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Listed below are eBooks that are either permanently free or are free for an extended period of time. However, still make sure that your book is free before downloading.

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 Perma Free Books  Perma Free Books

Hidden In Shadows

4.3 stars on 47 reviews

Paranormal Vampire Romance

Romantic Fantasy

Mine For Tonight

4.0 stars on 822 reviews

Contemporary Romance

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4.6 stars on 67 reviews


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Seven Sisters

3.9 stars on 502 reviews

Supernatural Suspense

Thriller. Ghost Story

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Loyalty and Lies

4.5 stars on 138 reviews

New Adult

Romantic Suspense

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Blood Orchids

4.3 stars on 1,568 reviews


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A Family Affair

4.3 stars on 2,085 reviews

Contemporary Romance

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Dorothy Lyle in Avarice

3.9 stars on 162 reviews

Supernatural Cont. Fiction

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4.3 stars on 498 reviews

Paranormal, Teen & YA,

Vampire, and Angel Romance

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Never A Choice

4.5 stars on 94 reviews

Erotic Romance

Mine For Tonight

4.0 stars on 822 reviews

Contemporary Romance

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Loss Of Reason

4.1 stars on 98 reviews

Thriller Apocalyptic

Dystopian Sci-Fi

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Pam of Babylon

3.9 stars on 402 reviews


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Everything To Me

3.7 stars on 13 reviews

New Adult

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Hold On!

4.3 stars on 65 reviews

Romantic Suspense Thriller

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4.0 stars on 370 reviews

Romantic Suspense

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Playing with Passion

Book #1 in the Theta Series

Paranormal Romance

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3.9 stars on 41 reviews

Paranormal Romance

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How would YOU survive the apocalypse?

Acadia's Law
4.7 stars on 75 reviews
$2.99 on Amazon.

New Kindle Press Occult Horror

Raven's Peak
4.6 stars on 8 reviews
$3.49 on Amazon.

murder in the high fashion/modeling world

Rebecca Tree
4.8 stars on 11 reviews
$3.99 on Amazon.


Night Radio
New Release (May 25)
$8.99 on Amazon

Writer’s Digest 1st Place Winning Book!

The Way of The Fairy Godmother
4.8 stars on 22 reviews
$1.99 on Amazon

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4.7 stars – 58 reviews
Evanthia’s Gift
$3.99 on Amazon

4.7 stars – 70 reviews
$5.99 on Amazon.

4.6 stars – 45 reviews
Wrecked and Yours
$2.99 on Amazon

4.3 stars – 51 reviews
Together They Overcame
$0.99 on Amazon