While American Jules Hooker is on vacation, a bomb explodes over the Riviera, destroying technology and leaving Jules stranded in Provence where she must make a living by solving murders the old-fashioned way.

Parlez-Vous Murder?
4.2 stars on 92 reviews by Bestselling Author Susan Kiernan-Lewis

Murder and drugs in the Florida orange groves. The cartels are moving in and will kill anyone that gets in thier way.

Blood Orange
4.0 stars on 4 reviews by Author Biography Award winning Author Brenda Spalding

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The #MeToo movement had more bite 2000 years ago. Book 9 in the best-selling Parthian Chronicles.

Amazon (Parthian Chronicles Book 9)
4.6 stars on 17 reviews

A dangerous love - who will be first to fall? Book 2 in "The King's Rogues" Regency Historical Romance Series is now available.

Bestselling Author Elizabeth Ellen Carter

It’s suave, handsome Edward de Wolfe’s tale as he vies for the hand of Paris de Norville’s daughter, Cassiopeia. The only obstacle is the bride herself – she can’t stand the sight of him!

BlackWolfe: Sons of de Wolfe
Book 7 of 14 in De Wolfe Pack by Bestselling Author Kathryn Le Veque

Welcome to Blackhaven, where the great and the bad of visiting Regency society STILL turns local life upside down!

The Wicked Waif
Book 11 of 11 in Blackhaven Brides series by Bestselling Author Mary Lancaster

Can a rogue earl convince a stubborn bookseller their love is worth fighting for? Read Book 3 in the bestselling "The St. Clairs" series for free with Kindle Unlimited!

Embracing the Earl
4.8 stars on 15 reviews by Bestselling Author Alexa Aston

Humanity’s greatest export—Justice. Space is a dangerous place, even for the wary, especially for the unprepared. The aliens have no idea. Here comes the Bad Company.

The Bad Company Boxed Set
Books 1-4 by authors Craig Martelle & Michael Anderle

A man sets his hopes for the future by buying into someone else's dream.

Bistro Bachelor
Book 2 of 2 in Working Man Series by Elizabeth Rose

Now a USA Today Bestseller! Join the five McCabe siblings on their journeys to the dark and dangerous side of love! An intense, exhilarating collection of romantic thrillers you won’t want to miss.

The McCabe Brothers The Complete Collection
4.2 stars on 39 reviews by author Lorhainne Eckhart

Sarah’s determined to cure the vampire plague…if she can control her bloodlust. To keep her in line, sexy, soldier Karsten has been assigned to her. He may be just what the doctor ordered.

Scarlet: Taming The Thirst
Book 2 of 3 in Shades of Red (3 Book Series)

Book 1 in the "Parthian Chronicles" series, telling the story of the Spartacus slave revolt.

The Parthian
3.9 stars on 253 reviews

The Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books on Amazon updated daily since 2009!

The Newest & Best reviewed books that are FREE $0.00 on Amazon. Great books from great authors. Many free Kindle books are only available for 24-48 hours (sometimes even less). Please make sure the price is $0.00 when downloading. Prices can change at any time. If by chance you download a book and it is actually not free you can do a return of a Kindle book up to 7 days after the transaction. We try to make sure our list is accurate and up to date, but we can’t control Amazon or authors when they decide to remove a book from being free. We hope you enjoy your free Kindle books.
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Suddenly Susan

4.1 stars on 115 reviews

Chick Lit. Sweet Romance. Women’s Fiction

Book 1 of 3 in Susan Wade Saga (3 Book Series)

Would you walk away from love to follow your dreams?

Becoming someone new is Susan’s only hope for a lucrative career. Instead of enjoying a carefree college experience like her roommate, she’s devoted that time to transforming herself from an unremarkable Southern girl to an impressive Northern businesswoman. But the personal cost of this metamorphosis has been high, and her relationship with Ben, the only guy who’s ever truly cared for her, has suffered.

When an incredible opportunity presents itself, Susan is suddenly faced with the toughest decision of her life. Will she turn her back on her dreams and move South again to be with Ben or give up love for the perfect job?

Fans of Kristan Higgins and Susan Elizabeth Phillips will devour this refreshing and supremely optimistic rite of passage story about friendship, finding yourself, and defying the odds.

Click here to see all available books in Susan Wade Saga (3 Book Series) by Virginia Gray on Amazon.


Wild Hare

5.0 stars on 1 review

Dystopia. Magical Realism.

“The world is coming to an end.”

I pushed the oil rags and cigarette butts off the seat of my friend Arne’s old pickup truck and climbed in. He threw the truck into gear, gunned the engine, and smirked. “What’s the point of being a fairy if you can’t wave a magic wand and get shit done?”

Yeah, I’m a fairy.

No, not that kind.

I let a half mile of clear-cut rumble past the window while I thought about my crappy mood, contemplating the butchered landscape. Back when I was a kid, I used to enjoy the ride to town because the road wound through a mosaic of wetlands and forest and lakes.

Mostly gone now: the forest, the marshes around the lakes, the moose.

Yeah, I’m half-human, half-forest spirit from the wild hare clan—what anthropologists call a trickster—and I live by the wild hare code of “feed, fight, fornicate”; except that’s using the nice word for it.

Maybe Arne had a point. Maybe I didn’t fight hard enough to better this world I so reluctantly belonged to. After all, my personal life was generally OK, so why get into a brawl about shit I couldn’t change?

What I didn’t know, as the ruined scenery brushed past, was that my personal life would soon go tits up too, and I’d get pushed into fighting in ways I’d never fought before. Lucky me.


Who Am I?

5.0 stars on 7 reviews

Children’s Book. Parenting.

Dear Parents,

Did you know that: Children are born Perfect.
That we become what we think about.
You are your child’s most valuable teacher.
We all have a SELF-IMAGE. It is how we see ourselves. It is “CONDITIONING.” It is a  PROGRAMMING”. It is a PARADIGM.
It operates like an “AUTO-PILOT”.

The PARADIGMS are past down from one generation to another. The PARADIGMS are created by the environment and our culture.

Our mother tongue is a PARADIGM. A child’s mind is like a fertile garden. By using a straightforward method, you can program your child. This method never fails…

This book is intended for you & your child, to begin the process of creating a winner SELF-IMAGE. Read this book to your child as often as you can.

The concept of Conscious Mind and Subconscious mind is not a familiar concept to most people. To understand better, I recommend reading, studying the system described in my parental guide: Ordinary Parents Raising Extraordinary Children.” A parental guide to unlocking your child’s inner strength to full self-expression.

As a parent of young children, there are two things that you must understand that when a child is born, the subconscious mind is wide open. So, everything the child hears, sees, tastes, smells, and touches are planted in their subconscious mind. This goes on for four to five years until the conscious faculties have time to develop.

Whatever has been presented to the child’s mind will eventually develop since the subconscious mind must accept everything that is presented to it; it has no ability to reject. It is the most important stage in life as it is during this time that the child is being conditioned. The child’s conditioning regarding the his or her confidence, learning ability, relationship building, and concept of health and wealth will determine the child’s future.


Sweet Promise

4.6 stars on 19 reviews

Steamy Romance. Contemporary New Adult Romance. International Romance.

Book 1 of 3 in The Grahams (3 Book Series)

Sexy, British celebrity chef Lucas Nash is bringing the heat. I just hope I don’t get burned.

When I won the Southern Baking Championships right out of high school, I never imagined how far that success would take me. The first season of my baking show was a hit, and I love what I do.

I’m almost twenty-one, not a teenager anymore, and as it turns out, my agent thinks my girl-next-door image needs to grow up a little, so she sends me on an audition for a new show.

When I find out that I’m auditioning to co-host with the sexy British celebrity chef I’ve admired for years, I can’t believe my luck.

Lucas has had a lot of trouble the past couple of years, though. A nasty divorce. Binge-drinking. Partying. We won’t even talk about those pics of his impressive package that were splashed all over the tabloids.

I’m supposed to be the solution to all Lucas’ problems. Meeting him, though, is just the start of mine.

When we set off on a European filming tour, sparks fly.

Lucas is definitely bringing the heat.

I just hope I don’t get burned.

Plenty of heart, sexy heat, and full of international destinations and some exciting twists and turns, Sweet Promise delivers a satisfying happily ever after between a sweet, Southern baker and a sexy, British alpha male chef. The first book in the Promise Series, this book can be read as a standalone romance – no surprise cliffhangers.

Click here to see all available books in The Grahams (3 Book Series) by Jennifer Woodhull on Amazon.


Falling For You

4.7 stars on 30 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Book 1 of 5 in Sapphire Bay (5 Book Series)

After six years of focusing on her career, Natalie Armstrong craves the peace and tranquility that only Sapphire Bay can give her. But returning to her grandparents’ cottage isn’t as easy as she imagined. No one told her about her houseguest or the unexpected changes in the small town she calls home.

Gabe Lanigan is a former NYPD detective. His new career as a bestselling crime writer has brought him everything he didn’t want–fame, fortune, and a deep distrust of strangers. When Natalie arrives in Sapphire Bay, their unlikely friendship sparks into something he never expected. But he needs to be careful. The real reason he left New York City is closing in fast and Natalie is standing in his way.

FALLING FOR YOU is the first book in the Sapphire Bay series and can easily be read as a standalone. Each of Leeanna’s series are linked so you can find out what happens to your favorite characters in other books. Happy reading!

Praise for Leeanna Morgan’s books:

“I am addicted to Leeanna Morgan’s books! The only problem with them is that I hate coming to the end of one, and can’t wait for the next good read. I love how she weaves the characters together, and draws you right into their lives. If you haven’t discovered her, please do give her books a try. You won’t be disappointed, except for not having found her sooner!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I couldn’t put it down. I purchased it today and finished it just now. Captivating story from beginning to end. Definitely a five star book.”

Click here to see all available books in Sapphire Bay (5 Book Series) by Leeanna Morgan on Amazon.


Bitcoin Explosion!

Investing. How To.

It’s Not Too Late To Make Money In Bitcoin

In this short book, author Tim Morris makes a case for Bitcoin like you’ve never heard. He starts by explaining what gives Bitcoin, a digital currency on a computer screen, so much worth. He then goes over why Bitcoin will outlive all other cryptocurrencies, and ultimately reign supreme.

After this, Tim then gets into the heart of the book. He explains why, in the coming months, Bitcoin is set to skyrocket in price and what you can do to capitalize on this explosive growth! Bitcoin is still in its infancy, meaning the potential rewards are still massive. With time though, these rewards will shrink, as the later you get in, the less you will make.

As a FREE bonus, only for book buyers, you’ll receive Tim’s special report titled The 96% Swing Trade. In this special report, you’ll learn a stock market swing trading strategy that has over a 96% win rate! This report is not available to the general public, or anywhere else. It exists solely as a “thank you” to buyers of this book.

UPDATED ON 7/16/2019 AT 7 AM CST. Many free Kindle books are only available for 24-48 hours (sometimes even less). Please make sure the price is $0.00 when downloading. Prices can change at any time. If by chance you download a book and it is actually not free you can do a return of a Kindle book up to 7 days after the transaction. We try to make sure our list is accurate and up to date, but we can’t control Amazon or authors when they decide to remove a book from being free. We hope you enjoy your free Kindle books.


Just Needs Killin’

4.4 stars on 769 reviews


Deadly Lies

4.3 stars on 483 reviews


Rough Edge

4.7 stars on 261 reviews

Romantic Suspense

Branded Captive

4.2 stars on 525 reviews

Dark Romance

The Beholder

4.3 stars on 318 reviews


Arisen: Exodus

4.7 stars on 427 reviews

Science Fiction

Hate You Less

4.1 stars on 157 reviews


The Handfasters

4.4 stars on 286 reviews


Weakest Lynx

4.6 stars on 233 reviews


The Longest Day

4.4 stars on 108 reviews

Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

Highlander’s Love
In Captivity

4.5 stars on 141 reviews

Historical Romance

His Many Desires

4.7 stars on 104 reviews


Senile Squad

4.6 stars on 109 reviews


First Impressions

4.5 stars on 376 reviews



4.6 stars on 128 reviews


Blood Gifted

4.5 stars on 118 reviews

Paranormal Romance


4.1 stars on 64 reviews

YA Fantasy

Nothing New

Under The Sun

3.9 stars on 138 reviews


Done With Being Fat

4.1 stars on 53 reviews

Self Help

The Influencer Economy

4.9 stars on 138 reviews


Happiness is a

Smoking Gun

4.2 stars on 170 reviews

Cozy Mystery


4.5 stars on 132 reviews


Just the Way You Are

4.4 stars on 63 reviews

Contemporary Romance


4.4 stars on 18 reviews

Literary Fiction

The Survivors

4.1 stars on 197 reviews

Science Fiction

Fire in Frost

4.2 stars on 338 reviews

YA Paranormal

The Prince & The Player

4.4 stars on 296 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Read, Write,

Love at Seaside

4.3 stars on 544 reviews

Sweet Romance


4.6 stars on 80 reviews

Horror. Sci-Fi.


4.4 stars on 689 reviews

Urban Fantasy

Rodeo Summer

4.6 stars on 96 reviews

Cont. West. Romance

One to Hold

4.3 stars on 804 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Mark of the Loon

4.4 stars on 482 reviews


Charming Academy

4.6 stars on 29 reviews

YA Fantasy

Home Lost

4.3 stars on 26 reviews

Epic Fantasy

A French Girl

in New York

4.3 stars on 386 reviews

Young Adult



4.3 stars on 473 reviews

Horror Thriller

Bellingwood Series
Box Set

4.6 stars on 677 reviews


Sweet Girl

4.3 stars on 670 reviews


Winter’s Heat

4.5 stars on 1,042 reviews

Military Romance

Dark Corner

4.4 stars on 120 reviews


Slouch Witch

4.7 stars on 621 reviews


Only In Dreams

4.5 stars on 247 reviews


Some Like It Charming

4.3 stars on 405 reviews


Anika Rising

4.7 stars on 120 reviews

Horror Thriller

The Lazarus File

4.6 stars on 119 reviews


Best Friend With Benefits

4.6 stars on 238 reviews


A Berry Deadly Welcome

4.2 stars on 163 reviews

Humorous Cozy Mystery


4.3 stars on 226 reviews


Marlene’s Revenge

4.6 stars on 146 reviews

Horror Thriller

The Yuletide Angel

4.6 stars on 159 reviews

Christian Romance

A Perfect Weakness

4.7 stars on 110 reviews

Historical Romance


4.6 stars on 546 reviews


Bridles Lane

4.6 stars on 19 reviews

Historical Fiction

New Mercies

4.6 stars on 21 reviews

Christian Romance

Rebel’s Honor

4.5 stars on 110 reviews



4.4 stars on 34 reviews

Female Self Help


4.3 stars on 124 reviews

Young Adult

Eden Chip

4.3 stars on 29 reviews


Sweet Promise

4.6 stars on 19 reviews

Steamy Romance

Mademoiselle at Arms

4.2 stars on 60 reviews

Historical Romance


4.1 stars on 165 reviews


Vampires Rule

4.3 stars on 249 reviews

YA Paranormal Fantasy

Loving Lieutenant


4.3 stars on 80 reviews

Hist. Fiction. Romance

The Tumor

3.9 stars 4,250 reviews

Non-Legal Thriller

Dragon Dreams

4.1 stars on 78 reviews

Romance. Fantasy.

Bare Knuckle Bear

4.5 stars on 122 reviews

Shifter Romance

Angel of Death

4.2 stars 252 reviews(UK)

Religious Fantasy

A Black Deeper

Than Death

4.1 stars on 23 reviews

Mystery, Young Adult


4.2 stars on 208 reviews

Young Adult

Her Best Match

4.4 stars on 575 reviews

A Romantic Comedy


4.0 stars on 49 reviews

Paranormal Romance


The Taste Of Fear

4.2 stars on 1,077 reviews



4.1 stars on 924 reviews


Promise Cove

4.5 stars on 915 reviews


Charmed By The Bartender

4.4 stars on 606 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Multiple Motives

4.3 stars on 425 reviews


One Last Kill

4.5 stars on 128 reviews

Crime Thriller

Until Now

4.3 stars on 171 reviews


Lila Blue

4.5 stars on 158 reviews


Special Agent Francesca

4.3 stars on 163 reviews


Deadly Secrets

4.4 stars on 355 reviews


Fried Chicken & Gravy

4.6 stars on 158 reviews


Mercy’s Heart

4.5 stars on 117 reviews


The Sword Of The Banshee

4.2 stars on 181 reviews

Historical Fiction


4.2 stars on 350 reviews

Crime Thriller

Commander Bear

4.5 stars on 154 reviews

Shifter Romance


4.7 stars on 107 reviews


Keto Diet

4.8 stars on 123 reviews


The Wilds

4.4 stars on 464 reviews


Let’s Do It

4.3 stars on 111 reviews


Her Savior

4.6 stars on 138 reviews

Dark Romance

Switching Hour

4.3 stars on 562 reviews

Paranormal Romance

The Watchers

4.5 stars on 311 reviews

Teen & Young Adult

The City of Wizards

4.0 stars on 31 reviews


Taking Chances

4.0 stars on 189 reviews

Cont. Erotic Romance

To Save A Sinner

4.4 stars on 433 reviews

Historical Romance

The Collins Case

4.5 stars on 133 reviews

Christian. Mystery

More Than Pancakes

4.2 stars on 380 reviews


The Falling of Love

4.6 stars on 175 reviews


The Change

4.5 stars 1,521 reviews

Urban Fantasy. Sci-Fi


4.5 stars 1,081 reviews

Sci-Fi. Dystopian. YA

Kindling Flames

4.3 stars on 422 reviews

Paranormal Romance

Love, Lies, & High Heels

3.9 stars on 685 reviews

Romantic Comedy

Walker Pride

4.3 stars on 39 reviews

Contemporary Romance

The Black Parade

4.3 stars on 111 reviews

Urban Fantasy

Tiger Lily

4.4 stars on 103 reviews

Contemporary Romance

The Billionaire’s Heart

4.1 stars on 930 reviews



What Hurts The Most

4.4 stars on 270 reviews



4.2 stars on 1,992 reviews


Hanover House

4.3 stars on 693 reviews

Romantic Suspense

Born To Be Bound

4.4 stars on 606 reviews

Dark Romance

The Price of Innocence

4.2 stars on 299 reviews


Under A Raging Moon

4.2 stars on 379 reviews

Crime Mystery

Texas Roots

4.6 stars on 292 reviews



4.5 stars on 585 reviews


Blind Justice

4.3 stars on 279 reviews

Legal Fiction

Trans Galactic Insurance

4.4 stars on 136 reviews



4.5 stars on 205 reviews


Playing Fate

4.7 stars on 178 reviews



4.4 stars on 179 reviews


The Sasha McCandless Series

4.6 stars on 223 reviews

Legal Thrillers

Highland Vengeance

4.7 stars on 141 reviews

Historical Romance


4.6 stars on 139 reviews


Dirty Indiscretions

4.5 stars on 152 reviews

Dark Mafia Romance

You’re Clear

4.0 stars on 28 reviews


Missed Connection

4.6 stars on 114 reviews


Buried Obsession

4.7 stars on 104 reviews

Dark Romance

Sign Off

4.3 stars 1,232 reviews

Cozy Mystery

I Don’t Want

to Eat Bugs

4.6 stars on 167 reviews


The Babbling Brook

Naked Poker Club

4.7 stars on 382 reviews

Cozy Mystery

The Nysian Prophecy

4.2 stars on 24 reviews


Bound Souls

4.6 stars on 26 reviews

Fantasy Romance

A Dance of Dragons

4.3 stars on 233 reviews

YA Fantasy

Dreams for Stones

4.7 stars on 98 reviews

Women’s Fiction

Emma’s Dream

4.3 stars on 363 reviews


Out of a Dream

4.3 stars on 818 reviews

Christian Fiction


4.2 stars on 273 reviews

Paranormal Thriller

Highland Barbarian

4.5 stars on 327 reviews

Historical Romance

Tempted by the Boss

4.2 stars on 161 reviews

Contemporary Romance