New Book Releases 2015

This page highlights a select group of New Book Releases for 2014 – 2015. If you are looking for a something new to read then this page is a great place to start for a new book. 

New Releases 1/21-2/3/2015


Poor Little Rag DollProduct Details

Children’s. Young Adult

During the Great Depression, an adorable lost little girl named Samantha is discovered at the Los Angeles Farmer’s Market by a kind-hearted red-haired lady. Rose asks her boyfriend Mike, who is a detective, to help her find Samantha’s father. Samantha was wearing a tattered blue dress, and all that she had with her when she was found was a Poor Little Rag Doll.

Their search for the little girl’s father proves tricky. Rose and Mike discover a bigger mystery than they could have possibly imagined trying to track the man down.

Why did Samantha’s father disappear and what is the key to finding him? Read more on Amazon.

The Body Market

Action. Suspense.

NOW AVAILABLE! The latest action-packed crime thriller from best selling author DV BERKOM…***Bonus short story, Privilege included***

Don’t forget to pick up Serial Date and Bad Traffick (books 1 & 2) in the page-turning Leine Basso Thriller series!

A retired assassin is called in when a celebration south of the border turns into a nightmare.

Everything’s for sale…

Former assassin Leine Basso is hired by a wealthy Beverly Hills power couple to find their missing daughter, Elise, last seen partying with her boyfriend at a club in Tijuana. At first, police believe the two teenagers are the victims of a carjacking. But when Leine finds their missing vehicle with the boyfriend’s mutilated body inside, and the local cartel warns her away, she knows if Elise isn’t already dead, she will be soon, or worse.

In the lethal world of organized crime, there’s always a worse.

As Leine races to uncover the reason behind Elise Bennett’s disappearance, she must also battle the powerful interests fighting to keep her from the truth. Read more on Amazon.

Captivated By His Kiss

A Limited Edition Boxed Set of Seven Regency Romances

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Cheryl Bolen and USA Today Bestselling Author Bronwen Evans are joined by Barbara Monajem, Collette Cameron, Wendy Vella, Heather Boyd, and Lauren Smith in this exciting collection of regency romances. Be CAPTIVATED BY HIS KISS in these seven emotional stories of second chances, scandalous wagers, and the quest for true love. Lose yourself again and again in beautifully written romance.

  • His Lordship’s Vow by Cheryl Bolen
  • To Wager the Marquis of Wolverstone by Bronwen Evans
  • The Christmas Knot by Barbara Monajem
  • Bride of Falcon by Collette Cameron
  • Christmas Wishes by Wendy Vella
  • Miss Watson’s First Scandal by Heather Boyd
  • The Duelist’s Seduction by Lauren Smith
  • Read more on Amazon

Cadence to Glory

A Novel of the American Revolution

The year is 1773, and rumors of revolution abound. The return of the wealthy Eton family to Williamsburg, Virginia, however, briefly distracts the town’s elite. The youngest Eton son, Thomas, thus reunites with Priscilla Parr, his childhood friend and the now-cynical daughter of a proud Loyalist family. Thomas learns to admire her scathing wit while Priscilla finds herself drawn to his ambitious idealism. He soon introduces her to the radical principles of liberty, the fuel of the colonial rebellion. On the eve of Revolution, however, fate turns against the young lovers, whose families are politically opposed.

As the ideological forces within her own home begin to parallel the clash between Britain and the Colonies, Priscilla is unexpectedly faced with a dangerous decision between two rivaling ideals – and destinies. Set against a backdrop of intrigue, espionage, treachery, and romance, “Cadence to Glory” thus chronicles the deepening schism within the Parr family. By exploring the ancient conflicts between youth and age, conviction and neutrality, self-interest and principle, the novel speculates that liberty itself is as natural and inevitable as the coming of age. Read more on Amazon.

Second Wind

(Women of Whitfield Book 2)

Women’s Fiction

When a devastating tornado rips through the small town of Whitfield, Dana Gerard’s home is reduced to rubble and her well-ordered life to chaos. In the wake of the disaster, she finds herself in financial straits and confronted by challenges that test her limits.

With support from longtime friends, Dana tries to rebuild her home, but that’s not her only worry, and may be the least of her concerns. Change greets her from all directions – at work and within her own family. At a crossroads, Dana is forced to see her life with a new vision and to trust the one person she’s determined to push away. Read more on Amazon.

Click here to read about The Storm Within (Women of Whitfield Book 1) by Darlene Deluca on Amazon.

Yesterday People

Book 3 of the Past Life Series

Paranormal Suspense

David Bellotti’s only focus is to find his abducted twelve-year old daughter. When he sees her on a news segment with her captor, a renowned archaeologist who’s made a major discovery, David sets out to bring her back home. But the search leads him to a secret message that could alter man’s history forever.

A message David and his daughter inscribed twelve-thousand years ago.

A message that will prove dangerous in the wrong hands.

Protecting this powerful information seems simple until David realizes some people will use his daughter against him to get it, at whatever the cost. Now David must make a choice. Protect mankind from a secret past that must remain hidden, or save his little girl. Read more on Amazon.

Click here to see IN THIS LIFE (4,7 stars, 38 reviews) and COVET (4.6 stars, 26 reviews), Books 1 and 2 of the Past Life Series by Terri Herman-Ponce on Amazon.


Complete Trudy Harper Psychic Investigations

Supernatural Suspense

Life is looking good for police detective Trudy Harper. Not far from turning 30, Trudy has put behind her the deaths of her parents and a dead-end 6-year relationship. She has an exciting opportunity being selected for the new Major Crime Squad.

But when Trudy begins to see spirits a world of hurt and pain engulfs her. She must come to terms with her psychic “gift” or be crushed by this world and the next.

Jane Sharp’s suspenseful, witty, and sometimes brutal psychic mysteries smolder and crackle to the delight of fans.

Twenty gripping Trudy-Harper investigations are collected for the first time in one book. Read more on Amazon.

When Life Walks on Bare Soles

Women’s Fiction

Forgetting to mention your age, surely a little lie, if a lie at all.

Fun-loving single-divorced Maria enjoys life with a younger man, mysterious Dirk, and her bestie, zesty office workmate Josephine.

But Life decides to complicate things. Dirk asks questions about her age. Handsome sensitive IT nerd Dominic wants a relationship.Maria’s boss Ursula bullies her.

Now Maria has no job, two boyfriends and one testy best friend. Maria must buck up to confront ageism, workplace bullying, faltering friendship and the quest for love.

Christina Debi’s debut novel, in the style of Liane Moriarty, is an amusing and intelligent look at the modern woman to reveal the essential humanity in us all. Read more on Amazon.

Greenwood:  The Darker Side of Deb

Paranormal Vampire Romance

Vampires exist, they live among us like shadows in the dark.

Deb Marshall is a twenty-year-old girl just like you and me. She was going to college and looking forward to a career as an investigative reporter when tragedy happened. She died in the road accident that killed her parents.

Now she lives with her Uncle in the sleepy town of Rookby. Stuck in a wheelchair, she believes her career is over and the adventures and excitement she craved are gone. Yet every night she dreams of one man. Tall, dark, handsome in one dream he starts as her savior, but the dreams usually end in terror if only she could remember. In the other, she enjoys romance and passion with him that curls her toes and leaves her wanting more. Who is he and what do the dreams mean?

Deb’s life changes once again when he turns up at her house and she must discover what Vincent Fox wants and why he believes she is in danger?

He teaches her that she has a dark side. And tells her very few, including her uncle can ever learn about it. But he does not tell her why she is in danger and that some believe she will destroy his race. At just a thought, Deb’s hair changes from brunette to black, she is able to stand and move around faster than any normal woman.

By the way, did I mention she is a vampire? But Deb is a vampire like no other. She is a disabled woman, but a very able vampire. She intends to use her abilities to interview and glamour the evil in her town, putting right the wrongs they have done? But someone is watching her and they want her dead. Can Vincent keep her safe, should she trust him and is she the one that they are all looking for? Read more on Amazon.


Fiction Sea Stories

After a long career at sea, Jake Thomas thinks he’s finally put his life in order. He’s got a new wife, a new home, time to tend his roses and to write. But his past and the secrets he’s kept, even from himself, won’t stay buried.

Forty years earlier, a woman was murdered during Jake’s first voyage as a deck cadet on the American freighter, the SS James Wait. Her children want answers only Jake can give. But resurrecting old memories takes him spiraling back to the chaos and upheaval of the late 1960s.

In this riveting story-within-a-story, Jake’s peaceful routine in Portland, Oregon, stands in stark contrast to his days as a merchant seaman in Subic Bay, when he set off on a journey to discover his dark side. A journey that hasn’t yet ended.

Like Joseph Conrad, Joseph Jablonski has created a novel set at sea that is as much a careful observation of human nature and a powerful condemnation of war as it is a fascinating sea story. Read more on Amazon.

A Truth Stranger Than Fiction

(The Dakota Stevens Mysteries Book 3)

Mystery, PI Series

He’s BACK.  Dakota Stevens. The tough, wisecracking New York private eye. And he’s smarter, funnier and sexier than ever.

And so is his “Watson”—brilliant chess grandmaster Svetlana Krüsh. With her dry wit. Her runway legs. Her predator eyes.

A Truth Stranger Than Fiction, the 3rd novel in the critically acclaimed Dakota Stevens Mystery Series, delves into the bizarre, interconnected world of foreign spies and fangirls, mobsters and murderers, government bureaucrats and corporate profiteers.

Manhattan PI Dakota Stevens has just moved into new offices on Fifth Avenue when a young woman walks in with a problem: her older brother, a famous science fiction author, has been missing for a week. Before Dakota even has a chance to take the case, he and the young woman are accosted by a horde of people searching for the brother: government agents, thugs, mobsters, and two mysterious Chinese men. What could her brother possibly be into?

In a case that leads from the streets of Manhattan to the woods of Upstate New York, to Boston and the shores of Maine, to Washington, D.C. and the Midwest—by foot, train, truck, boat and private jet—what begins as a simple missing persons investigation quickly devolves into the most difficult and personal case of Dakota’s career.

In the end, Dakota exposes a secret that literally has the power to change the world. And the truth is a truth stranger than fiction.

With humor, action, intrigue, and lush writing, A Truth Stranger Than Fiction is a compelling noir mystery in the tradition of Robert Parker and Raymond Chandler. Read more on Amazon.

Click here to see the entire The Dakota Stevens Mysteries by Chris Orcutt on Amazon.


SciFi Romance, New Adult

Brad Barkley is a college student who is given an assignment to develop a working android. He creates Tricia, but takes it a step further by making her a representation of his ideal woman.

His creation of Tricia becomes increasingly expensive, resulting in the need for him to find alternative sources of money. He joins an online community, where he meets and falls in love with a woman named Priscilla.

When Priscilla mysteriously disappears, Brad begins an earnest investigation to find her. But the deeper Brad immerses himself into the investigation, the more his friends and family worry about his sanity.

In the mean time, Tricia has learned to function on her own, and unknowing to Brad, has begun her own study into the human psyche in a quest to save her creator from his consuming obsession. Read more on Amazon.

Miracles – Two Book Series

Christian non fiction/ Inspirational

Book One: Expect Something Wild!

You’ve heard about the miracles that Jesus performed two thousand years ago during His earthly ministry. But did you know that miracles of biblical proportions still happen in the here and now? Never in her wildest dreams had Connie Bryson envisioned that God would use her in a supernatural way. She’s not perfect. She’s just a normal person who believes in the God of the Bible. And she’s been graced to see many of His extraordinary signs and wonders first hand. Imagine being used by God to heal the sick, multiply food, and even to raise the dead — the way Jesus said those who followed Him would.

Book Two: The Holy Spirit’s Fire

In the midst of this darkened world, what difference can it make to light one candle? Life and death, according to Connie Bryson. Imagine being illuminated about how to stop a rape, or quiet a raging storm, even how to avert a murder. From visions and dreams to prophetic warnings, miracles have leapt off the pages of the Bible for this author, burning brightly in the here and now. She’s the first to admit how completely undeserving she is. But in God’s amazing grace, the blazing torch of the Holy Spirit has been passed to her to carry first hand. Read more on Amazon.

Portraits and Landscapes

Short Stories

Portraits and Landscapes is an eclectic collection of short stories about all of us.

The first stories in the collection are about failed romance and how many of us constantly and painfully search for connection in our lives.

Other stories take us across the globe, and speak in a variety of voices, which give us brief glimpses of individuals who struggle to make sense of our world.

The human beings described in these stories will make you laugh, weep and sometimes they’ll make you throw up your hands in utter disbelief.

Read more on Amazon.


Mugs of Love

Romantic Suspense

Serving promise, one cup at a time.

When his world came crashing down around him, Garrett Sharp didn’t run. He stood like the man he is and took his punishment. Eight years later, he finds himself in a new life. It’s not the life he grew up believing he would live, but it’s a life all the same, albeit numb and empty. Well, not entirely.

Every day across the street from his furniture store, Garrett steals moments full of warmth from Emily Garner. As she floats happily through her coffee shop, Emily provides him glimpses into her soul. She’s pure and full of life in a way Garrett’s never experienced. He’s never heard her voice and doesn’t know the color of her eyes. But he knows she lights up like a beacon when she serves coffee to couples on their first dates. Emily can feel the tingles of new love even when she’s not the one experiencing the thrill. And Garrett can feel Emily’s joy from across the street.

When Emily finally enters Garrett’s store for the first time six months after he opens, both their lives change. Garrett must battle the demons of his past to be a man worthy of the woman he’s fallen for from afar. Emily has to move beyond her ex-boyfriend and his betrayals to find trust again. If it were only the past challenging Emily and Garrett, their story would be easy.

Life is never easy. Read more on Amazon.

Alphas Prefer Curves

A Curvy Girl Romance BBW Anthology

Hot alpha males come in all flavors, from fierce shifters and swaggering rockstars to bad boy bikers and seductive billionaires, men of action and passion. In this collection of standalone BBW romance novels and novellas by the writers of the wildly popular Curvy Girl Romance group, the hunky heroes all have one thing in common: these alphas prefer curves.

  • Dangerous Protector by Milly Taiden 
  • A Prowl On The Wild Side by Erika Masten 
  • Bear Biker Love by Harper Ashe 
  • Bear The Heat by Catherine Vale
  • Heartbitten by Aubrey Rose
  • Distracting the Billionaire’s Son by Jordan Bell
  • The Billionaire’s Curvy Guide by Danielle Duncan
  • Soldier by Liliana Rhodes
  • Something True by Malia Mallory
  • Heart Racer by Marian Tee
  • Jade by Olivia Rigal
  • Kings of Asphalt by Alexx Andria
  • Operation: Burlesque by Michelle Fox
  • KANE by Eliza Gayle 
  • Read more on Amazon


(The Gold Stone Girl Book 2)

Dystopian Fiction. Feminism

Mina’s adventure continues in the land of Disbelief, a world the Night Mare created to exile all beliefs other than her own. All deities and goblins, pookhas and spriggins, exist now only in this dimension. It’s here that Mina will learn the true herstory of the planet Blinkin, and its history as well, before she attempts a comeback as, the Night Mare’s polar opposite, the Dream Weaver. Will she be able to save the planet from shrinking into a black hole? Only Time will tell, and he isn’t speaking to anyone at present. Read more on Amazon.

“What a journey I have gone on!….swallowing in great greedy gulps like one of your demon types all your long hard work!….wow!….fun fascinating and informative!……really well done …like things that have big play in the world …and yet deeper and better….” Melissa Leo, (Academy Award winner, The Fighter)

“Nicole Quinn’s imagery is so startling, brilliant and original, that I caught my breath at each sentence. Sure to become a modern classic in the tradition of The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.” Laura Shaine (author,Dreams of Rescue, A Place in the country, Sleeping Arrangements)

Wolf 359: Queen to Play

Science Fiction

Reveling in the adoration of a nation charmed by their new High Priest, Duncan begins setting the Temple house in order. Unfortunately his contentment is short lived. Failing to account for a paranoid king jealous of this stranger’s sway over the people, and an entrenched corruption within the Temple – not to mention a scheming senior prelate furious at being denied the high priesthood – Duncan is quickly caught up in the game of power, and just as quickly condemned to die in the wastelands, in the hope that the desert sands will eradicate any memory of the former wizard.

With Duncan gone, things begin to get hot for Alexis as the struggle for the throne escalates with each side demanding her allegiance. Instead, she escapes south with the nation’s tarrac, deciding she’d rather carve out her own little kingdom. She has decamped just in time as the armies of the King’s brother descend on the capital, forcing King Diad to secretly escape by ship in an attempt to gather an army from across the sea. Yet no sooner has he set sail than his son proclaims himself king.

Yet they all have blindly overlooked another’s ambition, someone who desperately wants to rule Gambria – alone. And she might just pull it off. All she’ll need to do is get rid of her husband and her father…  Read more on Amazon.



Tempting love in the Tennessee hills

Romantic Mystery series by USA Today Bestselling Author

True Story. Totally Crazy.

A Time-Travel For Outlander Fans

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