The wildest Windermere of all has just met her match –– again!

Lady Delilah Dares a Duke
Author Sofie Darling

The Blackchurch Guild is Medieval England’s most elite training school... and the greatest trainer of all, The Leviathan, has just met his match.

The Leviathan
Author Kathryn Le Veque

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Lessons Learned from a 50+ Couple’s Trek to Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park Photo Hiking
Part of: National Parks Photo Hiking Series (8 books)

A diplomat Earl and a scandal-ridden adventuress aren’t the perfect match—except in passion.

An Unusual Courtship
Author Lynne Connolly

A time-travel adventure she never wanted... to England in 1344… with the man who broke her heart.

The Veil Between Worlds
Author Hope Carolle

When lies of the past are exposed, can love find the truth?

The Lady Takes It All
Author Terri Brisbin

Marriage to an Earl destroyed her—can a highland beast mend her heart?

Lyon of the Highlands
Author Emily Royal

Travelling with a 85 year old parent to Washington D.C. resulted in a hilliarious and heartwarming life experience.

Washington D.C. Travel Stories
Author Anthony Wessel

The chance for him to catch a killer, put a traitor behind bars, revenge his brother…and win Julia’s heart.

Don't Judge a Duke by His Cover
Author Emily EK Murdoch

Indulge in the most unexpected of winter romantic tales from some of your favorite historical romance authors!

A Duke in Winter
10 Author Collection

What happens when the only thing a man needs and wants is the one thing the woman he loves can't give him?

A Love That Heals the Heart
Author Laura Landon

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Empathic Marketing™

5.0 stars on 12 reviews

Marketing for Small Businesses, Marketing , Entrepreneurship

It just makes sense, when you understand your audience and they feel understood, you’ll win more clients and make more sales in ANY economy.

Mike Caldwell was a paramedic for 12 years before falling off a cliff and breaking his arm, leg, and back. As important as his skills were with starting IV’s, administering medications, and intubating patients, his greatest strengths were understanding his patient’s pain and having them believe and trust that he was there to help.

How would your marketing and sales numbers improve if your potential customers were convinced you understood them and were there to help?

Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. But until now, there has been no method or process for distilling, implementing, and leveraging empathy to increase your customers, make more sales, and rocket your business’s bottom line.

Now, for the first time, Caldwell offers a simple 5-step process for unlocking your new Empathic Marketing™ superpower. Because Empathic Marketing™ is a “people first” approach to marketing and advertising, it’s a timeless strategy that will work for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large corporations alike.

Empathic Marketing™ is not a secret, trick, or tactic that involves misleading clickbait advertising or spammy emails. Rather it’s an earnest communication approach that incorporates integrity, honesty, and authenticity.

Mike’s Empathic Marketing™ approach has worked for entrepreneurship, network marketers, affiliate marketers, brick and mortar business owners, 7-figure coaches, e-commerce businesses, service providers, consultants, lawyers, start-ups, and health and fitness providers. No matter what your product or service, this book will help you craft your unique message. This message can be used in your web marketing, your websites and funnels, your email campaigns, your videos, your blogs, and every imaginable way you communicate with your audience.


The Shadow Banker’s Secrets

5.0 stars on 3 reviews

Financial Risk Management, Investing Basics, Self-Help

A shadow bank is a non-depository financial institution that provides services similar to traditional commercial banks but operates under exemptions from normal banking regulations. Investment banks, private equity and hedge funds are examples of a few types of shadow banks. They create debt and equity capital across the global financial system.

The highest level of financial expertise and sophistication is captured by shadow banks… expertise that affords these institutions the ability to not only structure investments that outperform anything available to the public, but more importantly, to create almost infinite capital at will. Over the past half century, shadow bank’s esoteric expertise has fueled the explosive growth of the financial services industry that has corrupted the principles of free markets through regulatory capture and the Federal Reserve itself.

Benjamin D. Summers is the managing director of Adagio Group, a boutique investment bank specializing in quantitative alternative asset management. Summers wrote this book to help level the playing field between the big banking interests and the public by sharing his extensive knowledge of quantitative analysis, risk engineering, capital formation, compliance, and an extraordinarily powerful yet underutilized tool available to the public: investment clubs. Through this book, Summers brings you the very same expertise he employs everyday on behalf of Adagio’s clients.

Summers provides you all the information you need to both beat the markets and protect yourself from market crises with techniques you simply can’t learn anywhere else. Further, he even shows you how to start and quickly scale your own asset management business to nine figures and beyond by creating highly valuable capital out of thin air as your own shadow bank. You’re going to discover how to use the most esoteric skills of the banking industry to beat the system at its own game.

The information in this book has been designed to meet the needs of every market participant: from the most sophisticated financial professionals to those who’ve never even thought about the subject. It’s structured so that no matter what your background is, all you need is a willingness to learn, and by the end, you’ll know everything you need to establish absolute financial independence.


Unleash the Warrior

5.0 stars on 9 reviews

Inspirational and Spiritual Poetry

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Book 5 of 5: Poetry Books Series

Unleash the Warrior

May the poetry in this book serve as a reminder to passionately focus on your growth.
Train your mind and body to survive under any circumstances.
Embrace a warrior mentality and live a disciplined life.
Unleash the powerful warrior hidden within.
Strengthen your willpower and ambition so you may take action.
Be stubborn in the pursuit of your dreams and fearlessly embody your truth.
Courageously battle against injustice.
Stand up for yourself and others who are being mistreated.
Be proud of who you are and show yourself to the world.
Confidently inspire through your actions.
Transcend your ego by being of service to others.
Remain a humble, fair, and compassionate leader who leads by example.

Ignite the fire within to answer the necessary questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Why am I here?

Let the answers which arise manifest as your legacy to this world.

Unleash the Warrior is the fifth of a series of seven poetry books. It is composed of poems associated with topics of the solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus chakra is the third chakra. It is the one associated with willpower, discipline, confidence, self-esteem, courage, our ability to act and stand up for ourselves and others.

The Chakra System

According to the Vedas (ancient Indian sacred texts), the physical body is composed of seven main energy or vortex centers called chakras. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel.The seven main chakras run along the spine-beginning from the root and ending with the crown chakra.

  • 1 Root
  • 2 Sacral
  • 3 Solar plexus
  • 4 Heart
  • 5 Throat
  • 6 Third eye
  • 7 Crown

Each chakra has a different color, element, sound, mantra, function, location, major organ, and association. The flow or blockage/imbalance of subtle energy in each chakra determines the health or disease of the individual body.

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Where’s Chuckawalla Bill’s Cabin?

4.7 stars on 42 reviews

Non-Fiction, Teen/Young Adult, Inspirational

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Heaton’s story is intense, amazing, and inspiring!

A well-written book that pulls you, the reader, into the moment as if you were right there alongside him. From that first errant step forward, he parches you with what he sees and feels. Not only does this adventure vividly describe the desert environment and his increasingly precarious situation, but it also demands that you experience what it’s like to face the actual reality of impending death. Heaton is not likely to make it, but you’ll find yourself cheering, dry-mouthed, that he does!

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The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Gingerbread and Ghosts

4.7 stars on 725 reviews

Cozy Mystery

Price $0.00

Snowfall and Secrets

4.4 stars on 1,437 reviews


Price $0.00

Forgiven by the Hero

4.6 stars on 727 reviews

Christian Romance

Price $0.00

Rebekka Franck

4.6 stars on 393 reviews


Price $0.00

A Mountain
Christmas Romance

4.7 stars on 349 reviews


Price $0.00

Run With It

4.6 stars on 350 reviews


Price $0.00

Movie Club Mysteries

4.5 stars on 1,995 reviews

Cozy Mystery

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Her Dakota Man

4.2 stars 1,785 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Price $0.00

The Blacksmith’s
Mail Order Mistake

4.5 stars on 469 reviews

Historical Western Romance

Price $0.00

The Final Flight

4.5 stars on 914 reviews


Price $0.00

Moonlight, Murder, and
Small Town Secrets

4.5 stars on 355 reviews

Cozy Mystery

Price $0.00

December Dread

4.6 stars on 185 reviews

Romcom Mystery

Price $0.00

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