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Digital Book Today Weekly News Summary

May 26, 2012

Share Books & eBooks with our Troops

Read this article to find out how you can do this.

Are Books Becoming Too Long to Read?

With writers being able to do extensive research on the web do they have to included every tidbit in their books? Read the article.

Can you guess the classic books from their phantom covers?

Here is a quick game to play. 10 classic covers without their titles. Can you guess the name of the book? The cover in this post is from which book?  Read the article.

I Miss Paper Catalogs

Read the article from Josie Leavitt.

Should You Create A Social Media Will?

What happens when you die to your social media accounts. Read the article.

Profanity in Teen Novels

Do you know what your kids are reading. Read the article.

E-Book, Audio Book Sales Rise in 2011

February 27, 2012

From Publishers Weekly. Despite slowing growth rates in the final quarter of 2011, e-book sales rose 117% for the year, generating revenue of $969.9 million at the companies that report sales to the Association of American Publishers. Sales in all trade print segments fell in the year, however, with the mass market paperback segment showing the largest decline with sales from reporting houses down almost 36%, to $431.5 million. Adult hardcover and trade paperback sales were off 17.5% and 15.6%, respectively. In children’s, the YA/hardcover segment sales fell 4.7% and paperback sales fell 12.7%.

The religion segment had a solid year, with sales up 8.4% in all formats. And in audio, physical audio sales fell 8.1% at reporting companies, while downloadable audio rose 25.5% for the year. (Digital Book Today: great to see audio rising. While audio still represents a small portion of the market, it is a lot easier to listen to an audio on iPod than it is using CD’s.)
In December, e-book sales rose 72% and the AAP noted that based a seasonal buying patterns it expects e-book sales to show strong gains in January and possible February as well as new digital device owners buy more titles.  In the month, sales of children’s hardcover books rose, but sales fell in the other trade categories.

What Does Alpha Female Mean In Paranormal Romance Novels?

February 27, 2012

The Matchmaker's MarkOur guest post today is from author Regan Black. While her post talks about Alpha Female characters in Paranormal Romance, this same character is found in various forms in many other genres (especially in Mysteries). Thank you Regan for sharing this post with our readers at Digital Book Today. Enjoy.

What does it mean to be an alpha female in paranormal romance or urban fantasy novels? In the real world it seems as though we equate the term alpha female with bitchy bosses, tough women in male dominated jobs, or family matriarchs.

In fiction it seems alpha female is personified by Lara Croft and the urban fantasy type characters who followed. Can a quiet type of woman be an alpha female in fiction?

For Trina, the heroine of Tracking Shadows, it’s pretty easy to tag her as alpha female since she’s one of the best assassins in the industry. She knows how to take care of herself and her business.

More recently, as I got to know my character Mira, the heroine of the next 2096 novel (released in December 2011) I figured she had to be an alpha female. It is a 2096 book after all, and readers expect strong leading ladies in my adventures.

Which is fine. I prefer writing kick butt heroines actually. But I discovered Mira Read more »

A Billionaire Meets His Match

What do you do when the bucket kicks bACK?



War mixed with politics results in chaos in Vietnam

Impressive Western Historical Romance

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