The wildest Windermere of all has just met her match –– again!

Lady Delilah Dares a Duke
Author Sofie Darling

The Blackchurch Guild is Medieval England’s most elite training school... and the greatest trainer of all, The Leviathan, has just met his match.

The Leviathan
Author Kathryn Le Veque

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Lessons Learned from a 50+ Couple’s Trek to Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park Photo Hiking
Part of: National Parks Photo Hiking Series (8 books)

A diplomat Earl and a scandal-ridden adventuress aren’t the perfect match—except in passion.

An Unusual Courtship
Author Lynne Connolly

A time-travel adventure she never wanted... to England in 1344… with the man who broke her heart.

The Veil Between Worlds
Author Hope Carolle

When lies of the past are exposed, can love find the truth?

The Lady Takes It All
Author Terri Brisbin

Marriage to an Earl destroyed her—can a highland beast mend her heart?

Lyon of the Highlands
Author Emily Royal

Travelling with a 85 year old parent to Washington D.C. resulted in a hilliarious and heartwarming life experience.

Washington D.C. Travel Stories
Author Anthony Wessel

The chance for him to catch a killer, put a traitor behind bars, revenge his brother…and win Julia’s heart.

Don't Judge a Duke by His Cover
Author Emily EK Murdoch

Indulge in the most unexpected of winter romantic tales from some of your favorite historical romance authors!

A Duke in Winter
10 Author Collection

What happens when the only thing a man needs and wants is the one thing the woman he loves can't give him?

A Love That Heals the Heart
Author Laura Landon

Dec 14: Wednesday’s Best New Free Kindle Books

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Enjoy these Free Books for Kindle (limited time offer). These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free Books from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with our new list of freebies for Wednesday. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon.

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Loveable Christmas Angel

4.5 stars on 491 reviews

Paranormal Romance

Book 3 of 5: Angels with Attitudes

Christmas in Hawaii! How lucky can a girl get? Except Leilani is bringing her mother’s ashes home to Waikiki and has an urgent plea of help from an aunt she’s never even met. After winning two free nights in prestigious Hotel Jordan, things take a turn she never expected. First, she is stuck in an elevator with the prickly, but luscious Mr. Jordan. Secondly, her aunt is a sick woman and only held on for one reason. She wants to pass on her most precious possession… her five-year-old grandchild. The same prickly little fellow that takes one look at Leilani, slaps his fist on his hips and yells, “Go away!”

Kale is the owner of the Jordan Hotel Chain and he can’t believe his rotten luck. He broke up with a spoilt brat of a girlfriend and now he’s stuck in an elevator with a big-eyed, effusive tourist. How in the world can a guy who’s so worldly be hooked on a lively beauty with more dilemmas than anyone he’s ever met?

Click here to see all available books in the Angels with Attitudes series by Mimi Barbour on Amazon.


Happy Death Day

4.7 stars on 383 reviews

Mystery, Thriller, Crime Fiction

Book 7 of 9: Lilah Love

Lilah is back home after two weeks away from the big, bad beast that is New York City, and with Kane by her side. The minute the chopper touches down, her phone rings. It’s a local medical examiner who has been stalking her online, but then, she soon learns, so is half the city.

Seems an online forum has popped up to follow Lilah, her serial killer mentor, and her drug lord husband. Call Lilah irritated as Kane is no drug lord, despite the cartel’s wishes that he follow in his father’s footsteps, her mentor is dead, and no one knows but those who buried the body. She needs the attention to go away, and now.

The worst part, or maybe it’s the best is there’s yet another serial killer on the loose who’s mimicking horror movie killers. Now Lilah has someone to take her anger out on, and arrest, not kill, because good girls don’t kill. But then, who said Lilah was a good girl?

Click here to see all available books in the Lilah Love series by Lisa Renee Jones on Amazon.


Retire Plugged In

Retirement Planning, Personal Money Management. Retirement Planning.

Discover the retirement mistakes that could cost you thousands!

Make the RIGHT decisions about Medicare, Social Security Income Planning and more…

Afraid that you won’t have enough money for retirement, after countless years of hard work? Feel overwhelmed by the complicated rules of Social Security, Medicare, IRA’s, investing, and handling taxes in retirement? In Retire Plugged In, authors Nora Hartquist & Patti Lerch help retirees create a secure, rich, retirement lifestyle. As fiduciary advisors, they have helped hundreds of families retire, and none of them have run out of money!

With the help of Retire Plugged In, you’ll be “plugged in” to the secrets of retirement success (Even if you are a complete beginner or don’t have an advisor!)

You’ll Discover:

• The #1 Biggest Mistake that could cost you $100,000 in retirement
• Retirement accounts that give you FREE money
• Medicare “agents” who trick retirees into plans that could cost them their lives
• The top secrets to getting Long Term Care, WITHOUT buying a policy
• How IRA mistakes could cost you a 50% penalty
• The “Widow’s Penalty” and how to handle it
• The Estate Plan that AVOIDS probate and lawyers

This book is perfect for pre-retirees 55+ preparing for retirement, and retirees looking for a strategy to secure their retirement.

You can take control of your retirement, and make it successful, even if you don’t understand all the big words and terms advisors use. As said by Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, said, “If you’re ignorant, it’s easy to be bullied.” Don’t let that happen to you!


The Sweet Spot

5.0 stars on 5 reviews

Happiness, Motivational Self-Help, Happiness Self-Help

“The Sweet Spot” is a book of stories. Not the stuff found in a novel, but real life experiences.

Though we measure time in the hours, days and years…our lives are really more about the moments. It’s in the best of those moments where a fuller meaning and appreciation of one’s life can be uncovered. The sweet spots.

Are you here by happenstance…or is there a greater meaning and purpose to this existence? We have all been born and one day we will all die. In the end what will this experience mean for you?

Join the author on a reflective journey that will eventually take you to a very special place. The moments where you experienced the love, laughter and tears of this thing we call life.

Your sweet spots.


Conscious Living

5.0 stars on 7 reviews

Motivational Growth & Spirituality, Personal Transformation & Spirituality, Spiritual Healing

Conscious Living brings together the foundational teachings of Her Holiness Sai Maa, presented in a profound collection of wisdom and loving guidance for those wishing to discover or deepen their spiritual path.

Known as one of the most powerful spiritual masters on the planet, Sai Maa shares her wisdom with a clarity that allows you to grasp profound truths that may otherwise seem elusive.

Sai Maa’s teachings are especially poignant in this moment of deep transformation available to all of humanity. Adopting this knowledge as a regular practice will accelerate your spiritual growth through the blessings of Sai Maa’s grace.



5.0 stars on 37 reviews

Non-Fiction Self-Help

Regular price $9.99. On sale for $0.99!

How do I create authentic change?

How can I have more peaceful relationships?

How do I achieve holistic health?

All three of these questions require a journey into the body, where clients learn how to listen to, reconnect with, and care for their body; ultimately using it as a compass for navigating the tricky terrains of life.

The body can be the expert, guide, guru, and barometer for improving the quality of these contexts of life.

The body lets us know through internal signals and cues when some aspect of our lifestyle is supporting or hindering the natural process of health.

It’s learning the body’s language of impulses and sensations – and learning how to be present with the body as it transitions from subconscious reactions to conscious responses – which serve as the catalyst for permanent change.

When we stay connected to our body, we learn how to differentiate between our own baggage and someone else’s experience. We learn how to show up and listen to others without the intrusion of our own emotional states being projected onto the other. And when we give that space for the other to be Self, we bring a sense of harmony into the relationship.

Start your journey back to yourself with the teachings, techniques, and strategies provided by Somawise.

Click here to see all available books by Luke Sniewski on Amazon.


Dark Requiem

5.0 stars on 5 reviews

Dark Fantasy, Supernatural Occult

Regular price $4.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 1 of 2: Night Hunters

Rockstars, nuns, and vampires…

Seeking fortune and fame, Nikki and her band head to St. Louis, Missouri. Hard on cash and in need of paying gigs, they hole up and practice in a closed, rundown high school owned by nuns. What could go wrong?

A lot actually.

Pets, children, and even whole families begin disappearing from the area. Also, the old building they are inhabiting has it’s share of secrets. When Nikki discovers vampires are real and not fiction, she’ll have to fight her own disbelief as well as a supernatural, malignant force trying to control her mind.

The sensible thing would be to run but the vampires are planning an upcoming bloodbath in the area and Nikki may be the only one capable of stopping the horror.

Nikki just wants to be a rockstar but now her destiny is shaping up to be something much bigger—she’s in a fight for her life where possibly even her soul is on the line.

For fans of urban fantasy and occult thrillers where vampires exist in the real world. Balancing exceptional character arcs and dark horror, this new release is sure to get your blood pumping!

Book Two in the Night Hunters Series is Available December 29th!

Click here to see all available books in the Night Hunters series by Joseph Hagen and T.M. Kehoe on Amazon.


Behind the Mask

4.0 stars on 1 reviews


Regular price $4.99. On sale for $0.99!

Wealth, fame, mistress, he had it all… only to be destroyed in a split second…
Is it fate? Is it karma?

Young Olivia’s car was fished out of the lake… How did it end up there?
Was it an accident, as most, including Sterling Quinn believed, or was it cold-blooded murder?
Armed with the most crucial forensic evidence, Sterling and her partner set out on the quest for truth.
Frustrated with the lack of progress, Olivia’s father takes matters into his own hands… regardless of the law…
That’s when things go seriously wrong…

Who’s the lady behind the mask? Who’s the man?
What’s their relationship with Harrison?
After Harrison’s favorite Maserati has been covered in the garage for weeks, his wife, Renee, discovers a shocking secret.

Everyone is keeping secrets, so dark and so many…
Sterling must get to the bottom of them all, FAST if justice is to be served.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Pilfered Promises

4.4 stars on 1,189 reviews

Victorian Mystery

Price $0.00

Devil’s Pass

4.6 stars on 1,755 reviews

Dark Romance

Price $0.00

A Secret Baby for
the Grumpy Cowboy

4.6 stars on 1,540 reviews


Price $0.00

Legacy of the Lost

4.4 stars on 1,095 reviews

Science Fiction

Price $0.00

Dirty Santa

4.5 stars on 509 reviews

MC Romance

Price $0.00

Behind the Wheel

4.6 stars on 424 reviews


Price $0.00

The Mafia Philosopher

4.4 stars on 530 reviews

True-Crime Memoir

Price $0.00

Rancher Dragon’s
Unexpected Mate

4.7 stars on 369 reviews

Shifter Romance

Price $0.00

Forever Starts Tonight

4.5 stars on 355 reviews


Price $0.00

Fatal Intent

4.4 stars on 341 reviews

Medical Mystery

Price $0.00

Bend the Rules

4.6 stars on 374 reviews

Romantic Mystery

Price $0.00

Simply Starstruck

4.6 stars on 283 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Price $0.00

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