Could the Highlander be more dangerous than a poisoned gown?

The Highlander & The Queen’s Sacrifice
Author Heather McCollum

Sometimes the best revenge is to thrive…

A Scot to Have and to Hold
Author Maeve Greyson

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Not all storms cause destruction and chaos. Some make new paths...

The Fury of a Storme
Author Sandra Sookoo

She was a Diamond with a few very tiny flaws—and the desire to be good. He was a rogue with the sense to reform—and to help her to be bad.

Lady, Behave
Author Cerise Deland

A little pleasure is a dangerous thing…

The Devil and the Viscount
Author Mary Lancaster

Could she ever trust him after he broke her heart? Will he pick her over his loyalty to the Templar Knights? Can they find the love they once shared?

Author Laurel O'Donnell

A Baffled Lord and a Bolting Lady! Six highly placed matrons mourn their lack of daughters until they devise a scheme to launch eligible girls in need of assistance, and so The Society of Sponsoring Ladies is born.

The Sprinter
Author Kate Archer

A story of hope and overcoming family dysfunction. Mark's anger causes him to make bad decisions. When he discovers his ability to write, he discovers his true self.

My Canvas Bag
Author Lucas Kinkaid

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Enjoy these Free Books for Kindle (limited time offer). These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free Books from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with our new list of freebies for Wednesday. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon.

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Naughty, Naughty Prince Charming

4.5 stars on 68 reviews

Romance. Contemporary Romance.

Book 1 of 2: The Charming Series

A Modern Day Fairy Tale! Who doesn’t want their own Prince Charming?

Lucy Stark’s obsession with the sexy, cutting edge soap opera “Red Hot Secrets” used to be her hottest secret. But now she has a bigger one. More daring. More dangerous. One year ago, on a sultry summer night, she slept with a stranger. But not just any man, one who later turned out to be her boss.

Fate has thrown Lucy into the arms of a man who takes her to the absolute edge of passion, but will he destroy her career in the process? She knows she should turn away from temptation, but she convinces herself she deserves just one more night…over and over again.

And now, her red hot secret might steal her heart.

Naughty, Naughty Prince Charming is a blast from the past. Originally published over a decade ago with Ellora’s Cave, it was originally titled: One Night Forever and part of the Deluxe Cinderella Chronicles.

Click here to see all available books in The Charming Series by Lisa Renee Jones on Amazon.


The Girl on the Tracks

4.7 stars on 9 reviews

Historical Fiction

How much is she willing to sacrifice for the price of freedom?

Odessa, 1941. As countless German boots march over the Romanian countryside on their way to soviet Russia, a young Jewish girl makes a courageous escape towards a better future. At a time where countless men and women try to survive the death trains, 15-years-old Tatiana attempts to board one… To freedom.

Forced to leave her family, her hopes and her dreams behind, Tatiana’s journey across eastern Europe introduces her to new families – from shady Jewish survivors to trustworthy Russian soldiers. With a clear destination in mind, her life depends on her unwavering willingness to face hatred and discrimination from all sides. If she can survive the winter.


Victim of a Delusional Mind

4.2 stars on 1,484 reviews

Thriller, Suspense

Book 1 of 5: Private Investigators Troy and Eva Winters Thriller Series

Tragedy enters the quaint coastal town of New Haven, Oregon when the recently released convict, Ross Conrad, vows to make good on a ten-year-old threat. Private Investigators, Troy and Eva Winters take on the case when they realize their good friend, Jasmine, is the object of his delusional obsession.

When the threat becomes deadly and Jasmine turns up missing, Troy and Eva go on the hunt for Ross and his captive. The chase leads them from the Oregon coast to the dense forest of Puget Sound, Washington. Following clues and evidence of bodies left behind, Troy and Eva must find Jasmine before her time runs out.

Editorial Review: “Husband-and-wife private investigators Troy and Eva Winters split their time between their investigation work and their more leisurely pursuit as innkeepers on the coast of Oregon. They befriend a new guest, Jasmine, and when they learn she’s on the hit list of a newly released
criminal, the tension soars. Well-drawn, immensely likable characters and an outstanding sense
of place mark this intriguing, fast-paced thriller.” Angela M., Line Editor, Red Adept Editing

Click here to see all available books in the Private Investigators Troy and Eva Winters Thriller Series by K.J. North on Amazon.


One Day You’ll Thank Me

4.4 stars on 10 reviews

Literary Fiction

A young girl’s dream of escaping the circumstances of her birth and lineage takes form in this new literary voice.

There are a lot of things 5-year-old Yanina Lishanski doesn’t understand. She doesn’t understand why she only sees her family in old photographs, or why she must never talk about her parents’ life in Germany before 1950. She doesn’t understand why the neighborhood children mock her accent, or why she has to go to sleep hungry each night.

But Yanina also understands many things. Like how she always wants more out of life. More from her education, more from her emotionally abusive mother and her violent father. More from her friends and loved ones.

Encapsulating the immigrant experience of the 1950s through the eyes of a child born to a world she will forever be a stranger to, Yanina’s complex relationships with her family, her sister, and her childhood romances all pose a fascinating question. How much are we really slaves to our upbringing, and the circumstances into which we’re born? Can Yanina escape her fate, and become something more? Or will she be forever haunted by the words of her mother, “One day you’ll thank me for this”?

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Romeo’s Rules

4.5 stars 1,454 reviews


Price $0.00

Beautiful Storm

4.4 stars 1,787 reviews

Romantic Suspense

Price $0.00


4.6 stars 1,626 reviews

Sports Romance

Price $0.00

Back to Lazarus

4.4 stars on 815 reviews


Price $0.00

The Cowboy’s

Spring Romance

4.6 stars on 819 reviews

Western Romance

Price $0.00

Home Game

4.3 stars 1,255 reviews

Sports Romance

Price $0.00

The Someday File

4.5 stars on 646 reviews


Price $0.00

Romancing the Rogue

4.3 stars n 538 reviews

Regency Romance

Price $0.00

Captain of My Heart

4.4 stars on 759 reviews

Historical Romance

Price $0.00

A Dead Red Alibi

4.4 stars on 905 reviews


Price $0.00

No Bad Days

4.3 stars on 379 reviews

New Adult Romance

Price $0.00

Mad About You

4.3 stars on 740 reviews


Price $0.00

Top 100 Best Free Kindle Book List

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