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Listed below are eBooks that are either permanently free or are free for an extended period of time. However, still make sure that your book is free before downloading.

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Altered Life

4.1 stars on 40 reviews.

Crime. British P.I.


SciFi Fantasy

4.4 stars on 85 reviews


The Demon Of Synar

4.1 stars on 80 reviews.

Paranormal Romance.


Valens Remembered

4.1 stars on 27 reviews.

Paranormal Romantic Fantasy.

I’m Only Human After All

4.4 stars on 50 reviews.

Memoir. Young Adult.

A Date with Fate

4.1 stars on 91 reviews.

Contemporary Romance.

Romantic Comedy.

Romance Series.

Immortality Gene

3.5 stars on 54 reviews.

Technothriller, Romantic Suspense.

Book #1 in series.


3.9 stars on 424 reviews.


Advent of Perpetual Sorrows

Mystery. Thriller.

“Don’t go in that room.”

The Beginning of the End

Pre-Earth Prequel

Para Romance. Spiritual Fiction.

Blood and Snow Volumes 1-4

4.4 stars on 781 reviews.

YA Fractured Fairy Tale

Blur (Night Roamers)

Paranormal Romance

3.9 stars on 341 reviews

Influence and Lead!

4.7 stars on 17 reviews.

Fundamentals for Personal and

Professional Growth

Terry Treetop and

the Lost Egg

Children’s Book.

4.4 stars on 270 reviews.

Blood and Shadows

(The Saga of the Seven Stars)


I Bring the Fire Part I


4.4 stars on 139 reviews

Unleashed (A Sydney Rye Novel, # 1)

4.1 stars on 241 reviews.


Knowing His Secret

4.2 stars on 112 reviews.

Steamy Romance

Reckless Nights in Rome


4.3 stars on 105 reviews


Flame Moon

4.3 stars on 160 reviews

Romance. Fantasy.

Ghost Hand

YA Paranormal Thriller

4.4 stars on 159 reviews

His Wicked Games

Steamy Romance

4.4 stars on 155 reviews

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4.3 stars – 31 reviews
Julianne (Coastal Chronicles)

4.7 stars – 63 reviews
Dear Crossing

4.5 stars – 295 reviews

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Love, Carry My Bags

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