15 Novellas. One Spin-tingling Collection. Dangerous Pursuits. Can you feel the chill?

Dangerous Pursuits
15 Stories From Today's Most Popular Mystery and Suspense Authors

Mysterious elements hidden in the details always take more time and effort to discover...

The Devil Is In The Details
Author LaKeisha LaKay

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Crazy. Nonsensical. Love. Torn between a childhood sweetheart and a best friend. Both men are hell-bent to have her. Who will she choose?

Chasing Series: Set One
Author Pamela Ann

Maggie Armstrong grew up with tales of border raids, but when her father takes her back four hundred years to his Scottish home, will she find her hero or be caught in a deadly feud?

Thunder On The Moor
Author Andrea Matthews

This book may save a child's life. Learn the warning signs of teen alcohol/drug use. "Powerful, poignant & honest." "A guide that is both informational & gripping" Goodreads Reviews

The Addicted Child
Author Richard Capriola

21 stories that will help you change your perception of life by Dr Suresh Adimulam

Rafting Through The Rapids Of Life!
Author Dr. Suresh Adimulam

Love. Chaos. Pure. Utter. Madness. A story about two orphans who made a pact. Star-crossed lovers both meant to shine. Add a hefty dose of jealousy and betrayal, it’s the ultimate recipe for disaster. Revenge…could it really be the sweetest of sins?

Author Pamela Ann

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The Beautiful Addiction

4.8 stars on 11 reviews


Book 4 of 4: Younger Than Ever

It’s never too late to make dreams come true – even at the age of 70.

At the age of 68 Dr. Zeev Gilkis, a cancer survivor, decided to gift himself an unusual present for his 70th birthday – to run his first full marathon.

In his previous book “Running Back in Time” the author, writing at the time at age 69, told the story of the first half of his journey. Beginning with two injuries and 5 km runs and ending with achieving his interim goal of running a half-marathon.

“The Beautiful Addiction” relates the second part of his journey, through which Zeev gradually increases the distance of his runs from 21km to 42km while sharing his thoughts about life and becoming ageless, all the way to the surprising ending.

This book is about making dreams come true, setting ambitious goals, persistence, performance, achievement, and joy. There is also some life philosophy and of course, a lot of running.

Read and discover that you too can realize your dreams!

Click here to see all available books in the Younger Than Ever series by Dr. Zeev Gilkis on Amazon.


Bombs, Bullets, and Bribes

4.6 stars on 155 reviews

Non-Fiction, True Crime

A 2020 International Book Awards True Crime Award Finalist!

From the author of To Kill the Irishman, basis for the film Kill the Irishman, here is Alex “Shondor” Birns—Public Enemy Number One, friend of powerful Jewish and Italian mobsters, and trusted partner of black gambling racketeers. He went toe-to-toe against relentless challenges —the cops wanted him in prison, immigration officials wanted him deported, and the IRS wanted his nightclub, car, and cash. Black gangsters wanted the old white man out of the numbers racket, and rogue underlings wanted to kill the king. One protégé in particular had Birns on the ropes in a high-finance mystery stretching from the US to Israel, and Canada to Cuba. Then along came Ellie, a second grade schoolteacher thirty-three years his junior. She was an unlikely paramour and ally, but clearly smitten with Shon. For half a century, the charismatic hood beat the odds, cultivating allies high and low, including ambitious reporters whose careers he helped build via blazing front-page coverage.

Combine the name Shondor Birns with stories of bribes, bullets, and bombs, and it sold newspapers. It was this notoriety that Shondor embraced through the decades as his turbulent story was memorialized. Until, that is, it reached a shocking crescendo. “Just the right blend of high drama, criminal introspection and biography… Compelling reading with a lively tone.” — Midwest Book Review.

Click here to see all available books by Rick Porrello on Amazon.


A Crocodile in the Sea of Galilee

4.6 stars on 6 reviews


Book 1 of 6: so scary

Crocodiles don’t live in the Sea of Galilee, there’s no reason to be scared… or is there?

Roy’s parents have taken him and his sister on a family camping trip to the Sea of Galilee, but Roy is scared to death – there are rumors about a giant crocodile that lives in this lake. They keep telling him there are no crocodiles in the Sea of Galilee, but every time he is tempted to enter, something moves beneath the water. Could it be that there really is a crocodile, and it isn’t just Roy’s imagination?

Accompanied by lovely illustrations, “A Crocodile in the Sea of Galilee” is a wonderful book for young children who read by themselves and like a little dose of fear in their books.

Click here to see all available books in the so scary series by Liora Carmeli on Amazon.


Restaurant Strong

Restaurant & food industry, Service industry, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Restaurant business, Restaurant marketing

Restaurant Strong answer this question: “What have our restaurant leaders uncovered that can help other restaurants to become financially powerful and impactful businesses?”

Backed by a decade of research into 100+ of the world’s most powerful restaurant brands, Restaurant Strong uncovers 100 long-elusive, universal insights to outperformance that underpin who rises to the top and who ultimately falters in the restaurant business. Restaurant Strong answers such essential questions as: What is the greatest challenge of any restaurant that most never even identify (meaning they are fighting the wrong battle)? What is the true growth model of restaurants (that most never understand, resulting in far less growth than they have a potential for)? And, how does any restaurant under any conditions resolve their labor challenges (so they can serve to their highest levels of revenue and earnings, and make operating life easier)? Supported by restaurant leader case studies and easy-to-follow narrative, Restaurant Strong is a road map to achieving your highest potential and its lessons apply to restaurants large and small in every corner of our planet.

Restaurant Strong acts as that class we all missed on how to build a financially powerful, impactful restaurant business and is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for you to learn how to change the trajectory of the restaurant business you own or help manage.

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


New Orleans Dangerous

4.5 stars on 63 reviews

Paranormal Mystery

Regular price $5.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 8 of 9: French Quarter Mystery

Some say vampires came to America through New Orleans. Many believe they are still there.

When French Quarter private investigator Wyatt Thomas is hired by the Greater Archdiocese of New Orleans to investigate a possible satanic ceremony that may have occurred at the Old Ursuline Convent, he soon learns that more is involved than Satan, The platform where the ceremony allegedly occurred is possibly a satanic altar placed in the convent by a secret society for the specific purpose of devil worship. The Order of the Blood, an offshoot of Freemasonry, has a centuries-old secret guarded by codes, old French ciphers and a web of deceit.

The bizarre case takes Wyatt to a vampire club in the French Quarter, the home of a real vampire, and leads to a magical encounter with a beautiful ghost who resides in the convent. Clues lead back to the reign of France’s Louis XIV, the Sun King. Was Louis XIV responsible for bringing vampires to France from Bavaria in a quest for immortality? Was his grandson, Louis, Le Petit Dauphin, the first French vampire. Wyatt must learn the answers and do so quickly, or have his bones end up in a musty coffin on the forbidden third floor of the Old Ursuline Convent.

Click here to see all available books in the French Quarter Mystery series by Eric Wilder on Amazon.


The Problem with Uncle Teddy’s Memoir

4.3 stars on 10 reviews

Science Fiction

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Regular price $2.99. On sale for $1.99!

Book 1 of 3: The Aleronde Trilogy

“I write at a distance, of course. How far? How far?”

Teddy’s tales of a cruel alien empire and the city of Aleronde plunge two friends into a mystery.

By sending his Uncle Teddy’s memoir to publisher Curt Bookman, Theo Kingman stirs up puzzling memories—memories Curt has shared with no one.

Can Aleronde be real? If so, Earth is in danger from its massive space fleet.

Can Curt acknowledge the past and save Earth’s future?

Letters, emails, and office notes surround the pages of Uncle Teddy’s manuscript to build a tale of empire, slavery, and betrayal in this first book of The Aleronde Trilogy.

The trilogy continues with Saint John’s Ambulatory and concludes in Aleronde the Great.

“This witty experiment follows the correspondence surrounding an enigmatic manuscript. Deftly balancing the manners of the modern world with the towering revelations of great science fiction, Ed Charlton’s novel is an adventure for the mind and serious fun!” Jason Ronstadt – The Odd Way Home

Click here to see all available books in The Aleronde Trilogy by Ed Charlton on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

No Safe Place

4.2 stars on 452 reviews


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Dog Love

4.6 stars on 341 reviews

Inspirational Stories

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The Gifting

4.5 stars 1,087 reviews

Paranormal Romance

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Save The Girls

4.4 stars on 411 reviews

Spy Thriller

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The Extra

4.2 stars on 379 reviews

Women’s Humor

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White Knight

4.3 stars on 471 reviews

Christian Romance

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Save The Girls

4.4 stars on 411 reviews

Spy Thriller

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Running After

A Heartbreaker

4.5 stars on 340 reviews

Romantic Comedy

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The Captain’s Confidant

4.5 stars on 386 reviews

Regency Romance

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Edge of Magic

4.3 stars on 689 reviews

Urban Fantasy

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Sweet Tea &

Second Chance

4.4 stars on 233 reviews

Romantic Comedy

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Highlander’s Fate

4.5 stars on 287 reviews

Historical Romance

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