Snakebites or smallpox, saving people, including herself, is what Molly Hilliard does best, and she intends on being a doctor in the Northwest Territory, except her guide is causing all sorts of problems of the heart.

A Healing Touch
4.4 stars on 3 reviews Author Liz Arnold

Moira Maclean marries in haste only to find out she married the wrong man… she married her father’s worst enemy.

Isle of Lies
4.5 stars on 115 reviews USA Today Bestselling Author Donna Fletcher

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A Guide to Achieving Mental Health

Healing Depression
Author C. Daley

Attention Can Save Lives. There is wisdom in attention. There is power in attention. The Pebble in My Shoe is a book that will be a guide for you to take back your power in life and live in a better way.

The Pebble in My Shoe
5.0 stars on 7 reviews Author Michelle Perry

Starting over is always a challenge, at best is difficult and at worst sometimes impossible and is now even more magnified with the advent of a pandemic. We all need, want and desire direction to pick our lives up and begin again. As we all are multifaceted as human beings so must our approach be multifaceted as well to begin our new journey.

Life Beyond the Pandemic
Author Oreste J. DAversa

2020 KBR Book Award Winner - Horror

Beautiful, Frightening, and Silent
Author Jennifer Anne Gordon

2020 KBR Book Award Winner - Young Adult

Urbantasm: The Empty Room
Author Jennifer Connor Coyne

2020 KBR Book Award Winner - Romance

Rogue's Holiday
Author Regan Walker

2020 KBR Book Award Winner - Thriller

The Measure of Ella
Author Toni Bird Jones

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Quirky Comedy Crime Caper

Possessed is a short-story about a woman who murders her husband after playing with black magic. This is a mock-horror story set in contemporary England.

After her husband is murdered he wakes up in the body of a pig with all his previous life’s memories intact. His wife who is an alcoholic has been playing with black magic.

When the local policeman is sent to investigate he is bemused until his wife, who is an animal psychic, tells him more. A faithless priest who is having an affair is pulled in to counsel the woman but she has other ideas.

Will she redeem herself and cast out the devil?

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Once When We Were Human

4.0 stars on 8 reviews

Science Fiction. Dystopian.

In this dystopian short-story the world has been divided into Dogs and Wolves. The powerless and the powerful. Unlike other dystopian tales of totalitarian governments imposed on society. The oppressive measures have been voted in by an apathetic mass excepting their fate and the destiny offered by their masters.

‘Once When We Were Human’ also draws parallels with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust and looks at how a technically modern fascist society might use propaganda and education camps for citizens who protest and challenge the state.

‘Once When We Were Human’ looks at what it is that makes us human and what it means when we no longer utilize the extra faculties of our species to make a difference in this world.

A homage to 1984 and Brave New World.

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Books, Boys, and Basketball

Contemporary, Coming Of Age, Young Adult, Fiction, African American

“This is our beginning; you placed your fingertips on my heart and ignited something profound. I looked at you and caught a glimpse of forever. This was the birth of us, but it was also the destruction. This is how we came to be…”  A.Y

An overbearing father, a secret crush, and a habitual rule-breaker… what could possibly go wrong?

My name is Sidney Stansfield and I am a reformed rebel. Or at least I’m trying to be. And this year is going to be different because I have it all figured out. My grades will be perfect, I’ll be taking my school to the state championship, and I’m determined to leave my rebellious ways behind. Hell… I’ll do anything to escape the nightmare known as the Candor reform school for girls. That is, unless my mouth and my temper get in the way.

My good girl plans are put to the test as I navigate through high school, bullies, an overbearing father, basketball, and temptations of the heart. A forbidden fruit otherwise known as my childhood best friend Drew Taylor. And as I catch feelings for the school’s resident bad boy, I wonder if I will be able to pull off my greatest feat yet… or will the perfect life I’ve been trying to make for myself come crashing down around me?

Unable to resist the dark side of things, I’m praying I don’t lose my freedom a second time, and that I’ll finally succeed in this game called life.

Wish me luck…

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Unleash Your Inner Goddess

5.0 stars on 12 reviews



What is it that you want in your life that you don’t have right now?

Is it Love? Happiness? Money?

Is it wanting to feel good, because most days you feel life is against you? Are you feeling stuck at times and don’t know how to get out of the quicksand that is slowly drowning you? Maybe you feel confused and don’t know what you want, but you do know that you aren’t happy where you are today? Or you’re feeling an emptiness and you don’t understand why?

Maybe you want a new home, or a new career? Or maybe you would love to travel, write a book or finally figure out why the hell you are here and what your life purpose really is ???

If you are unhappy, struggling, searching for your purpose in life, and are wanting to start living the life you are meant to live, then keep reading.

This book is simple, yet powerful. It’s an easy read, with strong messages on getting clear how to attract the things that you want into your life, by learning how to take control of your own happiness. If you want to start laughing again, then this is the book you need to read, so you can learn how to clear the blocks that have been keeping you from creating and attracting what you have always wanted.

Not only will you love the 1 on 1 connection, like you are talking with one of your closest friends, but you will also laugh so hard with the way Christine explains things. With her no-nonsense attitude, she is clear, to the point, and super authentic.


✓ To Let go of the obstacles that stop you from attracting (manifesting) your dreams
✓ To Create a life that you love and appreciate everyday
✓ To feel Empowered from the Confidence that you will attract within
✓ To have powerful breakthroughs to building an amazing relationship with yourself (and with others)
✓ To get clear with your intentions so you can focus on your life going in the direction that you have always wanted to go in
✓ To fully love yourself, the most important person you can love, and you will create a life that loves you in return


♥ Living the life YOU want, the life you deserve
♥ How your Inner Mean Girl (ego) is keeping you stuck and how to overcome this behavior.
♥ The keys to true happiness, and how to unlock your hidden power.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Undertaking Irene

4.5 stars on 813 reviews


Winter’s Secret

4.4 stars on 911 reviews

Romance Mystery

Ariel Always Enough

4.4 stars on 588 reviews



4.6 stars on 637 reviews

Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

His Christmas Miracle

4.5 stars on 401 reviews


Christmas In Three Rivers

4.6 stars on 268 reviews


Port Side Peril

4.6 stars on 223 reviews

Cozy Mystery

Doing No Harm

4.6 stars on 150 reviews


Mountain Man’s Price

4.5 stars on 104 reviews


The Color Of Greed

4.3 stars on 179 reviews

Mystery Thriller

How To Attract Money
Using Mind Power

4.3 stars on 247 reviews


A Fiery Love For The
Reluctant Duchess

4.5 stars on 140 reviews

Regency Historical Romance

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Cunning Devil

4.5 stars on 308 reviews

Urban Fantasy

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 1 of 3: A Lost Falls Story

Breaking curses. Battling witchcraft. Revenge.

All in a day’s work for Ozzy Turner, folk wizard.

Is a witch throwing curses your way? Something scary scratching at your window in the night? Then I’ve got just the charm for you.

Mostly, though, I find things. Lost treasures, missing loved ones—if you need something found, I’m your guy.

So when a grieving father hired me to track down a family heirloom stolen by a sticky-fingered hobgoblin, I was happy to help.

No one was supposed to wind up dead. Especially not me.

But they made a mistake when they put a bullet in my stomach and left me for the worms.

They didn’t bury me deep enough.

If you like Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, Shayne Silvers, M.D. Massey, or Orlando A. Sanchez, then you’ll love taking a trip to the sleepy town of Lost Falls, where not everything is as it seems.

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4.9 stars on 14 reviews

Women’s Christian Living, Women’s Personal Growth , Self-Help , Journaling, Women’s Health

Regular price $6.99. On sale for $0.99!

Reclaim your life and be a more fulfilled and energetic you!!!

It’s possible with ‘SELF-CARE Made Easy’, a Christian self care guided journal for women! Put self-care first and discover a wellspring of energy that will allow you to reach your goals and more.

As Christian women, we sometimes wear different hats and play different roles. We usually find ourselves overstretching and trying to be everything for everybody. In addition, we neglect our emotional, physiological, and mental well-being. As much as we want to do everything and be everything to everybody, we forget that we’re just human and can only go so far. Lack of self-care drains us and makes us empty and dry.

If your life is overflowing with demands on your time and you cycle through devastating rounds of stress and burnout, then this book is for you.

Using this transformational self care journal for the busy christian woman, you can unlock quick, actionable steps that will allow you to:

  • Make time for self-care
  • Set the best boundaries for you
  • Recognize Superwoman Syndrome
  • Say ‘no’ when you need to
  • Say ‘yes’ to a life filled with energy, passion, and purpose
  • Create a sustainable self care practice even with your busy schedule
  • Eliminate Stress & Burnout from your life

If you want to give your best to the world you have to give yourself the best self-care first!!!

By infusing select moments of your life with elements from this self care journal for women, you’ll discover just how easy it can be to give yourself the care you need while meeting the demands on your life.

You need this book if…

  • You want simple, step-by-step self care strategies that you can use now
  • You desire to balance your mind, body, and soul
  • You’re overwhelmed, tired, burnt out and unfulfilled
  • Your health is suffering the negative effects of constant stress with no relief in sight
  • No other work-life balance solution has worked for yourself
  • You’d like a discrete way to seek help
  • You feel stuck but want to get back to pursuing your dreams

Reclaim your time and schedule time for yourself with the simple strategies contained in this guided journal which will help you to:

  • Discover how necessary self care really is
  • Realize that putting yourself first is the first step in giving to others
  • Create a sustainable and actionable self care practice so you can say goodbye to stress and burnout for good
  • Make time for yourself by changing your self-value mindset
  • Practice holistic self care tending to your physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social needs

Order this self-help book for the Busy Christian woman now and take action to prioritize your self love and care and discover how quickly it transforms your life.

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