Not all storms cause destruction and chaos. Some make new paths...

The Fury of a Storme
Author Sandra Sookoo

She was a Diamond with a few very tiny flaws—and the desire to be good. He was a rogue with the sense to reform—and to help her to be bad.

Lady, Behave
Author Cerise Deland

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A little pleasure is a dangerous thing…

The Devil and the Viscount
Author Mary Lancaster

Could she ever trust him after he broke her heart? Will he pick her over his loyalty to the Templar Knights? Can they find the love they once shared?

Author Laurel O'Donnell

A Baffled Lord and a Bolting Lady! Six highly placed matrons mourn their lack of daughters until they devise a scheme to launch eligible girls in need of assistance, and so The Society of Sponsoring Ladies is born.

The Sprinter
Author Kate Archer

A story of hope and overcoming family dysfunction. Mark's anger causes him to make bad decisions. When he discovers his ability to write, he discovers his true self.

My Canvas Bag
Author Lucas Kinkaid

In the process of near-drowning, Angelica time travels to California’s Gold Rush of 1848. She is rescued by a handsome Frenchman, only to find he is shackled with a family curse.

The Shape-Shifter's Wife
Author Carolyn Radmanovich

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4.4 stars on 324 reviews

Romantic Suspense

Book 1 of 6: Her Sweet Revenge Series

A virgin librarian with hot-chick potential, the conflicts in her story won’t let you put the book down. Be prepared for an all-nighter…

She watches the mob kill her twin and is too frozen with fear to stop them. How can she live with that cowardice eating away at her self-respect? Revenge claws at her sheltered existence until she can’t breathe. Though she’s naïve, she isn’t stupid. When she finds a stash of loot in her brother’s gym locker, she has the means.

Now all she needs is the guts to make every one of those low-life gang members pay.

People might think detectives are hard-assed cops with no home life, but Trace McGuire has a dying mom he loves fiercely. Already stressed over his personal problems, he takes a bullet for a virgin beauty hiding while mobsters shoot her brother.

This chick draws out every protective instinct he thought had disintegrated over years on the job and he becomes invested – in her hot body, her plans for retaliation and her fighting spirit.

Helpless, he watches her enter the seedy underworld that’ll eat her alive.

Then he sees her fight.

And wonders if they’ll survive her.

Click here to see all available books in the Her Sweet Revenge Series by Mimi Barbour on Amazon.


Love Made Visible

Self Help


Love Made Visible is especially for you if:

◆  Your relationship has lost its spark?
◆  Your relationship is hanging by a thread, and you want to try something simple and practical to turn it around?
◆  Your relationship is good, but you want to improve it even more?
◆  Or you are reuniting and want to do it better this time around.

It’s no secret that most relationships struggle to maintain the love, passion, and connection they once had with their partner.  Most couples either give up and walk away or stay and desperately hope for some relationship help.

Losing love, passion and connection is NOT a normal part of a love relationship.   In fact … love, passion and connection can last a life time.  All you need to do is transcend the common misunderstanding of what a love connection really is.
If you desire to be ‘in love’ once again, be more connected, be seen and heard by your partner and loved for who you really are … without sacrificing your truth …

Then this will be the most love changing book you’ll ever read!

‘Love Made Visible’ will reveal the key to reviving and rekindling your relationship (that almost no couple ever realise or practice).   If you are looking for the best relationship help for couples, this is it!

Once you read ‘Love Made Visible’ you will understand what it really means to love and be loved without the usual struggles that most couples experience.

Imagine your love life shifting from ordinary (no time and no connection) to extraordinary where you and your partner co-create your ultimate relationship.

‘Love Made Visible’ will reveal:
♥  The common ways that people love and relate but only one will lead them to their ultimate love relationship.
♥  The essential keys to building a strong foundation that supports a love relationship for a lifetime.
♥  How conscious communication is a powerful way to transform any relationship no matter how long a couple have been together.
♥  Why self-love is a prerequisite to having happiness and fulfillment in any relationship
♥  The little things that make a big difference in any love relationship.
♥  Why a healthy relationship mindset has everything to do with making love last even for a lifetime.
♥  The one thing that leads to a deeper love connection the longer a couple are together.
♥  Why most couples struggle to keep the love and passion alive and how easy it is to turn this around.
♥  How to supercharge love and connection with the power of ritual.
♥  How to create an unshakeable relationship that continues to strengthen even through the most challenging times.

“This book should be essential reading for all couples. The authors share their experiences in creating a relationship that transcends our usual understanding of love and connection. They share the secrets of building a strong relational foundation moving it to extraordinary levels.”  Dr Ross K Dowling AM

“Filled with tangible and useful suggestions for connection rituals and self-love reminders and written from a space of gentle guidance, this book reveals that it’s the little things that can sustain love partnerships through uncertain times.” Melia Naughton

If you want to revive and rekindle the love you once had and build an unshakable connection, Love Made Visible is the perfect guide.


Narrow Podcasting

5.0 stars on 3 reviews

Podcasting & Webcasting, Tech Culture & Computer Literacy, Computers & Technology, Podcasts & Webcasts, Internet & Social Media, Social Media

Throughout the pandemic period, podcasts exploded in popularity. So you’re right to think about creating one yourself.

But most of these shows are either pure entertainment or vanity projects. Narrow Podcasting shows you how to run a podcast that actually grows your business. By focusing on not the quantity of listeners, but the quality of the relationships you build.

There’s a lot of nonsense on the internet. But one of the most pervasive myths around podcasts is that you need paid ads, sponsorship, or hundreds of listeners to make them successful. Not only is that not true, but most people’s idea of success is actually just fame. If you’re anything like me, maybe you’d prefer to grow a wildly profitable business without having to “put yourself out there.” In this book, I’ll show you how you can get “in there” with the right people and leave them wanting more.



Energy Healing, Alternative Medicine, Health, Fitness & Dieting, New Age Mental & Spiritual Healing, New Age Religion & Spirituality, Religion & Spirituality, New Age, Mind Body & Spirit


Your beliefs, conscious or unconscious, can either help or hinder you from living the life you really want and deserve. Tollerra offers a unique and accessible approach to deeply heal, get unstuck, and find clarity and fulfillment.

The Success Triad of Tollerra brings together 3 important elements of the Tollerra approach: Beliefs, Energy and Manifestation and helps you:

  • Identify what you really want in your life
  • Feel strong, clear and focused
  • Create beliefs that support you realizing your dreams
  • Generate positive energy flowing throughout your entire body
  • Live a more purposeful, abundant and fulfilled life

Are you ready to embark on a remarkable journey of discovery?

The Success Triad of Tollerra combines the wisdom of ancient practices with innovative, practical, new techniques to accelerate the manifestation of the life you desire.

“Enlightening, inspirational, and full of practical examples of how to manifest the life you want. Tollera is a true gift.” – Lisa Genova, New York Times bestselling author of Still Alice and Left Neglected.

MARY ANN ROBBAT is a leader, teacher, coach, expert energy practitioner, and creator of the Tollerra Energy Mastery System. She has a Master’s Degree in Education from Boston University, certification from The Center for Creative Leadership, and certification as a Success Unlimited Network coach. Her professional experience includes 15 years as a corporate executive working at senior management level and 25+ years running her own energy healing and coaching business.

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List


Mysteries, Midsummer Sun and Murders

A Cozy Mystery Anthology

Promotional price of only $0.99!

Poisonous picnics, burgled barbeques, deadly deckchairs… and midsummer mayhem!

From a brilliant bunch of amazing authors, including multiple prizewinners and USA Today best sellers, comes this wonderful collection of 21 summer-themed cozy mysteries.

Featuring peril at the pool, blood on the beach, and felony at the festival, these fabulous stories—21 brand new and exclusive tales—will keep you entertained until long after the sun has set.

With stories from Hillary Avis, Benedict Brown, Catherine Coles, Paula Darnell, Connie B. Dowell, Ellen Jacobson, Joann Keder, Patti Larsen, Cate Lawley, Gayle Leeson, Daisy Linh, Rimmy London, R.B. Marshall, Megan Mayfair, Wendy Meadows, Phillipa Nefri Clark, Michele Pariza Wacek, Erin Scoggins, Cathy Tully, Victoria LK Williams and Carly Winter, you’ll surely find some of your favourite authors and discover some great new writers within the ~1600 pages of this set.

This collection will only be available for a limited time so don’t miss out – grab yourself a bargain today!

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

The Snow

4.1 stars 1,554 reviews

Apocalyptic Horror

Price $0.00

Her Quarantined


4.5 stars on 406 reviews

Romantic Comedy

Price $0.00

Anything For You

4.4 stars 2,955 reviews


Price $0.00

Tall Man in Ray-Bans

4.4 stars 1,086 reviews

Crime Fiction

Price $0.00


4.4 stars on 275 reviews

MC Romance

Price $0.00

Charlock’s Secret

4.6 stars on 311 reviews

Time Travel Romance

Price $0.00

Under a Raging Moon

4.3 stars on 791 reviews

Crime Thriller

Price $0.00

Her off-limits Cowboy

4.5 stars on 202 reviews


Price $0.00

945 Cedar Avenue

4.5 stars on 218 reviews

Steamy Romance

Price $0.00

Murder & the

Rock Star

4.4 stars on 464 reviews


Price $0.00

Walking with a Baron

4.5 stars on 156 reviews

Regency Romance

Price $0.00

Deadly Paradise

4.4 stars on 222 reviews

Romantic Suspense

Price $0.00

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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