspense, & Thriller book

8) Promote Your New Book Release

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10) Top 100 List – 7 Day Sponsor Ad

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11) Promote Your Book On Its Free Day With A Paid Promotional Boost

  • This is a promo designed for a book that is will be free ($0.00).
  • Promote your book on its first free day by being featured on Digital Book Today, The Best Free Kindle Books List on Digital Book Today, and being the featured book on our daily mailing list.
  • Follow this link to see more details on this promotion.
  • To submit your book for its free days to The Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books List please see Option #12 below.

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12) Submit your free book to be included in The Best Free Books List

  • Get your free book noticed.
  • Please check the minimum guidelines (18+ Amazon reviews AND 4.0+ star average) and the types of books we accept. If your free book does not meet these guidelines but you would still like to get it listed on The Top 100 Best Kindle Books list, see option #13 below. 
  • No exceptions to the minimums due to high demand.

Order Page DBT Top 100 Pay To Be Listed

13) A Paid Listing of a Free Book- with limited or no reviews.

  • Expose your book with limited reviews to our subscribers of The Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books List.
  • This option should only be used with a book that is going to be free and has between 0-17 Amazon reviews.
  • This paid option helps solve the problem of: Discoverability of a free book with limited reviews.
  • Follow this link to see more details on this promotion.


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Digital Book Today along with our partners support a marketing strategy called layering for indie book authors. Author Jeff Bennington describes this successful process. Find out more about this marketing strategy or get the completed details in his book The Indie Author’s Guide to the Universe. The following is a quote from his book. “When you buy an ad or join a promotion, remember that you’re not buying sales, you’re buying publicity, which is more about getting your name out there than selling books. If you market well and have a great book that is professionally edited, book sales may come later as a result of those efforts, but they are never guaranteed. There are many factors that affect your book sales and it is NOT the job of the website owner or promoter to manage your cover art, book page, product description, and other marketing activities. That’s all on you.

A marketing campaign is a daily endeavor and the road to success is laid one brick at a time. I’ve seen each effort I make on behalf of my books build on the last effort and gradually, in 6 months, I have made headway. My books started out in the 300,000 rankings. Now I stay above 20,000 and often above 10,000. Sales are steady and best of all, I just recently became agented! It’s simply a matter of consistently tending the fire.” ~ Author Barbara Sissel

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Weekly Featured “Great Reads”

A FREE listing service
provided for authors
featuring highly reviewed books with a great price.
(4 stars or greater).

3.9 stars – 142 reviews
Daimones: Daimones Trilogy, Vol.1

4.9 stars – 39 reviews
Chasing the Lion

4.8 stars – 34 reviews
What Laurel Sees

4.4 stars – 136 reviews
No Cry For Help