New Book Releases 2014

This page highlights a select group of New Book Releases 2014. If you are looking for a something new to read then this page is a great place to start for a new book. 

New Releases 12/10-12/23

Random Targets

Mystery. Thriller.

From the bestselling author of Malicous and After The Execution


A sniper launches a series of deadly attacks on Britain’s motorways, striking in the dark during rush hour and causing total carnage. No one knows who he is, or why he’s doing it, but, as the death toll rises, fear grips the entire nation.

It’s up to DCI Jeff Temple of the Major Investigations Team to bring the killing spree to an end but, as he closes in on the sniper, Temple makes a shocking discovery about the motive behind the attacks.

A ghastly precedent has been set and Temple soon realizes that in future anyone who drives on Britain’s motorways risks becoming a random target. Read more on Amazon.

Ghosts of Manitowish Waters

Young Adult

“Powerful. Clever. A solid … choice for both girls and boys.” —Publishers Weekly

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarterfinalist

A secret sect, an Indian curse, and a bad boy—it’s a mix fifteen-year-old Tess O’Brien can’t seem to resist.

When poachers threaten an albino fawn, three young adults brave the Wisconsin wilderness searching for the mystical herd to which it belongs.

Filled with page-turning action and suspense, Ghosts of Manitowish Waters is a coming of age story about finding your own path and following it. It’s a lesson in knowing when to obey your parents and when to have the courage to defy them. Read more on Amazon.

Jessica’s Footprints

Mystery Sci-Fi

An out of this world Christmas sci-fi mystery! With a mastery of surprise and the suspenseful build up, Jessica’s Footprints mystifies and keeps audiences entertained with the precise pacing and eloquent description. There is a continual pairing of pretty, delicate aesthetics and dark visceral imagery. This novel is a true mystery for teens and adults of all ages.

The story starts in…20,000 BC where two children, a girl age nine and a boy age six, stroll to the edge of a marsh. They wear tight-fitting material that shimmers in the bright sun, and their shoes are off revealing webbed toes. The children explore the area. In thick foliage, they hear
whimpering from small, brown, wolf-like pups with stripes similar to a zebras. The girl takes one of the pups. The loud angry cry of an animal frightens the children. They see in the distance a full-sized wolf standing upright on its rear feet. The wolf drops on all fours and begins chasing them. Fear registers on their faces. The howling wind drowns out their distressed cries. The girl sets the pup on the ground, and they dash up a hill running for their lives. The wolf is sure to catch the slower boy. The girl stops and bravely faces the approaching menace. Almost as if in slow motion, the wolf is closer to her…closer…ever closer. The wolf cry’s Arrrrrk! Arrrrrk! She can see white fangs. The wolf’s eyes flare wide…closer…
In current times, a seventeen year old girl on an archeological dig finds the children’s footprints left from 20,000 BC. The footprints become the discovery of the Century.

What happened to the children from so long ago? Read more on Amazon.

Mask of the Verdoy

Crime, Thrillers & Mystery

LONDON, 1932 … a city held tight in the grip of the Great Depression. George Harley’s London. The West End rotten with petty crime and prostitution; anarchists blowing up trams; fascists marching on the East End.

And then, one smoggy night …

The cruel stripe of a cutthroat razor … three boys dead in their beds … and a masked killer mysteriously vanishing across the smoky rooftops of Fitzrovia.

Before long the cockney detective is drawn into a dark world of murder and intrigue, as he uncovers a conspiracy that threatens the very security of the British nation.

God save the King! eh, George? Read more on Amazon.

“It feels as though the reader is actually walking the cobbled streets and rubbing shoulders with the Londoners of the period … The plot moves with unremitting pace and it is a great tribute to Mr Lecomber that he manages to keep up both the tempo and the suspense until the very last page. 5 STARS – Highly recommended!” – (BEST SELLING CRIME THRILLERS)

Lucy The Cat: Little Brother

Charming Picture Book for Children and Cat Lovers

This is the second book in Lucy The Cat series, the charming story about Lucy, the curious, cute Sacred Birman cat.

This time Lucy tells about her little brother Cristiano. You will meet Cristiano already when he was only a few days old. You will see how Cristiano learns many new things during his first few weeks. Will Cristiano become the best soccer player or the world’s strongest cat? But first he needs to learn to take care of himself. Of course mama cat helps and teaches him. You will learn that young kitten’s life is full of surprises and funny things. Lucy is the expert to tell the story because she is a cat, too. Humans have sometimes challenges to understand cats’ inner life. Therefore it is better to have a real expert’s view from Lucy The Cat.

Especially Children and cat lovers will enjoy this beautiful picture book.

Lucy The Cat loves her brother, because he is a perfect, purrfect kitten. Meow to everyone! Read more on Amazon.


Christian nonfiction. Inspirational. Charismatic

Venture Beyond Your Imaginings

In the midst of this darkened world, what difference can it make to light one candle? Life and death, according to Connie Bryson. Imagine being illuminated about how to stop a rape, or quiet a raging storm, even how to avert a murder.

From visions and dreams to prophetic warnings, miracles have leapt off the pages of the Bible for this author, burning brightly in the here and now. She’s the first to admit how completely undeserving she is. But in God’s amazing grace, the blazing torch of the Holy Spirit has been passed to her to carry first hand.

Step out of the shadows of the natural world and into the supernatural light with this author and artist. Experience God afresh through these 20 inspirational true stories of God’s power afire in the life of an ordinary believer.

MIRACLES – The Holy Spirit’s Fire: 20 Inspirational True Stories of God’s Brilliance Ablaze is the second book by Christian Author Connie Bryson in The Art of Charismatic Christian Faith Series.

Experience God now as you read about the supernatural modern miracles of God this author has witnessed over the course of her life of faith and continues to see. Believe today for your gifts of the Holy Spirit to be manifest. Be encouraged by these stories that believers of all stations can experience. God’s powerful anointing and the ministry of His spiritual gifts. You may be used to perform miracles of healing. He may give you visions and dreams, or prophecy. You may even be blessed to hear the audible voice of God. Allow this book to encourage your prayer life, individual and group ministry, spiritual growth, relationship and intimacy with God. Read more on Amazon.

The Broken Christmas Tree

Mainstream fiction

Twelve year old Danny is dealing with hard times, and is desperately worried his mom has given up on Christmas.

His life is changing before his eyes, and he is caught in midst of something wrong, an unknown force.

Now Danny must decide his fate, and the fate of his family. His only hope is his friend Cluster, but will it be enough? Read more on Amazon.

The Broken Christmas Tree is suspenseful, gripping and even scary in places, yet it’s also a touching story about friendship, family, and Christmas. Surprising and layered, it’s a great read! ~Kristen James, author of Point Hope

I just finished this touching story about friendship, family, and faith. Thank you for sharing this story with the world. What a great way to start the holiday season. – Hope V. Lindroos

Foxworth Terminus

Sci-Fi, Action, Suspense

Reggie Foxworth, brilliant bio-chemist, has spent the last fifteen years working on a top secret project to enhance paranormal brain function. With success in sight, the project is being cancelled. Knowing his career and future are about to be terminated and with nothing to lose, Reggie takes the mind expanding drug himself before they can destroy it.

Initially, the physical consequences are not evident but as time passes Reggie finds out just how powerful the mind can be. More like magic than science, Reggie discovers that he can do impossible things.

These strange powers don’t go unnoticed and soon every government on Earth is out to steal the secret and eliminate Reggie as a threat, including his own. They send assassins, turn his friends against him, alienate his girlfriend, try anything to stop Reggie. How can he escape, end the attacks and find a way to win back the love of his life? Read more on Amazon.

Dirty Business

Erotic Romance

What’s your sexual fantasy?

The men of Fantasies Unleashed are here to fulfill your wildest, kinkiest and hottest desires.

Vicky has been publicly dubbed an Ice Queen. While this helps in her male dominated industry, as a woman it stings.

Appearing as the keynote speaker at a huge Las Vegas conference, Vicky secretly defies her public persona, fulfilling her fantasy to be secretly sexually aroused in public. But when one of the men she encounters wants more than sex, it brings all her assumptions into question, revealing new desires—and the possibility of love.

This is the first installment in a hot new series of erotic novellas. The series can be read in any order. Read more on Amazon.

Where’s Audrey?

Cozy Mystery

A cozy, holiday-themed mystery set in Florida.

This is Mel’s first vacation in 3 years. She is looking forward to lying on Clearwater Beach and spending Christmas with her friend, Lisa, but first she has to check on her Aunt Audrey. After landing in Tampa, Mel drives to Largo and knocks on Audrey’s door.

A young man answers and his vague answers regarding Audrey’s whereabouts set Mel on a quest to find out just what happened to her absent aunt. She files a missing persons report and a handsome young deputy named Conner offers to help her. As they follow the clues – a curious canine, a nosy neighbor, and a couple of con artists – Mel finds herself falling for Conner. His feelings are mutual and he risks his job to help Mel solve the mystery surrounding Audrey’s disappearance.

Where’s Audrey was based on an incident which occurred in a Florida mobile home park in 2007. Read more on Amazon.

Hilltop Sunset

A Brynn Bancroft Mystery

A mystery set in wine country pitting financial exec Brynn Bancroft against a determined stalker, a troubled love interest, and career clashes.

Brynn Bancroft learns that a former employee who beat her nearly to death has returned to stalk her and her friend, Jillian Hillcrest, also a former victim.

Recently divorced, Brynn turns to a new love interest only to encounter additional unwelcome issues. Meanwhile, short-timer Brynn, who has resigned from her Silicon Valley company, becomes bored fulfilling her remaining responsibilities there.

She begins to prefer supporting the launch of her ex-husband’s new hilltop winery while waiting to move to her next position.

Between her stalker and her new love interest, Brynn faces a series of life-threatening events. Read more on Amazon.

She’s Not Herself

A psychotherapist’s journey into and beyond her mother’s mental illness.


On the surface, her childhood seemed normal—even idyllic. Linda grew up in the iconic immigrant community of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, with her parents and a gifted older brother. But she spent her days at home alone with a mother who suffered major bouts of depression. At such times, young Linda was told, “Your mother…she’s not herself today.” Those words did little to help Linda understand what she was witnessing. Instead, she experienced the anxiety and hyper-vigilance that often take root when secrecy and shame surround a family member who is ill.

She’s Not Herself is a journey to make sense of the effects of multi-generational traumas. Shapiro is ultimately able to forgive (without forgetting) those who left her to fend for herself—and to provide readers with the wisdom of a seasoned psychotherapist who has examined human vulnerability in its many disguises and has moved through it all with dignity and hope. The result is a memoir of love, loss, loyalty, and healing. Read more on Amazon.

Any Road Will Take You There

A journey of fathers and sons.


In the best tradition of the great American memoir, “Any Road Will Take You There” is honest, unflinching, and tender.

A middle-age father takes the reader on a five-thousand-mile road trip, the one he always wished he’d taken as a young man.

Recently divorced and uncertain of the future, he rereads the iconic road story – Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” – and along with his two sons and his best friend, heads for the highway to rekindle his spirit.

However, a family secret turns the cross-country journey into an unexpected examination of his role as a father, and compels him to look to the past and the fathers who came before him to find contentment and clarity, and celebrate the struggles and triumphs of being a dad. Read more on Amazon.


Book Two in The Sempiternal Series

Paranormal Romance

Abuse. Torment.

Saint’s undying love for her.

A witch—or four. The world’s most powerful spell. The creation of the unnatural.

Her undying love for Draco.

A war is brewing between the Light, the Dark and the Unknown.

In the midst of it all stands Sarenah. Her memories have returned as she rewinds the past in order to move forward with her future so she can reclaim what, or who, belongs only to her, but will she be able to accept the disturbing secrets that go along with the reminiscence? Read more on Amazon. Click to see Evanescent (The Sempiternal Series Book 1) on Amazon.

Serenity’s Song

Holiday, Christmas, Paranormal Romance

The Saints of the world are being hunted, betrayed by the Guardians who were sworn to protect them. Once every five hundred years a new Saint is chosen and gifted with tremendous power. After five hundred years of waiting Ayva intends for that power to be hers! No one will stop her this time. Not Michael, the son of the Saint, and certainly not some human girl.

In another world, Serenity is a singer whose dreams are about to come true, but a chance encounter with a little boy forever changes her destiny. After Serenity is injured protecting Michael’s son, Michael does the one thing he knows he shouldn’t do, he brings her home.

Serenity awakens to a world of magic, desire and danger. Legend tells of a time when the guardians will fall. A Queen will be chosen, gifted with power potent enough to protect both worlds. Her role is to ensure the safety of Michael’s family until a new Saint is chosen.

Is Serenity strong enough to return peace to Christmas? Read more on Amazon.

Quiet Hearts

Promise McNeal Mysteries Book 3


Quiet Hearts…

In the third Promise McNeal mystery, a vacation/honeymoon following a romantic wedding is planned for Jekyll and St. Simons Islands. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans of mice and men…

Promise, Daniel, Susan, and Susan’s friend Sam Quinn travel from the mountains of Western North Carolina to Georgia’s Golden Isles searching for a few days of sunshine and surf. What they find is murder, a cursed Chinese chair that washed ashore on Jekyll in 1942, a TV talk show host—Aileen Wang— whose determination to restore a decayed mansion could get her killed, and a sixty-year old mystery rising out of the coastal fog.

Then on the day of the wedding, violence strikes the family and Daniel is called back to North Carolina. With Daniel on the trail of one killer threatening Perry County, Promise, Susan and Sam must combine wits and Southern grit to catch another killer on Jekyll Island— before he catches them. Read more on Amazon.

The Eyes of Vengeance

Mystery. Thriller.

What happens in Vegas— Could be Murder…

Someone is methodically killing past members of The Consortium, a defunct group of ruthless businessmen. They’d made their fortunes buying and selling prime Las Vegas real estate during the era that saw the beginnings of the mega casino and luxury hotels. Homicide Detective, Kennedy O’Brien and her temporary partner, Reno Homicide Detective Hunt, race to stop a killer who claims a new victim every forty-eight hours. The search for clues seems easy—too easy Kennedy suspects.

While chasing the killer, Kennedy must try to control hot-headed Detective Hunt, who is hell-bent on finding out who killed his best friend’s father, the first victim. At the same time, she has to deal with a jealous Nick Campenelli, whom she may or may not be in a relationship with. Nick isn’t happy with Kennedy spending so much time in close contact with the very smitten, Detective Hunt. Tossed into the mix are her retired cop grandfather, her self-appointed personal slave, Elvis, and a boss who is demanding answers.

All reminders of why Kennedy doesn’t do relationships! Read more on Amazon.

Burn District: Yuma

Sci-Fi. Contemporary Women. Political Thriller

Laura and Mike Davis build an idyllic life with their four children, friends and family nearby in the beautiful Brandywine River Valley. Dreams and goals come to an abrupt end soon after Hurricane Sandy hits the east coast.

Discovered in wood soaked by seawater, a virus thought to have the potential to decimate the population becomes the excuse to relocate thousands of citizens from beach towns. Fire is the only known way to eradicate the virus.

Rumors spread that napalm is used to burn without evacuating the people. A neighbor warns Laura and Mike that their town is next as the destruction moves inland. Is it a drastic way to halt the spread of disease, or is there another catalyst?

Burn District will be a serialized novel with releases approximately every four to six weeks. Read more on Amazon.

One Night Won’t Kill Us


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