New Book Releases for August

August 22, 2014

We are highlighting two exciting New Book Releases for August 2014 from our New Book Releases List (click to see all the new releases). If you are looking for something new to read this is a great place to start.

The Gray Horizon

(The Horizons Trilogy Book 2)

Young Adult Paranormal Dystopian.

What does it mean to be brave? This is the question Caden must answer as he accompanies Thea, Ben, Rain, and Naomi back out under the dark clouds of the canopy, to rescue Viv from the deadly shadows and save a shattered Earth from the brink of destruction. Caden’s lazy, arrogant nature is tested as the group draws closer to finding Viv, forcing him to confront his inner demons and admit his feelings for Thea—even as their relationship is threatened by her ever-growing connection to Ben.

Will Caden discover his true potential? Or, when the group uncovers a devastating secret and faces a betrayal that has the power to turn the tide in the war with the shadows, will he abandon his friends and go back to a life of never-ending darkness? Read more on Amazon.

Find out in The Gray Horizon, the exciting, action-packed sequel to The War Inside (4.4 stars, 62 reviews).


Thriller. Horror. Urban Suspense.

Alan, a Gen-Xer with obsessive-compulsive disorder, is randomly targeted at a local dive bar outside Chicago with a synthetic drug called Red Phase. This particular narcotic, with an effect similar to the common street drug “bath salts,” prompts its users into manic and ultra-aggressive behavior, spanning a half-life of 1-2 weeks.

After leaving his part-time job as a standardized test scorer, Alan meets a friend at a local dive bar for a beer. This is where a group of college students randomly “roofie” Alan’s drink with Red Phase, causing Alan to perform an atrocious series of murders he doesn’t even realize he committed until the discovery of alarming physical evidence in his home the next morning.

Upon Alan’s aforementioned realization, he contacts a former undergraduate classmate and friend, George, who is a defense attorney in Chicago. After a quick phone conversation, George commutes to Alan’s house and convinces him it best to turn himself in, but under the umbrella of his counsel and protection.

While Alan is sitting in lockup, sleeplessly wrestling with his OCD, The Hand, an underground black bloc group of military-skilled insurgents, liberates him from confinement. After Alan is transported to their underground compound nestled in the recessed boroughs of “Old Chicago,” he meets the leader of the domestic terror cell and discovers it’s responsible for the creation of Red Phase. Consequently, this brotherhood plans to mass-distribute the synthetic drug during the height of the G20 Summit in Chicago, hoping to throw the city into a chaos of apocalyptic proportions. Read more on Amazon.

Where Do I Find Free Kindle Books?

August 22, 2014

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Where Do I Find Free Kindle Books? We provide a daily list of the best free Kindle books that exceed our minimum guidelines. Today we have a great list that are are proven winners based upon user reviews. Below are selected free online eBooks from The Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free online books to read with these Friday freebies.


4.5 stars on 24 reviews.

Contemporary Fiction.

Peace Osei is young, beautiful – and addicted to heroin; the only thing that can keep painful past memories at bay.

But when a face from the past re-enters her life demanding answers to questions she is not ready to face, it threatens to send Peace swimming deeper into self-destructive waters.

Having spent so long drifting away from the real world, can Peace find the strength to face the past and banish her demons?

“This is a captivating story of one woman’s struggle to confront her past and regain her future.” Regina, Amazon Review.


A Sample of our Best Free Kindle Books for Friday.


4.1 stars on 235 reviews.


Black Flagged

4.2 stars on 406 reviews.



4.4 stars on 341 reviews.

Dark Fantasy.


4.8 stars on 47 reviews.

Literary Fiction.

Pumpkins in Paradise

4.3 stars on 57 reviews.



4.1 stars on 78 reviews.


That Bear Ate My Pants!

4.6 stars on 323 reviews.

Travel Humor. Memoir.

The Secret Agent

4.2 stars on 256 reviews.


The StoneCutter

4.4 stars on 43 reviews.

Mystery. Police Procedural.

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Order Page DBT Blog Post Deal of the Day

Broslin Creek Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

4.8 stars on 31 reviews.

Romantic Suspense, Romance, Contemporary Romance.

Regular price $4.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 1: Deathwatch (4.6 stars, 312 reviews)
The only person who can identify the most notorious hit man in the country, Kate Bridges is running for her life. Murphy Dolan is in the Army Reserves, returning from his 2nd tour of duty, only to find a stranger hiding in his house. She’s scared spitless. He’s completely burned-out on violence. Neither of them has any trust left to give. 

Book 2: Deathscape (4.5 stars, 381 reviews)
After a near-death experience, artist Ashley Price is compelled to paint visions of the dead, and fears she’s gone crazy. Then she paints a man buried alive and, recognizing the surroundings, she rushes to save him. 

Instead of being grateful to her for rescuing him, Detective Jack Sullivan accuses her of being in league with a serial killer. He swears he will put her behind bars. Except, the more time he spends with her, the more he falls under her spell. Can he trust her, or is he walking into another deadly trap? 

Book 3: Deathtrap (4.6 stars, 350 reviews)
She’d been “the sick girl” for most of her life. She refused to go straight to “the weird girl”. Heart-transplant recipient Sophie Curtis has been in her own antiseptic bubble for so long, she just might not be able to venture out into the real world again. Her spooky body memories are scary enough, but then she finds herself in the cross hairs of a killer. 

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Pam of Babylon

4.0 stars on 226 reviews.

Women’s Fiction.

Regular price $1.50. On sale for $0.99!

After Jack dies, his wife Pam and his two lovers discover secrets and lies, and each other.

Other Books in the Pam of Babylon series:

  • #1 Pam of Babylon
  • #2 Don’t You Forget About Me
  • #3 Dream Lover
  • #4 Prayers for the Dying
  • #5 Family Dynamics
  • #6 The Tao of Pam
  • #7 In Memoriam
  • #8 Soulmates

For Fans Of Romance Books

August 21, 2014

Do you enjoy romance books? These are some of the Romance books that are featured on our Romance Books page.

  • Psyche Honor  4.8 stars on 25 reviews. Fantasy Lesbian Romance.

  • Killer Date  4.9 stars on 15 reviews. Contemporary Romance. Suspense.

  • Blind Date Bride  (Reality (TV) Bites Book 1) Contemporary Romance (Humorous).

  • The Deadline  The Friessens: A New Beginning. 4.8 stars on 47 reviews. Romance.

  • Untamed Heart  Sexy Western Historical. Romance, HEA.

  • Highland Passage  Time Travel Romance. Scottish Historical Romance.

A Great List of New Free Books for the Amazon Kindle for Thursday

August 21, 2014

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We have a great opportunity for book readers today to add some new free books to their Kindle or Kindle reading app. We have a great list of Free Books for Kindle. Listed below is a sample of the free books that Kindle ebook readers will find on our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with 30+ new Thursday freebies.

Search Word Pro: Leveraging Social Media

Author Marketing

Click and it’s Yours! This Amazing Ebook Will Significantly Improve Your Marketing Knowledge & Capabilities More Than You Could Ever Imagine

Search Word Pro ebooks search and immediately deliver the best, most useful and actionable information quick as a click. No typing! You just click on the magic search words you need to get access to the knowledge you need to take the right actions and achieve to the max.

Instant Time-Saving Access to the Best Information on Every Critical Action and Deliverable to Maximize the Success of Your Social media Marketing Experience from A to Z

Click! You will get to have a transformative experience that dramatically improves your marketing skills and tactics from the results you find using the search engines. Words have power. Knowledge is power. Click and it’s yours.

You simply decide what you want to know and then click on the search engine of your choice. Blast off. In a second your search results open for you.

Detailed Critical Need-to-Know Marketing Activities and Social Media Platform-Specific Guidance

  • Each book is a carefully sequenced, comprehensive, guide that delivers the best:
  • Marketing tips, tricks, tactics, secrets, plans, examples and samples;
  • Marketing strategies, techniques, infographics, tools, cheat sheets, video trailers;
  • Advice on creating business plans and building marketing platforms;
  • And much more.

Forbidden Call

4.2 stars on 128 reviews.

Paranormal Romance.

Shapeshifter civil war has spilled out onto the streets of Boston, Massachusetts and it’s up to the Order to keep the peace. The New Breeds, the eight most powerful shifter warriors in existence, must prevent the renegade Toltec from overthrowing the human race.

Soaring Eagle has received the call to join the Order. The only problem is he doesn’t remember anything but his name. Injured while on the way to join his new brothers, he meets Ana, a mysterious female he’s immediately drawn to. Unable to fight the mating call, their souls bond. Just when it seems nothing can go wrong, he discovers that he’s fallen for the very enemy he’s meant to defeat. Memories flood back, and he’s torn between the ghost of his dead mate and an endless desire for a forbidden female. No matter how he chooses, there will be betrayal. But who will face the consequences – his new mate or his brothers in the Order?

The Best of the Best Free Books for Thursday.

Katie’s Glimpse

4.8 stars on 63 reviews.

Women’s Fiction.

Chasing Hope

4.7 stars on 80 reviews.

Women’s Fiction.


4.5 stars on 1,139 reviews.

Paranormal Romance

Miracles: 32 True Stories

4.3 stars on 412 reviews.

Religion & Spirituality.

The Lantern

4.3 stars on 51 reviews.


Chasing Innocence

4.4 stars on 47 reviews.


The Olympus Killer

4.8 stars on 21 reviews.


Long Holler Road

4.0 stars on 70 reviews.


Secret Sister

4.4 stars on 107 reviews.

Women’s Fiction.

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The Proposal

4.3 stars on 28 reviews.

Romantic Suspense.

Currently priced at $2.99.

Winner of 2013 Royal Palm Literary Award

Tully’s first marriage ended badly, and then she lost the true love of her life in a motorcycle accident. She longs to have a family, but knows she won’t get a third chance at happily-ever-after.

Mack’s wife died two years ago, and he’s determined to never love again. He has everything money can buy, but what he wants most is a mother for his three-year-old son, Cody.

When Tully and Cody bond over a sandcastle in the park, Mack impulsively offers her an unorthodox business proposition: a contract marriage with Cody at the center. There will be no love and no sex, but if Tully will move to Mack’s Colorado mansion and care for Cody until he’s eighteen, Mack will support her while she pursues her dream to write—and throw in a two million dollar bonus.

The idea is crazy, but for these two broken-hearted people, it seems to work. That is, until Tully starts to fall for Mack—a definite no-no for their bargain—and an outsider threatens the future of their unusual family.

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The Monster Within

4.0 stars on 19 reviews.

Fantasy Romance.

Regular price $4.99. On sale for $0.99!

Exiled from her home, cast out and condemned for simply existing in a cruel world with no place for her, Solace is sent to become a sacrificial bride for the Demon King. In accordance with an ancient pact, humanity must offer the leader of the monstrous host a wife once every hundred years. The arranged marriage is meant to maintain peace, and yet…

The stories told about monsters and the terrifying aspects of the Demon King are anything but reason for rejoice. Abandoned by fate, orphaned at a young age, despised from the start despite her smiles and attempts at friendship and happiness, Solace has no choice but to become some monstrous abomination of a bride.

But…  Bastion is unlike anything she expected. The Demon King is nice to her, offering safety and kindness in exchange for… what? In order to retain succession to the throne, a demon must provide an heir; when a demon couples with a human, the inevitable fate of the woman is to die from the demonic energy growing inside her.

Still…  Between the life she once had, the intimate emotions stirring within her, and the need to belong, to have companionship and something truly of her own, Solace struggles to come to terms with her situation. Bastion may not hate her–is it possible for him to love her?–but their union will be her final act.

Order Page DBT Blog Post Deal of the Day

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

5.0 stars on 10 reviews.

Literary Fiction, Action Adventure.

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

Voted by IndieReader as one of the Best Indie Books of 2013!

Chris Orcutt has riveted and delighted readers with his critically acclaimed Dakota Stevens Mystery Series. Now in his new short story collection, The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Orcutt applies his artistry and fertile imagination to the perfect genre for busy readers of ebooks—short fiction.

A collection of entertaining and unique stories about 10 men, The Man, The Myth, The Legend explores the idea that while men may come from very different walks of life, at root they are more alike than they seem, grappling with the same issues and facing the same dilemmas: love, lust, adultery, greed, pride, ambition, revenge, death, and a desire for their lives to mean something.

From the emotionally poignant to the outrageously humorous, these stories dramatize the lives of a wide range of fascinating men:

  • African big-game hunter
  • Writer and bond salesman
  • Homicidal violinist
  • Road sign “engineer”
  • Bootlegger
  • Global grain explorer
  • Corporate speechwriter
  • Professional dogcatcher
  • Fine arts painter
  • Civil War general

Author Interview #308: Demon Inhibitions by Gary Starta

August 20, 2014

Our interview today is with Gary Starta, author of the Caitlin Diggs series title: Demon Inhibitions (SCI FI, 4.0 stars, 34 reviews).

Before we get to the interview, a brief description of the series:

FBI Special Agent Caitlin Diggs altered by a mysterious crystal and beginning to develop paranormal abilities uses her psychic sense to track a fugitive from her world to an altered universe. Diggs begins to sense the ‘demon’ she is tracking has been crafted, eugenically, but for what end?

When she finds the being’s father is a fringe scientist the puzzle becomes more disturbing. Could the scientist be in league with a demon hating group in the altered world planning genocide? Diggs’ notion of evil and good is challenged when she finds it may the humans of this world who are most devious and dangerous. But a singer, with the power to curb demon violence, may also be the creation of the scientist and if so, is she an instrument of peace? As Diggs begins to trust this mage she learns the special girl is high on the killer’s hit list merely because of family jealousy. Diggs comes to find families and feelings aren’t very different in a parallel world or whether you are a demon or not.


Author Gary Starta weaves multiple sub-genres into this story, including paranormal (witches-demons-off in the backstage, lycans and vamps) and science fiction (parallel universes, doppelgangers, alternate dimensions), plus mystery-but keeps it all balanced as he juggles several subplots and many characters. You can find Demon Inhibitions on Kindle at a sale price.

1.  What was unique about the setting of the book and how did it enhance or take away from the story?

The unique setting was the parallel universe my protagonist Agent Caitlin Diggs finds herself relocating to Read more »

Weekly Featured Great Reads for 8-20-2014

August 20, 2014

free listing we provide as a service to promote Great Reads from Independent Authors. Digital Book Today has posted our Weekly Featured Great Reads on the right and left hand side of our site. Today we have 8 great reads for Kindle Books that are highly reviewed. Take the time to check out the “Great Reads” and read more about them on Amazon.

New Book Releases for August

August 20, 2014

We are highlighting two exciting New Book Releases for August 2014 from our New Book Releases List (click to see all the new releases). If you are looking for something new to read this is a great place to start.


Dystopian. Young Adult. Fantasy.


With the aid of Kyro, a smart-mouthed street hustler, and Redd, a cunning investigator at war with her conscience, Joel and Aimee Phoenix follow a lead to Salvation Asylum, where they hope to find their daughter alive. But Emery and Adam have already fled from captivity into even more chaos and confusion. Danger haunts every action and darkness seeks to claim her protector’s life as a result of using too much of his power too soon. Adam’s soul now hangs between life and death, yet Emery can’t help dwelling on the boy who once tempted fire and her love.

From inside his coma, Arson roams the fiery halls of past nightmares, looking for the code of escape. But when a stranger slides into his subconscious, promising new abilities and a way out, part of him is ready to accept the revelation and be free, and part of him questions the ghost’s true intentions. Divided and fearful, Arson’s mind is now a deadly game of wills. There’s no telling what will become of the outside world. Arson’s only choice is to enlist every power within and arise from the ashes of who he used to be.


Arson (Book One in The Arson Saga) (4.2 stars, 142 reviews)
Ashes (Book Two in The Arson Saga) (4.3 stars, 46 reviews)

Karma: Retribution

Sci- Fi, Sci-Fi Horror, Sci- Fi Thriller, Techno Thriller, Speculative Fiction.

“…Imagine a prison without walls, cells or barbed wire. A system designed to recalibrate the consciousness of an individual, in much the same way that a dream offers guidance on our future behavior.

Imagine the entire United States Prison system, contained within a secure network, of the worlds most advanced computers…”

Then imagine what happens when things go wrong…

When five ‘Death Row’ inmates are chosen for a virtual prison experiment, blending reality with a new virtual existence, their savage crimes pale in comparison to what computer scientist, Dr. Tonya Meredith and depraved megalomaniac CEO Jim Henkleman created to house them in.

They are met with a dark, sadistic force that they cannot escape, and the new digital realm proves to be more than anyone could have bargained for. Read more on Amazon.

Free eBooks for Kindle for Wednesday

August 20, 2014

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Are you looking for Free eBooks for Kindle that are ready to be download for $0.00. These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free eBooks from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with 27+ new Wednesday freebies.

The Golden Goose of Los Angeles Extended Edition

4.0 stars on 26 reviews.


Do you love Thrillers? Take a wild ride with: danger, intrigue, betrayal, and the dark exploration of self- jaw-dropping revelations, and intense characters.

This new, fast-paced story may be too much for some to handle, as it leaves many feeling: on edge, shocked, and haunted by the nature of humanity.

Rory Chambers is an extreme sports expert who helps people to partake in every adrenaline inducing experience that California has to offer. However, his life becomes complicated when it is discovered that, due to a special protein produced by his body, his blood can cure a variety of terminal illnesses, including deadly cancers, and pathogens such as HIV.

When the medical experts report their inability to create a vaccine artificially, Rory finds that there is no shortage of rich and powerful people who are desperate for a second chance… Desperate enough to carve it straight from his body.

Regardless of what his career in extreme sports has taught Rory about fear; nothing can prepare him for the unpredictable ride, and lascivious betrayals that are borne by the human psyche.

When his blood is valued at over $500,000 a pint, and so many dying people are looking for another chance; how will he keep the world from draining him of everything?

A Heart Decision

4.1 stars on 73 reviews.

Contemporary Romance.

On her wedding night, Sabrina will share the bridal suite with one of her brother’s best friends. Which one? She has no idea!

Sabrina Fitzpatrick helped plan her dream wedding last year—for her brother and his wife. Now, she wants her own fairytale ceremony. She’s tired of waiting for commitment-phobe, Detective Luke Marino, to realize she’s been crazy about him since puberty. Consequently, when Luke’s billionaire friend asks her to marry him, she’s compelled to accept BJ Elliott’s proposal, especially after he suggests their impending marriage might induce his idiot pal to finally step forward. Unfortunately, a week later, adrenaline-junkie Luke risks his life again and ends up temporarily confined to a wheelchair.

BJ would love to give Sabrina an unforgettable wedding night, but he fears she’ll never be happy with him if she doesn’t resolve her feelings for his buddy, first. Therefore, even knowing he could lose her, BJ persuades her to become Luke’s live-in nurse—offering her one last chance to convince the man she loves to take BJ’s place at the altar (which BJ doubts his friend will ever do).

Luke has two secrets not even his best friends know. The first is he aches for Sabrina with every fiber of his being. The second is he loves her enough to spare her the heartbreak that being his wife would undoubtedly entail. Much to Luke’s dismay, his resolve to resist his buddy’s fiancée is tested after Sabrina steps in as his nurse and starts prancing around in nothing but his threadbare T-shirt. If he surrenders to her seduction, it may destroy his relationship with BJ. And, worse still, if he gets a taste of loving Sabrina, how can he ever stand by and let her marry his friend?

The Best of the Best Free Books for Wednesday

The Final Arrangement

4.0 stars on 457 reviews.

Cozy Mystery.

Life’s A Cappella

4.6 stars on 86 reviews.


Boaz Brown

4.5 stars on 118 reviews.

Inspirational Fiction.

Hawks Mountain

4.2 stars on 76 reviews.

Literary Fiction.


4.4 stars on 28 reviews.


An Unforgivable Secret

4.7 stars on 145 reviews.

Amish Romance.

The Inner Circle

4.1 stars on 215 reviews.

Science Fiction.

Daughter of Bathory

4.9 stars on 34 reviews.



5.0 stars on 30 reviews.


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Hollow Space Book 1: Venture

4.7 stars on 21 reviews.

Science Fiction.

Regular price $4.99. On sale for $0.99!

A Space Opera Adventure Novel

Forced to hyperjump during a brutal ambush, Sara Lorelle, navigator of the Venture, the last human colony ship, discovers a terrible truth: they’ve jumped to somewhere that shouldn’t exist.

Trapped inside a pocket universe known only as Hollow Space, where technology inexplicably fails, Sara and her crew have to face the lethal politics of their only destination. Haven—a decrepit station, home to deadly aliens and rival factions that soon sees the Venture crew up to their necks in danger.

With their only hope placed in Tairon Cauder, a reckless scoundrel, they will battle impossible species, confront their fears, and uncover ancient and terrible secrets. In a place where those who shoot first live the longest, the Venture crew will have to push their limits if they are to save themselves and the human race from extinction.

Hollow Space: Venture, a Xantoverse novel, will delight those who relish high adventure, high stakes, and low morals. For fans of Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, and Deep Space Nine.

“What a ride! Loved it straight through. Consider me hooked for life. The Xantoverse is my new jam.” — Aaron Sikes, Reviewer for SF Signal.”

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Revision 7: DNA

4.1 stars on 29 reviews.

Science Fiction.

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

Time traveling robots, a walking medical experiment turned detective genius, and a kidnapped psychic combine in a story that will tear at your heart and get your adrenaline pumping.

the problem…   When it comes to investigating missing objects, Neil Altman stands out. After all, his parents severed the two halves of his brain when he was a child and then trained him to use each half independently. The problem is that he doesn’t believe in time machines, so Dr. Eric Steffenbraun’s project, stolen or not, already sounds far-fetched.

the proof…   Video is hard to deny, but Neil isn’t sure if the beings coming through the time machine are humans with masks or illegal humanoid robots. Besides, Dr. Steffenbraun could have faked the video if he feared the project was about to be cancelled.

the complication…   Neil’s wife, Mavra, is a well-known psychic in the area, and believes that Neil could be in danger. Knowing how she can get involved even when asked not to, he includes her in on the investigation. His plan is to keep her out of harm’s way. That is until she’s kidnapped.

the wildcard…   Miles away from Neil and the time machine, Fenny is trained to think on his own. He’s a utility robot with little understanding of what’s going on around him except what Dr. Smedley Klein has taught him—for now. Things are about to change for Fenny once Revision 7 is installed.

Order Page DBT Blog Post Deal of the Day

Paleo Smoothies

50 Weight Loss Shakes For Paleo Lovers


Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

Paleo lovers get your veggies on!

Paleo Smoothies For Smart People.

No time to cook? Join the club. Intimidated by the thought of having to eat all these extra vegetables? Don’t be. This book has you covered with 50 delicious Paleo Smoothies that are easy and quick to make.

Why Bother With Paleo Smoothies?

Convenience leads to weight gain but can also lead to weight loss. It is a powerful tool. Eating a pound of vegetables a day can seem like an inconvenience but drinking a couple weight loss shakes that support your Paleo eating is super convenient.

If you don’t make eating healthy feel convenient, you will eat unhealthily. It is that simple.

A Paleo diet derives its health benefits from the fact you cut the crap and add in ample amounts of vitamin and anti-oxidant loaded fruits and vegetables. If you are not a fan of chewing cup after cup of broccoli and kale then smoothies will be your saving grace.

Paleo Is Stupid Simple.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t take effort to follow a Paleo diet, but it is not complicated at all. At its foundation, it is one of the most basic forms of eating available. The Paleo smoothie recipes you find inside are stupid simple. That is what makes them great.


30+ Free Books for Kindle for Tuesday

August 19, 2014

Order Page DBT Blog Post Feature Free Books

Enjoy these Free Books for Kindle (limited time offer). These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free Books from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with 30+ new Tuesday freebies.

Death By A HoneyBee

4.1 stars on 751 reviews.


Josiah Reynolds is a beekeeper trying to stay financially afloat by selling honey at the Farmers’ Market. She finds her world turned upside down when a man is found dead in her beeyard, only to discover that the victim is her nemesis.

The police are calling the brutal death murder and Josiah is the number one suspect! Josiah makes the rounds of quirky characters that can only be found in the lush Bluegrass horse country.

Fighting an unknown enemy in the glamorous world of Thoroughbreds, oak-cured bourbon and antebellum mansions, Josiah struggles to uncover the truth in a land that keeps its secrets well.

The Josiah Reynolds series is not just another formulated cozy mystery series. They are not cozy or fuzzy, but they do try to be humorous and witty.

All Roads Lead Home

4.3 stars on 315 reviews.

Cozy Mystery. Women’s Fiction. 

Polly Giller returned to Iowa from Boston to start a new life, not that her old one was all that bad. With her inheritance, she purchased an old school building in Bellingwood and is in the middle of renovating it when the bones of two bodies are pulled out of a ceiling.

The whole town knows who those bones belong to, but when she also finds crates and crates of items from the sixties through the early nineties in the old root cellar, they wonder if the two things are connected.

A welcoming committee shows up at Polly’s front door and these women soon become her fast friends. Fortunately, the leader of the group is married to the Sheriff and he is there to make sure mysteries are solved and everyone stays safe, but when Polly’s old boyfriend from Boston shows up, that becomes a little more difficult.

The women might be a little older than Polly, but she finds out they might be even more wild than the friends she had when living back east. Lydia Merritt, the Sheriff’s wife, is a woman filled with love and passion. Beryl Watson is an artist and more than a little flamboyant. Andy Saner wants to organize and label the world, but loves with a great big heart and Sylvie Donovan, with her two young sons is trying to make it as a single mother.

The men in Polly’s world are just as interesting. Henry Sturtz is the carpenter and contractor in charge of construction and might have a little crush on his boss, while Doug Randall and Billy Endicott are her Jedi Knights in Shining Armor.

Thanks! In Our Stars

97 Lessons of Gratitude to Ignite Your Life and Make People Like You

5.0 stars on 18 reviews.

This book shows you the power of gratitude, and how every day the most successful people use it to thrive, seek happiness and help others.

Most of us say ‘thank you’ reflexively to show good manners, appreciate favors received, enjoy serendipity or comply with etiquette. But research has shown that properly applied gratitude (not automatic or fake gratefulness) can exponentially improve your life and help you succeed in everything – yes, EVERYTHING – you undertake. The key lies in constantly following several things discussed in the book.

The book contains a helpful Discussion Guide and a sample chapter of sequel The Power of Patience: 96 Traits of Highly Effective People – A Dip in the Minds of Successful Folk, From Leaders to Laymen. Through thought-provoking questions, the book gives extensive advice on how to use the discussion guide, how to inform decisions related to the topics at hand, and how to best read it – alone, in reading groups, with your partner, or as part of learning activities, among others.

After reading this book, you will know how to:

  • Identify where yourpassion truly lies, and how to effectively follow your heart;
  • Use gratitude to succeed in every activity you undertake; and
  • Communicate and negotiate more effectively (the ‘promise in compromise’)

The Best Free Books for Tuesday

I Hope You Find Me

4.4 stars on 145 reviews.


The Good Life

4.6 stars on 126 reviews.

Women’s Fiction.

Dead Witch Walking

4.2 stars on 771 reviews.

Paranormal. Vampires.

The Bride Wore Blue

4.2 stars on 184 reviews.


Catching the Westbound

4.6 stars on 117 reviews.



4.1 stars on 116 reviews.

Science Fiction.

Lucky Bang

4.3 stars on 26 reviews.

Romantic Mystery.


4.8 stars on 68 reviews.


Life On Foot

4.7 stars on 48 reviews.


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Order Page DBT Blog Post Deal of the Day

Sleight Malice

4.4 stars on 39 reviews.

Mystery. Crime.

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

“In perfect Vicki Tyley fashion, ‘Sleight Malice’ entertains and stuns its readers.” Lit Fest Magazine

SLEIGHT: use of dexterity or cunning, especially so as to deceive.

MALICE: the intention or desire to do evil; ill will.

One cold Melbourne winter’s night a suburban bungalow goes up in flames. Despite their best efforts, firefighters are unable to save the home. When a badly charred body is discovered in the remains, Desley is devastated. Her best friend, Laura, had been the only one in the house that night – her partner, Ryan, is away in Sydney on business. Then Desley learns the unidentified body is male. But it’s not Ryan. He and Laura have disappeared… Desley teams up with private investigator Fergus Coleman to search for the missing couple.

Almost too late Desley learns what some people will do to cover their tracks.

More books by Vicki Tyley:  Bitter Nothings (3.9 stars, 69 reviews), Fatal Liaison (4.1 stars, 86 reviews), Thin Blood (3.9 stars, 72 reviews).

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Immortal Becoming

4.2 stars on 77 reviews.

Paranormal Romance.

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Jess Reed is unaware of what it means to Become, she only knows she struggles in groups of people, due to psychic overload. While teaching self- defense to police cadets, she discovers Shane, who holds the answers she so desperately seeks and ignites her passion.

In five hundred years Shane, a Volaticus warrior, has never encountered someone on the cusp of Becoming completely unaware of what they were. He should turn Jess over to the Symbiosis of Species Council, SOSC. His attraction to her along with her ability to enrapture him with a smile bars him from it. He rightly suspects that this female is his bloodmate.

Empowered by Shane’s love, Jess’s life is launched into a world of unimaginable passion where enlightened species walk among humanity.

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The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo

4.7 stars on 32 reviews.

Action Adventure.

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The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo begins with a condensed retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, related through the voice of Sherlock Holmes. It includes exhilarating new adventures, characters, and ideas, carrying the reader through books I and II and into book III of an ever-expanding new series based on the classic.

The author consulted the original French as well as the oldest English translations of The Count of Monte Cristo, but the style of the retelling, in the distinctive voice of Sherlock Holmes, constitutes a new work. Books II and III, incorporated herein, are wholly original sequels although they include characters from the original classic.

The author of The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo also consulted a more current 2003 translation by Robin Buss of the The Count of Monte Cristo, which helped to inspire both this work and the first sequel in this series, The Sultan of Monte Cristo. The most recent (2003) unabridged translation by Buss is indispensable to fully appreciate the original story.

Those who have already had the pleasure of reading The Sultan of Monte Cristo will certainly appreciate the unique way in which the Holy Ghost Writer has expanded the original story without the help of anyone (except perhaps from the ghost of Dumas himself).

While The Sultan of Monte Cristo has been enjoyed by thousands as a stand-alone work, this work is an even easier read of the classic, as it includes a condensed version of the original story retold in the voice of Sherlock Holmes. This collection of stories also serves as a prequel to The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

 A True Story of Love, Redemption & Survival

enchanting tale of attraction, lust, and love

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PAGE-TURNER! Small Towns – Big Crimes

REVENGE’S COST  “high caliber suspense”

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