An untamed lady... A stranger in the night... And a match made in heaven. Book 3 in the Happy Ever Regency Series is now available. Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

How to Climb a Lady's Tower
4.7 stars on 23 reviews USA Today Bestselling Author Bree Wolf

He's notoriously wicked. She's a wallflower guarding her heart. Book 5 is now available in the Sins and Scoundrels Series. Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

Duke of Debauchery
USA Today Bestselling Author Scarlett Scott

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Pride versus passion...Book 5 in the Unmarriagable Series is now available! Read for FREE with Kindle unlimited!

The Weary Heart
4.7 stars on 18 reviews Bestselling Author Mary Lancaster

Welcome to a new series by National bestselling author Elizabeth Johns. Enjoy the extraordinary tale of four Knight brothers, and one little sister in the Gentlemen of Knights. Book 1, Duke of Knight is now available! Can a sharp-tongued governess become indispensable to a duke?

Duke of Knight
4.7 stars on 21 reviews National Bestselling Author Elizabeth Johns

A spy with a guilty conscience. A war widow who works for the government. Both united to bring down a ring of traitors... Book 2 in the exciting new Soldiers and Soulmates series has arrived. Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

To Tame a Rogue
USA Today Bestselling Author Alexa Aston

It’s the Dark Knight’s wild son, Cortland “Cort” de Russe in an adventure that could see him executed for treason. March Medieval Madness has arrived! 1518 A.D. – As a decorated knight for Henry VIII, Cort is charged with a special mission – to seduce an Irish rebel and learn her secrets

Dark Warrior
USA Today Bestselling Author Kathryn Le Veque

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For Monday we have an excellent list of highly reviewed free Kindle books. A great chance to grab a book or two for your reading enjoyment. All of our books listed today are free ($0.00) on The Best Free Kindle Books List. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon.

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Accelerate Your Career

4.9 stars on 15 reviews


Isn’t it time to boost your career?

All of us have jobs and careers. Every few years we advance, experience some changes, and move into the next position.

The purpose of this book is to allow you to jump significantly ahead: To break out of the usual pace of progress and take a quantum leap upward.

In his book Accelerate Your Career, Prof. Jonathan Smilansky, an international expert in career development and the former Global Human Resources EVP at Universal and at the Meridien hotel chain provides you with the insights and tools you need in order to deal with important issues such as:

  • What is a good career?
  • How do I project my true strengths so that recruiters will choose me as their best candidate?
  • How to respond in a job interview to difficult question such as: “What are your weaknesses?”
  • This book can enable you to accelerate your career to a much higher place, maybe even beyond your own expectations or self-assessment of your capabilities.

There is nothing magical about building a strong career. As you read, you will be exposed to a systematic and detailed process, based on the experience of many successful individuals, allowing you to take responsibility for your life and accelerate the achievement of your professional goals!


Simple Soulful Successful

5.0 stars on 5 reviews

Franchisee, Business, Happiness

In 1995, Marie Temby and her husband Kym began the lifelong adventure of working with the Bakers Delight franchise in Australia. By 2000, they opened two locations, one in Mitcham, and the other in Glenelg. Over the course of their hard work, they also started a family together.

As they did their best to achieve work-life balance, they were guided by the following values: family first, passion, gratitude, health, learning, positivity, rituals, improvement, honesty (promise and loyalty), and spirituality. Managing a business can be tough, but with their priorities in place, they were able to focus on ensuring work was well organized in the interest of keeping family first. From their solid foundation, the rest of their values could flow into ongoing, daily happiness.

In this book, Marie shares the wisdom garnered as she researched and implemented her approach to paperwork, customers, staff, management, and of course, personal life. Through the holistic power of rituals, she accessed simplicity and soul, and this naturally led to success. In the hopes of guiding others to the same fruition, she wrote her story and officially began her next adventure of becoming an author.

Work and family are both important. As a mum-preneur, Marie found a way to keep love, passion, and parenthood a part of that balance. It’s not impossible. It’s a matter of effort and intention. Embrace simplicity. Express your soul. Achieve success as you see it.


Immigrant Millionaire

5.0 stars on 14 reviews

Memoirs, Personal Success, Personal Finance

Immigrant Millionaire: The Story of One Asian Woman Obsessed to Succeed in the Land of Opportunity by Kelli Nguyen-Ha.

“This book will not teach you to be a millionaire. However, it does highlight the common traits that most successful people share. The sacrifices and regrets that this author has endured is very relatable. Her cadid journey is very inspirational. Losing it all and rebuilding from scratch is not an easy task. More importantly, this author does not make excuses for her failures.

Read this book if you need reassurance that America is STILL the greatest country in the world. Only in America is this possible.” Amazon Review

“Great read! While my initial thoughts are of a brave minority woman who made the success that others can only dream of; this book teaches you five prevalent core principles to true success. This book can give you a new mindset- nothing is impossible, it doesn’t matter if you have failed before you can still become successful. Get motivated; Focusing on your goals, setting dates, and making it happen. The love and compassion for others, the drive, and making the difference in this world one person at a time!” Amazon Review


Think Again

5.0 stars on 4 reviews

Success, Motivational, Self-Esteem, Personal Transformation

How long have you been chasing happiness and success, only to have it move away from you at the same velocity?

I called that “my black cloud”; that feeling that I should be happy, even after freeing myself from an isolating and fundamentalist church (think Amish – but with cars), leaving a sad marriage, starting my own successful business and finding true love… and yet I was miserable. I felt I should be “more” – whatever that meant!

I tried to escape my past, with all its fear, rejection and judgement. Turns out it was like attaching a ribbon to a cat – no matter how fast I ran, where I hid, or new happiness I created around me, that black cloud was always there.

In Think Again, I show you what it took for me to realize that I was constantly being re-triggered by my past, and how this was the only thing keeping me from the brain-exploding success I craved. Every time I retold my story, I relived it, and re-anchored it as my current identity. That had to stop or I’d be stuck being frustrated forever.

Thus began my 7-stage journey to rid myself of the ties that bound m. I finally found that deep, solid inner contentment that I was enough, but even more so, that I had an opportunity to teach people who may also appear to be successful on the outside, but are miserable and frustrated on the inside.

Think Again challenges you to rethink your situation, reframe your relationship with your past, and to put it behind you once and for all.

By the time you’re done reading Think Again, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a new relationship with difficult situations from your past (or present)
  • Stop the drama in your head about what others may or may not think or say of you. Most often, it’s not true. But the drama you imagine makes it feel real.
  • Discover paths to getting rid of toxic people
  • Get the blueprint for a plan to move you to the life you really want
  • Tips on how to re-think your business or career so you can wake up every Monday actually wanting to go to work!
  • Create a distraction-free world so you get the most out of every minute of every day, finding joy even in the hardest of times.

If you’ve ever felt that you weren’t good enough, or smart enough, or deserving of true success and happiness – you’re about to think again and find that you’ve had what it takes all along. It’s just been covered by your own “black cloud.”

So come with me on my journey – and clear your skies once and for all.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Hit the Road Jack

4.3 stars on 730 reviews

Serial Killer Thriller

Gorilla Mindset

4.5 stars 1,386 reviews

Self Help

A Stone in the Sea

4.4 stars on 843 reviews

New Adult Romance


4.2 stars on 473 reviews

Psychological Thrillers

Dirty Little Secret

4.6 stars on 102 reviews

Steamy Romance

The Tycoon’s Kiss

4.2 stars on 258 reviews

Valentine’s Day Rom.

Shadow Masters

4.3 stars on 122 reviews

Black Ops Thriller

Her Bush

4.6 stars on 396 reviews

New Adult Romance


4.6 stars on 262 reviews

French Mafia Romance

A Berry Deadly Welcome

4.2 stars on 296 reviews

Humorous Cozy Mystery

Tempt Me

4.2 stars on 175 reviews

Romantic Suspense

Yesterday Is Gone

4.5 stars on 156 reviews

Sports Romance

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


Infertility Can SUCK LESS!

5.0 stars on 13 reviews


Regular price $4.99. On sale for $0.99!

Infertility Can SUCK LESS: How to take control and ownership of your Infertility Struggles shows how to get into the right mindset, work though the various emotions, create a clear plan for yourself using the workbook and live a good life amid infertility.

Author and Fertility Coach Pradeepa Narayanaswamy, in her first book, talks about her 12-year journey, her pains and struggles, not so great choices, and what she learned throughout her journey. In this book, Pradeepa offers plenty of tips and techniques to help your infertility SUCK LESS!

Here are a few things you will get out of Infertility Can SUCK LESS: How to take control and ownership of your Infertility Struggles.

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Acknowledge and honor your various emotions
  • Develop a positive mindset amid the treacherous journey
  • Look at your infertility through a different perspective
  • Get unstuck with infertility
  • NOT to struggle in silence with infertility
  • Move from being a victim of infertility to an owner
  • Get clarity on the path ahead amidst infertility
  • Understand the unique challenges for men and how to deal with it
  • Take care and resolve your relationship challenges
  • Effectively support loved ones going through infertility
  • Most importantly, how to live a GOOD life amidst infertility

BONUS: A downloadable workbook to put this content immediately into practice and create your own customized plan for your unique infertility journey. An audio file will be included along with the workbook to help you breathe, relax, get grounded and feel empowered.

ADDITIONAL BONUS: You will also receive a downloadable eBook called 100 Infertility Questions to Ask and Have Answered. The questions in the eBook will assist you with questions you need to take to your doctor to prepare for a successful visit and also bring back great information that will help you make decisions about your next steps.


Evidence Ignored

4.0 stars on 13 reviews


Promotional price of only $2.99!

Evidence Ignored presents an unfiltered account of the events that led to the tragedy at Columbine High School.

Despite the mountain of police reports, journal writings, video and audio transcripts that have been released, the general public knows only what has been presented to them; information distilled by a variety of law enforcement officials and journalists. No understanding of this senseless attack can be gained if we ignore vital pieces of information. Evidence Ignored seeks to set the record straight, outlining all that is known about Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in hopes that it will help to open a dialogue of how we, as a society, can better recognize at-risk kids and step in before we face yet another Columbine.

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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