The wildest Windermere of all has just met her match –– again!

Lady Delilah Dares a Duke
Author Sofie Darling

The Blackchurch Guild is Medieval England’s most elite training school... and the greatest trainer of all, The Leviathan, has just met his match.

The Leviathan
Author Kathryn Le Veque

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Lessons Learned from a 50+ Couple’s Trek to Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park Photo Hiking
Part of: National Parks Photo Hiking Series (8 books)

A diplomat Earl and a scandal-ridden adventuress aren’t the perfect match—except in passion.

An Unusual Courtship
Author Lynne Connolly

A time-travel adventure she never wanted... to England in 1344… with the man who broke her heart.

The Veil Between Worlds
Author Hope Carolle

When lies of the past are exposed, can love find the truth?

The Lady Takes It All
Author Terri Brisbin

Marriage to an Earl destroyed her—can a highland beast mend her heart?

Lyon of the Highlands
Author Emily Royal

Travelling with a 85 year old parent to Washington D.C. resulted in a hilliarious and heartwarming life experience.

Washington D.C. Travel Stories
Author Anthony Wessel

The chance for him to catch a killer, put a traitor behind bars, revenge his brother…and win Julia’s heart.

Don't Judge a Duke by His Cover
Author Emily EK Murdoch

Indulge in the most unexpected of winter romantic tales from some of your favorite historical romance authors!

A Duke in Winter
10 Author Collection

What happens when the only thing a man needs and wants is the one thing the woman he loves can't give him?

A Love That Heals the Heart
Author Laura Landon

Jan 13: Friday’s Best New Free Kindle Books

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Enjoy these Free Books for Kindle (limited time offer). These are proven winners based upon user reviews. Listed below are selected free Books from our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books listEnjoy the best free books for Kindle to read with our new list of freebies for Friday. Clicking on a book cover or link will take you to the book on Amazon.

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Once Upon A New Year’s Eve

4.2 stars on 235 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Part of: Meet Cute Romance (6 books)

A second chance romance for anyone who ever loved their brother’s best friend.

It should have been the perfect New Year’s Eve date. But when Gemma Forester gets called to bail her older brother out of trouble, she comes face to face with some of her own. Aaron Hendricks never forgot his best friend’s little sister, but ten years wasn’t enough to prepare him for the woman she’s become. Will a chance meeting allow them to overcome the past?

Once Upon A New Year’s Eve is a novelette of approximately 8,500 words.

“Meet cute” is a term used to describe a situation in which a future romantic couple meets for the first time. Meet Cute Romance is a series of contemporary romantic shorts celebrating the possibilities of that first meeting.

Click here to see all available books in the Meet Cute Romance series by Kait Nolan on Amazon.


Where’s Chuckawalla Bill’s Cabin?

4.6 stars on 49 reviews

Non-Fiction, Teen/Young Adult, Inspirational, Sports

“Dear God, I’ve lost the trail!” Hell, not only was there no pathway of any kind, but as far as I could see there were no more aluminum cans or punctured helium birthday balloons. Yeah, LOST! All because of a stupid overreaction to something that most likely would never have materialized.”

This recount of a horrifying ordeal takes you along on a perilous thirty-hour Hi-Desert hike that will challenge your every known human emotion; from anticipation to desperation, to the redemption one can sometimes discover in the healing waters of life’s simpler things.

Click here to see all available books by Kevin Heaton on Amazon.


Not So Sweet Maria

4.3 stars on 796 reviews

Historical Romance

Book 1 of 4: Sisters By Marriage


The ton calls her Sweet Maria and, even in her fourth Season, eligibles continue to offer her marriage. They do not know Lady Maria despises the hypocritical ways of Polite Society and is trying to sail away to America!

Though she is the granddaughter of a duke, Lady Maria is a Child of Scandal because her mother was an American commoner.

She blames the duke and the duchess for her parents’ death. Had they not disowned them, they would not have died of a virulent fever in America, leaving her an orphan at the age of five.

Lady Maria agrees to an arranged match to ward off her persistent suitors, treating the engagement as a sham one to be ended at her convenience.

Then, most unexpectedly, she finds love with a commoner.

Only he isn’t a commoner but the Earl of Daventon.

Gareth, Earl of Daventon is no stranger to Scandal. Rumour has it that his father had banished his mother for adulterous behavior. And yet, he yearned until his last breath to have her back. Gareth is determined not to repeat his sire’s mistake. Love is a quagmire and I shall not be caught in it.

But love finds him. The object of his ardour is a mysterious young woman who dresses like a shop girl and behaves like a lady.

Lord Daventon remedies the situation by accepting an arranged match, his betrothed being Lady Maria whom he hasn’t met.

All of which leads to a delightful tangle of affairs.

Click here to see all available books in the Sisters By Marriage series by Jessica Spencer on Amazon.


Old Lady Ketchel’s Revenge

4.1 stars on 65 reviews

Horror Suspense, Witch & Wizard Thriller, Psychic Thriller

Regular price $4.99. On sale for $0.99!

Book 1 of 3: The Slaughter Minnesota Horror Series

No one truly escapes their childhood unscathed. Especially if you grew up in Slaughter, Minnesota, in the 1960s and crossed Old Lady Ketchel’s path.

All the kids at Slaughter Elementary had the sense to steer clear of Old Lady Ketchel’s place. Everyone except for Bobby Briars. And for his folly, Bobby and his parents mysteriously disappeared.

You see, Hagatha Ketchel had a bone to pick. Not just with foolish kids like Bobby Briars, but with the entire town of Slaughter. Not that anyone knew why or dared approach her to try to learn why.

The Briars’ home stood vacant for a long time. Until one day, Ms. Karen Garber, a perky 23-year old woman, bought the house and moved from the Twin Cities to be Slaughter Elementary’s new 7th-grade teacher. Then things really began to spin out of control. Despite Ms. Garber’s best intentions, chaos and destruction always seemed to follow her.

Was Ms. Garber cursed for having bought the Briars’ house? Was Old Lady Ketchel’s vendetta behind all the bedlam? And could the residents of Slaughter survive the onslaught?

Old Lady Ketchel’s Revenge is the first book in the Slaughter Minnesota horror series. For those readers who grew up near that one scary house that they didn’t dare pass or that strange neighbor they always tried to avoid.

Buy your copy now, before Old Lady Ketchel seeks revenge on you!

Click here to see all available books in The Slaughter Minnesota Horror Series by Chris Bliersbach on Amazon.


Just Another Chance

4.0 stars on 1 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Regular price $3.99. On sale for $0.99!

Part of: Alpha Billionaire (11 books)

I gave Tanner my heart, and he gave me all the reasons why I should never trust men again.

It had been two years since I’d seen his gorgeously devastating face.
Two years since I’d found out that I was pregnant with his baby.
His betrayal forced me to skip town and keep it a secret.

And just when I thought I could mend my heart, he returned to my life.
Still as handsome as I remembered.
I still longed for him to hold me, to make me feel alive.
But he had questions… lots of them.
Especially since our son looked exactly like him.

Tanner’s return could destroy everything I’d built on my own.
He’s a billionaire but money can’t buy my trust.
Will he be the one to take my son away from me, or the one to save us both?

Click here to see all available books in the Alpha Billionaire series by Ava Gray on Amazon.


The Uptight Billionaire

4.2 stars on 346 reviews


Regular price $4.99. On sale for $0.99!

Laugh & fall in love with this SWEET ROMANCE❤️

He needs a fake girlfriend to keep his ex away.
She has the spunk and charm to play the part.
Neither expect to fall for each other. . .

Alec’s doing good for himself running a successful business, until his ex-fiancee returns to his life as his company’s top client. Even though she left him at the altar years ago, she wants him back. Enter Callie, a complete stranger, who takes it upon herself to save the day. She’s outgoing and spirited and pretends to be his girlfriend. He goes along with it. After all, it’s his best option. Alec has no desire to get serious about someone again. Besides, Callie is too easy-going and audacious, not his type at all. Faking a relationship shouldn’t be hard to do, except the more time he spends with Callie, the harder it becomes to resist her charm.

Callie is in between jobs and struggling to take care of her ailing dad. So when she spots an obnoxious woman unhinging some gorgeous guy, she decides to have some fun. Pretending to be Alec’s girlfriend at a business dinner proves to be just the thing to distract her from her daily stress. Besides, there’s no way she could really fall for him. She can’t put her heart on the line again. Not after what Steph did to her. But Alec’s mesmerizing eyes keep distracting her. Can her heart heal enough to allow him in?

*The Sweet Love Story that inspired the Clean Billionaire Holiday Romance Series.

Click here to see all available books by Cristina Ryan on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

Rogue Force

4.5 stars on 1,257 reviews


Price $0.00

By Her Sight

4.6 stars on 2,554 reviews

Fantasy Romance

Price $0.00

Tempting Levi

4.3 stars on 1,610 reviews


Price $0.00

Wanderer’s Odyssey
Books 1 to 3

4.3 stars on 1,797 reviews

Science Fiction

Price $0.00

Sapphire Ice

4.6 stars on 615 reviews


Price $0.00

Court of the Underworld

4.7 stars on 548 reviews

Paranormal Romance

Price $0.00

The President’s Dossier

4.2 stars on 818 reviews

Spy Thriller

Price $0.00

Blind Date Bet

4.2 stars on 482 reviews


Price $0.00

The Plus One Rescue

4.6 stars on 446 reviews

Romantic Suspense

Price $0.00


4.3 stars on 463 reviews


Price $0.00

Queen Of Dreams

4.5 stars on 265 reviews

Paranormal Romance

Price $0.00

Spark of Hope

4.6 stars on 268 reviews

MC Romance

Price $0.00

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Little Aiden






Billionaire Grump

Romantic Comedy


Mount Rainier

National Park

Photo Hiking

Vegas Daddy

An Age Gap Romance


Evil Hears

Young Adult


Crate Lake

National Park

Photo Hiking



Short Story 18 Pages

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