"Darman has researched this novel extremely well, as one would expect with his military non-fiction background. This detail is meshed with great story telling which flows along with great gusto."

The Parthian
Author Peter Darman

Even hardened warriors need a little love...

Of Love and Betrayal
Author Louise Lyndon

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“Devendorf delivers this heart-pounding story with a terror and grace found in classic suspense novels.”

Author Michael Devendorf

Finding love after forty!

Nola & Duke
Author Rachel Lyons

They sold her to pay her father's debts. For Anna, helping her family was priority one. She was not their priority. When is a sacrifice too much?

Young Anna
Author Dr. Sharon Mitchell

An innocent man spends five years in a Moroccan jail while the love of his life is told he is dead. When he discovers the who and why of it all, war breaks out.

Broken Fingers
Author Stephen Coombes

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Enjoy these Free Books for Kindle (limited time offer). These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free Books from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with our new list of freebies for Tuesday. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon.

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Ferrari Brains With Bicycle Brakes

4.7 stars on 11 reviews


A practical guide for parents of children with attention deficit disorders, offering useful tools for healthy and correct management of the disorder.

As parents of children with attention deficit disorders (ADD or ADHD), you are no doubt already familiar with the daily struggles that accompany these disorders: difficulty in educational settings, a sense of failure, low self-esteem, social struggles, and much more.

Along with the difficulties faced by your child, you, the parents, find yourselves in a new and unfamiliar territory, confronted with considerable challenges.

Erez Figlash is an experienced personal coach for children and teens with attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities, and functional and adjustment disorders. Ferrari Brain with Bicycle Brakes is a direct product of Figlash’s work with thousands of patients over the last two decades.

This book is the ultimate guide for any parent wishing to better understand how every facet of their child’s life is affected and influenced by their attention deficit disorder. It offers practical tools for helping parents to minimize these effects and provides answers for important questions such as the following:

  • Which medical and alternative treatments are available today?
  • How and when should children be diagnosed?
  • What are the risks of neglecting treatment of attention deficit disorders?
  • What must I do to keep my child on the right track?

Figlash writes in simple, easy to understand language, and his book’s short chapters make it perfect for parents who suffer themselves from attention disorders and hope to learn how to better lead a life in the shadow of ADD or ADHD.


Slaughter, Idaho

4.3 stars on 19 reviews

Science Fiction

The horror comes every sixteen years…

Slaughter used to exist in Idaho years ago. Something happened to the town, something that caused it to fall a fraction of a second behind the rest of our timeline — and the entire town disappeared.

Andrew knows the rare skill of travel between timelines, but finding a town like Slaughter — unmoored, isolated, drifting in time — is a difficult task, and traveling to it is even harder.

The space between timelines is a hunting ground for strange creatures that feed on meat they find in places like Slaughter. Andrew lands in a town under siege, with residents arguing about how to best prepare for the invaders who arrive every sixteen years.

He meets Helen, who lost her parents in the last attack. The next cycle is due any day, and the town is hunkering down, deploying new defenses. When the creatures arrive on schedule, Andrew and Helen try to repel the attack, but they are overpowered: people are dragged from their homes and rounded up like cattle, then fed while still alive to giant Eaters. It’s a huge farming operation for the invaders, where half the town’s population will be used as food.

The attack usually lasts for days, but this time, the invaders leave suddenly, well before their normal departure, sparing most of the town. The citizens think they’ve been lucky, but Andrew and Helen soon learn the truth: the worst is yet to come.

Can Andrew and Helen convince the town of what they’ve learned? Or will the citizens of Slaughterid ignore them, thinking they dodged a bullet? The political and religious forces within the town all have their own agendas, and Andrew and Helen’s warnings don’t fit nicely with their plans.

When the new terror arrives, they’re completely unprepared…except for the few who listened.

Click here to see all available books by Michael Richan on Amazon.


Roads To Meaning And Resilience With Cancer

4.5 stars on 118 reviews

Self-help, Non-fiction, Inspirational. Devotional

Pursuing a more Purposeful Life? Assimilate stories from 39 patients with incurable Lung Cancer as they share their experiences, hopes, and strengths to find meaning in your life. 

Life is an unfinished project, and similarly, finding meaning is an uncompleted task. But how exactly do we find meaning? How do people find strength? The diagnosis of cancer or other terminal cases create significant adversity. So how do people develop resilience? How do they keep going? These questions had been tackled for centuries by philosophy and religion. So what is there to add?

While there is no such thing as a School of Life Professor, you now have a viable alternative. Morhaf Al Achkar obtained his Ph.D in education and is currently a practicing family physician at the University of Washington. He was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. Since then, his research has focused on the experiences of patients living with cancer. This book is based on interviews he did with 39 patients who live, like him, with advanced illness. He explored how these patients find meaning, cope, and build resilience. Using his own experiences and deep knowledge of philosophical concepts, Morhaf shares his understanding of a meaningful life from the perspective of someone aware of his own finitude. 

Inside Roads to Meaning and Resilience with Cancer™, you will:

  • Confront questions about life, meaning, and your legacy before it is too late 
  • Gain a new perspective on the meaning of living that transcends culture and social status
  • Learn countless coping strategies across various disciplines to build your individual Resilience
  • Acquire a positive and realistic perspective on your life that promotes hope and healing for your body, mind and spirit.
  • And much, much more!

This is a compelling book by an author who is wearing multiple hats — as a doctor, an academic, a lung cancer advocate, and ultimately, a patient himself. Dr. Alachkar’s knowledge-based, yet deeply personal and relateable book will give you a variety of viewpoints on questions like the meaning of life, finding hope in a terminal diagnosis, building resilience, finding or losing one’s faith in a higher power, and much more! From its heartfelt personal accounts of how these strong individuals cope with cancer, to the thought-provoking search for meaning that underlies it all, this book is sure to run you through your complete gamut of emotions. If you seek a greater capacity for empathy or find relief in shared experiences, acceptance of altering realities and changed identities, then you can’t afford to miss this book.


Back Pain Gone!

5.0 stars on 3 reviews

Pain Management, Self-help, Orthopedics

After having read many books on back pain and Inversion Therapy I knew I had to write a better book on Back Pain. Many of the other books on just give you a limited perspective when discussing back pain. The solutions were limited too. There is NOT just one cause of low back pain or back pain in general. There are many causes for back pain, lower back pain and they really did not discuss all the possible complications like if you have a disc herniation, muscle spasms, failed back surgery, scoliosis, chronic back pain etc. The solutions were also quite limited.

After having successfully treated over 10,000 patients with back pain for 30 years I knew it was time to write The Complete Guide To Getting Rid of Back Pain and teach people how to avoid dangerous addicting pain pills, costly and risky spine surgeries that often times left people worse off than before the surgery or be told they would have to learn to live with the pain.

This book has been a labor of Love and Passion which took 15 years to write and re-write but really took 30 years in the making. I Love what I do and I love helping those people that are in pain and suffering. I truly believe this could the the answer you’ve been praying for.

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4.8 stars on 25 reviews


Regular price $4.99. 

The Washington Post called her “A DIY furniture maven” when she built her small, women-owned business. However, the world was much bleaker as a young girl growing up emotionally and physically starving.

Like Tara Westover in her memoir, Educated, Christen was also caught in the confines of her upbringing. She grew up under the rule of an emotionally absent and critical mother, attended a cult-like evangelical church that practiced exorcisms and went to a school that publicly punished kids with paddling, duct-taping their mouths closed and tying children to their desks with rope.


Before We Die Young Books One – Five

4.6 stars on 15 reviews

Young Adult. Urban Fantasy.

Regular price $9.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 6 of 6: Before We Die Young

‘Wow! Just, wow! Diversity rocks!’ – Readers’ Favorite Book Awards

Coming of Age: Check! // Diverse Characters: Check! // Non-Stop Action & Adventure: Check! Urban Fantasy & African Mysticism: Check! // Award-winning Series: Check!

Two more years of high school, then Jon plans to make his fortune in banking and the law, while Luna expects to teach at her orphan Mission. Different upbringings. Different cultures. Destined never to meet.

But when evil sweeps across the African Savanna, shattering their lives, they are thrown together and forced into life-defining choices: Love or revenge? Trust the real or the magical? Kill or be killed?

And the story of those choices still echoes across the Great Plains of Africa today.

The series then sweeps the action from the Monsoon climes of South East Asia, to the high mountains of Alaska, before returning to Africa’s Great Plains once again.

‘Completely unique, completely creative, and completely enthralling’ / Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review

Click here to see all available books in the Before We Die Young series by L.T. Quartermaine on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

What You Did

4.5 stars on 1,757 reviews


Price $0.00

Tea & Comfort

4.4 stars on 569 reviews

Women’s Fiction

Price $0.00

Cloudy With A
Chance Of Witchcraft

4.6 stars on 1,202 reviews

Paranormal Romance

Price $0.00

What Happened to Lori

4.3 stars on 457 reviews


Price $0.00

Betrothed to Her
Highland Enemy

4.5 stars on 362 reviews

Medieval Romance

Price $0.00

A Love Song for Liars

4.5 stars on 1,233 reviews

Rock Star Romance

Price $0.00

A Lack of Motive

4.3 stars on 462 reviews

Legal Thriller

Price $0.00

Untamed Instinct

4.4 stars on 324 reviews

Shifter Romance

Price $0.00


4.4 stars on 298 reviews

TYA Vampire Romance

Price $0.00

The Jefferson Allegiance

4.4 stars on 182 reviews


Price $0.00

Born To Magic

4.5 stars on 588 reviews

Epic Sci-Fi Fantasy

Price $0.00

Hell Hath No Fury

4.4 stars on 285 reviews

Historical Romance

Price $0.00

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