Triumph and tragedy are but two sides of the same coin

Lord of War
Parthian Chronicles Book 11 by Peter Darman

A Dead Red Cadillac (The Dead Red Mystery Series, Book 1)

A Dead Red Cadillac
4.1 stars on 788 reviews

New Release: It’s a well-known fact, Wade’s relationships don’t last, and life’s lessons have taught him that people don’t stick around, so how can he prevent a relationship with Sophie from becoming another failure?

Hooked by Sundown
Canyon Junction: Hearts in Love Series Book 3

Light your candle, grab your good luck charm, and make way to Baiadepaura Castle for this unforgettable romance!

Bay of Fear
Battle Lords of de Velt Book 3

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A man accustomed to hiding secrets. A woman with a lost past. Love that cannot be denied.

The Devil in the Duke
4.4 stars on 22 reviews

You want to know about Spartacus and his slave rebellion? Let me tell you, for I was there.

The Parthian
3.9 stars on 242 reviews

American woman sleuth seeks justice in cozy mystery!

Murder in the South of France
3.7 stars on 1,614 reviews

From the CIA to the Navy, from Iraq to Afghanistan, and all places in between, this book tells seven stories to inspire and motivate readers to accomplish their toughest long-term goals and “get after it!”

Get After It
5.0 stars on 6 reviews

What if you could wake up one morning and discover you were looking at the world through the interface of your favorite MMORPG?

4.4 stars on 82 reviews


SINCLAIR FAMILY SERIES by Bestselling author J.S. Scott

SINCLAIR FAMILY SERIES by Bestselling author J.S. Scott

Sunday Free eBooks – The Newest & Best Free Kindle Books

Check out our list of the best free ebooks. A great chance to grab a book or two for the weekend. All of our books listed today are free ($0.00) on The Best Free Kindle Books List. Remember that many of the free kindle books are priced at $0.00 for a very limited time. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon. Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon.

Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


Emergence: Infection

4.5 stars on 101 reviews

Science Fiction

Book 1 of 4 in the Emergence Series

An epic struggle for survival between humans and a twisted mutation of undead begins in Emergence—the first book in a pulse-pounding post-apocalyptic series by author JT Sawyer.

When a CIA bioweapons ship goes dark, operative Will Reisner and his team are sent to the South China Sea to investigate. As their mission unfolds, a deadly parasitic virus takes hold in cities around the globe, turning its victims into worm-riddled creatures bent on infecting others to increase their numbers, linked by a mysterious mental connection. After barely making it out alive, Reisner reluctantly joins forces with epidemiologist Selene Munroe, who has been trying to discover the origins of the virus to prevent humanity from being completely consumed by the horrific fiend that has been unleashed upon the world.

Emergence is a bold reinvention of the well-worn zombie theme that will have you gripping the edge of your seat.

Click here to see all available books in the Emergence Series by JT Sawyer on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.


4.0 stars on 612 reviews


The Senator

4.6 stars on 1,333 reviews


Tender Love

4.6 stars on 398 reviews

Christian Romance

Death Of The
Couch Potato’s Wife

4.0 stars on 221 reviews

Cozy Mystery

Swann’s Way

4.0 stars on 434 reviews

Women’s Fiction

What Stays In Vegas

4.3 stars on 577 reviews


Family Secrets

4.5 stars on 155 reviews



4.5 stars on 128 reviews


Marrying Miss Marshal

4.4 stars on 260 reviews

Historical Romance

The Infected

4.6 stars on 218 reviews

Zombie Apocalypse


4.1 stars on 355 reviews

YA Paranormal

Paper Heart

4.6 stars on 107 reviews


Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


Jesus – New Insights into His Life and Mission

3.9 stars on 6 reviews

Spirituality and Religion

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $6.99. On sale for $0.99!

The only begotten Son of God became a human being, became a man, and there is a reason for this immensely important world-historic event. Without knowledge of the circumstances, the life and mission of Jesus remains a mystery. This book addresses fundamental questions about Jesus Christ. It sheds light on the meaning of Christ’s parables and sayings and explains, as well, the significance of his incarnation and his act of redemption. The meaning and purpose of our own human existence is also made clear.

  • Pre-history: the fall of the angels
  • Preparations for Christ’s incarnation
  • The birth, childhood and boyhood of Jesus
  • The teaching ministry of Jesus
  • The meaning of Jesus’ sayings and parables
  • The last days in the life of Jesus
  • The Last Judgement and the new legislation
  • Between the resurrection and the ascension
  • Christ returns to his Father

About the author:
Born in 1906 in Stuttgart, Walther Hinz was a professor of oriental philology and history of the Middle East at the University of Göttingen. He achieved international acclaim as a specialist scholar through his pioneering research, particularly by decoding the Elamite scripture. The University of Tehran awarded him the honorary doctorate in 1974. Walther Hinz died in 1992 in Göttingen.



4.8 stars on 53 reviews

Contemporary Steamy

Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

A Steamy Romance Collection of Six Super Filthy Stories!

The stories included are:

  • Filthy Boss
  • Filthy Doctor
  • Filthy Professor
  • Filthy SEAL
  • Filthy Cowboy
  • Filthy Daddy

Time to get under the covers and crank up the cooling, because it’s going to get HOT in here, baby!

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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