Some fairy tales begin with love at first sight. This is not one of those tales…

How to Win a Duke's Heart
Author Collette Cameron

Cold outside? Warm up with 3 fast-paced thrillers packed with nail-biting suspense, heart-thumping action & a cute baby by award-winning, best-selling author Dina Santorelli

Baby Grand Trilogy, Books 1-3
Author Dina Santorelli

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A village on the coast of Maine holds painful secrets— the kind only the miracle of new love can heal.

Snow Fence Road
Author Phyllis Edgerly Ring

Experience the transformative power of grace in this practical and doable roadmap to lead you from broken to bold. Follow author, Elizabeth Meyers, on her journey from desperate grief and crushing despair to victory over the darkness of mental illness.

Undaunted in Darkness
Author Elizabeth Meyers

If you are stuck in anger and resentment and experiencing with financial difficulties it is time to learn how to let go.

A Conversation With The Sages
Author Sara Ahavah

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Going Deeper Series Complete, Books 1-6

Self Help. Personal Growth. Spiritual Growth

Learn to release the things that keep you stuck!

Sometimes, something from our past can keep us frozen in place, preventing us from reaching our goals or moving forward to the life of our dreams. Is something keeping you stuck? You can learn to release it!

5 Star Review – Learned so much! Chariss did a wonderful job with teaching the basics of muscle testing and releasing. Reading this book helped me see areas in my life that were (and some that still are) blocked and ways to open them up again. I have a lot of homework to do after reading this book but I’m excited for the journey. Thank you so much!” — Brook

Award-winning author, Chariss K. Walker, M.Msc. and Reiki Master/Teacher has combined all six books of the Going Deeper Series into one download. This color-illustrated complete series includes:

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Releasing Trapped Emotions, Book 1
  • Releasing Chakra Trapped Emotions, Book 2
  • Release Common Disease Trapped Emotions, Book 3
  • Release Hindrances to Success, Book 4
  • Release Body System Trapped Emotions, Book 5
  • Release Mental Blocks, Book 6.
  • And a special bonus, Tips & Tricks for Advanced Students. If you desire to get rid of your old baggage and painful issues from the past and will put in the work to do it, this is the book for you.

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4.9 stars on 16 reviews

Middle Grade

Promotional price of only $0.99!

When school bullies go too far, some students snap!

Lester Lopkins is a below-average kid who wants to be noticed for something other than the best target for bullies. His only possibility for fame is to become the chess champion of the school.

But on the day before the big chess match, Austin, the school’s number one bully, stuffs Lester in his locker. Something happens to the claustrophobic Lester during his time in his locker, and he gains the power to snap his fingers and stop time.

At first, Lester uses his power in bad ways. It also causes problems between him and his best friend, Peter, and the only girl who likes him, Nellie. But then Lester discovers that Austin is selling drugs. He teams up with Nellie and Peter to get back at Austin and to expose him for selling drugs.

Lester finds himself in danger and trapped with Peter, Nellie, and Austin by the drug dealers. Not even Lester’s power alone can save them; he has to get help from Austin. But will he help? And will it be enough to save them all?


Charm Me

4.7 stars on 17 reviews

Romantic Comedy, New Adult, Contemporary Romance

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Book 4 of 5: An After-Hours Affair

One kiss and I’m on fire.

No woman ever got under my skin … until her.

No matter what I promised her, I can’t resist coming back for another taste.

♥ ♥ ♥

I’m in the city for business and nothing more.

But when the sweetest little treat falls into my lap, business is the last thing on my mind.

There’s only one problem.

I didn’t ask her name before I left her alone in the back of a cab.

♥ ♥ ♥

Wyatt’s so hot, he makes the devil sweat.

His gravelly voice makes me shudder.

And his heated stare pushes all the right buttons.

One kiss and I’m lost in him.

♥ ♥ ♥

Inappropriate flirting and cheesy pickup lines are how I talk to hot men. And they typically find me funny and cute.

Except when that man is Wyatt Strong, the hottest cowboy this side of the equator.

And my potential new client.

I can’t believe I fell onto his lap and embarrassed myself like that.

When he sees me tomorrow morning, I’m screwed.

I have less than twelve hours to change my appearance or I might lose the one opportunity that could make my career.

♥ ♥ ♥

When Wyatt insist Zoe show him around one of the farms she helped escape from financial ruin, she has no choice but to say yes if she wants the promotion she’s been working toward. When things heat up between them, the lines between business and pleasure blur.  

Charm Me is a hot and steamy STANDALONE romance filled with lust, language, and love with a HEA ending!

Click here to see all available books in the An After-Hours Affair series by Aria Bliss on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

A Kingdom’s Cost

4.2 stars 1,125 reviews

Historical Fiction

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Accidentally Married

4.6 stars on 992 reviews

Romantic Comedy

Price $0.00

Her Husband’s Harlot

4.1 stars on 942 reviews

Regency Romance

Price $0.00

Knitted and Knifed

4.5 stars on 452 reviews

Cozy Mystery

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Four Play

4.5 stars on 394 reviews


Price $0.00

Heaven In His Arms

4.2 stars on 674 reviews

Historical Romance

Price $0.00

Daughter of War

4.3 stars on 826 reviews

Historical Fiction

Price $0.00

A Duke for

the Holidays

4.3 stars on 371 reviews

Holiday Romance

Price $0.00

A Merchant’s

Extraordinary Lady

4.4 stars on 189 reviews

Regency Romance

Price $0.00

Bad Luck Charlie

4.5 stars on 559 reviews

Sci-Fi Fantasy

Price $0.00

Beast in the Cage

4.2 stars on 252 reviews

Sci-Fi Romance

Price $0.00

Manic Monday

4.6 stars on 219 reviews


Price $0.00

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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