Inhaling and exhaling is a motion that is done by everyone on a daily basis without acknowledgement. When we inhale, we receive and when we exhale, we release but what if we could apply this to our everyday lives.

Inhale Exhale
Author Francis Presley

Only the dead have seen the end of war

Author Peter Darman

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In this page turner suspense novel, Nikki Garcia travels to Mexico to fight crime. Private investigator Nikki Garcia goes undercover to find a missing child. She places her own life – and the lives of others she cares deeply about – in danger in a country where private investigators are outlawed.

Danger in the Coyote Zone
Author Kathryn Lane

Can one man bring life and God back to the dying land, or will loving his enemy's daughter be the end of them all?

The Harvest King
Author Paula Quinn

Winner of 3 book awards; This book may save a child's life. Learn how drugs work in the teen brain, warning signs every family should know and much more.

The Addicted Child
Author Richard Capriola

In Cat Anderson's family there is a secret too big to stay hidden any longer. Something happens when Cat bakes. Something amazing. Something impossible. Can it be real? Or is it Bake Believe?

Bake Believe
Author Cori Cooper

Life is filled with many ups and downs--death; loss and pain. This book is about triumphing over it.

The Gratefulness Journey Everyday
Author Marcus Holmes

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Neglected Merge

3.9 stars on 8 reviews

Fantasy Romance; Futuristic Romance

Is happiness a universal concept? People, who had survived the near apocalyptic experience, seem to believe that it is.

What if life after a disastrous event that almost shuttered the world into pieces would not be doomed to dim, grey picture we are used to believe it would? What if people learn from their mistakes and decide to build a whole new world full of pleasure, easiness and happiness for all?

Tauria, aged 32, lives in such a world. It is designed to make everyone feel happy every minute of their lives. Work brings satisfaction, hobbies are encouraged, relationships are supposed to bring out only positive emotions. Does it matter that things that do not fit into the general happy pattern get discarded and disappear? Things like friendship and commitment. Things like true love. Is it enough with lightness and never-ending joy?

The apocalyptic event that had changed the world forever, had done more than that. There are two worlds now, forced to exist side by side. Can they find a way to live together?

One meeting, insignificant in itself, as all meetings of two people are, promises huge changes. Is the world – the worlds – ready to accept them?

The Chinese proverb says: “When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.” What will the people of two worlds, so utterly different and at the same time so similar, choose?


Baking and Cooking in Switzerland


Take Switzerland’s kitchen to your home with more than 45 delicious Swiss recipes!”

As a resident of Switzerland for a long time and an everyday hobby cook, I have chosen and tested the recipes myself. They are all easy to prepare and very tasty. They are typical “Swiss cooking” but I have avoided recipes where you would need special equipment like special pans or oven for Fondue or Raclette.” – Lachlan

Enjoy for example a typical Sliced Meat with Rösti from Zurich, bake the famous Swiss Zopf, or a great Carrot Cake. The recipes from Switzerland are sorted by a “Bread and Appetizers”, a “Main Courses” and a “Desserts” section.

Ingredients and preparation are well described and a colour photo is accompanying each recipe.


Love and Such V

5.0 stars on 4 reviews

Inspirational Poetry

Love and Such V (book 5 of 6) is a collection of poems about love, life, grief, and such.

It contains poems, letters, and words of encouragement that were written during a time of great sadness and isolation.

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Anna’s Way

4.7 stars on 38 reviews

Paranormal Fantasy

Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 2 of 4: Ditch Lane Diaries

Angels and Demons collide in this fast-paced thriller!

Anna meets Raphael, her guardian angel, in the second installment of the Ditch Lane Diaries. She’s chosen to fight a six thousand year angelic war while going to medical school not to mention her tumultuous yet passionate love affair with Jerry.

Raphael teaches Anna how to use and control her supernatural gifts without drawing Luc’s attention but inadvertently unleashes the Demons of greed, jealousy, and bitterness in her path.

Best friends, Anna, Ruby, and Sandy are given heavenly permission to discuss their growing supernatural powers to protect themselves and those they love.

Grab some tissues for this heart-pounding, pulse-racing, fast-paced steamy novel!

“Anna’s Way was absolutely AMAZING! I don’t think I have ever got so worked up about a book before. My emotions were so into the characters and the situations as I read them, that I felt like I was actually in the book! One night read!”

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Orlosian Warriors Limited Edition Boxed Set

Paranormal Romance. Urban Fantasy. Interracial Romance.

Promotional price of only $4.99!

They look like angels, but they are far from it.

Meet the Orlosian Warriors. Descendants of angels and human women, their ancestors fell, but they escaped during the Great Deluge. Trained as warriors from the time they begin to walk, finding love has always been forbidden, but something new and exciting has begun. This Limited Edition boxed set includes “Calm Assurance: Orlosian Warriors Bk. 1,” “Destiny’s Favor: Orlosian Warriors Bk. 2,” “Outreach: An Orlosian Warriors Novella,” and “Alerian’s War,” an Orlosian Warriors novella exclusive to the set.

“Calm Assurance: Orlosian Warriors Bk. 1”
A Nephilim warrior of regal lineage is sent to guard a human trouble-magnet, but following his instincts could cost him his soul. Last time, he destroyed an entire city. What’s a strait-laced Nephilim-descendant to do when a human trouble-magnet steals his heart?

“Destiny’s Favor: Orlosian Warriors Bk. 2”
His world shifted the moment she was born. Now, nothing can stop him from making her his.
Born more than 200 years ago, Japheth looks like an angel, but he’s far from it. In his world, the ratio of men to women is 500 to 1, and although he’s a superior being, he’s willing to break the most sacred law of his brothers, even drink human blood, if it means having the one woman he believes is meant for him alone.

“Outreach: An Orlosian Warriors Novella”
Broken dreams, an ancient enigma tainted by the past, and a mystical bond beyond time and space. Meeting Jaci ignites the awakening of Andreus’ frightening special gifts – gifts he has not only tried to hide from the rest of the world, but from himself. Can two shattered souls find a way to heal one another?

“Alerian’s War: An Orlosian Warriors Novella” Exclusive
To pass through the Forbidden Zone, she needs him, but can she trust a mysterious stranger in the midst of war?
Children of the Fallen – or children of the Appointed. Only one can survive.

*Warning* 18+ Contains explicit love scenes, profanity, and violence.

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Critical Vulnerability

4.4 stars on 1,181 reviews


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4.4 stars on 988 reviews


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Shadow Kissed

4.5 stars on 425 reviews

Steamy Para. Romance

Price $0.00

One Summer
At Charlie’s Diner

4.5 stars on 614 reviews

Cozy Mystery

Price $0.00

Man Fast

4.5 stars on 298 reviews


Price $0.00

Scarlet Toys

4.7 stars on 404 reviews


Price $0.00

The Man In
The Brown Suit

4.3 stars on 1,038 reviews


Price $0.00

Secret Admirer

4.4 stars on 209 reviews

LGBT Romance

Price $0.00

Her Vampire Prince

4.6 stars on 191 reviews

Paranormal Romance

Price $0.00

Murder On The Menu

4.4 stars on 232 reviews

Cozy Mystery

Price $0.00

Write A Kindle Bestseller

4.6 stars on 70 reviews


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Witness Protection

4.6 stars on 196 reviews

Romantic Supense

Price $0.00

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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Sports Romance

New Adult Romance

Earl of Shefford

Historical Romance


Irresistible Spring

Into Love

Semi/Steamy Romance




Start and Grow

an E-Commerce


You Do You(ish)


Career Advice

Rise Again

Steamy Romance

Romantic Suspense

The Chocolate


Fantasy. Hist. Fiction

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