Could the Highlander be more dangerous than a poisoned gown?

The Highlander & The Queen’s Sacrifice
Author Heather McCollum

Sometimes the best revenge is to thrive…

A Scot to Have and to Hold
Author Maeve Greyson

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Not all storms cause destruction and chaos. Some make new paths...

The Fury of a Storme
Author Sandra Sookoo

She was a Diamond with a few very tiny flaws—and the desire to be good. He was a rogue with the sense to reform—and to help her to be bad.

Lady, Behave
Author Cerise Deland

A little pleasure is a dangerous thing…

The Devil and the Viscount
Author Mary Lancaster

Could she ever trust him after he broke her heart? Will he pick her over his loyalty to the Templar Knights? Can they find the love they once shared?

Author Laurel O'Donnell

A Baffled Lord and a Bolting Lady! Six highly placed matrons mourn their lack of daughters until they devise a scheme to launch eligible girls in need of assistance, and so The Society of Sponsoring Ladies is born.

The Sprinter
Author Kate Archer

A story of hope and overcoming family dysfunction. Mark's anger causes him to make bad decisions. When he discovers his ability to write, he discovers his true self.

My Canvas Bag
Author Lucas Kinkaid

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Flight to Bern Village: Vastus

4.1 stars on 28 reviews

Science Fantasy

Book 1 of 3: Vastus

While a war rages in space, a revolutionary group of humans, shapeshifters, and telepaths gather to prove their races can live together in peace. They believe in peace enough to erase their memories and begin a primitive city on a secluded planet, Vastus.

Generations later, conflicts on Vastus force people to flee their city. Meanwhile, a few Peace Bringers arrive on a broken-down space station to observe the inhabitants on Vastus. What they see is anything but encouraging, and they must deal with problems of their own. Vastus Station is falling apart, and the relationships between the occupants are equally precarious.

Click here to see all available books in the Vastus series by Jaron Osiar on Amazon.


I’mperfect as I Am

5.0 stars on 13 reviews

Stress Management, Self-Help, Motivational Self-Help, Motivation, Stress Management Self-Help, Mind Body & Spirit, Personal Transformation

I’mperfect as I am takes you on a journey of personal transformation to help you break free from the prison of the paralyzing fear, exhausting stress and futile coping skill of perfectionism and its partner in crime procrastination.

Sharing candidly her own personal transformational journey of imposter syndrome and internal struggles Wendy Firmin-Price gives you the key to free yourself to a whole level of self-love, self acceptance and self-confidence that is not co-dependent on external validation. Here you find true perfection in the imperfection. There lies peace, joy and excellence.


Property Quadrants

5.0 stars on 4 reviews

Real Estate Investments, Real Estate, Business & Investing, Buying & Selling Homes, Entrepreneurship, Business, Passive Income, Financial Freedom

Property Quadrants It is a concept I was inspired to create in relation to property investing after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s “Why the rich are getting richer” book that explains his cash flow quadrants. Property Quadrants examines the four ways that real estate investing works and takes the reader through real life stories of how I have helped people turn their lives around using the formulas outlined in the quadrants. The real life examples also list all the numbers on passive income portfolios and explain how to get there.

My inspiration is around shedding the shackles of stress and struggle. I have made millions, lost millions and had to start all over again with nothing. My path back to making millions after experiencing the struggle of loss, has inspired me to write this book in order to show people how to secure their financial future through real estate.

The way I see it is that property is either your biggest cost making you cash poor or your biggest asset making your cash rich. Property Quadrants shows how anyone, no matter where they are starting from, can use property to become cash rich and help others do the same.

Quadrants one and two explain cash poor property, how making an emotional purchase means that you have to pay your mortgage or mortgages out of your wages. Effectively this leads the majority of people to being cash poor and living a life of struggle. That is why 80% of investors only have one investment property.

Quadrants three and four explain cash rich property. Quadrant 3 demonstrates how to work with property to make active income. As well as lump sums of cash to buy the lifestyle you want and get the deposit for investment property.

Quadrant four outlines my formula to buy passive income property. Once you have passive income, you secure your future as you no longer rely on a job and you can pay your family home off quicker and buy those quadrant two properties without draining your pockets.


Estate Sales Made Easy

4.1 stars on 47 reviews

Estates & Trusts Law, Real Estate Law, Law, Business & Investing, Buying & Selling Homes, Women & Business, Business

An expert shares everything you need to know about running a successful estate sale, guiding you through the entire process with sensitivity and a refreshing matter-of-factness

From first client contact to signed contract, and from setup to day-of-sale to takedown, Victoria Gray—an experienced estate sales manager and founder of Estate Sales by Victoria—guides you through what it takes to run a successful estate sale. With a thorough exploration of the legal, financial, familial, and business issues, Gray lays out the nuts and bolts of an estate sale with sensitivity to emotions that might arise during the process. Gray also delves into the spiritual energy that she has sensed in different houses throughout her twenty-seven years in the business.

With insightful tips and an easy-to-follow process, you will be equipped to:

• Set up appointments with potential clients seeking an estate sale manager
• Create a contract for the sale
• Set up the sale, including pricing and arranging items for maximal efficiency and profit
• Manage the sale, from client to customer
• Take down the sale and distribute the proceeds
• Build your customer base and keep it

Gray’s efficient, no-nonsense advice will help you to tackle your first estate sale with little fuss and a full sense of preparation. Whether you want to establish your own estate sales business or conduct an estate sale for a loved one, this guide provides everything you need to know from an experienced manager who has seen it all.

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


Corporate Connection

Contemporary romance, New Adult romance, Office romance, Forbidden romance, Second Chance romance

Regular price $4.99. On sale for $0.99!

There was only one partner position available at our law firm.
And I was never going to let him win without a fight.

Unless… he won my heart first.
I’ve got to tell you; he came really close.
He had my heart when he held me close, vowing to never let me go.
He had it when I fell into his bed.
And then he had it when he said those three words.

But I had to face reality at some point.
We were in a deep, deep problem.
Our relationship was forbidden, completely off-limits, and wrong.
Heck, I couldn’t even make up my mind about whether I loved him or hated him.

The mess was real.
The rivalry was real.
But there was something that was even more troublesome.
The pregnancy test that came back positive.

Could an unborn baby convince us to stop being enemies and fight the world so we can be a family?

Click here to see all available books by Lydia Hall on Amazon.

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Dead Reckoning

4.5 stars on 981 reviews


Price $0.00

Habit Stacking

4.3 stars on 490 reviews

How To. Advice.

Price $0.00


4.4 stars on 904 reviews

Military Romance

Price $0.00

A Body on

Fitzgerald’s Bluff

4.1 stars 1,129 reviews

Cozy Mystery

Price $0.00

Come Undone

4.2 stars on 435 reviews


Price $0.00

At Last

4.4 stars on 515 reviews


Price $0.00

The Finch Trilogy

4.4 stars on 823 reviews

Mystery Thriller

Price $0.00


Cowboy Romance

4.6 stars on 275 reviews

Price $0.00


4.6 stars on 335 reviews

Dark Romance

Price $0.00

Your Son Is Alive

4.4 stars on 531 reviews


Price $0.00

4 Ranchers’ Bride

4.4 stars on 356 reviews

Harem Romance

Price $0.00

Love and Skate

4.4 stars on 176 reviews

Sports Romance

Price $0.00

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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