A Vicar... A Soiled Dove... An Unlikely Romance. Book 3 in the Bestselling Gentlemen of Knights is now available!

Knight and Day
4.5 stars on 42 reviews National Bestselling Author Elizabeth Johns

A Willful Lady and a Daring Lord. Book 2 in the best selling series The Dukes' Pact is now available for purchase.

The Marquess' Daring Wager
4.6 stars on 7 reviews Author Kate Archer

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He would take her in his arms—and do much more than kiss her. Book 2 in Alexa Aston’s new Medieval Runaway Wives has arrived!

A Promise of Tomorrow
Book 2 of 2: Medieval Runaway Wives series by Alexa Aston

Dark and twisted secrets mar Shane Coulter’s skin, and darken his fragile heart. Yet he keeps his nightmarish truth hidden from all those he holds dear with a smart mouth and abrasive attitude.

Remember My Name
Author Laurencia Hoffman

A high-profile male escort and a sexy Secret Service agent engage in a little mystery and a lot of love in DC's Dupont Circle. Mature content. Kindle Unlimited.

4.4 stars on 26 reviews Author Timothy Warren

Explore An Adventure Full Of Wonder | An Exciting Middle Grade Adventure Book For Boys

Miles & the Moon Cave
4.8 stars on 21 reviews Author H.H. Hauser

A woman seeking escape…A man with a broken heart…Two souls, one heart…Welcome to the world of THE LYON'S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, where the underground of Regency London thrives... and loves.

A Lyon in her Bed
4.5 stars on 21 reviews USA Today Bestselling Author Amanda Mariel

When sixty-something American Claire Baskerville finds herself alone in Paris after her husband is brutally murdered, she can’t move forward with her life until she finds her husband’s killer, who is now targeting her.

Déjà Dead
4.2 stars on 104 reviews USA Today Bestselling Author Susan Kiernan-Lewis

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The Karma Effect

4.9 stars on 23 reviews


Life is a big boomerang – You reap what you sow

Getting a divorce can bring out monsters and malice, lack of compassion and vindictiveness in the person with whom you shared a bed for years and established blood ties by bringing children into the world.

This behavior, however, will usually find its way back to the wrongdoer, sooner or later, and hit with a vengeance. After all, it is a well-known fact that Karma is a Bitch.

This book is a close examination of the institution of marriage and the process of divorce, providing valuable insights that might preserve your marriage—or at the very least, allow you to go through divorce procedures wisely, manage the proceedings effectively, with legal and personal humanness. It also answers the following critical, burning questions:

  • What are the monsters that gnaw away at your marriage?
  • How can you protect your children as much as possible during the process?
  • Can you prevent divorce wars, and are there any that end well?
  • Can cheating save the institution of marriage?
  • What does refusal to sign a financial settlement mean?

Through dozens of stories from real life, laced with humor and emotions, Adv. Ruth Dayan Wolfner, who heads one of the largest firms in the field of family law in Israel, provides a deep understanding of the divorce process. She teaches you how to recognize what is truly important within the dizzying.



4.9 stars on 12 reviews

Alzheimer’s Disease, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Alternative Medicine Healing

Ann Dredge was a fit, active woman. A keen cyclist and sportswoman. But after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, she became unable to walk or talk and was expected to die within six months Incredibly, three years later, she’s alert and responding to her carers!

This book is a roadmap for those whose loved ones demonstrate early symptoms of Alzheimer’s and shows that, with determination and dedication, it may be possible to arrest their decline and even recover lost function. It’s an inspiring story, offering hope to sufferers and carers alike. Alzheimer’s is fast becoming the biggest medical, social and financial challenge of this century.

“Today around 50 million people in the world display Alzheimer’s symptoms, a figure expected to increase to 150 million globally by 2050. To put it in another perspective, by 2050 nearly half of people over age 85 will display Alzheimer’s symptoms.” This means that soon, if it hasn’t happened already, someone you love will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

What will you do? That’s the question Peter Dredge faced when his wife, Ann, was diagnosed in 2012. For a start, he threw himself into learning more about Alzheimer’s. He learned it’s not so much a disease as a range of symptoms with many possible causes. Current research has identified over 40 possible contributing factors including lifestyle, genetics and environmental exposure. And yet Peter found most medical practitioners believe Alzheimer’s sufferers are doomed to an inevitable, terminal outcome. Their “treatment” recommendation is sedation and palliative care. However, Peter discovered research teams who are achieving high levels of success treating people with early stage Alzheimer’s symptoms. ‘Breakthrough’ describes his journey in uncovering the new treatment protocols and gaining access for Ann. You’ll be glad you read it.


Short-Stories That Take Risks: 12 Short-Stories

Short Stories. Science Fiction. Humorous. Thriller.

This is an elective collection of short-stories that span several genres and also surreal stories and flash fiction.

There are:

  • philosophical stories
  • apocalyptic stories
  • personal memoir stories
  • absurdist stories
  • silly alien contact stories
  • conspiracy thriller stories
  • standard contemporary thriller stories.

Click here to see all available books by David Swan on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Color Tour

4.2 stars on 490 reviews


Save the Ocean

4.3 stars on 225 reviews


Raspberries and Vinegar

4.2 stars on 553 reviews



4.7 stars on 167 reviews


Lilliana Jones and

the Temple of Groom

4.4 stars on 149 reviews

Humor. Satire.

Mr. Perfect

4.3 stars on 664 reviews


Ascend Online

4.6 stars on 824 reviews


Decker and Joy

4.4 stars on 211 reviews

Holiday Romance

A Reckless Note

4.8 stars on 182 reviews

Romantic Suspense

The Winner Maker

4.2 stars on 178 reviews

Women’s Sleuth

You. Me. Bed. Now.

4.4 stars on 125 reviews

Sports Romance

The Souvenir

4.2 stars on 234 reviews

Secret Baby Romance

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


Midnight Whispers

Paranormal Romance

Promotional price of only $0.99!

When chaos consumes, and worlds collide, all that’s left in the night are whispers.

Delve into the darkness.

Experience total mayhem.

Explore bounds that test the limits of reality.

The authors of this set bring you twenty-two supernatural adventures.
With stories that stretch the veils of belief, you’re destined to get lost between the pages.

These twisted and magically wicked tales will satisfy your craving for paranormal romances and urban fantasy stories of all steam levels.

MIDNIGHT WHISPERS is a limited edition collection you don’t want to miss. Each book is exclusive and can not be found anywhere else. Grab this ultimate bundle for 99 cents before it’s gone forever!

Featured authors:

  • Celia Kyle
  • J.L. Beck and C. Hallman
  • Mikayla Symonett
  • Sharon Hamilton
  • Lea Jade
  • Jessica Wayne
  • Bee Murray and Niobe Marsh
  • Molly Chase
  • Sapphire Winters and S.M. Nicholas
  • Helen Allan
  • Meg Anne
  • Rose Garcia
  • Kira Brinamon
  • Moni Boyce
  • L S Slayford
  • A.J. Macey and Jarica James
  • D.H. Gibbs
  • Michelle Mcloughney
  • Sade Rena and SD Savore’
  • Eve L. Mitchell
  • Tera Lyn Cortez
  • Carmilla Quinn



4.5 stars on 65 reviews

Romance, Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

A sexy, moody, broody mountain man who only wants his solitude. A city woman trying to find herself in the backwoods. One horrible rock slide that leaves the two strangers stuck together…whether they want to be or not.

I’ve been holed up in my crappy, one room cabin in the back country of Colorado for so long that I’m basically not even human anymore. And I’m not here because I have to be. I’m not some crazy prepper who thinks the apocalypse is coming, and I’m not running from the law.

I’m just an artist who gets lost in the creation of my wood sculptures, and I’m alone because I like it this way. I do my best work when I’m separated from the rest of the world And for the most part, people suck, and there isn’t anybody back in civilization who will ever notice that I’m not there anyway.

I’m so far off the beaten path that it’s rare for me to see another human at all, and I’m perfectly fine with that…until Keeley Norton comes crashing into my solitary life–literally.

It isn’t like I really want to rescue the woman and haul her back to my cabin. But I can’t leave her on the side of the mountain injured, either. I might be a surly jerk, but even I can’t be that heartless.

Basically, I’m screwed in more ways than one.

Luckily, she only has to be stuck with me for a few days. I can handle that, right? Even if I don’t want her in my cabin, what can happen in forty-eight hours?

Problem is, I didn’t count on the way she makes me feel every time I look into her sexy, smoldering dark eyes. All I really want to do is nail her. Against the wall. Bent over my rickety table. Any time or any place is fine with me. And believe me, I fantasize about every single location as the hours tick by.

My plan is to just ignore her until she can get back to her own place, but that idea isn’t working out so well.

Turns out, Keeley isn’t a woman who is easily ignored.

She’s beautiful. She’s sexy. She’s smart. She’s chatty — which really should drive me crazy since I’m a guy of few words, but it grows on me.

She’s kind and not the type to judge — even though she’s a smart-mouthed city woman who doesn’t have a clue how to survive in the backwoods.

All in all, Keeley is way more dangerous to me than any four-legged predator in the woods.

Simply put, she’s exactly the kind of woman I need to avoid.

And I try to keep my distance. I want to keep my secrets to myself, and the last thing I want is to be painfully pried open by a female who will be gone in a matter of a few days.

I’m a master at avoiding complications, but Keeley is an unholy temptation that even a hardened loner like me might not be able to resist…

Click here to see all available books by J.S. Scott on Amazon.

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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