Snakebites or smallpox, saving people, including herself, is what Molly Hilliard does best, and she intends on being a doctor in the Northwest Territory, except her guide is causing all sorts of problems of the heart.

A Healing Touch
4.4 stars on 3 reviews Author Liz Arnold

Moira Maclean marries in haste only to find out she married the wrong man… she married her father’s worst enemy.

Isle of Lies
4.5 stars on 115 reviews USA Today Bestselling Author Donna Fletcher

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A Guide to Achieving Mental Health

Healing Depression
Author C. Daley

Attention Can Save Lives. There is wisdom in attention. There is power in attention. The Pebble in My Shoe is a book that will be a guide for you to take back your power in life and live in a better way.

The Pebble in My Shoe
5.0 stars on 7 reviews Author Michelle Perry

Starting over is always a challenge, at best is difficult and at worst sometimes impossible and is now even more magnified with the advent of a pandemic. We all need, want and desire direction to pick our lives up and begin again. As we all are multifaceted as human beings so must our approach be multifaceted as well to begin our new journey.

Life Beyond the Pandemic
Author Oreste J. DAversa

2020 KBR Book Award Winner - Horror

Beautiful, Frightening, and Silent
Author Jennifer Anne Gordon

2020 KBR Book Award Winner - Young Adult

Urbantasm: The Empty Room
Author Jennifer Connor Coyne

2020 KBR Book Award Winner - Romance

Rogue's Holiday
Author Regan Walker

2020 KBR Book Award Winner - Thriller

The Measure of Ella
Author Toni Bird Jones

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Enjoy these Free Books for Kindle (limited time offer). These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free Books from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with our new list of freebies for Tuesday. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon.

Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


The Network of Time

4.9 stars on 28 reviews

General Non Fiction

Is time real or is it just an illusion?

Time is so basic in our lives that we sometimes take it for granted. But stop for a moment and think: What is time? How can it be defined? If you delve into the definition of the concept of time, not only will you find that the answer to these questions is no trivial matter, but also that surprisingly, no single clear answer has ever been found and agreed upon by all.

Written in simple, clear language, the book takes the reader on a fascinating journey down the evolution of defining the concept of time, from antiquity and up to the 21st century. It describes how the revolutionary theories of relativity and quantum mechanics in 20th century physics opened up new directions of thought in this field.

Whether you know nothing about the subject or are a professor of physics, Alon Halperin will tell you exactly what you need to know: from philosophical questions about the perception of reality, time travel, determinism and free choice, to the mysteries rooted in quantum theory, up to the complexity theory, and the strikingly fresh insights it gives rise to regarding us and the entire world.



Non-Fiction, True Crime

4.2 stars on 32 reviews

For employees at the United California Bank in Laguna Niguel, one of Orange County’s tony bedroom communities, the morning of Monday, March 27th, 1972 begins like any other—until they find they are unable to open the vault. After several hours of futile efforts, a locksmith climbs on the roof to cut an access hole, but it appears that someone has already done the job for him.

That someone was Phil Christopher. While Laguna Niguel slept, Phil disabled the security system and led a crew of mobbed-up burglars to pull off the biggest bank burglary in U.S. history. Their notorious withdrawal from the safe-deposit boxes of hundreds of wealthy Orange County, California residents grossed $30 million. The daring and magnitude of the United California Bank heist instantly captured the attention of the media, which dubbed Phil “Superthief.” Decades later, that fascination hasn’t wavered, with recent documentaries featuring Phil’s infamous burglary on Court TV and Discovery Channel.

Things could have turned out differently for Phil, who was raised by hard-working, law-abiding parents and dreamed of a future in sports. But surviving a boyhood bout with deadly rheumatic fever changed all that. Forbidden by his father to play sports, Phil used his born-to-succeed attitude to rise up the ranks of the criminal element of his community. From petty thief to one-time hit man, labor-union strongman and skilled thief, Phil became an alarm bypass expert and safe cracker, eventually making his mark as a master thief with Mafia connections.

For awhile Phil managed to stay one step ahead of the law, despite being shot at by police, kicked out of Canada, and nearly sabotaged by a reckless partner. But Phil would give his friends the shirt off his back, and abandoning his partner was not an option.

Eventually, the law did catch up with Phil, who was convicted for the infamous Laguna Niguel break-in and served six years. When he was paroled, he continued life as a professional burglar. Ironically, his goal was to get out of crime and settle down with a wife and a legitimate business. But the fast, big, and easy profits of burglary, and later drugs, were too enticing. “Money is king,” Phil would say.

Legal battles, attorneys fees, prison time, and failed marriages ate up many of his years. Through it all, he remained optimistic, even upbeat, living life to the fullest despite the cards he held. In this book, he tells his story openly and doesn’t leave out the botched scores and personal failures.

In the style of Nicholas Pileggi’s Wiseguy and its blockbuster movie adaptation Goodfellas, Superthief is the compelling story of a master thief and mob associate’s roller coaster ride through a life of crime and imprisonment, and the inside account of a daring burglary that made history.


Belle of Charleston

4.0 stars on 364 reviews

Historical Romance

Book 1 of 4: Southern Legacy

Set against the backdrop of Antebellum Charleston with the martial clash of brother against brother looming on the horizon-here is an absorbing, tantalizing saga of life during one of our country’s most turbulent times-Southern Legacy Serial.

Belle of Charleston, Book One

In a world of pageantry and show, the Montgomery family accepts the way of life that has been antebellum Charleston for over a hundred years. Two cousins, the handsome and debonair, Wade Montgomery and the bold and brooding Cullen Smythe, were born to be brothers. Raised as Southern gentlemen, their character could never be questioned-loyalty, honor, duty to one’s country, God, and family. It was the tie that binds until their bond is threatened, not only by the cry for secession but by a woman-Josephine Buchanan Wright.

Josephine Buchanan Wright is a dutiful, southern belle who soon discovers herself in a tangled web of treachery and deceit. With everything changing around her, she doesn’t know who to trust or even if she will survive the madness.

When her master lost her in a card game to the notorious gambler, Brantley Wright, fortune smiled on Miss Hazel. She served as a nursemaid to his daughter, Josephine, and eventually earned her freedom. Now, she has a plan to free her son, who was ripped from her arms so many years ago, but it all depends on Josephine.


This is a serial! The books may have cliffhangers and hooks to make you want to continue to the next book. Do not begin if you don’t want to become addicted to the series! Southern Legacy will consist of four books-Belle of Charleston, Shadows of Magnolia, Born to Be Brothers and The Sun Will Rise.

Click here to see all available books in the Southern Legacy series by Jerri Hines on Amazon.


The Untouchable Mind

4.7 stars on 4 reviews

Transformation & Spirituality, Spirituality, Personal Success & Spirituality

No one or nothing should control your mind but you.

The power lies within you.

An untouchable mind is the greatest power that everyone should poses.

Strong mind, leads to firm and sharp decision making and hence best result ever achieve.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

The Woman in

the Car Trunk

4.0 stars on 175 reviews

Suspense Crime Thriller

Terror in the Shadows

4.4 stars on 306 reviews

Short Horror Stories

Pretty Instinct

4.3 stars on 506 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Wisteria Witches

4.3 stars 1,101 reviews


One Faithful Prayer

4.6 stars on 124 reviews


The Piano Girl

4.3 stars on 310 reviews

Fairy Tale Romance


4.7 stars on 91 reviews

Crime Fiction

A Goose

Creek Christmas

4.3 stars on 134 reviews

Holiday Romance

Enchanted by the

Mysterious Marquess

4.6 stars on 143 reviews

Regency Romance

Along the Razor’s Edge

4.2 stars on 143 reviews

Epic Fantasy

Wife Number Seven

4.3 stars on 322 reviews

Erotic Suspense

Debt Inheritance

3.9 stars 1,754 reviews


Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


The Heath Cousins and the Moonstone Cave

4.8 stars on 23 reviews


Promotional price of only $3.99!

Addie B. and her cousins Jack, Beanie, and Bodie are mourning the loss of their grandmother Winnie. While visiting their grandfathers beach house in Maine, Addie receives a mysterious treasure box once owned by her grandmother. In it is a moonstone ring and a mysterious poem from her grandmother.

The poem leads Addie and her cousins to nearby Moonstone Cave where, together, they enter a secret and magical garden and embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Along the way, they meet wonderful friends like Gemma, who reminds them all of a younger version of their grandmother; Jumani, a large white wolf; and Jadira, a strange and smelly creature whom they grow to love.

During the adventure, they learn the most important lesson of all they must work together if they want to escape the dangers ahead of them and find their way back home.

Click here to see all available books in The Heath Cousins series by Eileen Hobbs on Amazon.

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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