There’s no such thing as just a kiss... Book 3 in the bestselling series The Hellion Club has arrived for your reading pleasure! Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

What Happens in Piccadilly
4.8 stars on 33 reviews USA Today Bestselling Author Chasity Bowlin

Are you ready to discover yourself in the 21st century? Buy now.

Discovering Your Human Algorithm
4.9 stars on 19 reviews Author Zachary Brooks

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"Do you believe in our gods? They grow us like cattle. They use us for their wars." A historical fantasy novel, where mythology and the Bible clash in an epic retelling of Exodus.

5.0 stars on 13 reviews Author Talhi Briones

Over 30+ pulse-racing shorts to capture your heart with USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Award-winning authors in the mix. Paranormal, Contemporary, Fantasy, and Historical Romance that will whet your appetite with titillating, heart-pounding tales.

Feisty Heroines
Romance Collection of Shorts: Paranormal-Contemporary-Fantasy-Historical

Fate forced them to wed—but love united their hearts. Book 7 in the bestselling Heart of a Scot Series is now Available! Read for Free with Kindle Unlimited!

To Marry a Highland Marauder
4.8 stars on 29 reviews USA Today Bestselling Author Collette Cameron

Sometimes a broken promise really isn’t broken. It’s just a promise that takes a little longer to be fulfilled. Book 3 in the Highland Heroes series is now available! Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

The Judge
Award Winning Author Maeve Greyson

When her father suddenly appears seeking her forgiveness, the gift counselor is caught in the middle between her eleven-year-old son who longs to know him and the man who abandoned her in childhood.

Best of All Gifts
4.6 stars on 14 reviews Award Winning Author Sheila Cronin

Wyatt Thomas, the French Quarter's favorite detective deals with an Irish witch named Aisling who likes to play with magic

Garden of Forbidden Secrets
4.8 stars on 12 reviews Author Eric Wilder

When Lady Olivia finds The Book of Love in a bookshop, she is eager to try out its love “recipes” before she’s married off. Will they work in time? Free in KU or .99c!

The Look of Love
4.5 stars on 145 reviews USA Today Bestselling Author Meara Platt

When a warrior’s fiercest battle is between his heart and his oath! Book three in the Clan Ross series is now available. Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

A Hellish Highlander
4.8 stars on 26 reviews USA Today Bestselling Author Hildie McQueen

Saturday Free eBooks – The Newest & Best Free Kindle Books

Check out our list of the best free ebooks. A great chance to grab a book or two for the weekend. All of our books listed today are free ($0.00) on The Best Free Kindle Books List. Remember that many of the free kindle books are priced at $0.00 for a very limited time. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon.

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The Will

4.7 stars on 265 reviews

Contemporary Fiction / Romantic comedy

Putting the will in willpower.

Josh McCain has two years to reinvent himself. Stripped of everything that made life a swanky, booze and babe-filled breeze, Josh embarks on a grueling and often hilarious two-year regimen of self-discipline that targets his mind, body, and spirit.

Along the way, skeptics mock him, his own past taunts him, and saboteurs resolve to stop him. But Josh is determined to complete his “bucket list from hell,” and prove that who he was is not as important as who he can become. Operating in unfamiliar territory, Josh turns to a cast of endearing characters to aid him on his secret journey–persons he’d have previously shunned.

Upbeat and inspiring, The Will is an enthralling story of goofs and grit, of the regenerative power of friendship–and if Josh doesn’t blow it–maybe love, too.

Click here to see all available books by Benjamin Laskin on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Cliff Diver

4.5 stars on 233 reviews


A Young Lawyer’s Story

4.2 stars on 899 reviews

Legal Thriller

Reservations For Two

4.5 stars on 538 reviews



4.5 stars on 281 reviews

Supernatural Suspense

When Wishes Collide

4.5 stars on 374 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Best Friends Forever

4.5 stars on 182 reviews


Tainted Bodies

4.5 stars on 142 reviews


In My Dreams

4.6 stars on 236 reviews


Highlander’s Lionheart

4.7 stars on 175 reviews

Medieval Romance

Fugitive Of Magic

4.6 stars on 317 reviews

Paranormal Mystery

Tales Of The Forgotten

4.6 stars on 381 reviews

Science Fiction


4.6 stars on 135 reviews

Rockstar Romance

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


The Three Kitties That Saved My Life

4.2 stars on 154 reviews

A True Romance Memoir

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Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

“This is like drinking tea and honey on a cold day.” When tragedy struck, I thought for sure that my own life was at an end. I was wrong. This is the true story of how two stray rescue cats and a woman named Kitty, whom I finally met after a wild ride of internet dating, brought love, romance, and laughter back into my life.

Love was then.
Love is now.
Love is forever.

WINNER of the 2018 Stephen Memorial Award
A True Romance Memoir

If you love reading feel-good memoirs, then don’t miss THE THREE KITTIES THAT SAVED MY LIFE, where “Mike Meyer pens a tender tale of love, loss, and renewal. The depth of emotion is palpable…The Three Kitties will tug at readers’ heartstrings, as they ride through the emotional highs and lows of Mike Meyer’s remarkable story.” – InD’tale Magazine

Click here to see all available books by Michael Meyer on Amazon.


Blessed With Love

4.5 stars on 33 reviews

Christian Romance

Promotional price of only $0.99!

Book 6 of 6 in The Sisters of Rosefield

The sisters are now wives, mothers, and trailblazers. But God has a final test in store…

After a long absence apart, Trisha, Audrey, and Sienna gather in their hometown of Rosefield, Idaho. Together they’ve survived adultery, depression, and the seduction of wealth. They might have lost their innocence along the way, but they’ve also found their virtue. So what if God’s greatest test is yet to come?

Trisha is no longer a lonely single mother struggling to make ends meet. But just as she thinks she’s found her happy ending, the past rears its ugly head. And this time, the threat is far greater than any she’s faced before.

A devoted mother to her adopted daughter Esther, Audrey struggles with a secret desire to conceive. Is this part of God’s plan, or should she be satisfied with the blessings she’s already received?

Life in a women’s camp in Mali, Africa, is not what Faizan envisioned when he asked Zainah to be his wife. The days are quiet and uneventful, until an afternoon walk leads them to stumble upon a shocking surprise. Faizan swears Zainah to secrecy, but in a moment of weakness she confides in best friend Leila, leading to life-changing consequences for them all.

The sixth instalment of The Sisters of Rosefield series sees God’s plan reach its final, climactic resolution. Will the characters we’ve come to cherish be blessed by love, or broken by loss? It might just take a miracle…

Click here to see all available books in The Sisters of Rosefield series by Emma Easter on Amazon.

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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