A scandalous second-chance romance rife with passion, intrigue, and a life-altering secret. Welcome to the new series Highlander's Pact by award winning author Sky Purington! Read for free with Kindle Unlimited!

Scoundrel’s Vengeance
4.6 stars on 28 reviews Bestselling Author Sky Purington

She is the heiress of the throne, the guardian of the blue forest, the princess of Elsseria, and a creature of darkness.

The Princess of Elsseria
4.4 stars on 12 reviews Author Leslie G.

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Gus Woodard is about to have the best summer of his life--then something goes terribly wrong. Can Lindy's love save him?

Author Marianna Boncek

I want ye with a ferocity that frightens me. Book 3 in the Irvines of Drum is now available! Read for free in Kindle Unlimited.

Maid for the Knight
4.7 stars on 24 reviews Author Mia Pride

Your dreams manifest when you sleep. They're here to kill them. But there are something that kills the killers. Fritz, an immortal is here to hunt it down. Read for free with Kindle Unlimited.

Author Lucas Alpay

What would happen if a politician decided to tell the truth—the whole truth? Richard Youngblood, aspiring Congressman, is about to find out.

Pianist in a Bordello
4.3 stars on 355 reviews Author Mike Erickson

A chosen one who doesn't want to be chosen, a world of guardian angels and guardian demons. Book 1 of War Eternal Series. Read for free with Kindle Unlimited!

Last of Four
Author Lucas Alpay

The Promise delivers a motherlode of hair-raising suspense, characters you will want to pull for, and imagery driven scenes immersing you into the story.

The Promise
4.6 stars on 21 reviews Author Nora Wolfenbarger

He’d learned many ways to stay alive, but he never lived. Book 5 in the bestselling series Hearts of the Highlands is now available. Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Tempest Heart
4.8 stars on 24 reviews New York Times Bestselling Author Paula Quinn

He’d give his life for her, but his heart was never part of the bargain.

To Bargain with a Highland Buccaneer
4.7 stars on 27 reviews USA Today Bestselling Author Collette Cameron

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If We Could See Forever

4.8 stars on 29 reviews

Women’s Fiction

Mountains, rivers, deserts and decades stand between them. Their countries are bitter enemies. Will these long-ago lovers find their way back together?

When Geddy Mason falls in love with 17-year-old Annie Yousefian, an exotic undergrad from Iran, he considers abandoning his dream to move to Israel. But when he graduates, he leaves Annie brokenhearted in Indiana.

2006, Israel. Canadian-born Geddy Mason has served in the army, married, raised his family in Israel. Yet 35 years of memories and guilt continue to haunt him and he still wonders about Annie.

Then he discovers Annie will be the featured speaker at a conference in Ottawa. He decides he must go to her, risk all his memories, try to make amends.

Will Annie turn him away? Or will she welcome him, putting an end to decades of estrangement?


The General Theory Of Haunting

4.4 stars on 101 reviews

Paranormal, Romance, Haunted House, Ghosts

Book 1 of 2 in The Snow Trilogy

The surprises and shivers come thick and fast… a real page-turner. I cannot recommend it highly enough.” – Brian Allan, Editor, Phenomena Magazine.

THE GENTLE ART OF FORGETTING” – the next book in the trilogy, is now available for pre-order, published 22 / 12/ 19.


“The General Theory Of Haunting” has 58 five star reviews on Goodreads.

57% of Amazon readers also gave it five stars.

Every haunting has a design…

Winter, 1809. Lord Francis Marryman’s wife Patience, dies.

In the madness of his grief, he builds her a memorial in the form of a remote country Hall.

But there is so much more to it. Francis, a brilliant mathematician, and scholar has put more into the walls than just bricks and mortar.

Autumn, 2019. Siblings Greg and Lucy Knights, owners of K&K Publishing Company, are looking for a venue to celebrate their company’s 18th anniversary.

There is only one option that still has vacancies: Marryman Hall. Winter arrives and amid heavy snowfall, the guests drop out until just 6 reach their destination and soon find themselves snowed in.

As the guests’ private lives and demons are exposed in the claustrophobic atmosphere, the secrets of Marryman Hall and her history are also brought into the light.

In his grief, it’s possible that Lord Francis Marryman may have made a terrible mistake…

Click here to see all available books in The Snow Trilogy by Richard Easter on Amazon.


Scale or Die!

5.0 stars on 10 reviews

Buying & Selling Homes, Real Estate, Business & Money, Self-help

Scale or Die! is a nuts and bolts guide to building a real estate business that gives you true time and money freedom.

Based on the real life journey by its author, this book lays out the good, bad and ugly of building a business from the ground up.

Stop being a slave to your business and start building it the right way so you can avoid regrets in life.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Hush Now Baby

4.5 stars on 459 reviews


Seeing Miss Heartstone

4.7 stars on 276 reviews


Hollywood Playboy

4.6 stars on 248 reviews


Unfinished Business

4.4 stars on 236 reviews


What Lies Inside

4.6 stars on 245 reviews

Paranormal Romance

Praying For Rain

4.6 stars on 421 reviews


Dark Recollections

4.6 stars on 475 reviews

Zombie Thriller

Stay With Me

4.6 stars on 353 reviews



4.4 stars on 274 reviews


All Lies

4.6 stars on 158 reviews


Path Of A Novice

4.6 stars on 264 reviews

Epic Fantasy

Leaving Green Island

4.4 stars on 103 reviews

Women’s Fiction

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


The Virgin Clause

5.0 stars on 4 reviews

Romantic Suspense. Steamy Romance. Contemporary Romance.

Promotional price of only $0.99!

Book 1 of 2 in The Calegaris

He’s my best friend’s older brother; the man I always wanted but couldn’t have. He wasn’t my type – tall, dark… dangerous. My stomach flip-flopped whenever he was around, and I got so tongue-tied I could never get words out of my mouth. But it didn’t matter. He never talked to me. Barely knew I existed. So why did I just spend the last decade dreaming about him? I’m shy, quiet… still a virgin. A man like Dante Calegari would never be interested in a girl like me. But I made up my mind. I wanted him, so, I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

She thinks I don’t know how she feels, thinks she’s hidden it all from me. She couldn’t be more wrong. I’ve known Noemi since she was twelve years old. I watched her grow up. She was sweet back then; a little shy, too quiet. Never talked to me. Just smiled, nodded, and walked away. Then the sweet girl I knew went away to college, traveled the world and came home to torment me. But it could never happen between us. I’m a ruthless killer and she’s the girl next door.

Then she made me an offer that changed things. She handed me what I needed: a pass to my own personal paradise, or a one-way ticket to Hell, depending on how you looked at it. She gave me permission to ruin her. She asked me to agree to the Virgin Clause and I wasn’t strong enough to say ‘no.’

Now, she’s all mine.

If I can keep her alive.

*** This book ends with a cliff hanger to be resolved in book two, The Virgin Temptation, releasing in Spring 2020.

Click here to see all available books The Calegaris series by Caprice Langden on Amazon.


Accidental Love

4.7 stars on 89 reviews

Contemporary Steamy Romance

Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 1 of 3 in Fake Marriage

I never expected to see Wyatt back in town again.
Never… ever.
I also never expected to end up being married to him.

To clarify, our marriage is as fake as plastic.
He was my brother’s best friend.
And he didn’t hesitate to break my heart ten years ago.
Disappeared into thin air and joined the military.
I couldn’t even call him to say that I was pregnant.
I’d been quietly living my live with my daughter before he showed up.
Looking more handsome than ever before.
With more scars than I can count.
He’s all fired up to save our town, Salvation.
I have the same mission as him.
And it only made sense to do whatever it takes.
Turns out, a fake marriage would fix things.
But if things go south…
If he finds out the truth about our daughter…
Then trying to fix everything else may eventually break me.

‘Accidental Love’ is a full-length second chance secret baby romance, with loads of forbidden naughtiness – the kind that makes you go weak in the knees. This is Wyatt and Sinclair’s story, set in Salvation, a small town in Nebraska. Enjoy this fake marriage standalone novel that promises a very sweet and emotional HEA!

Click here to see all available books in Fake Marriage series by Ajme Williams on Amazon.

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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