Where Do I Find Free Kindle Books? See Our List for Friday 12-06!

December 6, 2013


Where Do I Find Free Kindle Books? We provide a daily list of the best free Kindle books that exceed our minimum guidelines. These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Selected free online eBooks from The Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free online books to read with 26+ new Friday freebies.

Ghostly Guardian (Volume One) (Witches of The Demon Isle) 4.2 stars on 25 reviews.

A vampire mentors three sibling Witches as they struggle to balance life, with duty, as protectors of The Demon Isle.

Deadly dreams, a mysterious damsel in distress and a desperate ghost looking for a body to possess. . .

Free 12/6-12/8.

Helga: Out of Hedgelands (Wood Cow Chronicles) 4.3 stars on 22 reviews.

“Just blows you away”

“reminds me of The Hobbit and the world we know as Middle Earth”

”all of the drama and suspense of the best of the Harry Potter books”

Free only on 12/6/2013.

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Disappear by Iain Edward Henn.


4.1 stars on 154 reviews.

Over 12 consecutive months on Amazon UK Top 100 lists.

#1 bestseller Mystery_Women Sleuths (UK).

Top 40 in Suspense (US).

On Sale for only $0.99.

How to explain things to the kids …

December 5, 2013

Our guest blogger is Stephanie Elmas author of The Room Beyond.

How to explain things to the kids . . .

As a mother of a young family I frequently have to make difficult decisions about how and when I should expose my children to some of life’s harsh realities.  Often I find myself turning down the volume on the radio when the news comes on.  Do I want my six year old listening to stories about murder?

Absolutely not.

Recently we acquired two pet rabbits and my neighbour jokingly told me that he had his eye on them: rabbit stew was a delicacy where he came from.  My children’s faces were a picture of stupefied horror! I had to remind them that they were red blooded little carnivores themselves. What were having for dinner that night . . .  roast chicken?

British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, in his notorious cooking programmes, had no qualms about rearing animals set for slaughter under his children’s noses (watched on television by the entire, slightly horrified nation). He believed it to be a healthy way of learning to understand where our food comes from.

Of course that’s true, and yet I’m still a cowardly city girl who’d much rather buy chicken breasts wrapped up neatly in the supermarket than break the poor bird’s neck myself.  Although I’m as guilty as most of ‘turning Read more »

Romance Lover’s Books

December 5, 2013

Do you enjoy romance books? The following books are featured on our Romance Books page.

28+ Free Books for Kindle for Thursday 12-05-2013

December 5, 2013


We have a great list of Free Books for Kindle. These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free Books from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free online books to read with 28+ new Thursday freebies.

Redemption (Legends of Graham Mansion) Historical mystery. 4.8 stars on 64 reviews.

Be careful what you wish for. When the breakup of her family forces Grae White’s mother to move her two children from their privileged city life to her hometown in the mountains of Virginia, all Grae wants is to be invisible in her new life. But that’s rather hard when everyone knows that her father is the latest headline-grabbing white collar criminal, the most popular boy in school wants to take Grae to the prom, and then there’s that she lives in a haunted mansion. Free 12/5.

Author Interview #239: Letting Go by Domino

December 4, 2013

Our interview today is with Domino author of Letting Go (4.1 stars on 85 reviews). Before the interview a brief book description: Pregnant at 17 with no family or support, Shawna’s life has been turned upside down. She now has a big decision to make, for her and the well being of her unborn child.

Interview with Domino

What is your book about?

Letting Go is about a seventeen-year old girl, Shawna, that gets pregnant, with no family or support, and is forced to make a life-changing decision, for the benefit of her child. It delivers a vivid and moving experience of abuse, neglect, and despair, as well as hope, and happiness.

Tell us a little about your main character.

Shawna, the main character, is very headstrong and determined. She has endured a lot of heartache and disappointments in her life, but she is determined to succeed and live a life she has always wanted. Readers can relate to her, young and old. She is spunky, funny, and unforgettable

How do characters change or evolve throughout the course of the story? What events trigger such changes?

Shawna’s character changes when she gets pregnant and the man she is set to wed reveals he is nothing he claimed to be. Her outlook on life is dismal, but when she befriends two elderly women that show her she is capable of fulfilling all of her dreams, her outlook on life changes for the positive. Read more »

One Night Won’t Kill Us


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