15 Novellas. One Spin-tingling Collection. Dangerous Pursuits. Can you feel the chill?

Dangerous Pursuits
15 Stories From Today's Most Popular Mystery and Suspense Authors

Mysterious elements hidden in the details always take more time and effort to discover...

The Devil Is In The Details
Author LaKeisha LaKay

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Crazy. Nonsensical. Love. Torn between a childhood sweetheart and a best friend. Both men are hell-bent to have her. Who will she choose?

Chasing Series: Set One
Author Pamela Ann

Maggie Armstrong grew up with tales of border raids, but when her father takes her back four hundred years to his Scottish home, will she find her hero or be caught in a deadly feud?

Thunder On The Moor
Author Andrea Matthews

This book may save a child's life. Learn the warning signs of teen alcohol/drug use. "Powerful, poignant & honest." "A guide that is both informational & gripping" Goodreads Reviews

The Addicted Child
Author Richard Capriola

21 stories that will help you change your perception of life by Dr Suresh Adimulam

Rafting Through The Rapids Of Life!
Author Dr. Suresh Adimulam

Love. Chaos. Pure. Utter. Madness. A story about two orphans who made a pact. Star-crossed lovers both meant to shine. Add a hefty dose of jealousy and betrayal, it’s the ultimate recipe for disaster. Revenge…could it really be the sweetest of sins?

Author Pamela Ann

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Sailing the Gates of Hell

4.6 stars on 16 reviews

Crime Thriller

Book 6 of 7: Detective Pete Nazareth Series

Elissa Bancroft is kidnapped from a luxury cruise ship while sailing Alaska’s Inside Passage. She’s at the mercy of ruthless human traffickers, and the odds of rescuing her grow worse by the minute. Pete Nazareth and Tara Gimble, now working as special agents for U.S. President Roland Armstrong, will do whatever it takes to keep the young woman from joining the ranks of the world’s thirty-five million slaves. This sixth adventure in the series includes war with North Korea, spies in high places, and a close look at the global human-trafficking nightmare.

The six novels can be ready in any order.

Click here to see all available books in the Detective Pete Nazareth Series by R.H. Johnson on Amazon.


Mind Connectivity – Return of the Mind

5.0 stars on 2 reviews

Education Aims & Objectives, Epistemology

“The only knowledge that can make us see the reality and all the existing kinds of knowledge in a new transparent light, is the knowledge of the human mind structure and the way how it connects us to reality.”

In the “Age of Connectivity” there should be no losers, but only winners. For this to happen, we need to make the “Age of Connectivity” to be mostly about upgrading our individual mind structure and improving its connectivity level, and less about artificial connectivity and artificial intelligence development. Although the last two bring economic advantages, their over-development will inevitably create a lot of losers, and more than that, there is a high risk that we would all become losers by losing completely the control of our lives, in favour of artificial intelligence. MIND CONNECTIVITY it is a new concept that presents a new vision over the human mind structure, intended to restore the balance between the human mind’s development and artificial technology development in favor of human mind’s development. It is not too late to return our full attention towards our individual mind structure, and to acknowledge that, upgrading this “magnificent software” that we naturally possess, it is the only viable way that can upgrade humankind’s destiny.

Find more info here www.mindconnectivity.com


The NYC Werewolf Tales, Book Two

3.6 stars on 68 reviews

Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Mythology

Book 2 of 6: NYC Werewolf Tales

Welcome to a world of magic and mystery where a secret society of werewolves have sworn to protect the innocent and fight evil wherever and whenever they can…

A werewolf psychological thriller about facing your demons and accepting yourself as you are.

This series has far more depth than you might assume it does at first glance. On the surface it is the story of a college student who with the help of his girlfriend learns how to handle his supernatural powers and abilities. However, there are many layers to the story and it is full of Greek and Arthurian mythology, paranormal events, ghosts, psychics, psychology and spirituality. Perfect for teen readers and adults who enjoy classic teen books. This is not a steamy romance series.

Tales Two:

A gorgeous, sprawling Victorian ocean estate faces the Atlantic Ocean and holds mysterious relics from centuries ago. It is here that James finally begins to realize the great potential of his amazing supernatural powers.

The tales continue with a series of nerve-racking adventures, including a showdown on a motorcycle.

James’ decision to share his secret with the new friends he gets to know at the beach resort leads to earth-shattering discoveries. Lucy and James enjoy romantic, midnight rendezvous on the beach, despite having to deal with an unexpected dilemma.

The adventure unfolds on the sandy beaches of the Hamptons in Long Island. Sand, surf, sweet summer love & a werewolf adventure like no other.

‘”Readers are kept wondering whether it will all work out…thriller helped along by a wolfman who’s full of surprises” – Kirkus Reviews

Note: (This book is part two in a five book young adult werewolf fantasy fairy tale series and you should read part one first.)

Click here to see all available books in the NYC Werewolf Tales by Bert Murray and Phyllis Fahrie on Amazon.


The NYC Werewolf In Camelot And The Holy Grail

5.0 stars on 1 reviews

Fantasy, Paranormal, Mythology, Young Adult

Book 6 of 6: NYC Werewolf Tales

A story of Good vs. Evil…There is a terrible plague sweeping through Camelot and Merlin believes that finding the Holy Grail will help him to defeat the disease. No one has succeeded in the grail quest for many years. However, Merlin believes that James has the potential to find the Holy Grail because of his compassionate and caring nature. James and Lucy leave Camelot as they strive to fulfill their mission to find the Holy Grail. They enter a deep forest full of magical creatures and evil vampires, witches and zombies; they have many adventures and face dangerous perils as they attempt to complete their quest so that the people of King Arthur’s realm can be healed. Filled with paranormal suspense, werewolf adventure and Arthurian fantasy this is a magical coming-of-age tale you won’t be able to put down.

Click here to see all available books in the NYC Werewolf Tales by Bert Murray and Phyllis Fahrie on Amazon.

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


Anything She Wants: Beginnings

4.5 stars on 9 reviews

Contemporary Romance

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FM/FF/FFMIf beautifully explicit scenes are what you’re looking for in your erotic romance then the deliciously dirty mind of up and coming author MJ LeBlanc is what you’re looking for!

Find the hottest sex mixed throughout a well crafted story and characters that come to life right here in Anything She Wants – Beginnings, sensually crafted by MJ LeBlanc. You’ll be hooked before you know it! This is the PERFECT book for those nights when you don’t really feel like sleeping! Elizabeth’s life has hit rock bottom, but she’s ready for a change. With the help of an estranged childhood friend, Carly, she gets that chance, but Carly’s life turns out to be much more than she ever imagined. Will Elizabeth be able to keep up? When the two meet Ian, the cowboy of any fantasy, they quickly decide to share and spend a wild weekend away. When Carly decides that she wants more and makes them an offer, will she ultimately tear them all apart. Dive into an erotic journey that grows as the story unfolds. Where every erotic scene becomes better than the last, until you can no longer decide which ones have become your favourites. Or which ones will live on in your mind long after the final page.“I could see everything like it was a movie! M.J. LeBlanc has a way of creating a perfect visual! I know exactly what every scene looks like!” K. McIntyre, Editor.“With Carly, M.J. LeBlanc has flipped the stereotypical Cinderella story and I love everything about it!” K. McIntyre, EditorMJ LeBlanc is a Canadian born writer/poet who began to dabble in erotic romance after quickly becoming enrapt with the genre. Writing under this pen name, ‘Anything She Wants – Beginnings’, was crafted.

It’s the first full length erotic romance novel from MJ LeBlanc, with more already in progress! After an overwhelmingly positive response from beta readers, MJ LeBlanc is poised to become a major player in the Erotic Romance genre.“ I worked hard to craft a story based in realism, with scenes that flow naturally, and in exquisite detail. Books should always be better than movies and erotica should be no exception.”

Click here to see all available books by MJ LeBlanc on Amazon.


Winning Wyoming

4.7 stars on 34 reviews

Reverse Harem. Western Romance.

Promotional price of only $2.99!

Book 11 of 11: The Boot Knockers Ranch

An old flame and a strong-willed cowgirl have their sights on one man—Wyoming.

Sex therapist Wyoming is a betting man, but even he wouldn’t lay money on these odds. Running into his old lover one time is coincidence. Twice is bad luck. But five times? Fate is gunning for him—and it’s brought the hot man who haunts Wyoming’s dreams…and a high-spirited cowgirl to further tempt him.

Sportscaster Rome Ramiro lives the celebrity existence of sports events and parties, and his new relationship with the caring and stunning rancher’s daughter Cecily is scorching. But when he keeps crossing paths with Wyoming, the cowboy stud from the sex ranch Rome used to frequent, he realizes something is missing in his life.

Cecily isn’t sure what’s stopping her from saying yes to Rome’s marriage proposal. Until he unexpectedly meets Wyoming, and she sees he isn’t complete without the cowboy.

Rome and Cecily set their sights on the same man, but with three hearts on the line, there’s a lot more at stake. One thing’s for sure, though—it’s bound to be a wild ride on the way.

Warning: Action and adventure meets heart-tugging romance. But this is Boot Knockers, people! Keep your batteries handy—and a box of tissues too, because hard men showing their soft sides to the woman they share will bring all the feels.

Click here to see all available books in The Boot Knockers Ranch series by Em Petrova on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Bad Luck Charlie

4.5 stars on 524 reviews

Science Fiction

Price $0.00

The Assassin’s Trail

4.7 stars on 274 reviews


Price $0.00

Beautiful Risk

4.7 stars on 406 reviews

Romantic Suspense

Price $0.00

Star Watch

4.4 stars on 326 reviews

Science Fiction

Price $0.00

Meet Clara Morgan

4.6 stars on 218 reviews

Romantic Comedy

Price $0.00

Return to You

4.4 stars on 484 reviews


Price $0.00

The Long Cold Winter

4.3 stars on 1,015 reviews


Price $0.00

The Lie

4.6 stars on 221 reviews


Price $0.00

Boardwalk Beginnings

4.4 stars on 224 reviews

Women’s Fiction

Price $0.00

Generation Dead

4.7 stars on 113 reviews

Zombie Apocalypse

Price $0.00

The Sea Wolf

4.4 stars on 683 reviews

Historical Adventure

Price $0.00

Sweet Mercy

4.3 stars on 477 reviews

Dark Steamy Romance

Price $0.00

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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