She was a lady - one of the Sinclair Jewels. And he was her father’s Hound! Grab Book 1 in the sizzling 'The Sinclair Jewels' series by one of Dragonblade Publishing's finest, Caroline Lee.

The Sinclair Hound
4.8 stars on 25 reviews

Book 3 in "The Ravishing Rees" series, "The Beast of Blades" by Rosamund Winchester is now available! Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

The Beast of Blades
Author Rosamund Winchester

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Elayne is a Scottish noblewoman masquerading as nursemaid to her own children, sent by King David as good faith hostages. Her children are not who they purport to be and only lies can keep them alive.

The Montbryce Legacy Anniversary Edition Book 10

A fun family vacation turns into an apocalyptic nightmare for a couple and their young son!

Free Falling
4.0 stars on 627 reviews

Immerse yourself in this wonderful All-Contemporary romance bundle by four of your favorite WolfeBane Publishing Authors. It's the de Wolfe Pack in present day with sexy heroes and fiery heroines!

Romancing the de Wolfe Collection
All-Contemporary romance bundle by four of your favorite WolfeBane Publishing Authors

Five Full-length Kathryn Le Veque novels of the strongest Medieval women in all the land. Welcome to Medieval England, in all its glory, where the bravest of women learn the meaning of love and and fight for what they believe in.

Queens of Medieval Romance
USA Today Bestselling Author Kathryn Le Veque

American woman sleuth seeks justice in cozy mystery!

Murder in the South of France
3.7 stars on 1,638 reviews by Susan Kiernan-Lewis

Protect the Kids! Extensively researched medical and psychological details explain what is known about child predators and show how to recognize pedophile behavior and protect children.

Eyes of a Pedophile
Author Betty Kuffel MD

She's a spitfire. He's a man of secrets and a gentle touch. Book one of a new trilogy, Macardle Sisters of Courage from USA Today Bestselling Author Donna Fletcher!

Highlander of My Heart
4.9 stars on 27 reviews

Fall in love with this sweeping Regency Historical Romance collection from five of your very favorite Dragonblade authors!

Hearts Aflame
A Regency Historical Romance Boxed Set - 5 Books

A story that in time affects us all - the care of aging parents and how we may react to their needs. A necessary read for parents and older children.

A Cross of Crocuses
4.2 stars on 16 reviews

An Excellent List Of Highly Reviewed Free Kindle Books For Monday

For Monday we have an excellent list of highly reviewed free Kindle books. A great chance to grab a book or two for your reading enjoyment. All of our books listed today are free ($0.00) on The Best Free Kindle Books List. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon.

Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


All of Me

4.3 stars on 60 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Book 2 of 6 in All Series (6 Book Series)

Each book can be read as a stand alone or in order of the series.

Is it finally their time?

Phil Harper has wasted five years of his life in a relationship that was going nowhere thanks to misplaced guilt, sympathy and pity. But the longer the failing relationship went on, the faster he saw his chances of being with the one he really wanted slipping away.

Sophia Mansfield has hidden her attraction to Phil Harper for five long years. After all, he’s her best friend’s brother—talk about awkward. Besides, she’s had to sit back and watch his relationship with another woman flourish while she turns away one man after another because no one seems to measure up.

Then suddenly he’s single, and no one knows the reason why. Not that she cares, but now is her chance. She’s waited long enough, so she makes a plan, and it’s a good one. Accepting her long awaited partnership and moving closer to him was the perfect start. Only one night—and a few too many drinks—ruins her chance.

Can Sophia and Phil find their way around it all? Or will Phil’s previous disastrous relationship and insecurities threaten everything she has waited so long for?

Click here to see all available books in All Series (6 Book Series) by Natalie Ann on Amazon.


Thompson & Sons: Ride Baby Ride / Rocky Ride

4.2 stars on 29 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Enjoy the first two STAND ALONE romances in the bestselling Thompson & Sons series in one bundle!

From New York Times bestselling author Vivian Arend.

Gage Jenick has loved his best friend’s little sister for a long time, but when a freak accident causes Katy Thompson to lose the memory of their unforgettable night together, he’s going to have to work to win her heart.

Bad boy Mitch Thompson has finally convinced straight-laced Anna Coleman to take him for a ride, but he’ll have to fight for the chance at forever.



Fantasy. Young Adult.

Book 3 of 3 in Luminether Epic Fantasy Series (3 Book Series)

BLIND IN ONE EYE, Milo Banks must get to the bottom of a mystery: who is using magic to get inside his head, and why are they intent on destroying him from the inside out?

PLAGUED BY VISIONS, Emma Banks desperately needs her uncle Emmanuel’s advice – but no one knows where he is or why he’s been gone for so long. Is he ever coming back?

HELD CAPTIVE BY CYCLOPEAN MONSTERS, Oscar must use his “animal empathy” ability to escape. But can he become a Speaker of Legend before these monsters turn him into their next meal?

A MYSTERIOUS KIDNAPPER haunts Theus, taking innocent people and adding conflict to an already tense political atmosphere. When one of the orphans vanishes, can Milo, Emma, and the group come together in time to save their friend?

THESE QUESTIONS AND MORE will be answered in the third installment of Luminether, in which an epic battle will forever change the face of Astros, plunging the orphans into a whole new world of danger.

Cross dimensions into the techno-magical world of Luminether. See why fans describe Milo, Emma, and their gifted orphan friends as “unique” and “unforgettable,” and the world of Astros as “unlike any other.”

Click here to see all available books in Luminether Epic Fantasy Series (3 Book Series) by Richard Denoncourt on Amazon.


The Real Estate Foundation

5.0 stars on 11 reviews

Real Estate, Buying & Selling Homes, Self Help, Business, Entrepreneurship

Building a business the right way in real estate is not as easy as it looks. This book will help you build a foundation within your business and provide the necessary information to grow and develop clients while understanding your next steps. The book is designed for anybody that wants to build a successful career in real estate regardless of their experience level. Additionally, the book provides a pathway for building a strong foundation that will serve you for many years to come while allowing you to select individual chapters to help in areas where you might have discovered weakness in your business.

The second half of the book is dedicated to broker/owners or those who are thinking of taking this career path. It will help you understand your duties and the importance of stepping out of the agent role and into that of a leadership position within your own company. The reader will find that the role of a broker/owner is quite different than that of an agent. Regardless, if you are considering becoming a broker/owner or have been one for years, you will very clearly understand how to properly build a foundation for running your own company and if you follow these simple steps, you will have an opportunity to continue growth for many years to come.


Cisco Bandits

4.6 stars on 64 reviews

Mystery. Thriller.

Book 2 of 2 in Gwynn Reznick Mystery Thriller Series (2 Book Series)

Oil Is Vanishing From The Cisco Field And Revealing It Becomes A Death Sentence

Newly trained and ready to rock her first assignment, Gwynn Reznick goes undercover posing as an accountant for the Prudell Energy Company. After fending off the unwanted advances of a company executive, she stumbles on a murder scene staged to look as an accident. Then she learns another employee died in a suspicious oil well accident and a large quantity of oil is missing from the Cisco field.

A Wild Mix Of Action, Adventure And Mystery All In One Fast-Paced Thrill-Ride!

Her boss (and boyfriend) Ruben calls and warns Gwynn not to go poking her nose where it doesn’t belong and to wait for his directions. She promptly ignores his orders and sets out to solve the case, which quickly spirals out of her control as she ends up on the perpetrators’ hit list. Will Gwynn be able to maintain her cover””or risk everything to crack the case?

This One Will Have You On The Edge Of Your Seat Until The Very End!

Click here to see all available books in Gwynn Reznick Mystery Thriller Series (2 Book Series) by Inge-Lise Goss on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Just Evil

4.2 stars on 836 reviews


Wind Chime Café

4.7 stars on 1,029 reviews


Perfect Summer

4.4 stars on 468 reviews


Miranda Warning

4.3 stars on 428 reviews


A Nest Of Sparrows

4.9 stars on 210 reviews

Women’s Fiction

Salt Bride

4.3 stars on 264 reviews

Historical Romance

Fatal Illusions

4.5 stars on 167 reviews

Christian Thriller


4.3 stars on 141 reviews

Science Fiction

Irresistible SEAL

4.3 stars on 118 reviews


Shoot To Kill

4.0 stars on 228 reviews

Mystery Thriller

Instant Pot Cookbook 2019

4.8 stars on 137 reviews


Midnight Shift

4.6 stars on 107 reviews


Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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