Will the mistakes of her past threaten her future?

Hidden Prospects
4.2 stars on 50 reviews

The Least Favorite Child!

The Black Guard
4.0 stars on 92 reviews

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Down on her luck, Sylvie Jenkins takes a job with reclusive, bestselling author Connor Hudson. Sparks fly between the demanding alpha male and his feisty assistant. But he's keeping secrets. Women who love him die!

In His Keeping: TAKEN
3.9 stars on 14 reviews

Fun Mystery about American stranded in apocalyptic Provence!

Parlez-Vous Murder?
4.2 stars on 28 reviews

Bestselling Paranormal Romance!

Hellbound Warrior
4.7 stars on 29 reviews

Exclusive collection of 22 Urban and Epic Fantasy reads for only $0.99!

Fire and Fantasy
A Limited Edition Collection of Urban and Epic Fantasy

The Least Favorite Child!

The Black Guard
4.0 stars on 92 reviews

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Romance! History! Magick! Danger!

The Heart Of A Gypsy
3.9 stars on 196 reviews

A real life personal tragedy turns into a hope filled story for an 18 year old single mother, merely existing on crutches in the bush of Mozambique.

Florencia - An Accidental Story
5.0 stars on 82 reviews


The Baby Boomers' Guide to Housing Options and How to Choose What's Right for You!

Move or Improve?
4.6 stars on 7 reviews

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New Book Releases for September

We are highlighting two exciting New Book Releases for September 2017 from our New Book Releases List (click to see all the new releases). If you are looking for something new to read this is a great place to start.


Contemporary Romance

Trying to avoid a war between my family and one of the most notorious criminals in Seattle, I’m forced to take a job I have no interest in doing. All I have to do is hack into one of the most protected systems in the whole country, and walk away with the goods.

In the middle of this asinine scheme, the last person I expect to run into is NAME—my biggest regret, and the only woman I’ve ever loved. But this time, she’s on the right side of the law, and the moment she spots me, she knows I’m up to no good.
She wants to bargain—or throw my ass in jail.

I want her naked in my bed, screaming out my name.

And they may call me Scorch for a reason, but this time around, I’ll be the one who’ll get burned when I put my heart on the line.

***This story has a Happily Ever After for the couple and can be read as a stand alone novel. ***

Forget Me Not

Romantic Suspense

I fell in love with a boy a long time ago.

I was only a small girl. Scared and frightened, I was taken from my home and held against my will. His father hurt me, but he protected me and kept me safe as best he could.

Until I left him.

I ran the first chance I got and even though I knew he wasn’t behind me, I didn’t stop. The branches lashed out at me, punishing me for leaving him in the hands of a monster.

I’ve never felt such guilt in my life.

Although I survived, the boy was never found. I prayed for him to be safe. I dreamed he’d be alright and come back to me. Even as a young girl I knew I loved him, but I betrayed him.

Twenty years later, all my wishes came true.

But the boy came back a man. With a grip strong enough to keep me close and a look in his eyes that warned me to never dare leave him again. I was his to keep after all.

Twenty years after leaving one hell, I entered another. Our tale was only just getting started.

It’s dark and twisted.

But that doesn’t make it any less of what it is.

A love story. Our love story.

An Excellent List Of Highly Reviewed Free Kindle Books For Monday

For Monday we have an excellent list of highly reviewed free Kindle books. A great chance to grab a book or two for your reading enjoyment. All of our books listed today are free ($0.00) on The Best Free Kindle Books List. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


The Art & Science of Happiness

4.5 stars on 39 reviews

Memoirs, Self-Help

Meet Dr. Zeev Gilkis, a master of the art of self-transformation!
Dr. Zeev Gilkis has been through so many transformations in his life that he is a virtuoso of the art of change. In this inspiring memoir of a former senior officer in the mythological Unit 8200 (special intelligence unit) in the Israeli Army, read how Dr. Gilkis started out as a mathematician and then went on to lead a state-of-the-art (secret!) project that nobody believed would work. When the system was successfully deployed on the Golan Heights, he won the highest award of National Security from the President of Israel. He served three years as a diplomat in Warsaw, being the first military attaché of Israel in the Eastern Europe. After leaving the army, in the rank of colonel, he managed R&D in a large public company. From there he morphed into a successful investment manager, sat on the boards of numerous telecom and technology start-ups in the “Start-up Nation,” and then on to leading five new start-ups in biotechnology and medicine.

In addition to all these activities, he transformed himself in the realm of exercise and health!
Dr. Gilkis went from being a “couch potato” geek, whose only workouts were playing chess and bridge, to becoming a surfer and triathlete, who competed in a triathlon, for the first time, at the age of 66! Not only that; after defeating an advanced stage cancer he became a healthy, HAPPY person.

How did he succeed in doing all that? And how can you get some of it!?!
How was he able to accomplish all of this? Was it the Eastern meditation he practiced for almost 40 years alongside his successful career? Was it his chess-player’s cunning or mathematician’s logic? What does Dr. Gilkis know about finding satisfaction and happiness that you don’t? Let him share everything with you on the pages of this book with the perfect mixture of anecdotes, popular science, and true wisdom to help you unlock new paths to happiness. Rise above the slump and experience life as you should — with a smile. Come, read and discover his secret…


Our Start-Up

4.4 stars on 28 reviews

Teen & Young Adult

Nir has a great idea. But will it work?
Middle school student, Nir Carmelli, dreams of conquering the world with his idea for an innovative new product. Although aware of the difficulties, Nir decides to advance the idea, even if it does not become a product or profitable business. Group members of the start-up are required to show daring, original thought, and creativity. They meet industrialists from Japan, investors from America, as well as scientists and professionals from a range of fields working in the field of high tech.

Not only off the ground… but soaring!
His classmate, Anna, gets involved in the project, creating a friendship between the two and even first love. Together, the young inventors learn many practical lessons about what it takes to develop a successful start-up. Their story, written in a contemporary style, is full of humour as it navigates the ups and downs between success and failure and introduces the reader to the challenging world of business.


Resist the Machine

4.5 stars on 53 reviews

Science Fiction, Suspense, Romantic Adventure, Dystopian

A genetically engineered young woman teams up with a rugged soldier to resist the high-tech regime controlling their lives. Spine-tingling adventure for fans of 1984, Person of Interest, and Divergent.

When the government owns the gene pool, what could possibly go wrong? According to the leaders of Avantica, absolutely nothing. If in doubt, just look at the statistics. Their genetically engineered citizens enjoy the highest standard of living in the world. Crime and disease are nearly non-existent. Healthcare and housing are totally free. Why would anyone ever want to leave?

Meet 16-year-old Clara Spinner. By design she is supposed to be compassionate, serious to a fault, and content with her work, but someone at the population factory messed up. How else can she explain her rebellious streak, ability to appreciate a good joke, and the fact that she detests her first job assignment? Hiding her true nature is a daily battle and coworkers are getting suspicious. So when the military shows up, looking for someone with her skill set, Clara ‘volunteers’. Fitting in with ruthless soldiers isn’t easy, but that’s the least of her worries after they they land in a place opposed to everything Avantica stands for. Hearts and loyalties will be tested. Dystopian sci-fi with a touch of romance. Recommended for older teens and adults.

“Avant Nation is edge-of-your-seat entertainment that will have you turning the pages late into the night, but it also serves as a warning, drawing disturbing parallels to today’s hot button issues. I found myself asking big questions. Should the government get to decide what is taught in our schools? Is the rationing of healthcare just around the corner? As more freedom is given away in exchange for comfort and security, where do we draw the line? ” –Light


The Prince

4.6 stars on 192 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Penny doesn’t dream about a prince coming to save her from the trailer park.

She knows better than that. And the boy she finds hiding in the woods out back is too wild and dangerous to trust.

But he may be her only chance at survival.

From New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren comes an emotional new spin-off series. THE PRINCE is a 13,000-word prologue to the new Masterpiece duet.


Harris Rules

5.0 stars on 110 reviews

Real Estate

It’s the question every agent asks, but few have a truthful answer for: Where does business come from? In an industry constantly selling the ‘easy button’ and overrun with shiny widgets, agents are pulled in multiple directions at once, each promising if they “just do this” that their dreams of real estate fortune will come true. After 20 years in the business and hundreds of thousands of coaching calls, Tim & Julie tell the hard truths about what it really takes to make it in real estate.

Harris Rules outlines specific, proven rules of engagement that any agent – rookie or veteran – can count on to serve them well as they pursue their real-estate funded goals and dreams. Harris Rules lays the groundwork, beginning with how agents need to think about the business. Moving them forward with a step by step action plan, Tim & Julie show agents how to create longevity by scaling the business and then teach them how to monetize it.

In this book you’ll learn…
– How to control your mindset to get more things done, even when you don’t ‘feel’ like it.
– Why balance is a myth and how you should stop aiming for it!
– How the Scarcity mindset is affecting everything you do and the rules to break free.
– The ideal schedule of a top producing agent and how to focus it on what matters…profit!
– Why you can’t rely on only one method of generating leads if you want to avoid feast or famine.
– How to find your ‘Magic Number’ and how knowing it is critical for success.
– How to use our proven 7 Step Listing Process to win the listing virtually every time!
– How to really achieve financial freedom (and it won’t be from your real estate commissions)!

And there is so much more!

Only for the highly motivated, Harris Rules covers topics no one else in the industry is willing to talk about: making a profit, why having a team isn’t the ‘golden calf’, having multiple lead sources (that you don’t have to pay for!), focusing on listings and the fact that repetitious boredom does pay off!


Move or Improve?

5.0 stars on 6 reviews

How-to & Home Improvements

The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Housing Options and How to Choose What’s Right for You

Baby Boomers who feel overwhelmed trying to decide where to live will appreciate the information found in this book.

Should you stay in your home and age in place by making modifications?

Or should you move toa different location and enjoy better weather, lower cost-of-living, etc.?

Should you build a new home that meets your long-term needs?

How do you decide what’s best for your situation?

And what if that situation changes later on?

Are you a planner or a procrastinator?

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.


4.2 stars on 146 reviews

PI Mystery

Bellingwood Boxed Set

4.5 stars on 600 reviews


Where’s My Son?

4.1 stars on 311 reviews



4.3 stars on 138 reviews


Man Of My Dreams

4.3 stars on 207 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Arms Of Promise

4.7 stars on 105 reviews


Thread Of Hope

4.5 stars on 511 reviews

Mystery Thriller

The Souvenir

4.2 stars on 188 reviews


Nine Lives

4.4 stars on 519 reviews


Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


Dancing with Elephants

4.8 stars on 43 reviews

Nonfiction, Memoir, Self-Help, Inspirational

Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

“If you need some encouragement in living with joy, read this book. It will change your perspective on everything.” —Lana Philips

“Sawatsky beautifully models a way to dance in the gale of full catastrophe, to celebrate life, to laugh with it and at himself.” —Jon Kabat-Zinn, national bestselling author of Full Catastrophe Living

“…beautiful and inspiring book…full of humor and wisdom about the pain of loss in our life, by someone living with a debilitating disease.” —Jean Vanier, national bestselling author of Becoming Human

Want to enjoy the life you are living, even as you face major life challenges?
Is your mind succumbing to age? Is your body failing you? Can you ever find joy, peace, or fulfillment in these challenging conditions? The answer is a resounding YES.

Author Jarem Sawatsky saw the countless guides out there for those caring for the ill and healing the curable, but when he was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease he found there was nothing for those living with incurable illness. He quit his job as a professor and devoted his life to exploring the possibilities of living with chronic conditions. Now he’s bringing his findings and insights to you.

In Dancing With Elephants you’ll discover:

  • Simple practices to bring healing to your heart and life to your new outlook
  • Humorous (and occasionally heart-wrenching) stories of Sawatsky’s own journey
  • Multiple ways to build confidence in yourself, even when you’ve been shaken to the core
  • A new perspective to transform your pain and renew your spirit
  • Practical tools to face your seemingly inescapable fears, and much, much more!

Based on the popular blog of the same name, Dancing With Elephants includes insightful interviews with chronic disease experts Jon Kabat-Zinn, Lucy Kalanithi, and Patch Adams. Sawatsky’s landmark book provides support that only a fellow traveler down this road can offer.

If you like touching stories, mindful wisdom, and a touch of irreverent humor, then you’ll love Sawatsky’s life-changing book.

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

Sunday Free eBooks – The Newest & Best Free Kindle Books

Check out our list of the best free ebooks. A great chance to grab a book or two for the weekend. All of our books listed today are free ($0.00) on The Best Free Kindle Books List. Remember that many of the free kindle books are priced at $0.00 for a very limited time. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


Nerve Damage

4.7 stars on 69 reviews

Psychological Thriller

A fatal car crash. The sole survivor. And the dark hooded stranger that wants her dead.

When a terrible accident—not accident—stole my parents’ lives, my whole perfect life changed. My memories are hazy, and there are scars on my wrists. I’ve been locked away for my own protection…until I prove my sanity, until I lie. There was no hooded figure on the road that day, no one standing over me as I lay paralyzed watching my parents burn.

I am Cassidy Lockheart…20-year-old orphan.

Determined to free my caged mind, I find myself far away on an unexpected trip to help return my forgotten past. The snow was part of my life before, but now it’s like a blank slate, until an avalanche changes everything. But I’m not alone. These other ‘lucky’ trip winners may not be the strangers they pretend to be. And my hooded attacker…I see him everywhere.

Is this real? Or delusion caused by head trauma?

Either way, I’m being watched. I can sense it. I can feel it. Someone is after me; maybe they’re after us all. The avalanche was no accident. It was staged to deliver us to this abandoned place. A place where the walls whisper dark secrets of a sinister past…a past no one can escape. Trapped, this snow won’t let up…it won’t let us leave. My lost memories hold clues, but they’re buried so deep, polluted and twisted in my every waking nightmare. What is real? I don’t have the answers. But I need them. Time is ticking and if I don’t figure this all out soon it will be too late.

The past is coming for us all…and it wants blood.



4.7 stars on 87 reviews


Book 2 of 2 in the Many Lives Series

For Love Would You Break the Vow Made on Your Mother’s Deathbed?

…Can you forgive yourself if you don’t?

Everything in my life has led up to this moment.
Everyone is counting on me,
But all I see is her.
When they took her from me, they set me on this path.
I lost her once, never again.
Now, I will do anything to get her back.
Even if it means leaving my city unprotected
Even…breaking the vow made to my mother
Saving Aria is all that matters. She is my world.
Which will break first? The promise to save my city or my heart?

Pick up this finale to the first duet in the Many Lives Series because you love an Alpha solider-poet who’d even walk away from his duty to protect his Fiery Mate.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

What Hurts The Most

4.3 stars on 203 reviews

Mystery Thriller

Quinn Goes West

4.2 stars on 131 reviews


Nothing New Under The Sun

4.0 stars on 116 reviews

Mystery Thriller

Fried Chicken & Gravy

4.6 stars on 142 reviews

Christian Romance

Finding Kennedy

4.8 stars on 111 reviews

Women’s Fiction


4.1 stars on 160 reviews



4.6 stars on 191 reviews


Chocolate For Breakfast

4.3 stars on 135 reviews

Women’s Fiction

Al Clark

4.5 stars on 120 reviews

Science Fiction

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List



4.8 stars on 14 reviews

Science Fiction. Fantasy

Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

“Very, very interesting…” – William S. Burroughs

Imagine … a raven on the branch of a fruit tree speaks to you, complimenting you on the song you have just sung. You, Rodger Games, carpenter by day and guitar-player by night, are drawn by the wonder: the how, where, and why of its origins. A dialogue begins. But along with the mystery of the raven arrives the snake, a deadly ‘breath-of-heaven’, its assassin partner. The duo once worked for Shining Path, the Peruvian Maoist movement founded by the arch-ideologue, Zalo. Soon the trail leads to the Medellin Cartel and ‘The Center’ – a secret institute staffed by the tutored sons of Mengele and located in the remotest Amazon.

Adjacent to the dialogue appear farm workers and laborers – Black, White, Indian, and Hispanic – a young woman of focal beauty named Luana, and a midnight prowler who drives a black Porsche; and always, the ubiquitous digressions of memory. Where will it lead? To what end? Consider: ravens, snakes, and revolutionaries, God, Devil, man, and woman all transformed into a pair of dice … roll ’em…whadaya get? The lucky seven? double-sixes? or snake-eyes? And with what consequence?

The mystery is something of a creation myth. For eventually there is a harvest: the cruel scythe of political terrorism; the blessing of woman, fruit and song, and the promise of a mystical union, for with the harvest is planted the seed of new potential … Geminga.


Dad’s Best Friend

4.8 stars on 85 reviews

Contemporary Steamy

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

I’ll work for my dad’s best friend but only if he teaches me everything.
He showed up with a $10,000 check to my party.
“For you, gorgeous,” he says, kissing me on the cheek.
I’ll never forget how his soft lips felt.
I can still smell that s*xy cologne.
He’s my dad’s hot best friend.
And when he hires me as his assistant, I decide he has to be my first.
I know the rules: Never fall for your employees.
And especially never think about f*cking Violet.
She’s my best friend’s daughter.
He trusted me to protect her from other men.
And I am jacking off in the shower thinking of her.
I’m the one staring at her taut curves.
I’m enjoying her company more than I should.
Well, I can sense trouble coming.
But first, I want to make her come.

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

Saturday Free eBooks – The Newest & Best Free Kindle Books

Check out our list of the best free ebooks. A great chance to grab a book or two for the weekend. All of our books listed today are free ($0.00) on The Best Free Kindle Books List. Remember that many of the free kindle books are priced at $0.00 for a very limited time. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


Love Love

4.4 stars on 129 reviews

Contemporary Romance


Gabrielle Willis is smart. She’s funny. And oh yes, she’s a bit klutzy.

When Gabrielle left sunny California bound for the energy of Manhattan, she was willingly leaving the life she had known for the new life she would create. But was she really leaving something behind or was she running away?

On the outside, Gabrielle Willis has it all under control. A new life in Manhattan, a great roommate, and a good job. But she is haunted. Haunted by a memory she’s tried to forget and by a family who’s abandoned her. But what happens when what’s on the outside is only an illusion and in perfect contradiction to what’s buried deep within?

Enter Dane Rhodes. He’s gorgeous, smart, and sexy as hell. Just what Gabby wants, or so she thinks. But when she meets Brad Dixon, the sweet guy with the crooked smile, he begins to make her see that the very thing she is trying to run from is the very thing that just may push her to see the light.

**This book contains mature language and sexual content and is only recommended for readers 17 and older.


Stealing Power

4.3 stars on 67 reviews

Crime Thriller

Book 1 of 3 in the Detectives India Kane & AJ Colt Series

Stealing women’s power is easy … until you pick the wrong one.

Detective Chief Inspector AJ Colt lives his life in the limelight. The charismatic star of New Scotland Yard is public relations gold. Everyone loves him. Well, almost everyone. For three years a vicious serial rapist has been taunting and tormenting him, sending him recordings of every sickening crime he commits. But with no DNA from the devastated victims the trail is stone cold dead, until a familiar landmark leads Colt back to his hometown – the last place on earth he wants to be.

It’s also the last place on earth Detective India Kane wants him. The obsessively private local keeps her head down, works hard, and doesn’t bother anybody. She likes life that way. When people bother her, things have a tendency to get messy. She’s just landed a career changing case – a brutal drug-facilitated rape investigation – and doesn’t take kindly to the arrogant newcomer parachuted in to snatch it from her.

The hunt is on.

But Colt and Kane’s prey is just warming up. As he escalates, so does his power. And he won’t stop until he’s stolen it all … even if it means bringing his own brand of terror directly to those who hunt him.

When their lives collide – it won’t just be the victims’ worlds that are torn apart.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

The 10th Cycle

4.3 stars on 337 reviews


Picture Miss Seeton

4.3 stars on 277 reviews


The Soul Fixer

4.4 stars on 146 reviews

Psychological Thriller

All I Want

4.5 stars on 135 reviews



4.1 stars on 304 reviews


An Affair To Dismember

4.2 stars on 321 reviews

Romantic Suspense

The Witch Squad

4.5 stars on 175 reviews

Cozy Mystery

Prince Billionaire

4.7 stars on 246 reviews

Women’s Fiction

Blind Run

4.7 stars on 111 reviews

Science Fiction

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


Going Deep

4.8 stars on 199 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

I’m an undercover cop, so getting down and dirty with the scum of the earth is something I’m not afraid to do. I’m also a bad boy at heart, with or without the badge and gun. And women love getting under the covers with a bad boy, especially when they feel what I’m packing in my jeans…

I’m more than willing to bend the rules if it means I get to nail the bad guy, and maybe nail some bad girls along the way. It’s all part of the job. And I do my job very well.

I’m dead set on taking down the South Side Gang. This undercover bouncer gig got me in the door and now I’ve got Richie Silvestri in my sights. All I gotta do is wait, watch, listen, then make my move. It should be just another day in the life of Detective Danny O’Shea.

Then she comes along: Hannah Silvestri, Richie’s little sister, the finest piece of ass I’ve seen in a long time. Hannah is smoking hot, with a mouth to match. She’s sassy and smart, and all I can think about is burying myself between her thighs.

But Hannah is one tough nut to crack. It’s going to take more than my macho BS and bad boy charm to get those legs spread. But I’ll keep working her, cause that’s what I do. And soon I’ll sink into that hot flesh, and when I do, the whole South Side will explode in flames.

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

New Book Releases for September

We are highlighting two exciting New Book Releases for September 2017 from our New Book Releases List (click to see all the new releases). If you are looking for something new to read this is a great place to start.

fAdE tO bLuE

Fantasy; Women’s Literature; Contemporary Literature

Ishmael spirals into an angry cycle of drinking and sleeping through the day when his long time girlfriend calls it quits.

Feeling vulnerable, he goes to the one person who always makes him feel loved.

But a strong smell from outside his mother’s door alerts him that something is very wrong.

Inside, his worst fears are realized.

After her funeral, Ishmael can’t eat or drink anything apart from whiskey. He has no one to turn to, no friends to his name. He does have a razor so sharp it can split hairs and an ache so insatiable it’s eating him from the inside out.

He heeds the razor’s call and wakes in Monochrome.

When Cougar Dates Manwhore

Contemporary Romance

Ava’s nemesis, John, made his feelings known by suddenly kissing her while they happened to be on the same cruise. Not just any kiss, but one that triggered a mind-blowing heat that made her want to learn more about him.

They’ve now been home for over a week where … nothing happens, making Ava doubt the signals she thought she’d received. Had the kiss not been as mind-blowing for him as it was for her? And then, suddenly, he asks her out on a date where she gets to see the intimate, sexy sides of him, which she really likes.

Maybe they are a good match for each other after all … or not. She can’t tell. His actions are so unpredictable that she can’t intuit his motives. Should she continue to leave the door open or write him off as the manwhore she thinks he is?

Where Do I Find Free Kindle Books for Friday?

Enjoy these Free Books for Kindle (limited time offer). These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free Books from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with our new list of freebies for Tuesday. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


Michael’s Blood

4.7 stars on 15 reviews

Fantasy, Paranormal, Metaphysical

Book 1 of 4 in the Vampire Reclamation Project Series

A vampire named Arel is hell-bent or more precisely, heaven-bent, on freeing his soul! His plan is simple. He believes that he can reverse his cursed condition by ingesting a little angel blood. Michael, an incarnate angel and Arel’s friend, advises that the remedy could be hazardous, but Arel is determined to take his chances. He won’t entertain the thought of what terrible consequences could be in store for him. After the deed is done, Arel and Michael join forces to control what’s been unleashed in Arel, but the blood coursing through Arel’s veins is always a step ahead of both vampire and angel.


“Enticing page-turner that has you wondering if indeed Arel’s soul can be saved.”

“It is a wonderful blend of the human and spirit realms with incredibly well developed characters and the perfect touch of humor.”

Click here to see all available books in the Vampire Reclamation Project Series by S.S. Bazinet on Amazon.



Business & Money, Investing, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Analysis & Strategy

How to make money in stocks?
First step: don’t trade stocks.

Learn an ETF trading strategy developed by a former day trader.
Yes, you need to be in the stock market if you intend to build wealth.

Exchange traded funds? Yes, but only if you have a reliable strategy.

This book is your step-by-step guide for Beating The Street.
Beat The Street by employing a few select ETFs in a systematic approach with an ETF trading strategy that needs only 20 minutes a month to implement, and lets you sleep soundly at night without worries of market bears or bursting bubbles.

A simple strategy for trading only 6 ETFs.
Author David Alan Carter leads readers through a simple ETF trading strategy that automates decision making, reduces risk and volatility in your portfolio, and produces a 12% average annual return. A strategy that’s not pie-in-the-sky and not just a bunch of theory, but rather a systematic plan that is backed up with real numbers showing it clearly beating the S&P 500 over time. A trading strategy that’s understandable, repeatable, that works and works simply.

Anyone can do this. In simple-to-understand language, you’ll discover…

The six ETFs that power the strategy, and why.

  • The simple technique for identifying which of those ETFs to buy, and which to sell. And most importantly, when.
  • How $5,000 can end up $1,000,000 in your retirement portfolio.
  • How to protect your portfolio during market downturns with a simple cash trigger.
  • In short, how to earn an average of 12% annually in the stock market with minimal trading, less volatility, and less risk.

Make money trading without obsessing.
If you have 20 minutes a month and a computer, you can turn any investment amount into a steadily growing compounding machine that will make you the envy of Mad Money’s Jim Cramer and 99% of all mutual fund managers.

Make just 2-4 trades one day a month. The strategy tells you what ETFs to buy and what to sell. That’s it. Then turn off the computer and go live your life.


Pianist in a Bordello

4.3 stars on 300 reviews

Historical Fiction. Humor. Satire.

What would happen if a politician decided to tell the truth—the whole truth?

Richard Youngblood, aspiring Congressman, is about to find out. He’s running on a platform of honesty and transparency—and against the advice of his friends and advisers he’s decided to start with himself. His autobiography will lay his entire life bare before voters just days before the election.

And what a life he’s had. Born in a commune and named Richard Milhous Nixon Youngblood as an angry shot at his absent father, Richard grows up in the spotlight, the son of an enigmatic fugitive and the grandson of a Republican senator. He’s kidnapped and rescued, kicked out of college for a prank involving turkeys, arrested in Hawaii while trying to deliver secrets to the CIA…Dick Nixon Youngblood’s ready to tell all.

He’ll even tell his readers about the Amandas—three women who share a name but not much else, and who each have helped shape and define the man he’s become.

Are voters really ready for the whole truth?

Are you?

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Maui Widow Waltz

4.2 stars on 781 reviews


Not What She Seems

4.0 stars on 377 reviews

Romantic Suspense

Miss Polly Had
A Dolly

4.0 stars on 421 reviews


Capturing The
Cowboy’s Heart

4.3 stars on 413 reviews


Baby Fever Secrets

4.7 stars on 241 reviews


Emma’s Home

4.4 stars on 164 reviews


Center Stage

4.6 stars on 375 reviews


Devil In Disguise

4.5 stars on 222 reviews


Adrain’s Eagles

4.3 stars on 691 reviews

Science Fiction

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


Boxed Set-The Dead Red Mystery Series

4.1 stars on 75 reviews

Mystery. Women Sleuth, Humor

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $5.99. On sale for $0.99!

The first THREE complete novels in this series:

  • A Dead Red Cadillac
  • A Dead Red Heart
  • A Dead Red Oleander

Here’s what reviewers are saying:

A Dead Red Cadillac:
“A Dead Red Cadillac may be Dahlke’s first published work, but it doesn’t read that way; the author is assured in her storytelling, crafting a witty, breezy, and thoroughly-entertaining lark peppered with interesting characters in a unique setting… and even tossing in some (much-appreciated) surprising twists along the way Wise-cracking detectives–from the rank amateurs who somehow stumble into the practice of investigating, to the licensed professionals with their fancy gizmos and snazzy Yellow Pages listings–are a dime a dozen in mystery novels… but a wise-cracking, ex-fashion-model, crop-dusting sleuth? That puts a quirky new spin on the genre, in R.P. Dahlke’s peppy debut, A Dead Red Cadillac”.
KittyGlam (Diana)

Click here to see all available books in the Dead Red Mystery series by RP Dahlke on Amazon.


Damaged Goods

4.7 stars on 490 reviews


Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

Mr. sexy and enigmatic is seeking a nanny.
I’m the lucky lady.
But he’s rude, impatient, and totally barbaric.
And it’s getting hard to ignore the rumors.
Suspicions for why he moved into my small town.


People tell me he’s damaged goods.
Flawed or not, I wouldn’t mind accepting his package.
I just hope whatever he’s running from is locked away for good.

60,000+ words in this full length standalone nanny romance. Brand new forbidden fruit romance included:Bodyguard. 

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

New Releases 9/13 – 9/26/2017

Billionaire Ever After



Autumn’s Touch

Historical Romance

A Secret Engagement


Chicago Movie Girls

Historical Romance

The Surprise Wedding


Sweet Romance

The Mother

Crime. Suspense.





Forget Me Not



fAdE tO bLuE


Women’s Literature

When Cougar

Dates Manwhore

Cont. Romance




The Longest Rodeo



Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

A Great List of New Free Books for the Amazon Kindle for Thursday

We have a great opportunity for book readers today to add some new free books to their Kindle or Kindle reading app. We have a great list of Free Books for Kindle. Listed below is a sample of the free books that Kindle ebook readers will find on our DbT’s Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with updated list of new Thursday freebies. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


Another’s Child

4.4 stars on 35 reviews

Women’s Fiction

Imagine inheriting a child that you don’t even know!
One morning, Yael and Arik Katz are startled by a surprise inheritance: Noa, the ten-year-old daughter of Canadian friends with whom they had made a long-forgotten will-exchange agreement, is delivered to their doorstep with no warning. Why did her parents decide that she should grow up with acquaintances rather than family? How do you raise a girl you do not even know?

Secrets and lies are revealed and everything starts to get complicated
Noa does not find her place in Israel. Yael takes her back to Toronto to look for a more suitable adoptive home. The search reveals answers to questions that have not even been asked about parenthood, marital relations, love, one’s home, and the fragility of life.

Can life ever be the same again?
As Yael delves into Noa’s past to better understand her, she discovers some unflattering things about her own partner and that the connection between her family and Noa is deeper than it had seemed. These shocking revelations leave Yael with a serious dilemma about her own family relationships.


Endless Possibilities

4.4 stars on 4 reviews

Memoirs and Biography

Life in the Spanish region of Galicia just keeps getting better for Craig Briggs, his wife Melanie and their faithful hound, Jazz. This is the third book in ‘The Journey’ series which began with Craig’s bestselling travel memoir JOURNEY TO A DREAM.

In ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES Craig’s attempts at winemaking produce mixed results but fail to dampen his enthusiasm. Life in the Galician countryside is rarely uneventful and when Melanie is rushed to A&E it’s Craig who has to pick himself up off the floor.

Having successfully bought, renovated, and sold a property they decide to seek out a new project. After months of searching they eventually find their prize, a romantically appealing farmhouse in a ruinous condition. When the slow turning wheels of Spanish bureaucracy threaten to scupper their plans they’re forced to hold their nerve.

More adventures follow. A birthday surprise ends with Melanie in tears and a festive break to Lanzarote puts Jazz in a spin.

Tasked with preparing their friends’ house for holiday letting, Craig and Melanie find themselves in a race against time. Broken bones and blocked drains conspire to defeat their efforts. With confirmed reservations just weeks away, they have little choice but to soldier on.

Craig’s easy reading style, keen sense of humour, and attention to detail transport the reader on a journey of ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES.

Click here to see all available books in The Journey series by Craig Briggs on Amazon.


Southern Spice

4.4 stars on 55 reviews

Romantic Suspense

Book 1 of 6 in the Southern Desires Series

Derrick Nash knows the pain of loss. But is he seeking justice or revenge? He doesn’t care as long as someone pays the price.

It is Casey Collin’s duty at FEMA to help those in need when a natural disaster strikes. After a tornado hits Honeywell, she finds there are more problems than just storm damage. Will she follow company procedures or her heart?

Can Derrick move forward without the answers he’s been searching for? Can Casey teach him how to trust again? Or will she need to face the fact that not every story has a happy ending?

Click here to see all available books in the Southern Desires Series by Jeannette Winters on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

The Lake

4.0 stars 3,428 reviews

Coming of Age

Cupcakes, Pies,

and Hot Guys

4.0 stars on 180 reviews

Cozy Mystery

Tipping Point

4.0 stars on 108 reviews

Climate Change Thriller


4.7 stars on 226 reviews

Saga. Suspense.

Fire On The Farm

4.8 stars on 178 reviews



4.5 stars on 152 reviews


The Infinity Tattoo

4.0 stars on 139 reviews

Suspense. Thriller.


4.5 stars on 158 reviews


A Dog’s Luck

4.3 stars on 75 reviews

Literary Fiction

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List



Contemporary Romance

Promotional price of only $0.99!

It was without doubt that Lana Bell was the cleverest, sexiest, most inspiring and seductive girl Hayden Ravensdale had ever met.

The attractive law student had burst into his life, blown his mind and changed everything. He was head over heels in love with her. He could not have foreseen the disaster awaiting him just around the corner.

So when all of a sudden Lana disappears without a trace, Hayden’s whole world crumbles to pieces.

Click here to see all available books in the 7 Years Later Series by Renata Muller on Amazon.


Eight in the Chamber

Urban Fantasy/Sci-Fi Box Set

Mystery, Detective, Supernatural, Pulp, Noir.

New Release (Sept 11)

Regular price $4.99. On sale for $0.99!

Orcs, vampires, rogue mages, and strange familiars… The night’s filled with beasts looking for kicks, who trod the urban landscape with cloven hoof or sharpened claw, keeping a yellow eye out for easy prey. But what’s a citizen to do when dark shadows lie heavy, spells become useless, and wands lose their charm?

They call on the heroes of Eight in the Chamber.

These hardboiled cops and investigators specialize in a preternatural kind of justice. They aren’t afraid to delve into dark magic or wield a cursed instrument to save the pure and innocent. They won’t quit until every dark deed is punished, and the scales of justice are balanced.

In Eight in the Chamber, a cadre of your favorite authors have banded together to bring you all the thrills of the urban supernatural, with a twist of sci-fi noir, in a collection of full length novels, spellbinding novellas, and enough short stories to choke a bag of holding.

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

New Book Releases for September

We are highlighting two exciting New Book Releases for September 2017 from our New Book Releases List (click to see all the new releases). If you are looking for something new to read this is a great place to start.


Paranormal Romance

In a place she doesn’t belong, in a time that is not her own, a shattered woman risks everything for the one thing she’s never had—love.

When Kinley Chandler abruptly lands in medieval Scotland, there isn’t much she’s leaving behind. With her body shattered and her military career over, Kinley has resigned herself to death. But in the past, all that changes.

Lachlan McDonnel, the laird of a clan of immortal highlanders, can hardly believe his good fortune. Not only does the mysterious lass save his life, she awakens his heart in a way he’d thought no longer possible.

But the druid spells that allow Lachlan’s clan to live forever have a dark side as well. He and his men know all too well that the magic folk never give without taking. Though he is sworn to protect them, the price of his loyalty may finally be too high.

Lachlan is the first book in the Immortal Highlander series. If you love brawny heroes, a mystical world, and a heroine with courage, then you’ll love this sizzling series. Join the romantic realm of the Immortal Highlanders by picking up a copy of this book today.

The Longest Rodeo


Oh yes sugar, I’m playing for keeps.
Years of prison couldn’t keep this cowboy away.
One gal’s memory brought me back to Austin.
I broke her heart once, but now we have unfinished business.

My sweet Caroline.
A perfect blend of sexy and southern innocence.
How could I forget that night on the Ferris wheel?
The sound of her moans and her warmth on my fingers.
I came back to our home town with one thing in mind.
But a dark secret about our families threatens to break what we once had.
I let her go once — I won’t make that mistake again. she is going to be mine.

50,000+ words in this full length standalone second chance romance.

Free eBooks for Kindle for Wednesday

We have a great opportunity for book readers today to add some new free books to their Kindle or Kindle reading app. We have a great list of Free Books for Kindle. Listed below is a sample of the free books that Kindle ebook readers will find on our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with updated list of new Thursday freebies. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


Leadership Framed by Art

4.8 stars on 24 reviews

Business & Leadership

CEO’s have a new coach… Guess who?
American corporations spent $14 billion on leadership development in 2016. Do they get their money’s worth?

Change is the name of the game in today’s complex and turbulent business environment. To better embrace change and disruption, businesses must rethink their leadership coaching programs. Today’s leader must be a visionary, creative, independent thinker and a bold executor.

How can such leadership be inspired? The evocative answer is hiding behind some surprising questions:

What do the artist Pablo Picasso and Mark Zuckerberg have in common?
What do the artist Damien Hirst and Jeff Bezos have in common?
What distinguishes a manager from a Leader; a craftsman from an artist?
What can today’s leaders learn from artists?

Dare to discover your inner Leadership capacity
Leadership Framed by Art uncovers the eye-opening parallel between modern art and business leadership. Iris Lavy shows how modern art can inspire influential and charismatic leadership. The refreshing takes this book offers will inspire the leaders-artists who make sure that the cogs of motivation, innovation and entrepreneurship continue to buzz as they color the old familiar boxes with out-of-the-box shades and hues.

Leadership Framed by Art breathes new life into the concept of leadership with innovative originality. The book sheds new colors on commonplace issues such as vision, change management and women’s leadership by drawing inspiration from predominant artists and linking their ideas to the current world of management. Drawing on the wisdom of Bill Gates of Microsoft, Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Sheryl Sandberg, VCOO at Facebook, Jamie Dimon, CEO and Chair of JP Morgan Chase and countless other giants.

Iris Lavy’s thesis is clear and concise: Pablo Picasso or Andy Warhol were and still are cultural leaders. They ran counter to the accepted models of the time, promoted fresh thinking while breaking the boundaries to oppose blind obedience to norms. Modern artists called on their peers to follow them out and to gallop ahead on the high wire between consensus and the great unknown. This is exactly the kind of leadership needed in the current challenging and yet exciting business world arena of the 21st century.


Digital Power To The People

4.2 stars on 4 reviews

A Guidebook to Reducing Consumption without Lowering Your Standard of Living

Did you know that the corporate world is deliberately bleeding you dry?
The corporate soul is faster, stronger, and sneakier than any government or regulator. It aims to plunge you deeper and deeper into debt until you become no more than a hamster on a wheel, endlessly scurrying to try to pay your way out. Meanwhile, you are manipulated into buying more and more . . .

Tired of being a modern slave of the production line?
The first step is to recognize corporate brainwashing for what it is: an insidious, consumerist force that is not subject to principles of morality, ethics, or compassion. Digital Power to the People is your guide to breaking the slavery-to-debt cycle. It exposes the insidious workings of consumerist forces and provides antidotes for you to utilize in your day to day life.

Wake up and tune in to the power you hold in your wallet!
Choose to be part of a change! This booklet will show you how you can make that change by altering the way that money flows in your life and in the world. Each time you pull out your credit card, or choose not to pull it out, you can do more to change the world than does your vote on Election Day! Open your eyes and say “no more!” to corporate manipulation!



Contemporary Romance

Book 1 of 2 in the Inseparable Series

Nathaniel Cruz had held a crush on Alexis Woodville ever since she had hit him on the head with a football at school—she literally swept him off his feet. Neither of them could have thought that their initial attraction would bind their hearts together for life. But disastrous timing and a silly misunderstanding keep them separated for a long time.

Years later, despite living the seemingly glamorous life of a world-famous footballer, Nathaniel remains obsessed with Alexis, and Alexis still loves him; however, jealousy and possessiveness wrench them apart again.

Nevertheless, with their fates entwined, their paths inevitably cross once more, where they find themselves torn between doing the right thing and following their hearts’ desire.

This is Alexis and Nathaniel’s passionate and sensuous love story. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have loved writing it.

Click here to see all available books in the Inseparable Series by Renata Muller on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Mona Lisa’s Secret

4.0 stars on 126 reviews

Hist. Mystery Suspense

The Fire Escape Stories

5.0 stars on 38 reviews

Coming of Age

Nigerian Terror

4.5 stars on 30 reviews

Political Thriller

The Mine

4.4 stars 1,028 reviews

Time Travel Romance

The Billionaire’s Bride

4.3 stars on 151 reviews


After the Rain

4.3 stars on 423 reviews

Historical Romance


4.5 stars on 90 reviews

Sweet Romance

Southern Spice

4.4 stars on 55 reviews


Disturbed Mind

4.3 stars on 56 reviews

Psychological Thriller

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


One Enchanted Evening

4.7 stars on 33 reviews

Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Magical Realism

Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

Enchanted clothing has a mind of its own. Restlessness plagued Charlotte Becker. While searching for an elusive something to calm her turbulent spirit, she accepts a sudden invitation to Lobster Cove, Maine. Luke Maddox’s hunting days are over. Wounded in action, he returns to Lobster Cove, the only place to ever bring him peace. Hiding his disability, he accepts life will be nothing more than dull routine until he meets a young woman wearing an unusual cloak. She tells an incredible story of a murderous wolf that walks on two legs. And the hunt begins…

This is a new release of a previously published edition.


Hotshot Charmers

4.8 stars on 6 reviews

Romantic Suspense

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

The kind of man who charms you has more than a suggestive smile, more confidence than a king and the kind of muscled body Michelangelo would dream about sculpting. He knows what you want, what kind of flowers you like, your favorite perfume. He knows how to make you smile and how to make you melt from the inside out.

He’s the hero in every one of these stories. They will make you sigh while they make you hot. And make you dream…

Here are 7 stories about these special men written by NY Times and USA Today, best-selling, award-winning authors where one lucky woman will capture a hotshot charmer’s heart.

  • True Blue Seals: Zak by Sharon Hamilton – Zak and Amy are destined for each other. After passing the BUD/S training,, Zak goes to the arena of war to return a changed man. Amy will have to discover the man she loved before going off to war is still the man of her dreams. If she can only convince Zak he still is that man.
  • Small Town Hotshot Bride by Stephanie Queen – Tammy didn’t want to be charmed by the charmer from out-of-town. She had big plans. But Roark had plans of his own for his small town hotshot.
  • Special Agent Francesca by Mimi Barbour – She flies her own plane, fights to win and drives like a pro – it’s only men who frighten her!
  • Trial by Fire by Taylor Lee – A badass cop flaunts every regulation and finds himself the # 1 suspect in a violent murder.
  • Destination Wedding by Rebecca York”Rebecca York will thrill you with romance, kill you with danger and chill you with the supernatural.”–Patricia Rosemoor
  • In Flight by Tamara Ferguson – When new police chief Sam Danielson’s ex-wife turns up murdered, will he be able to protect his new love, Penny and her son from the killer lurking somewhere in his tarnished past?
  • Don’t Leave Me by Lorhainne Eckhart – When Claudia McCabe witnesses an unspeakable crime, her first instinct is to run. Then a mysterious handsome man enters her life, promising to keep her safe. Now she’s caught up in a web of secrets, not knowing who to trust.

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

Free Books for Kindle for Tuesday

Enjoy these Free Books for Kindle (limited time offer). These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free Books from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with our new list of freebies for Tuesday. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.



4.4 stars on 38 reviews

Scottish Historical Romance

4.4 stars on 38 reviews

Book 1 of 3 in the MadMan MacKeefe Series

Feared as a demon because of his two different colored eyes, as well as by his outlandish actions, Highlander, Onyx MacKeefe is known as a madman. While celebrating his birthday one cold night at a Lowland pub, he meets a bonnie Englishwoman who says she is searching for her father’s murderer and thief. And when he recognizes the name of the person she seeks as his own mother, his birthday takes a bad turn.

Lady Loveday de Lacy, known as Lovelle, comes looking for not only a murderer from the past, but also something that’s been stolen – her mother’s Book of Hours. She is desperate to find it, as she needs the help of the mystical charms at the back of the book. But when she meets a rugged Highlander who takes her captive in order to secure his mother’s life, she finds herself being reckless, and also attracted to the dangerous man.

But things only become more complicated as Lovelle and Onyx find themselves needing each other, but knowing they are enemies. And the more they try to fight off the attraction between them, the stronger it becomes. But neither of them see the harrowing future in store for them as Onyx is faced with demons of his past and there is also an outbreak of the plague that threatens their very lives.

Can a proper Englishwoman and a Scottish madman find the strength and will to work together before impending doom overtakes them?

(Author’s note: Onyx is the brother of the girls from the Daughters of the Dagger Series.)

Click here to see all available books in the MadMan MacKeefe Series by Elizabeth Rose on Amazon.


Murphy’s Luck

4.6 stars on 184 reviews

Romantic Comedy, Humor, Contemporary Fiction

Sometimes rotten luck is better than no luck at all.

Jinxed from birth with astonishing bad luck, Murphy Drummer hasn’t ventured beyond his backyard since he was a little boy. To remedy his loneliness he immersed himself in the mastering of hundreds of hobbies, and in the process developed some amazing abilities.

Now grown up, Murphy must seek a new sanctuary where the world might be safe from his mystifying jinx. Trailing both miracles and mayhem wherever he goes, Murphy stumbles into Joy Daley, a happy-go-lucky optimist who never forgot to thank her lucky stars. The comical, topsy-turvy effects from the collision of Lady Luck and Murphy’s Jinx whimsically upends the lives of everyone in their paths.

At first, Murphy’s victims question who he is; at last, they’ll be questioning who they aren’t. An inspiring and magical romantic comedy of wood-tapping proportions.


Dangerous Encounters

4.8 stars on 68 reviews


Desire. Betrayal. And breathtaking romance.

What happens when love and secrets collide? TWELVE steamy books from bestselling authors! If you love alpha heroes and strong heroines, you’ll love this FREE boxed set!

What readers are saying about these books:

“Brilliant. Seductive. Emotional. Suspenseful. Laurelin Paige has done it again with her sexy, protective, alpha males.” – Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads

“Absolutely beautiful… I’m stunned. The King was everything I wanted and more. Both damaged and broken Penny and Damon will steal your heart.” – A Naughty Book Fling

“CAPTURE ME is a spellbinding tale of treachery, revenge, lust and international intrigue that pits a Ukrainian spy against a dangerous man of mystery who is employed by a world renowned arms dealer!” – Epic Romance Reviews

Books included:
FREE ME by Laurelin Paige
CAPTURE ME by Anna Zaires
DEBT INHERITANCE by Pepper Winters
GIRL by Eden Bradley
THE KING by Skye Warren
DELIVER by Pam Godwin
RELENT by Nina Levine
TORMENT ME by Annabel Joseph
DISGRACED by Natasha Knight

DANGEROUS ENCOUNTERS is a limited-time boxed set as a gift to our readers and to introduce you to new series to love. Download your copy and tell a bookish friend about it while it’s available!


Florencia – An Accidental Story

5.0 stars on 80 reviews

Biographies & Memoirs

A real life personal tragedy turns into a hope filled story for an 18 year old single mother, merely existing on crutches in the bush of Mozambique.

Two writers minding their own book stumble on her story, 217 words in National Geographic article.

A remarkable series of events brings together high school students, university seniors, a Handicapped International deminer and his wife, and a 79 year old Indian ‘Gandhi.’

From three continents the players enter the drama to do impossible.

This story will restore your faith in humanity and call you to join a movement to restore dignity and justice to 10,000 innocent ones in Mozambique.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Flesh & Bones

4.4 stars on 227 reviews

Thriller. Mystery.

A Distant Eden

4.1 stars on 369 reviews

Action Adventure


4.5 stars on 117 reviews


Beautiful Oblivion

4.1 stars on 323 reviews

Coming of Age

She Sins At Midnight

4.2 stars on 384 reviews

Women’s Fiction

SEAL The Deal

4.5 stars on 222 reviews


Dial P For Poison

4.7 stars on 152 reviews

Cozy Mystery


4.7 stars on 223 reviews


The Commander

4.6 stars on 428 reviews

Science Fiction

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


The Yarnell 7

5.0 stars on 23 reviews

Regular price $4.99. On sale for $0.99!

The Seven Core Decisions for Extraordinary Living

The Yarnell 7 is not an ordinary book. It is a manual for living the best life that you can possibly live. It is NOT a positive thinking, imagine-it-all-and-it-will-come-true type of book. It is a guide of certainty that provides you with the seven most powerful decisions you will ever make.

At some point in your life, you will need to DECIDE if you prefer to continue down the normal path of indecision and the general “meh” of ordinary existence or if you prefer to get off that bus and be extraordinary. There is a time when you decide your life is dictated by those around you, or you DECIDE that your life is, indeed, your own.

You have arrived at that place and you have a decision to make.

Do you want to live an incredible, amazing, powerful, awesome life? Or do you not?


The Yarnell 7 is based on the decisions that the legendary best-selling author, speaker and network marketer, Mark Yarnell, made on a daily basis. These seven decisions enabled him to live an extraordinarily happy, successful and all-around phenomenal life. Written by his daughter, Amy Yarnell Carter, The Yarnell 7 gives you the opportunity to make the same powerful choices that Mark Yarnell made and to live the extraordinary life that you so richly deserve.

So if you are ready to finally LIVE at the HIGHEST LEVEL, then CONGRATULATIONS. Make the seven most powerful decisions you will ever make and watch yourself move from ordinary to extraordinary. Read on, my friend, and as Mark Yarnell would say: “I’ll see you on the beaches of the world!”


It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Promotional price of only $0.99!

Christian Romance

SCROOGE FALLS IN LOVE – Tate Stephens begrudgingly agrees to play Scrooge in the school Christmas play. Tate is irritated that Charity Fletcher, his nephew’s teacher, chose his handicapped nephew for the part of Tiny Tim. He thinks it’s cruel to typecast his nephew that way. Can the school play be a success, or will Tate become the Scrooge who spoils Christmas?

Charity is inspired by how precocious, outgoing, and sweet Matthias Reeves is in spite of his bone disease. His over-protective uncle, Tate, though, can be infuriating. Perhaps Tate will make a similar transformation as Scrooge in the play. If Matthias is lucky, his teacher and uncle might find true love with a happily ever after ending.

PERFECT STRANGERS – On top of losing her mother, Emela Roberts is heartbroken to find that guardianship of her twin siblings has been left to a perfect stranger, an actor in California. She’s determined to stay with her siblings, no matter the cost – even if it means risking her heart around one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors.

Dean Anderson has a successful career, women falling all over him, and a carefree lifestyle – until his ex starts spreading rumors. His agent thinks accepting guardianship of orphaned four-year-old twins is the perfect thing to make his fans fall in love with him all over again. Too bad their sister isn’t one of his fans, and has no intention of changing her mind.

CHRISTMAS AT THE CACTUS CAFE – Christmas Eve in small-town Texas, and single mom Toni Nash has a crisis looming. The Cactus Cafe, her diner that’s been in the family for generations, has to be sold. When a vicious ice storm strands seven people in the diner overnight, Toni finds herself wondering how to give her small son Grady a merry Christmas.

Combine a handsome rancher, two noisy calves, a sinister stranger with a bullet wound, a veterinarian, his wife, a Christmas feast, and a jewel robbery; mix well, and you have a funny, warm, wonderful Christmas romance.

PREMIERES & PAPARAZZI – History teacher Kevin Rogers is juggling lesson plans, attempts at dating, and avoiding an ex-girlfriend. A chance encounter with an actress helps, until a tabloid article threatens to ruin everything.

Actress Claire Cruz Cartwright is making her move to Serenity Landing permanent. The co-star of the successful show, Seating for Six, is ready to settle down with a life outside of the Hollywood spotlights.

A night in the emergency room. The premiere of her new show. A conversation that bares her soul. The paparazzi who think everything is their business. Can their new relationship survive long enough to make it all the way to Christmas?

A RECIPE FOR FAMILY – Heather Lambert is a single mom raising her seven-year-old daughter Jenna. She’s managed to finish her degree and works as head of marketing for Lambert Farms. Jason Finn, Jenna’s father, moves back to town and says he’s ready to be a part of Jenna’s life. He realizes how much time he’s lost with Jenna, and regrets being satisfied with sending a child support check every month instead of trying to build a relationship with his daughter.

Jason sets out to woo Heather and convince her he’s ready to be a father now. But then, right before Christmas, a possible job offer comes up, one that would take him away – again.

GRACIE’S GIFT – When Gracie Johnson’s grandmother has a heart attack, Simon Crabtree answers the 911 call and saves her life. Although Simon is 7 years older than Gracie, she can’t help becoming infatuated with the handsome young paramedic. She prays he will wait for her to grow up, but Simon marries someone else just before Gracie goes off to college.

Gracie returns to their small town with a master’s degree and begins a career as a social worker. Gracie and Simon occasionally cross paths and their friendship grows. When life events change both their circumstances, can a friendship grow into something more?

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List