A Vicar... A Soiled Dove... An Unlikely Romance. Book 3 in the Bestselling Gentlemen of Knights is now available!

Knight and Day
4.5 stars on 42 reviews National Bestselling Author Elizabeth Johns

A Willful Lady and a Daring Lord. Book 2 in the best selling series The Dukes' Pact is now available for purchase.

The Marquess' Daring Wager
4.6 stars on 7 reviews Author Kate Archer

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He would take her in his arms—and do much more than kiss her. Book 2 in Alexa Aston’s new Medieval Runaway Wives has arrived!

A Promise of Tomorrow
Book 2 of 2: Medieval Runaway Wives series by Alexa Aston

Dark and twisted secrets mar Shane Coulter’s skin, and darken his fragile heart. Yet he keeps his nightmarish truth hidden from all those he holds dear with a smart mouth and abrasive attitude.

Remember My Name
Author Laurencia Hoffman

A high-profile male escort and a sexy Secret Service agent engage in a little mystery and a lot of love in DC's Dupont Circle. Mature content. Kindle Unlimited.

4.4 stars on 26 reviews Author Timothy Warren

Explore An Adventure Full Of Wonder | An Exciting Middle Grade Adventure Book For Boys

Miles & the Moon Cave
4.8 stars on 21 reviews Author H.H. Hauser

A woman seeking escape…A man with a broken heart…Two souls, one heart…Welcome to the world of THE LYON'S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, where the underground of Regency London thrives... and loves.

A Lyon in her Bed
4.5 stars on 21 reviews USA Today Bestselling Author Amanda Mariel

When sixty-something American Claire Baskerville finds herself alone in Paris after her husband is brutally murdered, she can’t move forward with her life until she finds her husband’s killer, who is now targeting her.

Déjà Dead
4.2 stars on 104 reviews USA Today Bestselling Author Susan Kiernan-Lewis

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4.9 stars on 12 reviews

Alzheimer’s Disease, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Alternative Medicine Healing

Ann Dredge was a fit, active woman. A keen cyclist and sportswoman. But after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, she became unable to walk or talk and was expected to die within six months Incredibly, three years later, she’s alert and responding to her carers!

This book is a roadmap for those whose loved ones demonstrate early symptoms of Alzheimer’s and shows that, with determination and dedication, it may be possible to arrest their decline and even recover lost function. It’s an inspiring story, offering hope to sufferers and carers alike. Alzheimer’s is fast becoming the biggest medical, social and financial challenge of this century.

“Today around 50 million people in the world display Alzheimer’s symptoms, a figure expected to increase to 150 million globally by 2050. To put it in another perspective, by 2050 nearly half of people over age 85 will display Alzheimer’s symptoms.” This means that soon, if it hasn’t happened already, someone you love will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

What will you do? That’s the question Peter Dredge faced when his wife, Ann, was diagnosed in 2012. For a start, he threw himself into learning more about Alzheimer’s. He learned it’s not so much a disease as a range of symptoms with many possible causes. Current research has identified over 40 possible contributing factors including lifestyle, genetics and environmental exposure. And yet Peter found most medical practitioners believe Alzheimer’s sufferers are doomed to an inevitable, terminal outcome. Their “treatment” recommendation is sedation and palliative care. However, Peter discovered research teams who are achieving high levels of success treating people with early stage Alzheimer’s symptoms. ‘Breakthrough’ describes his journey in uncovering the new treatment protocols and gaining access for Ann. You’ll be glad you read it.


Blue, Green and Gold

5.0 stars on 6 reviews

Retirement Planning, Business Mentoring & Coaching, Business & Money

The world of investing, planning and retirement accumulation is a bit of a maze often leaving consumers lost and going in the wrong direction.

Blue Green and Gold offers comprehensive, yet simple concepts, told in short stories, vignettes and examples to help the reader better grasp concepts and ideas.

An easy read for all, creative ideas, real life concepts and direction.

For many people, we waste our most precious commodity, time.

After reading this book, you will want to act quickly getting started on your path.


Life Launch

5.0 stars on 12 reviews

Adolescent Counseling, Adulthood & Aging, Psychology Reference

I don’t know what I’m doing with my life.

When you transition from teenager to adult, it can feel like you’re expected to simply know what to do. On the one hand, adulthood is great; you get to decide what kind of life you want to have, and the freedom to pursue it your own way. But reality is tough. When it comes to building relationships, a career, and a financial future, where do you start? What does your “own way” even look like? Without the answers, it’s easy to fall into anxiety, anger, and depression—and lose focus on the big picture you’re trying to build.

With her fifteen years of experience in young-adult-focused therapy and coaching, Jesse Giunta Rafeh now reaches out to a wider audience with this accessible, practical guide to creating an extraordinary adulthood. In Life Launch, Jesse transforms intuition into practice, giving you a map to the questions you should be asking yourself. Unlike other books, she doesn’t tell you what to do–instead, you’ll build the roots of your perspective to unlock the insight you already possess. Combining deep self-reflection work with accountability and structure, you’ll come away with a 360-degree view on the entirety of your adult life–what to do when you’re lost, what kind of future you can envision, and the power you have to create it.


Big Bad Doctor

4.3 stars on 174 reviews


Part of: Big Bad Daddies (10 Books)

It was the perfect arrangement…
Three hot days and steamy nights in the city of love.
No strings attached. No phone numbers exchanged. No real names.

After a breakup, he was the temporary playmate I desperately needed.
Mr. Tall. Dark. And unbelievably SEXY.
He wasn’t just happy to experience all of Paris…
He was also happy to experience all of me.

But then reality came crashing down…
Cause one thing I didn’t plan on was running into the mystery man again.

It turns out he’s incredibly accomplished…
The best in his field of medicine…
And the doctor in charge of my delivery.
Maybe now I should tell him about our twin babies.

Click here to see all available books in the Big Bad Daddies series by K.C. Crowne on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Better Lock Your Door

4.3 stars on 496 reviews


You Have Been Judged

4.6 stars on 306 reviews

Legal Thriller


4.4 stars on 286 reviews


Works Of Darkness

4.5 stars on 398 reviews

Crime Fiction

Kiss Me Not

4.3 stars on 225 reviews


Sacred Places

4.3 stars on 317 reviews



4.4 stars on 266 reviews

Science Fiction

Set Free

4.4 stars on 153 reviews


Touched By Danger

4.4 stars on 220 reviews

Regency Romance

Chocolate Cake and Chaos

4.7 stars on 278 reviews

Cozy Mystery

When I am Angry

4.6 stars on 257 reviews


The Suite Life

4.6 stars on 155 reviews

Romantic Comedy

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


Eden and Ethan Discover the Power of Color


Promotional price of only $2.99!

What is your color of happiness? What is your color of Calm?

Welcome to a Magical Journey of Discovery!

During this voyage we learn of a powerful and helpful tool lying within each and every one of us. With Eden and Ethan’s help, you will be able to unlock your very own super power and teach your children how this special ability can help them become empowered and independent. This super power has the potential to help our children make wiser choices and encourage them to think for themselves when those they rely on to help are not by their sides.

Eden and Ethan are twins and best friends. They share almost everything, and are sure that this will always be so. One day, when the twins are five years old, they become aware that they are separate individuals with their own set of emotions and feelings, unique to themselves. For the first time ever, the twins set off on a wondrous journey of realization, with the understanding that they do not always see the world in quite the same way, and certainly not at the same time.

Eden and Ethan discover that each emotion is represented by a different color for everyone. They found that by closing their eyes and coloring over negative feelings with a color that for them represents a positive emotion, they could actually make better decisions in their lives, and help their friends and family too. Now the twins need their parents help, and together, they all built a ‘Wheel of Color’ – full of names of different emotions inside the colors. For every person each feeling can be represented by a different color. The entire family decided that this new super power which they named ‘rainbow power’. This most helpful, empowering tool is not only free, but it is always available in our minds at all times, just waiting to be unlocked. It can be called upon whenever needed and help almost everybody manage their emotions on their own.

Visit the author’s website debigueron.com and sign up for her newsletter. You will receive a free 32-page activity book that can be downloaded within seconds. Your children will be kept busy for hours and will learn the colors of their own emotions whilst having fun.

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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