They sold her to pay her father's debts. For Anna, helping her family was priority one. She was not their priority. When is a sacrifice too much?

Young Anna
Author Dr. Sharon Mitchell

An innocent man spends five years in a Moroccan jail while the love of his life is told he is dead. When he discovers the who and why of it all, war breaks out.

Broken Fingers
Author Stephen Coombes

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1862. A group of young women set sail for matrimony in Canada, but somebody has different plans for them ...

The Case of the Missing Bride
Author Carmen Radtke

A woman's heartwarming search for friendship, this story is a fun, thoughtful and moving read.

Friends and Neighbours
Author Ruth Torjussen

“Garage Band Theory is a must for any musician." Rodney Crowell - 2 time Grammy winner "Something for every musician at any level.” Sam Bush - International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame

Garage Band Theory
Author Duke Sharp

Inhaling and exhaling is a motion that is done by everyone on a daily basis without acknowledgement. When we inhale, we receive and when we exhale, we release but what if we could apply this to our everyday lives.

Inhale Exhale
Author Francis Presley

Only the dead have seen the end of war

Author Peter Darman

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Enjoy these Free Books for Kindle (limited time offer). These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free Books from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with our new list of freebies for Tuesday. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon.

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The Reluctant Coroner

4.4 stars on 1,672 reviews


Book 1 of 7: Fenway Stevenson Mysteries

Blood is thicker than oil–until murder is involved.

Fenway Stevenson doesn’t want to return to the coastal town where her estranged father is practically king. But the death of her mother draws her back home–and the murder of the county coroner draws her into a deepening conspiracy. As the body count rises and all signs seem to point toward her father’s oil company, will Fenway uncover the truth before family bonds become deadly?

Click here to see all available books in the Fenway Stevenson Mysteries by Paul Austin on Amazon.

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Wrong to Love You

4.7 stars on 50 reviews

Regular price $4.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 3 of 4: Strong Brothers

We kept love out of it.
We kept our names out of it.
And we also kept drama out of it.

Or so I thought!

I met a mysterious stranger on a magical cruise.
His touch gave me the butterflies.
I would immediately go weak in the knees.
But it was all temporary.
One week. That was the deal.
That week turned into four years of raising a kid alone.
A son that reminds me of him and one that he knows nothing about.
These years have changed me.
But my mysterious stranger is still the same.
How do I know?
He just showed up at my client’s home.
Seeing his face has turned my world upside down.
This can’t be a coincidence.
The universe is playing a sick game with me.
So… will I win, or will I lose?

** Note to reader: This series can easily be enjoyed out of order.
Wrong to Love You can be read as a standalone novel. It is the third book in a series that follows four brothers. Dive into this second chance secret baby romance that is filled with so much emotion and forbidden heat, and of course, a happily ever after sure to make you swoon. This is Carter’s story.

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Mountain Daddy’s Fate

4.7 stars on 119 reviews


Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

Part of: Mountain Men of Liberty (12 Books)

“A secret this BIG is what broke us in the first place.”

Three things I know about Eli:
1. I broke his heart over a decade ago.
2. The reason I left him was unspeakable. A secret I’ve kept hidden all these years.
3. Even though I’m engaged to another man I’m still madly in love with him. How is this my life!?!

And now, Eli’s about to receive the biggest shock of his life.
But are there some wounds that time simply can’t heal?!?

K.C. Crown is an Amazon US Top 8 Bestselling Author.

This is a fully standalone romance from the bestselling Mountain Men of Liberty Series. This is Eli’s story and a mountain man’s babies, second chance romantic suspense. Each book can be read on its own. Transport yourself into the charming and magical town of Liberty, Utah as we follow several rugged mountain men in their quests to find lasting love. For readers looking to binge-read books 1-4 of this series at a discounted rate, it is available as a boxset on my Amazon catalog titled Mountain Men of Liberty Boxset. Enjoy!

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The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Don’t Trust Me

4.0 stars on 635 reviews

Mystery Thriller

Price $0.00

One Summer

4.5 stars on 600 reviews

Cozy Romantic Mystery

Price $0.00

Indebted To The Vampires

4.4 stars on 510 reviews

Vampire Romance

Price $0.00

Every Reasonable Doubt

4.3 stars on 773 reviews

Legal Thriller

Price $0.00

The Look Of Love

4.3 stars on 563 reviews

Historical Romance

Price $0.00

Werewolves Only

4.4 stars on 238 reviews

Steamy Para. Shifter Rom

Price $0.00

Deuce Mora Mystery
Series Vol. 1-3

4.6 stars on 216 reviews


Price $0.00

Surrender To The Cyborgs

4.5 stars on 335 reviews

Sci-Fi Romance

Price $0.00

A Pretty Beach Christmas

4.6 stars on 225 reviews


Price $0.00

Families First

4.4 stars on 198 reviews


Price $0.00

Frat House Confessions: Ridge

4.4 stars on 426 reviews


Price $0.00

Have A Heart

4.8 stars on 138 reviews


Price $0.00

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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