The wildest Windermere of all has just met her match –– again!

Lady Delilah Dares a Duke
Author Sofie Darling

The Blackchurch Guild is Medieval England’s most elite training school... and the greatest trainer of all, The Leviathan, has just met his match.

The Leviathan
Author Kathryn Le Veque

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Lessons Learned from a 50+ Couple’s Trek to Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park Photo Hiking
Part of: National Parks Photo Hiking Series (8 books)

A diplomat Earl and a scandal-ridden adventuress aren’t the perfect match—except in passion.

An Unusual Courtship
Author Lynne Connolly

A time-travel adventure she never wanted... to England in 1344… with the man who broke her heart.

The Veil Between Worlds
Author Hope Carolle

When lies of the past are exposed, can love find the truth?

The Lady Takes It All
Author Terri Brisbin

Marriage to an Earl destroyed her—can a highland beast mend her heart?

Lyon of the Highlands
Author Emily Royal

Travelling with a 85 year old parent to Washington D.C. resulted in a hilliarious and heartwarming life experience.

Washington D.C. Travel Stories
Author Anthony Wessel

The chance for him to catch a killer, put a traitor behind bars, revenge his brother…and win Julia’s heart.

Don't Judge a Duke by His Cover
Author Emily EK Murdoch

Indulge in the most unexpected of winter romantic tales from some of your favorite historical romance authors!

A Duke in Winter
10 Author Collection

What happens when the only thing a man needs and wants is the one thing the woman he loves can't give him?

A Love That Heals the Heart
Author Laura Landon

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Enjoy these Free Books for Kindle (limited time offer). These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free Books from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with our new list of freebies for Monday. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon.

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4.2 stars on 196 reviews


Book 1 of 7: The Frozen Flame

What happens when your enemies are more powerful than you?

Everywhere, magic is feared by commoners while revered by the nobility. But, if a mage hunter discovers a peasant with magical potential, their future is changed forever. A life of luxury awaits those who succeed in their training, but failure leads to a much darker destiny.

For Natalia, whose magical abilities revealed themselves at an early age, there is no choice. Torn from her mother’s arms, she is borne away to the Volstrum, an institution steeped in mystery. There, trained as a battle mage, she has the potential to be one of the most powerful spellcasters ever. Yet the price they demand of her is too high!

Athgar’s life,  however,  was shattered the day his magical potential was released by the very fire that nearly consumed him. Even while the Orcs taught him to master his new talents, he could not forget those who were savagely ripped away. Blindly driven by revenge, it’s not until he meets Natalia and nearly dies again that he realizes something much more sinister is unfolding.

Now, she is on the run from her family, while he desperately hunts for his! Together, they embark on a voyage to unearth a dark conspiracy that has remained secret for years.

Discover a land infused with magic and mystery as Paul J Bennett’s newest Sword & Sorcery series, The Frozen Flame, begins in Ashes.

Click here to see all available books in The Frozen Flame series by Paul Bennett on Amazon.


The Little Book of Gratitude for Kids 1

Children’s Non-Fiction. Activities. Gratitude. Parenting.

From Amazon #1 Best Selling Children’s Psychology Author:

This book provides a lovely way for you to experience cheer, positivity, and joy with your children.

Simply open the book and read a fun prompt that will get your children thinking about all the good things they have in their lives while instilling optimism, kindness and a sense of wonder.

The Little Book of Gratitude for Kids Vol 1 helps you:

• Easily engage kids with a variety of playful gratitude prompts
• Begin practicing right away with no preparation
• Make practice entertaining and sustainable for children
• Nurture kindness, optimism, mindfulnesssocial emotional skills, and resilience
• Practice gratitude using science-based pedagogical principles
• Read together or have your children read the book to feel better and calmer
• Practice and connect with children in kindergartenschool, and at home

And best of all …

Use the book as many times you want, the prompts encourage new ideas every time!

Plus, get FREE gratitude printables and goodies (link inside book).

If you want to teach gratitude to children aged 3 to 12 and help improve your children’s well-being, this book is for you.

Enjoy this fun way to connect and experience gratitude with your children. You’ll be happy you did!

Get this gift that keeps on giving today and start enjoying the benefits of a playful gratitude practice!

Click here to see all available books by Christian Bergstrom on Amazon.


A Very Naughty Christmas

Contemporary Steamy Romance

Regular price $5.99. On sale for $0.99!

‘Tis the season for naughty, forbidden secrets, seductions, and happily ever afters.

Fall in love this holiday season.

Three brand new sizzling hot age gap romances, specially written to keep you warm this holiday season. (Yes, we are talking about the heat between the sheets!)

Book 1: Christmas with My Best Friend’s Dad

After two years in Paris studying music, Grace is back in Malibu, CA for Christmas, but she never forgot the last holiday she spent in California having an almost-one-night-stand with her best friend’s father, Jasper Hayes, enigmatic billionaire. Grace was ready to give Jasper her everything, until circumstance ripped it all to shreds.

Now, back and hoping to move forward, Grace finds herself faced with a morally ambiguous proposal from none other than Jasper himself. For $25,000, Grace will pose as the perfect girlfriend for his company’s annual Christmas gala in NYC. It will only be one three-day weekend of elegant pirates, dinners, and Christmas finery, but nothing is ever so simple.

With everything falling apart, only a Christmas miracle can repair the wounded relationships.

Book 2: Knocked Up on Christmas Eve

Hope didn’t know what to think when she booked herself into a hotel on December 23rd. Her best friend was in love with her father. Her father had paid her best friend to pose as his trophy girlfriend.

Feeling confused and betrayed, Hope walked herself into the hotel bar and found herself waking up in a room that wasn’t hers. Instead, it belonged to Felix Jacobson, notorious billionaire executive and playboy (and a family friend).

Two Years Later, it’s their daughter, Clara’s, first real Christmas, but Hope doesn’t know how to give Clara the one gift she deserves: her father.

Book 3: Her Secret Santa

They told Inez she shouldn’t major in creative writing. They told her not to move to Los Angeles to try her hand at screenwriting, but when did Inez ever listen? How could she do anything but follow her heart right into the house of famous actor, Cole Crawford? She’s trying not to drown in her student debt, and the gig Cole offers also means living in his Spanish-style mansion for free.

With his sister, Natalie, recently divorced, Inez finds herself as the young nanny of Natalie’s twins, Rose and Asher. It’s time for the family to deck their mansion’s halls, but nothing about the season feels cheerful. Cole finds himself at a crossroads in his career, and the new buxom nanny he hired for his sister is only serving as a distraction. Inez is bright, beautiful, and far too appealing when she sleeps in his bed (unbeknownst to everyone else in the house).

Of course, there’s no sneaking past the positive pregnancy test.

If you are craving for a little naughty with your nice this Christmas, grab this unputdownable box set of three standalone holiday romances, each one naughtier than the previous one and promising your usual Sofie fix – a touch of forbidden with the perfect happily ever after.

Click here to see all available books by Sofia Summers on Amazon.


Our Lady Chaos

4.5 stars on 161 reviews

Horror, Supernatural Suspense.

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $4.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 3 of 3: The Bloodletter Chronicles

Beautiful on the outside, deadly evil on the inside.

Throughout Eddie’s childhood, two things remained constant: cold, hateful violence and the vicious smiles of the Scary Lady who haunted him. The love of his adoptive parents shielded him from her horrible influence–at least for a time.

Years later, the Scary Lady returns, prompting Eddie and his wife Amanda to join the group of demon hunters from Oneka Falls attempting to banish evil forever. But they face a greater threat than they imagined possible–an ancient demigoddess with astounding power.

Can the group survive the tempting traps laid for them by Our Lady Chaos?

Critical Acclaim for Our Lady Chaos:
★★★★★ “In this story, nothing is what it seems. A hushed silence hides a hideous and demonic presence. Readers quickly learn that humans can be the worst monsters. The conflict is skillfully developed and it is interesting to witness the infighting amongst demons as they yearn for more power and control. The crew of demon fighters is composed of vulnerable characters who are courageous. At times they improvise as they move along, discovering facts about their enemy. The introduction of the myth in the narrative takes the story to new depths and enriches the plot. Erik Henry Vick is a great storyteller and the realism he infuses into the writing augments the horror, keeping the blood running cold through the reader’s veins while making them anticipate what comes next. Our Lady Chaos: A Horror Collection is written in great prose and it features compelling characters who grab the reader’s interest right off the bat. A delightful read, indeed.”–Christian Sia, Readers’ Favorite Reviews

★★★★★ “I adore the visceral and highly imaginative horror works of author Erik Henry Vick, who delivers on multiple levels to please the horror reader. His prose is slick with bloody imagery and sudden twists that keep readers on edge throughout the story, yet the overall arc of the build-up to attempting to defeat the ultimate demons is intelligently played, slow-burning and growing in power over time.”–K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite Reviews

★★★★★ “This scary and entertaining collection hasn’t been easy on my heart; I felt like it would give out on almost every page. The element of horror seeps deep into the stories and every character and every segment of the plots make it even more prominent. There is a plethora of characters and every character has a purpose, so all of them are incredibly detailed and developed. Out of all these characters, the four that stood out to me the most are Benny, Toby, Dennis, and Brigitta. They all were different yet they added a lot of depth to the story and their backstories were really well woven into the main plot. You have to read Our Lady Chaos: A Horror Collection by Erik Henry Vick to experience the thrill!”–Rabia Tanveer, Readers’ Favorite Reviews

Click here to see all available books in The Bloodletter Chronicles by Erik Henry Vick on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Million Dollar Staircase

4.4 stars on 1,850 reviews

Mystery Thriller

Price $0.00

The Cowboy’s
Christmas Bride

4.6 stars on 755 reviews


Price $0.00

Hate You

4.5 stars on 1,149 reviews

Enemies to Lovers Romance

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Saints & Sinners Ball

4.5 stars on 458 reviews


Price $0.00

The Navy SEAL’s
Christmas Bride

4.4 stars on 1,231 reviews


Price $0.00

Sweet Dreams

4.5 stars on 834 reviews

Paranormal Romance

Price $0.00

The Executioner’s Apprentice

4.6 stars on 546 reviews

Epic Fantasy Mystery

Price $0.00

The Duke’s Refuge

4.7 stars on 298 reviews

Historical Romance

Price $0.00

Sweet Dreams

4.5 stars on 834 reviews

Paranormal Romance

Price $0.00

The Prodigals

4.5 stars on 320 reviews


Price $0.00

Aquaponics for Beginners

4.8 stars on 282 reviews


Price $0.00

Long Lost Christmas

4.6 stars on 219 reviews


Price $0.00

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