A reformed rogue who yearns for a love match. A widow who’s been tossed from her home. A house party meant to bring lovers together . . .

Valued by the Viscount
Author Alexa Aston

A thorn in his side, or the woman of his dreams?

Tomboy of the Ton
Author Emily Royal

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This Photo Hiking book is a visual tour and recap of their visit to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park in the spring of 2021 as a late-50’s couple.

Lessons Learned from a 50+ Couple's Trek to Black Canyon of the Gunnison

An abbey rooted in local legend. A nun fearful for her life. And a Mother Abbess who rules by Satan’s right hand.

Author Kathryn Le Veque

How to plan the perfect heist? Take one bored Viscount… Add a fake Contessa on a quest for justice… And watch them steal each other's hearts...

Lord Archer Catches a Contessa
Author Sofie Darling

Will Henri abandon his career dreams for the love of the only man who has ever touched his soul? Can Nico convince Henri that love is the most important dream of all?

Catering to Love
Author Joshua Ian

A Courageous Lady and a Confounded Lord

The Champion
Author Kate Archer

When a gentleman vows never to lose his heart and his favorite mistress challenges him to do just that, sparks will fly...

The Determined Mistress
Author Emily EK Murdoch

They are masters of charades, but can they fool their hearts?

Love Unraveled
Author Rose Phillips

An ancient cult. A supernatural addiction. A forbidden love. And nothing is what it seems.

Illusions: Ravens of Darkness
Author Elle Preston

Four-year-old girl, Marily, lives happily with her parents. One day while her mother was boiling some plants and flowers in her big cooking pot, Marily falls into the pot and turns into the notorious Badfreaky, the meanest witch!

Author Konstantinos Adamopoulos

A father and son struggle to find common ground on and off the ballfield.

Catch: A Father and Son Story
Author Tim Turner

Sept 19: Monday’s Best New Free Kindle Books

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Enjoy these Free Books for Kindle (limited time offer). These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free Books from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with our new list of freebies for Monday. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon.

Always verify the price before downloading from Amazon. Prices of books can change at any time during the day.


A Soldier Without a Country

4.7 stars on 9 reviews

Historical Fiction

He gave everything for his country. It was never enough.

Latvia, 1941. Following a hint from a childhood friend, young and motivated Red Army cadet Noske hurries home to help his family escape deportation to the dreaded soviet labor camps. With his father, mother, and younger sister Sarah safe in their secluded summer home, Noske returns to the front line to protect them from the Nazi invasion. Or so he thinks.

Years later, Yakov and his father Noson Yakovlevich arrive at the promised land. Although his resolve is as strong as ever, Noson’s heart is split between his family’s new life in Israel and his home country of Latvia, the one he fought so hard to defend. Back when his name was Noske.

Yasha Hain’s A Soldier Without a Country is the inspiring, remarkable story of three generations living under the shadow of the Holocaust, and one man’s struggle with identity, loyalty, and persecution to find inner peace.


That Devious Kiss

4.7 stars on 49 reviews

Contemporary Steamy Romance Suspense

Book 6 of 8: Kissed By Fate

When A Century-Old Family Feud Brings A Librarian And Historian Together, A Devious Kiss Of Seduction Reveals That Fate Might Have Other Plans In Store For Them. Have They Already Discovered The Missing Treasure?

Hired as the head librarian and administrator of the recently constructed Crystal Rock library, Ava Gardner is living in the old family home built by her ancestors.

Grayson Landers has opted out from the Army and has returned to his hometown to teach history at Northwest Community College.

Although Ava and Gray have never met, they each have an ultimate goal; namely, to find the missing rare gems that were harvested in Scotland by their ancestors and brought to Wisconsin approximately one-hundred and fifty years ago.

When the century-old family feud brings Ava and Gray together, sparks fly, although neither is sure they can trust one another with their family’s half of the map.

But a devious kiss of seduction reveals that fate might have other plans in store for them. Have they already discovered the missing treasure?

Click here to see all available books in the Kissed By Fate series by Tamara Ferguson on Amazon.


Mountain Man’s Gift

4.7 stars on 909 reviews


Part of: Mountain Men of Liberty (20 books)

Dear Boone Callaghan,
You’re BIG in every way.
Your body.
Your presence.
Your big woody …. axe.

I wanted to proclaim my love.
But my ego got in the way.
Except for that one night…
I offered my V-card to my best friend’s older brother.
Talk about big mistake.
Life brings me back…
And Boone has aged like fine wine.
He’s a single dad.
A total D.I.L.F.
And desperately needs a nanny.
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want him anymore.
Now I’m a live in nanny for my teenage crush.
An intense desire keeps us both up at night.
While the cold winter weather rages outside…
The Callaghan residence is burning up.

Will this Holiday season bring my teenage fantasies to life?
Or will skeletons from the past make me regret returning to the town I left years ago?

This is a FULLY standalone novel from my Mountain Men of Liberty series. Now introducing the Callaghan brothers and sister! This is Boone’s story and a best friend’s brother, single dad and nanny small town romance. Each book can be read on it’s own. Transport yourself into this charming and magical town as we follow several rugged mountain men in their quests to find lasting love. Enjoy! I know I did!

Click here to see all available books in the Mountain Men of Liberty series by K.C. Crowne on Amazon.


Get off Your A$$ and Manage Your Money

4.7 stars on 61 reviews

Finance. How To.

Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

Get off Your A$$ and Manage Your Money explains why the conventional investing wisdom of reaching retirement or financial freedom with stock, bonds, and mutual funds through IRAs and 401Ks isn’t working for most people.

Better yet, it gives the reader the solution, alternative investments.

Chris explains alternative investments and compares them to conventional ones across thirteen categories and shows how alternatives are vastly superior in almost all categories.

Finally, the reader will receive a step-by-step plan showing them how to move from conventional investments to alternatives.


The Parisian Dancer

4.5 stars on 1,593 reviews

Historical Fiction

Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 2 of 7: World War II Brave Women Fiction

She made them a promise, but to keep it may cost her her life.

Paris, 1939. Helena Fotticelli is an aspiring young stage actress in Paris’ bohemian quarter. Forced to flee her homeland due to the war, she dreams of the stardom she’s put on hold while resorting to dancing on the dark stages of the infamous Folies Bergère night club just to make a living.

Her life is worlds apart from that of Marek and Annette, the young Jewish couple and their two little boys who live in the apartment above. Yet somehow, inexplicably, a bond forms between them to forge an unlikely friendship.

Then, one day, Marek disappears. And everything changes.

Before she even knows what is happening, Helena is vowing to keep and protect the boys as though they were her own. But as the Nazis strengthen their hold on the city of Paris, even a beautiful young dancer with the best of intentions may not be enough to protect the boys, and herself, from what is to come.

Click here to see all available books in the World War II Brave Women Fiction series by Doron Darmon on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

August Origins

4.5 stars on 2,269 reviews

Action Mystery

Price $0.00

Reckless Refuge

4.6 stars on 682 reviews


Price $0.00

Not Fake for Long

4.5 stars on 2,205 reviews

Bad Boy Romance

Price $0.00

Gingerbread and Ghosts

4.7 stars on 654 reviews

Cozy Mystery

Price $0.00

To The Lady Born

4.6 stars on 514 reviews

Medieval Romance

Price $0.00


4.7 stars on 351 reviews

Romantic Suspense

Price $0.00


4.5 stars on 1,157 reviews

Clean Suspense

Price $0.00

Hope for the Cowboy

4.7 stars on 204 reviews

Christian Romance

Price $0.00

Fragments of Grace

4.6 stars on 425 reviews

Medieval Romance

Price $0.00


4.5 stars on 697 reviews

Domestic Thriller

Price $0.00

On Assignment

4.5 stars on 363 reviews

Romantic Comedy

Price $0.00

Finding Eden

4.5 stars on 409 reviews


Price $0.00

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