15 Novellas. One Spin-tingling Collection. Dangerous Pursuits. Can you feel the chill?

Dangerous Pursuits
15 Stories From Today's Most Popular Mystery and Suspense Authors

Mysterious elements hidden in the details always take more time and effort to discover...

The Devil Is In The Details
Author LaKeisha LaKay

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Crazy. Nonsensical. Love. Torn between a childhood sweetheart and a best friend. Both men are hell-bent to have her. Who will she choose?

Chasing Series: Set One
Author Pamela Ann

Maggie Armstrong grew up with tales of border raids, but when her father takes her back four hundred years to his Scottish home, will she find her hero or be caught in a deadly feud?

Thunder On The Moor
Author Andrea Matthews

This book may save a child's life. Learn the warning signs of teen alcohol/drug use. "Powerful, poignant & honest." "A guide that is both informational & gripping" Goodreads Reviews

The Addicted Child
Author Richard Capriola

21 stories that will help you change your perception of life by Dr Suresh Adimulam

Rafting Through The Rapids Of Life!
Author Dr. Suresh Adimulam

Love. Chaos. Pure. Utter. Madness. A story about two orphans who made a pact. Star-crossed lovers both meant to shine. Add a hefty dose of jealousy and betrayal, it’s the ultimate recipe for disaster. Revenge…could it really be the sweetest of sins?

Author Pamela Ann

New Book Releases for September

We are highlighting two exciting New Book Releases for September 2021 from our New Book Releases List (click to see all the new releases). If you are looking for something new to read this is a great place to start.

Irresistible Hot Single Daddies

Contemporary Steamy & Semi Sweet Romance

What Woman Can Resist A Sexy Single Dad Caring For His Child?

EIGHT New York Times and USA Today Bestselling, Award-Winning Authors present you with a collection of BRAND-NEW, NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED STEAMY STORIES featuring IRRESISTIBLE SINGLE DADS, ALL LOOKING FOR LOVE…

TWO HEARTS’ ASSAULT By Tamara Ferguson, USA Today Bestselling Author; A brutal assault left Emilie Laurent’s spirit broken years earlier, but she’s had to move forward. Air Force Lieutenant Gray Broussard has returned from Afghanistan and is ready to fight for custody of his son. Can they join forces and confront their demons together?

FOREVER MINE By Natalie Ann, USA Today Bestselling Author; Will broken hearts and promises hold these two lovers back from finding their second chance?

SHE BELONGS TO ME By Suzanne Jenkins, USA Today Bestselling Author; When former physics teacher/lifeguard Adam Spencer shows up with his baby at the daycare center where she works, Kate discovers she wants to be more than his babysitter.

FIGHTING FOR BAILEY By Cynthia Cooke, USA Today Bestselling Author; A Single Dad must fight with all he has to keep his newborn daughter even if it means accepting help from the woman who broke his heart and left him.

CAUGHT IN YOUR BLAZE By Alicia Street, USA Today Bestselling Author; Jordan West thought he had everything he wanted as a host of exotic adventures around the world for the wealthy. But when an unexpected family is handed over to him after his brother’s death, Jordan discovers that raising his niece and nephew is an adventure in itself. As if becoming an instant parent wasn’t enough to deal with, after catching more than the eye of the dance teacher who’s like a second mother to his niece—he’s knocked totally off balance!

HE HAS A BABY By Stephanie Queen, USA Today Bestselling Author; After his baby girl’s mother deserts them both for a modeling career, does he dare take a chance on another flight risk?

HEALING PLANS By Mona Risk, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author; A widowed surgeon, with two adopted minority, small kids discovers that love and passion can work miracles when he meets a lovely surgeon dedicated to her career.

YOUNG LOVE STRIKES TWICE By Mimi Barbour, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author; His son makes the same mistake he did at the exact young age and now there’s a new baby to bring up.

Lafonda and Leo Heroes of the Land

Middle-grade Fantasy, Children’s Fantasy


Young Leo the glow gnome is on a quest: to become the world’s greatest hero, but when an evil troll threatens to eat him, Leo receives more than he bargained for.
Meanwhile, Lafonda the hootling stands in line for the crown, and an evil witch rises to power. Things continue to go south when Lafonda is turned into an ostrich, cursed to only speak in rhyme.
Only together can Lafonda and Leo rise to the challenge as heroes. For in three days, the troll will hunt, and the witch’s powers will soar to unstoppable heights.
Can they save their home in time?

Warning: this book contains copious amounts of glow-in-the-dark belly buttons, sugar goblins, extra undies, and contagious amounts of fun. Consult your nearest werewolf if laughter persists longer than eight hours. No boogies were harmed in the making of this ballad.

Find out more in this family adventure, Lafonda and Leo Heroes of the Land!

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