They sold her to pay her father's debts. For Anna, helping her family was priority one. She was not their priority. When is a sacrifice too much?

Young Anna
Author Dr. Sharon Mitchell

An innocent man spends five years in a Moroccan jail while the love of his life is told he is dead. When he discovers the who and why of it all, war breaks out.

Broken Fingers
Author Stephen Coombes

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1862. A group of young women set sail for matrimony in Canada, but somebody has different plans for them ...

The Case of the Missing Bride
Author Carmen Radtke

A woman's heartwarming search for friendship, this story is a fun, thoughtful and moving read.

Friends and Neighbours
Author Ruth Torjussen

“Garage Band Theory is a must for any musician." Rodney Crowell - 2 time Grammy winner "Something for every musician at any level.” Sam Bush - International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame

Garage Band Theory
Author Duke Sharp

Inhaling and exhaling is a motion that is done by everyone on a daily basis without acknowledgement. When we inhale, we receive and when we exhale, we release but what if we could apply this to our everyday lives.

Inhale Exhale
Author Francis Presley

Only the dead have seen the end of war

Author Peter Darman

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4.2 stars on 69 reviews

Erotic Romance, New Adult Romance

Book 6 of 7: His For A Week

Note to self: don’t fall in love with a gangster.

I’m the good girl: a college student who studies hard, wants to do good, and plays by the rules. I shouldn’t be falling for a guy like Darren Lee, the bad boy owner of an exclusive nightclub that, unbeknownst to me, caters to an international triad.

We’re absolutely wrong for each other. Maybe that’s why the heat between us is so sizzling hot…

But Darren’s desires run dark and wicked. Should I submit to his passions? Something tells me that if I throw caution to the wind, I could be in for a world of hurt.

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Magical New Beginnings

4.3 stars on 207 reviews

Paranormal Women’s Fiction

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Book 1 of 4: Midlife Witchery

When life goes sideways, embracing the adventure is the fastest way to set things right.

One day I was just a widow facing the prospect of an empty nest, living a life that was anything but enchanted. The next, I had discovered my magical roots, and my rightful place as the Guardian of the portal between the Faery and Earth.

There was shock. And there was fear. After all, no one plans to start over at forty-five. I intended to grow old with my husband. I thought we’d live an ordinary life. So I’ll be damned if I’m going to waste this opportunity to live in a world I always thought was imaginary.

I’m half-witch, half-faery, and facing dangers as real as the ache in my bad knee. Ibuprofen and caffeine keep me going, and I could do this for the rest of my life. Whoever thinks my family home is an easy mark better take notice: the new Guardian in town isn’t going down without a fight.

After all, she’s already learned to let go of her simple existence and believe in the extraordinary power inside of her. What could possibly stop her now?

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4.4 stars on 30 reviews

Contemporary Romance, Western Romance, New Adult Romance

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Book 2 of 4: Downton Cowboys

I fell off my horse and flat on the ground, then looked into those blue eyes,
And my life changed forever.

I am not prepared for the encounter.
But something about Belle, draws me towards her.
Like a moth to a flame.
She thinks she can mend my broken heart.
And I want to make her mine once and for all.
But I have secrets.
Secrets from my traumatic childhood, my difficult adulthood.
I cannot risk bringing them out.

Can love survive against all odds?
Especially when she walks away from me at the altar.
Would she ever be ready to give me another shot and turn our crazy story around?

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Dangerous Habits

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Runaway Road

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Small Town Romance

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Just Good Friends

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1st Shock

4.3 stars on 969 reviews

PI Mystery

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Romancing the Wilderness

4.6 stars on 335 reviews

Historical Romance

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4.4 stars on 472 reviews


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The Frontiers Saga

4.4 stars on 811 reviews

Science Fiction

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Some Kind Of Wonderful

4.4 stars on 407 reviews


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Skeptic in Salem

4.5 stars on 235 reviews

Cozy Mystery

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Sinister Magic

4.6 stars on 1,382 reviews

Urban Fantasy

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Tyrant Twin

4.4 stars on 283 reviews

Dark Forbidden Romance

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Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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