A Duke, A Musician, and A Mystery. Will they catch the killer before he kills again?

The Scottish Duke
Author Jessica Clements

Never Let Go - My promise, after I was chosen. Will the cosmic war, alien invasions, and worst of human nature; allow me to keep that promise.

The Imposed Path
Author Timothy David

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Lessons Learned from a 50+ Couple’s Trek to Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park Photo Hiking
Part of: National Parks Photo Hiking Series (8 books)

A fast-paced Regency Romance with a dash of mystery and a young woman who is determined to right a wrong.

Persuading the Earl
Author Audrey Harrison

I saw my billionaire boss. Naked.

Interning For A Billionaire
Author Erica Frost

Mix two fake lovers, age over a disastrous house party, distill the romance; and savor the HEA...

His Spirited Lady
Author Peri Maxwell

Bloody Hell! Scottish Spy Marcus Ruthven has abducted the wrong woman!

The Highlander & The Counterfeit Queen
Author Heather McCollum

What happens when a steamy duke who has never lost in battle meets the innocent young lady determined to conquer his heart?

The Moonstone Duke
Author Meara Platt

A decoded set of directions. A book of maps. A key. What does it all mean?

The Hawkes
Author Laurel O'Donnell

This Photo Hiking book is a visual tour and recap of their visit to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park in the spring of 2021 as a late-50’s couple.

Black Canyon Of The Gunnison National Park Photo Hiking
Lessons Learned from a 50+ Couple's Trek to Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Love blossoms for a Lady Gardener when she robs a Duke... and then steals his heart.

The Duke and the Lady Gardener
Author Alissa Baxter

She journeyed through time in search of da Vinci… what she found was the love she’d always dreamed of.

The Veil of Time
Author Hope Carolle

A father and son struggle to find common ground on and off the ballfield.

Catch: A Father and Son Story
Author Tim Turner

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The NYC Werewolf Tales, Book Three

3.7 stars on 114 reviews

Mythology. Fantasy. Werewolves. Ghosts. Young Adult.

Book 3 of 6: NYC Werewolf Tales

Welcome to a world of magic and mystery where a secret society of werewolves have sworn to protect the innocent and fight evil wherever and whenever they can… James is tall, handsome, blond and mysterious. Lucy, an attractive brunette and an art history major, discovers the secret that her classmate has been hiding from the world for so long.

“…An urban-fantasy tale about a young werewolf… The book’s excitement comes in finding out what James’ wolf form will do next– and what sort of criminal he’ll set straight during his sudden appearances… thriller helped along by a wolfman who’s full of surprises.” – Kirkus Reviews

When Lucy first noticed James in her college history class she never would have expected that an exciting adventure was about to begin for her. She will soon enter a world of unlikely new friends, Greek mythology and magic. She will also discover a secret society of werewolves that have sworn to fight evil and to protect the innocent. From The Metropolitan Museum of Art to Central Park to Gramercy Park, the story unfolds in the intoxicating atmosphere of Manhattan in New York City and on the sandy beaches of the Hamptons in Long Island. In Tales Three, James and Lucy return to The City and face a grave danger to their relationship. A mysterious relative from Greece, psychics and Mrs. T come to the rescue. Full of Greek mythology, psychics, ghosts, werewolves, sweet summer love and exciting scenes at Manhattan landmarks and a gorgeous, sprawling Victorian ocean estate that faces the Atlantic Ocean. This is part three of a five book series and you should read part one and part two before reading this book. This series has far more depth than you might assume it does at first glance. On the surface it is the story of a college student who with the help of his girlfriend learns how to handle his supernatural powers and abilities.

However, there are many layers to the story and it is full of Greek and Arthurian mythology, paranormal events, ghosts, psychics, psychology and spirituality.

Perfect for teen readers and adults who enjoy classic teen books. This is not a steamy romance series

Click here to see all available books in the NYC Werewolf Tales series by Bert Murray and Phyllis Fahrie on Amazon.


Emerging From the Dark

4.9 stars on 32 reviews

Inspirational. Self Help.

An Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal!

Regular price $2.99. On sale for $0.99!

★★★★★ “Terence Ang has written a wonderful book. Strokes can be debilitating – or they can be dealt with in a way that allows people to continue to live happy and productive lives. He says it best: “I want to raise awareness that anyone can suffer a stroke. I also want to tell fellow victims, as well as their caregivers and loved ones, that they are not alone. There is help and there is hope.” I encourage anyone who has had a stroke, or has a loved one who has, to read this wonderful book.” Paul Brandus – Columnist for USA Today and Dow Jones/MarketWatch, acclaimed author and an award-winning member of the White House press corps

What does it feel like to have a stroke?

How do you move forward in a body that will never be the same?

Having a stroke is one of most people’s worst fears. But the truth is a stroke is a common medical issue.

Most of us have no real idea what a stroke feels like or what it takes to recover from one. Our fear often has us pull away from people who most need our help and support. Even medical professionals often fail to fully grasp what it takes to recover from a stroke or how much energy and grit that journey takes.

In his first book, A Cry in the Dark, author Terence Ang shared his moving story of stroke recovery with us.

In this new book, Emerging from the Dark, Ang has assembled a collection of moving stories from people in all stages of stroke recovery. In these pages, you will find tales of unimaginable courage and determination.

Most of all, these are stories of fighters. These are people who reject the idea of being a victim. Instead, they are fighting with everything they have to return to a normal daily life, even if the new normal is different from their old normal.

This book will change the way you see people recovering from strokes!

These are positive people with positive stories. They don’t want or need pity—they just want their stories to be heard.

Click here to see all available books by Terence Ang on Amazon.


Money Management for Young Adults

5.0 stars on 42 reviews

Self Help. Finance.

Regular price $7.99. On sale for $2.99!

Part of: Invest Now Play Later Series (4 books)

Take control of your financial future—with your very first paycheck!

Your paycheck, your responsibility. It’s time to saddle up and take the reins. Prepare to become a sharp-shooting budgeter, resolute saver, and top-tier investor on the path to financial freedom.

Whether you are just entering the workforce or have been earning an income for a while, Money Management for Young Adults: From Your First Paycheck to Your First Million, is your comprehensive guide to smart money decisions. In this book, you will

  • Learn how to start investing ASAP. Multiply your money, not your worries.
  • Bid farewell to student loans, credit card debt, and other financial foes.
  • Turn your rainy days into sunshine with saving strategies for emergencies and retirement.
  • Gain confidence in your money decisions. Follow an easy-to-use road map to get the most from each paycheck.

Can you imagine a life where money worries are a thing of the past? Where you can travel and pursue your passions? If you lack financial stability, you will likely struggle to unlock your full potential as well as everything you have to offer society. This book presents a sure way to earn your passport to freedom, flexibility, and living your best life.

Click here to see all available books in the Invest Now Play Later Series by Luke Villermin on Amazon.

The Best of the New Free eBooks for Kindle.

The Tangled Web We Weave

4.6 stars on 2,257 reviews


Price $0.00

The Summer Sand Pact

4.5 stars on 3,014 reviews

Women’s Fiction

Price $0.00


4.6 stars on 1,671 reviews


Price $0.00

Born To Magic

4.5 stars on 1,760 reviews

TYA Epic SciFi Fantasy

Price $0.00


4.6 stars on 1,258 reviews


Price $0.00

Last First Kiss

4.5 stars on 2,175 reviews


Price $0.00

The Trouble at Turtle Beach

4.5 stars on 893 reviews

Paranormal Mystery

Price $0.00

Passing the Torch

4.6 stars on 749 reviews

MC Romance

Price $0.00


4.6 stars on 712 reviews

SciFi Romance

Price $0.00

On The Run

4.5 stars on 785 reviews

Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

Price $0.00

The Telephone Girls

4.5 stars on 1,043 views

Historical Literary Fiction

Price $0.00

The Pledge

4.5 stars on 1,018 reviews

Dark Mafia Romance

Price $0.00

New Releases 5/17 – 5/30/2023

Priced between $0.99 – $6.99 on Amazon.

The Love Deal

Romantic Comedy


Toying with Monsters

Paranormal Romance

Urban Fantasy


Military Science


Down to You



HOT Limit

Romantic Suspense

Military Romance

Traveler –

Viator Awakens

YA. Urban Fantasy

Lifetimes &

Life’s Lines


Owned by

the Bratva


The Forbearing Mage

Fantasy, Adventure

Magical Realism

Playing Pretend

with my Brother’s

Best Friends

Mount Rainer

National Park

Photo Hiking

Crater Lake

National Park

Photo Hiking

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