Inhaling and exhaling is a motion that is done by everyone on a daily basis without acknowledgement. When we inhale, we receive and when we exhale, we release but what if we could apply this to our everyday lives.

Inhale Exhale
Author Francis Presley

Only the dead have seen the end of war

Author Peter Darman

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In this page turner suspense novel, Nikki Garcia travels to Mexico to fight crime. Private investigator Nikki Garcia goes undercover to find a missing child. She places her own life – and the lives of others she cares deeply about – in danger in a country where private investigators are outlawed.

Danger in the Coyote Zone
Author Kathryn Lane

Can one man bring life and God back to the dying land, or will loving his enemy's daughter be the end of them all?

The Harvest King
Author Paula Quinn

Winner of 3 book awards; This book may save a child's life. Learn how drugs work in the teen brain, warning signs every family should know and much more.

The Addicted Child
Author Richard Capriola

In Cat Anderson's family there is a secret too big to stay hidden any longer. Something happens when Cat bakes. Something amazing. Something impossible. Can it be real? Or is it Bake Believe?

Bake Believe
Author Cori Cooper

Life is filled with many ups and downs--death; loss and pain. This book is about triumphing over it.

The Gratefulness Journey Everyday
Author Marcus Holmes

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A Reckless Note

4.6 stars on 723 reviews

Romance, Romantic Suspense, Steamy Romance

Book 1 of 3: Brilliance Trilogy

It all started with a note, just a simple note hand written by a woman I didn’t know, never even met. But in that note is perhaps every answer to every question I’ve ever had in my life. And because of that note, I look for her, but find him. I’m drawn to his passion, his talent, a darkness in him that somehow becomes my light, my life. Kace August is rich, powerful, a rockstar of violins, a man who is all tattoos, leather, good looks and talent. He has a wickedly sweet ability to play the violin, seducing audiences worldwide. Now, he’s seducing me. I know he has secrets. I don’t care. Because you see, I have secrets, too.

I’m not Aria Alard, as he believes. I’m Aria Stradivari, daughter to Alessandro Stradivari, a musician born from the same blood as the man who created the famous Stradivarius violin. I am as rare as the mere 650 instruments my ancestors created. Instruments worth millions. 650 masterpieces, the brilliance unmatched. 650 reasons to kill. 650 reasons to hide. One reason not to: him.

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The Hero Gene

Teen and Young Adult Sci-Fi. Action Adventure. Superhero. Environment and Conversation.

Climate change hasn’t killed me yet. It’s the year 2032. Fires and storms ravage the planet, but thanks to the world’s young adults taking action, humanity still has hope.

I want to be a regular teenager ­­- but I have a rare condition – solar narcolepsy. I think I’m an alien. When strange volcanic activity triggers a dramatic warming event in the Tonga Trench, my dad went to investigate. He disappeared.
Then… something attacked me.

I’m on the run – alone and scared.
I need to find my dad – on the other side of the world!
And “Something” is trying to kill me.

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


Dirty Deeds

4.2 stars on 120 reviews

Crime Thriller.

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Book 1 of 8: Dirty Deeds

I get paid to erase problems.

Did your extramarital affair produce an unwanted complication? Family problems? Just want to enjoy your midlife crisis by yourself?

That’s where I come in. For a fee I’ll take care of it. A big fee.

Only, I’m not going to do what you think. I’m not going to save you from them, I’m going to save them from you.

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No Game For A Dame

4.3 stars on 1,193 reviews


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You’re The One

4.4 stars on 941 reviews


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Dream With Me

4.7 stars on 467 reviews


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The Spy Game

4.5 stars on 282 reviews


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Sweet Reunion

4.3 stars on 566 reviews


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Wrapped In INK

4.3 stars on 1,041 reviews


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A Dead Husband

4.4 stars on 294 reviews


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4.4 stars on 258 reviews

Mafia Romance

Price $0.00

The Duke Who
Knew Too Much

4.4 stars on 455 reviews

Historical Romance

Price $0.00

Reduced Ransom!

4.2 stars on 164 reviews

Humorous Cozy Mystery

Price $0.00

A Strange Beginning

4.4 stars on 781 reviews

Historical Fiction

Price $0.00

The Hands Of Time

4.3 stars on 419 reviews

Time Travel Romance

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Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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