Some fairy tales begin with love at first sight. This is not one of those tales…

How to Win a Duke's Heart
Author Collette Cameron

Cold outside? Warm up with 3 fast-paced thrillers packed with nail-biting suspense, heart-thumping action & a cute baby by award-winning, best-selling author Dina Santorelli

Baby Grand Trilogy, Books 1-3
Author Dina Santorelli

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A village on the coast of Maine holds painful secrets— the kind only the miracle of new love can heal.

Snow Fence Road
Author Phyllis Edgerly Ring

Experience the transformative power of grace in this practical and doable roadmap to lead you from broken to bold. Follow author, Elizabeth Meyers, on her journey from desperate grief and crushing despair to victory over the darkness of mental illness.

Undaunted in Darkness
Author Elizabeth Meyers

If you are stuck in anger and resentment and experiencing with financial difficulties it is time to learn how to let go.

A Conversation With The Sages
Author Sara Ahavah

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Night Raiders

4.4 stars on 14 reviews


Lietuenant General Gadi Eizenkot, former 21st IDF Chief of Staff: “’Night Raiders’ chronicles the background for the reprisal operations and lays out a profound analysis of their contribution to Israel’s security. The book is of incredible historical value, but even more importantly – it is crucial for the present and future commanders of the IDF, who can use it to learn about the spirit, initiative, and expertise of the fighters and commanders of the past.”

In the years following the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, its Jewish citizens suffered from perpetual terror acts courtesy of their Arab neighbors, who infiltrated its borders with the purpose of destroying property and even taking lives.

At first, Israel employed a passive strategy, guarding its borders, observing its enemy, placing ambushes on their path, and holding political discussions about ceasefires. But the attacks did not cease, on the contrary, they multiplied, and the IDF was forced to take an active approach.

This is the fascinating story of the fighters and commanders of Paratrooper Unit 101 of the 890th Battalion, and of 202nd Brigade. The heroic reprisal operations which they carried out over the border between 1953 and 1956 allowed the IDF to give Israel’s citizens relative peace.

The fast-paced descriptions laid out in the book are reminiscent of a true thriller, and it is impossible to put down. It brings to life the unique operational tactics employed by the fighters who would later become legends, among them Ariel Sharon, commander of the 890th Battalion and 11th Prime Minister of Israel.

Uzi Eilam was among the first Israeli paratroopers and served as deputy to Meir Har-Tzion, one of the establishers of the special unit. Eilam was awarded the Medal of Courage for his bravery and resourcefulness during Operation Black Arrow, and in 2002 was awarded the Israel Defense Prize.

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Root and Branch

4.4 stars on 76 reviews


  • “Intelligent and indelible. A shrewdly written tale with a robust cast of characters and a frightening intifada in the U.S.” KIRKUS REVIEWS (Starred Review)
  • “Thriller fans with a taste for politics will devour this exciting investigation into dangerous government overreach and the mangling of civil liberties in a time of crisis.” BOOKLIFE by PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (Editor’s Pick)
  • “Preston Fleming has crafted a brilliant novel…that delves into the question of human rights in the face of governments overstepping their bounds.” PACIFIC BOOK REVIEW (Starred Review)
  • “ROOT AND BRANCH is a powerful book evoking memories of post 9/11… A book to be read and deeply pondered.”
  • “A relentlessly entertaining, sophisticated and intelligent political thriller that is a must-read for fans of Ken Follett, Robert Harris and Daniel Silva.” BESTTHRILLERS.COM

ROOT AND BRANCH is a realistic thriller set in a near-future America where an Islamist-inspired intifada triggers emergency security measures that go terribly wrong.

Roger Zorn, owner of a French private security company, is delighted at having won a lucrative contract with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as part of the government’s new program of emergency security measures. The measures are launched when the U.S. military response to sneak attacks by Iran and Pakistan on America’s electrical grid provokes a wave of Jihadist-inspired violence across the U.S.A.

Zorn’s work for DHS requires him to apply his company’s Triage risk assessment technology to evaluate terrorist suspects captured in the U.S. and sort out the jihadists from nonviolent Muslim residents. But when Zorn’s inquiries lead him to discover that DHS and its lead contractor have been manipulating Triage scores to deport massive numbers of Muslims and is ‘disappearing’ the most violent ones, Zorn faces a choice.

Will he say nothing and sell his company to DHS’s prime contractor before scandal breaks, or will Zorn step up to expose the abuses and risk bringing the full wrath of America’s national security establishment down on his head?

Click here to see all available books by Preston Flemming on Amazon.


Constellation: Battle at the Rim

4.6 stars on 9 reviews

Sci Fi, Space Opera

Book 6 of 6: Trigellian Universe – Warrior Series

He was the highly decorated Battle Commander who won the Slave War. Now he doesn’t fit into their new plans and knows too much. Power hungry bureaucrats want him dead.

They didn’t send enough ships…

The Slave War lasted a thousand years. The Supreme Battle Commander destroyed the enemy with uncanny skill and battlefield ingenuity.

Now, power hungry bureaucrats are afraid that he would interfere with their arrogant pursuit of greed, power and control.

So, they will kill him by sending him on a death mission to the galactic Rim. Only then can they proceed to open the unholy Rift to gain the power they lust.

Sending him on a death mission was easy. Having him die there was not so…

His keen and unconventional battle tactics make it difficult to kill him at every turn. They were fearful of his skill and ability. They had a right to be.

Buckle up and hang on as you journey with General Oman Lim as he overcomes incompetent bureaucrats, fearless adversaries and hidden saboteurs, until the final, heart-wrenching battle when they are attacked by a Dreadnought a hundred times bigger with inconceivable firepower.

Buy it now to ride along and see who really wins and how it ends.

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Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


High-Stakes Cowboy

4.9 stars on 23 reviews

Action & Adventure Romance. Western Contemporary Romantic Suspense. Steamy

Promotional price of only $2.99!

One hatched plan…and a whole lotta romance.

Maya Ray’s just been dumped. Noah Wynton’s just been dumped too. So while their exes bask in their new relationship, what do Maya Ray and Noah do? Hatch a plan, of course.

The checklist:
-Pretend to date.
-Show up everywhere their exes do.
-Get lovey-dovey as often as possible (shouldn’t be too difficult, with this chemistry!)
-Prove they’re over their exes (except things are starting to snowball, and maybe those kisses aren’t so fake after all…)

Maya Ray is convinced the best revenge is proving to her ex that she’s fine. With a plan like this in place, she’s sure to have more than her share of fun too. Now that Noah’s spending so much time with Maya Ray, he’s starting to realize things might not have been perfect with his ex. But how long can they possibly keep up this act? And with a whirlwind romance to fake, who has time for falling in love?

This is where WEST Protection all started! Plus a whole lot of sass and heated moments along the way! 1-click the youngest Wynton brother’s story now!

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The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Monroe Doctrine

4.5 stars on 795 reviews


Price $0.00

Bad Mother’s Diary

4.5 stars on 1,189 reviews

Romantic Comedy

Price $0.00

Noc City

4.6 stars on 320 reviews

Dark Romance

Price $0.00

Mitch Kearns Combat
Tracker Series Boxed Set

4.6 stars on 785 reviews


Price $0.00

Miss Devon’s Choice

4.6 stars on 393 reviews

Regency Romance

Price $0.00

Made for You

4.7 stars on 127 reviews


Price $0.00


4.7 stars on 231 reviews


Price $0.00

Stealing Away the Governess

4.4 stars on 270 reviews

Historical Romance

Price $0.00


4.4 stars on 233 reviews

Paranormal Romance

Price $0.00


4.5 stars on 1,735 reviews

Science Fiction

Price $0.00

The Gaslight Gunslinger

4.3 stars on 328 reviews

Western Adventure

Price $0.00

Love Me Like You Mean It

4.3 stars on 203 reviews

Romantic Comedy

Price $0.00

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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