"Readers who enjoy stories of family struggles and connections will relish Odette's Song for its realistic grasp on the basics of life and meaningful relationships..."

ODETTE'S SONG: Music Is Life
5.0 stars on 6 reviews

In 3000 AD control over humankind is complete in this post-apocalyptic dystopia thriller.

The Stone Thread: Second Chronicle
The Stone Thread Second Chronicle Book 2

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"Rivals To Kill a Mockingbird"

Our Wild and Precious Lives
4.6 stars on 27 reviews

Anna Dahlberg grew up eating dinner under her father’s war-trophy portrait of Hitler’s mistress. Fifty years after the war, she discovers just what family secrets it’s been hiding.

The Munich Girl
4.4 stars on 173 reviews

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Zombie Diaries Homecoming Junior Year
4.7 stars on 11 reviews. Book 1 of a 6 book series!

Can the Hottest Man in Town Melt the Ice Queen’s Heart? Will the magic of a moonlit night be enough to kindle their love or will Caleb’s constant disappearing act prevent him from melting this ice queen’s heart?

Moonlight & Moet
5.0 stars on 4 reviews

Desperation for family. Failure to create children. A quest to find answers. The hope in an alchemist. Her fear of his experiments. Despair at the demise of her dreams. Extinction of a race.

Sands of Time
4.3 stars on 42 reviews

Unputdownable Dystopian Thriller

Free Falling
4.0 stars on 589 reviews

The story of a modern women in the dangerous Middle Ages!

First lessons
4.1 stars on 98 reviews


A stranger moves into a peaceful little town in South Dakota to get away from the nightmare that has turned him into an unnatural born killer.


What happens when a woman falls in love with her stalker?

SINCLAIR FAMILY SERIES by Bestselling author Lane Parker

Free eBooks for Kindle for Wednesday

We have a great opportunity for book readers today to add some new free books to their Kindle or Kindle reading app. We have a great list of Free Books for Kindle. Listed below is a sample of the free books that Kindle ebook readers will find on our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with updated list of new Wednesday freebies. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon.

Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


Monster Love

4.6 stars on 39 reviews

Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance

“…that emotional realism, that authenticity, is what shines through every page of this five-star second-chance romance. Don’t miss this one!” —Amazon reviewer

How far would you go for love?

Owen is sexy, dangerous, and filled with demons. One look into his turbulent eyes and I’m sucked back into my high school obsession. I want him, but I can’t risk my future over a convicted murderer. If I do, everything we’ve sacrificed will be for nothing.

The thing is, I know he’s not the monster they say he is. But telling the truth about our past will unravel our carefully fabricated web of deceit.

When a journalist, the sheriff, and my district attorney boyfriend begin digging into our history, I’ll have to choose between continuing the lie and living without Owen or unveiling the truth and risking the consequences.

If you like a dark and twisty romance with all the feels, you’ll devour Jeana E. Mann’s hot, complex standalone novel.

Buy Monster Love today and delve into the dark side of attraction.


A Step and a Half to Success

4.8 stars on 13 reviews

Children’s Book

Eric struggles to overcome painful emotions and become an even better athlete!

All his life Eric had easily succeeded at everything. When invited to join a league basketball team at age 10, he suffered the humiliation of scoring a single basket during the first major game, and fear overtook his game. New to painful emotions, it took some time to convince him to talk about his feelings and teach him how to process emotions, understand their meaning, control his fear, and then further elevate his game. He also learns the importance of continued training after success, as well as the meaning of self-responsibility.

Enable your child to improve performance in competitive sports with Eric as a role model

Eric will teach your children, by example, how to successfully deal with the stressful emotions in competitive sports that undermine their game, how to speak about and process painful emotions, as well as the meaning of self-responsibility. Parents will acquire tools for enabling their children to address emotions, develop emotional strength, and improve their achievements in competitive sports.


Wild Irish Heart

4.4 stars on 1,632 reviews

Paranormal Romance, Small Town Romance, Irish Romance

Book 1 of 6 in the The Mystic Cove Series Series

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Tricia O’Malley, comes a romance series set on the rocky shores of Ireland.

It is time…

An ancient book, a power untouched, and a heart unloved lead Keelin O’Brien from her graduate studies in Boston to a small village on the coast of Southern Ireland. Determined to unearth the secrets lying hidden in the enchanted waters of the cove, Keelin has little time for a surly Irishman who infuriates her during the day and haunts her fantasies at night.

Inexplicably drawn to the woman who has stepped from his dreams and into his world, Flynn fights a stubborn battle against his increasing attraction for Keelin. Forces unknown have better plans for the two.

Only the secrets of the cove can show Keelin who she really is, the beauty of her mysterious power, and a love that will break the bounds of what she knows.

Click here to see all available books in the The Mystic Cove Series Series by Tricia O’Malley on Amazon.


Shattered Perfection

4.6 stars on 93 reviews

Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction

Book 1 of 5 in the The Perfection Series

Begin the epic emotional journey of Mimi Bishop on her path to true love with Shattered Perfection.

“These two people are very strongly and beautifully written. It is not unrealistic to envisage them as being “actual” people. They begin with fire and passion, but it soon turns into a tale of unexpected tragedy and unfailing hope. The emotions rock and roll very easily throughout, leading to many smiles and quite a few tears. –RIA Reading is Our Satisfaction Book Blog

Twenty-five-year-old Mimi Bishop has it all: a good career, good friends, and a decent dating life. She’s single and content, but the day she meets Vance Ashcroft her life explodes into living color. She’s powerfully drawn to the handsome attorney instantly. From happy to idyllic, Mimi’s relationship with Vance is a dream come true. Inexplicably, harmony becomes a thing of the past, replaced by a cold, distant and hostile relationship. Will the secret Vance is keeping shatter everything they’ve known?

Click here to see all available books in the The Perfection Series by Heather Guimond on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Death of a

Dapper Snowman

4.4 stars 1,146 reviews


The Big Book of Juice

Fast, Cleanse &

Detox Recipes

4.1 stars on 151 reviews


4.5 stars on 216 reviews


The Whistleblower


4.5 stars on 186 reviews

Legal Thriller

Love on the Prairie

4.2 stars on 70 reviews

Historical Romance

Stitched Up Heart

4.7 stars on 145 reviews

Military Romance

Ghostly Apparitions

4.2 stars on 38 reviews


My Alien

4.2 stars on 43 reviews

Teen & Young Adult


4.6 stars on 146 reviews

Historical Romance

Cheerleading Can

Be Murder

4.4 stars on 56 reviews

Young Adult Horror

Runaway Duchess

3.9 stars on 63 reviews


Fragments of Grace

4.3 stars on 107 reviews

Historical Romance

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


From Afar

4.4 stars on 143 reviews

Contemporary Romance

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For centuries, poets have argued that unrequited love is love in its strongest form.

From Afar is a timeless tale of Morgan Stanfield’s search for love in the far northern city of Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Leaving the warm climate of Santa Barbara, he embarks on a four-day odyssey where he encounters a Russian beauty, a prostitute, a wise old babushka, an American chauvinist, intellectuals, the Russian mafia, and the ‘face’ of love, and comes to know how love from a distance can be more captivating than love close on hand.

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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