Not an expert but based on first-hand experience my book Relationship helps with Love, Mutual Respect, Boundaries, Marriage and even Divorce. Surprisingly, it got great reviews. Now only .99 cents.

4.7 stars on 5 reviews Author A William Benitez

Both wronged by their fathers . . . two damaged souls longing for love and salvation . . . Book 4 in the exciting new Soldiers and Soulmates series from bestselling author Alexa Aston has arrived. 

To Save a Love
4.8 stars on 25 reviews USA Today Bestselling Author Alexa Aston

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Marisa Lorrita has been set with an impossible task, find the killer of a local boy. The catch? He's Abyssalin, a being that transverses worlds

Even In Death
5.0 stars on 2 reviews Author Francesca Naismith

Immigrant overcomes poverty and Antisemitism to change newspapers and confront the powers that be of the Gilded Age.

Who was Joseph Pulitzer?
4.5 stars on 113 reviews Author Terrence Crimmins

Mia Kazmaroff is able to tell the story behind any object simply by touch, which comes in handy when her Atlanta police detective brother is murdered.  Mia reaches out to his partner Jack Burton to find the killer while they attempt to ignore the sparks flying from their undeniable mutual attraction. 

4.0 stars on 636 reviews USA Today Bestselling Author Susan Kiernan-Lewis

#1 in The Dukes’ Pact Series—six dukes take dire steps to force their heirs to marry, while those heirs fight just as hard to remain bachelors. A sweet regency romance. Read for Free in Kindle Unlimited!

The Viscount’s Sinful Bargain
4.3 stars on 27 reviews Bestselling Author Kate Archer

Book 3 in the CLOUDY SKIES series. A woman in need. A man with major problems. Will rescuing this damsel cause him more distress?

Rescued by Wren
5.0 stars on 3 reviews Author Dorothy Callahan

While American Jules Hooker is on vacation, a bomb explodes over the Riviera, destroying technology and leaving Jules stranded in Provence where she must make a living by solving murders the old-fashioned way—without help from DNA, databases, CSI crime labs or the police.

Parlez-Vous Murder?
4.2 stars on 179 reviews USA Today Bestselling Author Susan Kiernan-Lewis

There’s no such thing as just a kiss... Book 3 in the bestselling series The Hellion Club has arrived for your reading pleasure! Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

What Happens in Piccadilly
4.8 stars on 33 reviews USA Today Bestselling Author Chasity Bowlin

Are you ready to discover yourself in the 21st century? Buy now.

Discovering Your Human Algorithm
4.9 stars on 19 reviews Author Zachary Brooks

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Threshold of Destiny

3.9 stars on 4 reviews

Clean Paranormal Romance

Shrouded by the mists of an Unseen World, dark spirits lie in wait for the unwary traveler and in the Earthly Realm, only heartache seems to be in store.

Clever, enigmatic, and dangerous: he’s a 200-year-old English vampire with a penchant for old poetry. Sensitive and psychic: she’s working for an undercover organization. And she knows his secret.

Old myths and legends must be given their due – even in the modern age of high-tech surveillance.

It’s nearly midnight when Tressa Newman sets out on her first assignment. Soon she’s alone on a dark street with her subject, only he’s not what she expected. To follow protocol – or to improvise? She’s forced to make her own choice on the spot.

And to her surprise, their strange acquaintance continues. Soon she learns that the clever, well-read vampire is much older than he looks. He’s also moody and opinionated, and strangely knowledgeable about the poetry of a former era. And whenever some danger appears to threaten her safety, the street-wise predator steps in to protect her – with ruthless ease.

But Tressa knows that it’s only a matter of time before she’ll need to cease contact with him. And when she stumbles upon a hidden agenda that’s taking over her organization, it becomes even clearer that her unrealistic hopes and dreams will never come true, for nightmarish fates seem to be in store for both of them.

Impossible longings. Heart-stopping romance. Deadly suspense.

Even as the dangers mount in the Earthly Realm, Tressa grows more and more anxious about the perils of another kind that are looming in the Unseen World. Shrouded by mist, dark spirits like the voracious diaboli stalk the immaterial bodies of the unwary – whether they be human, vampire, or the rare Mysterium.

Read the story and enter a rich and atmospheric world full of romance and danger…

Threshold of Destiny is the first book in the Mysterium Secret Series: a fresh, new take on romance, fantasy, real-world suspense, and the paranormal.

Whether you’re actively seeking clean romance, or you enjoy exploring a range of “heat levels” in search of a good read, you’ll find a richly romantic storyline in every volume of The Mysterium Secret series.


Mastering Stress, Maximizing Success

5.0 stars on 7 reviews

Stress Management, Self-Help, Non-Fiction, Success Self-Help

Stress is a curse, as well as, a blessing, in that it occurs in malignant, as well as, benign forms. Stress can be both constructive and destructive, in that it may open the doors of possibility, while shutting the doors of others. It is the negative side of stress that creates the overall problem for us as living beings.

Stress has been known to be devastating and problematic to us. It creates difficulties for us when it does not let up; and when it is triggered by ordinary, everyday events.

We are currently living in a psychologically, hyped up, exhausted, and stressed out society; whereby, we are experiencing nervous breakdowns, burnout, stress-related illnesses; and ultimately death.

What am I prepared to do about this stress that I am experiencing? Fortunately, there are more constructive ways of handling stress.

This book is not intended to be a “do-it-yourself” guide to mental and emotional health, although it may provide information and insights that will direct ways toward self-improvement. This book is designed to help both individuals and organizations.


Socially Distanced

5.0 stars on 24 reviews

Distance & Online Learning, Schools & Teaching, Education & Teaching, Teacher Resources

With less than a day’s notice, every teacher across the globe was forced to drastically change the entire teaching and learning system of public and private school as we know it.

Students, teachers, and parents around the world were quarantined, stores closed, restaurants boarded up. Life became measured by a “6 foot socially-distanced” norm.

However, for children locally and internationally, this instantaneous call to action silenced their needs, locked up their hopes, and felt as if their world had come to an end.

This book is the collection of stories from a class of students and their teacher who recorded their thoughts and experiences navigating through the world’s COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

Trace the social emotional journey of this class of fifth-grade students and their teacher as they learn to navigate how to deal with the effects of the coronavirus on public education in America.


The 7 Strategies of Highly Successful Business Owners

5.0 stars on 6 reviews

Mentoring & Coaching, Business & Money, Business Leadership, Self-Help

After several highly successful businesses, and a couple epic failures, Jake Hanes, CPA and highly successful entrepreneur, shares not only his step-by-step strategies on turning a business into a cash cow, but also shares the secrets of the most successful entrepreneurs. No matter your age, the industry you’re in, or your current level of success (or failure) in business to date, this book will provide the resources, insights, best practices, and ultimately, the step-by-step road map to become the #1 most successful business owner in your industry.

Mr. Hanes, who has coached hundreds of business owners in virtually every industry, has one of the most successful businesses in his own industry. In this book, he gives you the tools he learned from Kevin Weir of ActionCOACH, his own mentor and business coach for more than 15 years, and provides insights in a powerful Introduction from Brad Sugars, Founder and CEO of ActionCOACH Global, along with insights from leadership expert John C. Maxwell. This book is packed full of powerful tools from the most successful business leaders today. The 7 Strategies of Highly Successful Business Owners explains the 7 Proven Strategies that give a business predictable cash flows, leverage their resources, and deal with the uncertainty, economic volatility and unprecedented changes in today’s business climate.

In plain English and from inspiring, true stories, you’ll discover…

  • How to effectively increase revenues through customer acquisition and nurture.
  • Strategies from the world’s top experts on how to market your business successfully.
  • The simple to follow core principles on how to streamline your business into a smooth, operating machine.
  • The simple and fastest ways to manage cash flows.
  • The #1 thing to Avoid in order to be the #1 Success in business.
  • How to master the processes of hiring the right people, and building a powerful team.
  • How to create a highly profitable business that runs without you.

When you finish these pages, you will know how to become the #1 Most Successful Business Owner in your industry!

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

The Mailbox

4.3 stars on 968 reviews

Cozy Mystery

Blue Midnight

4.6 stars on 483 reviews

Women’s Saga

Taken By Lies

4.5 stars on 230 reviews

Dark Romance

Mind Your Manors

4.4 stars on 279 reviews


Writing Wrongs

4.2 stars on 237 reviews

Para Women’s Fiction

The Seacrest

4.3 stars on 259 reviews

A Love Story

Watchful Wisteria

4.8 stars on 402 reviews

Witch Mystery

Man Candy

4.5 stars on 855 reviews


Maybe Yes

4.4 stars on 188 reviews


Waking Up Dead

4.5 stars on 350 reviews

Women’s Sleuth

Sinful Surrender

4.7 stars on 119 reviews


The Fallen One

4.7 stars on 155 reviews

Historical Romance

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Betrayal at Ravenswick

4.4 stars on 33 reviews

Mystery, Cozy, Historical Mystery

Regular price $5.99. On sale for $1.99!

Book 1 of 1 in A Fiona Figg Mystery

Downton Abbey meets Agatha Christie…

What’s the best way to purge an unfaithful husband? Become a spy for British Intelligence, of course.

“A good dose of humor while keeping the heartbreaking reality of war in the mix. This is one epic read.” – The Los Angeles Post

Desperate to get out of London, and determined to help the war effort and stop thinking about her philandering husband, Fiona Figg volunteers to go undercover.

At Ravenswick Abbey a charming South African war correspondent has tongues wagging. His friends say he’s a crack huntsman. The War Office is convinced he’s a traitor. Fiona thinks he’s a pompous prig.

What sort of name is Fredrick Fredricks anyway?

Too bad Fiona doesn’t own a Wolseley pith helmet.

At Ravenswick a murderer is on the prowl, and it’s not just the big-game hunter who’s ready to pounce.

Click here to see all available books by Kelly Oliver on Amazon.


Curse of the Fae King

4.7 stars on 19 reviews

Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romance

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $4.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 1 of 2 in Dark Faerie Court

A curse only she can break. A love that will save the realm

When Neara’s dying father is abducted by faeries, she bargains with Drayce, a dark faerie cursed with the appearance of a beast.

To win her father’s freedom, she must join Drayce on a dangerous quest to find three powerful magical artifacts.

As Neara is drawn further into Dracye’s spell, she finds it impossible to resist the seductive creature beneath his monstrous exterior, but their burgeoning relationship stalls when they discover a plan to release an ancient evil and enslave the mortal world.

Now, Neara must break Drayce’s curse to help him fight the evil, but the cost of doing so is her Father’s life.

Torn between saving the human realm and saving her father, Neara must navigate a treacherous world of dark magic, mythical creatures, and retain her humanity, even if Drayce awakens something within her.

Curse of the Fae King is book one of an enemies-to-lovers romance with intrigues and betrayals, dizzying plot twists, a vivid world of Celtic mythology, and a strong female heroine. Perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas and Holly Black!

Click here to see all available books in Dark Faerie Court series by Delia E. Castel on Amazon.

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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