Inhaling and exhaling is a motion that is done by everyone on a daily basis without acknowledgement. When we inhale, we receive and when we exhale, we release but what if we could apply this to our everyday lives.

Inhale Exhale
Author Francis Presley

Only the dead have seen the end of war

Author Peter Darman

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In this page turner suspense novel, Nikki Garcia travels to Mexico to fight crime. Private investigator Nikki Garcia goes undercover to find a missing child. She places her own life – and the lives of others she cares deeply about – in danger in a country where private investigators are outlawed.

Danger in the Coyote Zone
Author Kathryn Lane

Can one man bring life and God back to the dying land, or will loving his enemy's daughter be the end of them all?

The Harvest King
Author Paula Quinn

Winner of 3 book awards; This book may save a child's life. Learn how drugs work in the teen brain, warning signs every family should know and much more.

The Addicted Child
Author Richard Capriola

In Cat Anderson's family there is a secret too big to stay hidden any longer. Something happens when Cat bakes. Something amazing. Something impossible. Can it be real? Or is it Bake Believe?

Bake Believe
Author Cori Cooper

Life is filled with many ups and downs--death; loss and pain. This book is about triumphing over it.

The Gratefulness Journey Everyday
Author Marcus Holmes

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Titan’s Plague: The Trial

4.9 stars on 13 reviews

Science Fiction

Book 1 of 5: Titan’s Plague

Outside the rings of Saturn, Pati Lynch commanded a prison ship mining ice. Her crew mutinied, they tried to kill her, and she was the last one left standing. Now, she stands trial for their murder.

Nancy Tate, Pati’s defense attorney, thinks she’ll go free this time because the prison ship’s records were damaged or erased. Without those records, the legal decision will be based on Pati’s testimony alone. However, and Nancy repeats this often, she cannot state aliens had instigated the revolt.

Pati knows she didn’t dream the apparition that appeared on her ship and claimed to be the ex-husband she accidentally killed, but she decides her attorney knows her business. And, it’d be in her best interest to follow her directions if she doesn’t want to be sentenced to a solitary, thirty-year trip back to Earth.

Then, the dreams started. They weren’t normal, even though they began in her fishing village back in Ireland. Soon, she was flying throughout the Saturnian system and into caverns on Titan, all while in a great ecstasy. Waking up gave her a suicidal depression that took most of a morning to recover from.

The trial at least was going well, if not easy. The prosecutor dragged every proceeding to its legal limit, and he made only superficial attempts at settling. This while the computer judge kept lowering the guilty score in each hearing. Pati tried to be patient and took a job working outside on Titan, which nearly cost her life when her rebreather was sabotaged.

Click here to see all available books in the Titan’s Plague series by Tom Briggs on Amazon.


The Carbon Butterfly

4.8 stars on 19 reviews


You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple Inc.

The year is 2020. A dangerous, novel virus is spreading fast. The world is entering into chaos.
A week before his 30th birthday, which he will be celebrating in quarantine, Yaniv receives a nighttime video call that is about to change his life.

He accepts the challenge posed to him by his cousin, in order to help people around the world return to work, quickly and safely.

This story reveals the thoughts and personal process he goes through as an entrepreneur, faced with unprecedented uncertainty, whose aim is to promote employment in a changing world.

Join the journey. The only time is now.


The Woman in the Reflection

4.8 stars on 13 reviews

Women’s Fiction

She’s everything he’s ever wanted, but beyond the glass window, reality is different.

Baruch is an ordinary guy, who feels that the Spirit of God hovers over him, granting him special and involuntary superpowers.

In practice, he spends the gray routine of his life being secretly in love with his neighbor, Zehava.

Despite never having found the courage to approach or talk to her, every morning and evening he follows her actions devoutly by watching her apartment’s reflection in the glass of the building in the opposite yard.

Zehava, however, has other plans regarding her love life.

When Baruch realizes he is not alone in the race for Zehava’s heart, one event changes everything. Will Baruch’s life have a happy ending or will his divine powers spin out of control once again?


We Can Do It 2!

5.0 stars on 14 reviews


From the bestselling children’s author Daniel Gershkovitz, these new educational stories will help children to enhance their self-confidence, sense of capability, and self-esteem.

Through five short stories written in rhyme, We Can Do It 2!: Stories for Brave Little Kids illustrates the values of true friendship, the acceptance of others, the harm caused by prejudice, the virtue of admitting one’s mistakes, and the unconditional love of caring parents.

The Shy Chameleon: We should never be ashamed of who we are. Any shortcoming we may appear to have can prove to be our greatest advantage.

The Arrogant Toad: True friendship and respect are earned by being humble and sensitive to others.

The Friendly Scorpion: Prejudice can be dangerous. Everyone deserves a fair chance and should be allowed to follow their heart.

The Forgiving Beaver: We must accept those who are different from us, even in the face of peer pressure. Forgiveness is the key to friendship.

The curious Chick: Never underestimate the sincere, unconditional love of parents, as they prepare us for the realities of life.


Unlocking the Cage

4.7 stars on 6 reviews

Biography, Sports, Mixed Martial Arts

Unlocking the Cage: Discover what it Takes to Live the Life of an MMA Fighter

Are you a fan of MMA? Do you have a favorite fighter? Have you always wondered what is this life like? Mark Tullius, a former cage fighter and boxer, will answer all of your questions. Find out what does it take to become an MMA fighter and how difficult the life of these athletes is.

There are so many people who are uneducated about this sport. They believe that fighters are savages who like punching others. But every MMA athlete has his own background story and the reason why they decided to walk down this road.

This is not one of those fiction books that tell a story of a poor young man who decides to fight so he could escape poverty. This is a book based on the true experiences of MMA fighters. Mark travels all over the country, looking for fighters he could interview and train with.

After visiting 100 gyms and interviewing 340 fighters, Mark was able to show the world what it really means to be an MMA fighter.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside this book:

  • A Collection of True Stories: Read about the greatest achievements and biggest pitfalls of not just one, but 340 MMA fighters.
  • The Beauty of MMA: There are not so many people in the world who have an appetite for getting punched in the face. Discover what makes MMA practitioners take up fighting for a living.
  • The Raw Truth: Find out everything that happens in a life of MMA fighter – from sticking to a strict diet to cultivating mental strength needed to lead a fighter’s life.
  • It’s time for the world to look past the stigma of violence and finally realize the real foundation of the fighting culture – discipline, resilience, and strength.

Click here to see all available books by Mark Tullius on Amazon.


The Fly and the Cheese: Say You’re Sorry

5.0 stars on 3 reviews

Children’s Humorous Action & Adventure, Children’s Humorous Literature, Children’s eBooks

Fly hated to apologize.

In fact, he had never said the word sorry in his life.

Fly finds himself in a hard situation only apologizing will get him out of.

What is Fly to do?

What does it take for him to apologize?

This is an endearing, beautifully illustrated story that children will love to read over and over again.

Parents and educators will find many hidden lessons and conversations to build upon while engaging our children in a fun activity!


Money, Come Dance With Me

5.0 stars on 17 reviews

Personal Budgeting, Personal Finance, Personal Money Management

Money, Come Dance with Me, is a call to live in the joy and delight of dancing with Money as a loving guide and friend.

Author, Gale West, invites the reader to consider that money’s pure potential is a dynamic, living, force field of love, connecting of peoples, cultures and marketplaces. Unfortunately, few can experience money in this way, because it’s been imprisoned in an old paradigm of domination and greed. As result, money has been wounded as much as money has wounded us.

How can we free ourselves and money from these wounds? Be willing to address our own money stories. Reconnect to our divinity as conscious co-creators with Divine Source. Embrace joyous wealth as way living that is more than just money in the bank. And invite money to be a partner in the dance of your life.

Filled with stories and simple practical steps, Money Come Dance with Me guides the reader on a powerful journey of transformation.

“With her book, Money, Come Dance with Me, Gale West gives us all a gift that will keep giving for a lifetime! Gale goes deeper than I have ever seen on the energy of money and the idea that we are each interconnected with money in the same way we are with friends and family. I was struck by Gale’s insights on the woundedness of money itself and our own ability to “transceive”, as well as Gale’s rich offering of simple steps we can take to dramatically elevate our relationship with money. As a CEO and former financial advisor, I see the vast potential this book provides for each one of us and the organizations we treasure!” Claire Lachance CEO, Institute of Noetic Sciences

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


The Secret of Life

4.1 stars on 74 reviews


Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 1 of 3: Younger Than Ever

Age doesn’t matter! Actually, if we live right, we don’t have to age!

In a conversational style and a friendly manner, the author is sharing his secrets about living better and longer, while enjoying every moment.

He tells his story, how after recovering from an advanced stage cancer he began competing in triathlon and surfing waves, despite being already in his sixties.

Even 10 minutes of some sport activities per day can improve the quality of life as well as physical and mental health, dramatically.

The message the author wants his readers to receive is, that each and every one – at any age and physical condition, shall be encouraged to be more physically active!

All in all, physical activity is the best investment in health, in our quality of life and in our future – to grow old with health and vitality.

Click here to see all available books in the Younger Than Ever series by Dr. Zeev Gilkis on Amazon.


By the Hands Of Men

Historical Romance

Regular price $9.99. On sale for $0.99!

An English Lieutenant and an immigrant Russian nurse meet scarcely a mile from the bloody trenches of World War One France, where they witness the hell that the hands of men can create.

The memory of their brief weeks together will follow them for years as they cross a world staggered by war, revolution, and duplicity.

Epic historical fiction, the six-book saga sweeps across four continents in a gripping tale of fate, loss, redemption, and love.

Click here to see all available books by Roy Griffis on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

What You Did

4.4 stars on 968 reviews


Price $0.00

A to Z Canning

4.4 stars on 343 reviews

How To

Price $0.00

Tempt Me at Midnight

4.3 stars on 886 reviews

Regency Romance

Price $0.00

Here After

4.7 stars on 290 reviews

Horror Suspense

Price $0.00

Orphan Train Christmas

4.5 stars on 289 reviews

Historical Fiction

Price $0.00

A Christmas Wish

4.5 stars on 610 reviews


Price $0.00

Secrets and Stilettos

4.5 stars on 198 reviews


Price $0.00

Moonstone Beach

4.3 stars on 440 reviews


Price $0.00

Eadan’s Vow

4.4 stars on 282 reviews

Time Travel Romance

Price $0.00

The Farmer’s Slaughter

4.5 stars on 209 reviews


Price $0.00

Christmas of Love

4.3 stars on 250 reviews

Western Romance

Price $0.00

A Second Chance for

the Broken Duke

4.4 stars on 267 reviews

Regency Romance

Price $0.00

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