An Possessive Dominant Alpha Male Romance Novel. I’m being hunted by a billionaire A mad man that will stop at nothing to take from the one thing I hold dear to me, my most prized possession.

His Captive Virgin
4.7 stars on 57 reviews

Welcome to Book One in the fabulous new Book of Love series

The Look of Love
USA Today Bestselling Author Meara Platt

Get Book Three in the bestselling The Unmarriageable Series!

The Vulgar Heart
Bestselling Author Mary Lancaster

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When you have an adrenaline-charged bull rider, then mix in a classy, feisty photographer, sparks are bound to fly...and sizzle! Brand-new cover.

Howdy, Ma'am
4.4 stars on 25 reviews

It's all hands on deck between a Welsh smuggler and his enemy Spanish lady-fair!

The Savage Sabre
5.0 stars on 6 reviews

A fast-paced, suspenseful story of revenge, rebellion and the death of America’s freedom in a potential future. War brings together unlikely allies, a female rebel fighter and an Army Ranger to stop a tyrant.

The Greater Danger
4.7 stars on 5 reviews

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Zombie Diaries Homecoming Junior Year
4.4 stars on 16 reviews

Illegitimacy is not Sarah's biggest secret. It would be better to spurn the advances of the handsome Scot, no matter how much she craves him. But there are no secrets that time does not reveal.

Kingslayer's Daughter
Book 2 of 2 in The House of Pendray (2 Book Series)

New Book Releases 2019

This page highlights a select group of New Book Releases. If you are looking for a something new to read then this page is a great place to start for a new book. 

New Releases 3/13 – 3/26/2019

Priced between $0.99 – $6.99 on Amazon.

Wasted Pain

Romantic Suspense


Servant Leadership


Business & Mgmt

Tough Enough

for Success

Teen & Young Enough

Scholarly Pursuits

Historical Mystery

Amateur Sleuth

Stolen by the

Mountain Man

Contemporary Romance

Melody Green:

Merciful Shock

Mystery. Suspense

Money or Men



In Safe Hands

Thriller. Mystery.


Prince of Persuasion

Historical Romance


Historical Romance

Nothing Familiar

Paranormal Mystery

Diamonds and Lies

Romantic Suspense


Money or Men


Love or loot?

Erin must choose between the money of which she has long dreamed and the man who she has loved. Eight years ago, she chose “loot” when Chris, her former husband, competed for her hand against the god of money. Now, with a promotion within reach, she is poised to take her place among the elite of Wall Street. She will soon be working twenty-four-seven to reorganize a failing company, and she has been ordered to find someone to care for her children.

She has few options, and she reluctantly concludes she must beg Chris for help. She has not talked with Chris, written, texted, friended, private messaged, or tweeted Chris since leaving him, but if he will not keep their children for the summer, she will lose her promotion, and her dream of wealth will vanish.

Opposites had attracted when they had fallen in love. Erin remembers a Chris who was laid-back, satisfied, and, worst of all, unambitious. He seems not to have changed. He lives on a small island with no home mail delivery. He had been an author, but Erin can find nothing he has published since their split.

But Chris’s photo is the one personal item on Erin’s desk, and she still dreams of him when she sleeps. She fears if she asks Chris to care for their children for the summer, she will be drawn back into his world. She will choose Chris over money, “love over loot,” lose her drive to succeed and everything for which she has worked. Her promotion will be denied – and lightning will not strike a second time. How can she send their children to live with him without becoming entangled herself?

If you have ever “wanted it all,” buy this book! You will enjoy discovering how Erin makes the choice between “love or loot.”

Melody Green: Merciful Shock

Mystery. Suspense.

Melody is a firecracker, yet sweet as candy. She has a best friend of many years named Denzel. Denzel is Melody’s voice of reason. Even though Melody is very tenacious, he always guides her. When she still does what she wants, Denzel is always there to make sure she is safe. Melody witnessed a man being hit by a car and later finds out that he was actually running away from a murder scene.

Michael Milhouse, meets Melody and finds out the hard way that if something doesn’t feel right to her, she will continue until everything makes sense.

Melody has a gut feeling that the death of the man she saw running, the murders of a young magazine editor and Michael’s daughter are tied…but how?

Merciful Shock is book one of a series of three.

Stolen by the Mountain Man

Contemporary Romance

I’m her f*cking salvation…

They sent me to kill her, but I couldn’t pull the trigger. The senator’s daughter is innocent in every way imaginable, and now she’s mine. I’m keeping her. She thinks she can run from me. She’s wrong. This is my f*cking mountain.

I own her, body and soul. She belongs to me, but our secret won’t stay safe forever. A storm’s coming and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect her. Even if it means dying. No one gets to take what’s mine without a fight.

This is a short, passionate read with over-the-top insta-love and a HEA.

Scholarly Pursuits

Historical Mystery. Cozy Mystery, Amateur Sleuth. 19th Century Historical Fiction

“Something is rotten in the state of Berkeley”
–1881 Blue and Gold Yearbook, University of California: Berkeley

In Scholarly Pursuits, the sixth full-length novel in the USA Today best-selling Victorian San Francisco mystery series, Locke explores life on the University of California: Berkeley campus in 1881, where Laura and her friends face the remarkably modern problems of fraternity hazings, fraught romantic relationships, and fractious faculty politics.

While Annie and Nate Dawson and friends and family in the O’Farrell Street boardinghouse await a blessed event, Laura Dawson finds herself investigating why a young Berkeley student dropped out of school in the fall of 1880.

No one, including her friend Seth Timmons, thinks this is a good idea, since she is juggling a full course load with a part-time job, but she can’t let the question of what happened to her friend go unanswered. Not when it means that other young women might be in danger.

This cozy historical mystery of romantic suspense is set in the period immediately after the fifth book in the series, Pilfered Promises, and two novellas, Kathleen Catches a Killer and Dandy Delivers. However, it can be read as a stand-alone.

Tough Enough for Success

Teen & Young Enough

Have you ever heard that it takes hard work to be successful?

The answer is probably yes, but no one ever tells us the day-to-day grind of working hard. How do we deal with the different trials of becoming successful?

Tough Enough for Success looks to answer those questions because we all deserve a shot at success.

We all want to be successful but sometimes we just don’t know how to go about it. Most people just need a small nudge or a guide to keep them on track.

This is for everyone including people who:

  • Don’t have anything to work towards
  • Are “too old” or “too young”
  • Have already tried to be successful or have never tried this journey

Its OK because you are going to learn how to be tough enough!

This is a simple do it yourself guide to success.

This can be beneficial for almost anyone! The best part is that you can choose how vigorously you want to follow this because it is truly meant to fit everyone’s life.

Throughout this book I want you learn several things:

  1. What it means to work hard
  2. Goal setting
  3. Discipline
  4. How to succeed in whatever field you decide

These things can help you redefine your life and find happiness and meaning. I want everyone to do what they love and be successful at it!

Servant Leadership Bootcamp

Business & Management

Master Servant leadership like a Pro! It’s time to own it!

Are you struggling with individuals you don’t directly manage? Are you ready to crush self-doubt? Are you tired of being told you wear your heart on your sleeve or are an emotional leader? Stop the madness of compassion fatigue for good!

Imagine eliminating the weakness associating with serving to lead and feeling passed over for not being as aggressive as your colleagues! Discover what value you bring to the table and how to make others see it too! Have others follow your lead as an influential leader, while still putting your people first!

Servant leadership is the most powerful and influential leadership style. With the people-centered approach, you can join the ranks of those who lead by serving and create your dream team.

This is a reality. Your quest is over and the answers are here!

Let this little how-to book walk you through building your mental strength in a knockout 12 step bootcamp!

Start your journey with an eye-opening mental strength quiz and finally know your mental toughness!

Weak leadership? Give It All Up!

Gritty leaders understand the pitfalls of self-control and use it to their advantage.

Recapture emotional control to avoid making bad decisions that you would regret later

The Navy Seal secret to turning stress into positive energy

Don’t let negative thoughts keep you from getting ahead…Hack the Power of Positivity

Secret tools to power through different types of stress

Click here to continue reading the complete book description on Amazon.

Wasted Pain

Romantic Suspense

A guy chasing his last hopes of romance finds a freezing homeless gal on an alley of an American city.

He could leave her to die, or take her home and care for her. But she’s not just any gal; she looks half her age, is interesting, wild and attractive, and he start to hope that something can develop.

She has no past, not even a name, and they strive to get to know each other in more ways than one.

Can they really make a future together?

Will pain ever subside?

A fascinating story of unusual romance that may leave a reader crying buckets.

The Perfect Debutante

Historical, Regency Romance

A Duke, A Debutante and An Arranged Marriage

SHE secretly cut in the shadows and covered her scars with satin and lace.

Louella Rose is perfect. Beautiful. Refined. The answer to all her family’s woes. No one knows that beneath her flawless complexion, behind her mesmerizing eyes, she hides her pain in shame.

STANTON promised to marry the woman of his father’s choice by the age of thirty and that time has finally come. To his surprise and delight, the chosen lady is the perfect debutante, for him anyhow, and he couldn’t be happier… until he discovers the scars that make no sense – scars that shatter the illusion of perfection.

LIES, greed and blood lay waste to a most promising marriage. Can their love overcome the ravages of guilt and carry them through life’s imperfections?

Historical romance unlike any others…

Not So Saintly Sisters Series
Book 1: The Perfect Debutante
Book 2: The Perfect Spinster

Love On High Steel Bridge

Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance

Captain Dorian Rae is a wounded soul who gets his greatest pleasures from being in the great outdoors and soaring the skies.

When he has a life-changing encounter with a beauty on Washington State’s High Steel Bridge, he never anticipates that one meeting would have an enduring effect on him and change their worlds forever.

In Safe Hands

Thriller. Mystery. Suspense.

How far would you go to save the ones you love? The first book in a stunning new crime series featuring DCI Anna Tate.

When nine children are snatched from a nursery school in South London, their distressed parents have no idea if they will ever see them again. The community in the surrounding area in shock. How could this happen right under their noses? No one in the quiet suburban street saw anything – or at least that’s what they’re saying.

But DCI Anna Tate knows that nothing is impossible, and she also knows that time is quickly running out. It’s unclear if the kidnappers are desperate for money or set on revenge, but the ransom is going up by £1million daily. And they know that one little boy in particular is fighting for his life.

It’s one of the most disturbing cases DCI Anna Tate has ever worked on – not only because nine children are being held hostage, but because she’s pretty sure that someone close to them is lying…



before everything turns into ashes.

before cryptocurrency takes over the world economy.

Four lives cross each other path.

Religion, parenthood, homosexuality and transgender and the almighty London Underground.


’cause it’s all about who you know

Arcadia’s Children: The Fyfield Plantation

Science Fiction, Fantasy

Continuing the story line of Arcadia’s Children: Samantha’s Revenge, this futuristic sci-fi tale brings back Mick Tarmy and a cast of characters guaranteed to create a fascinating journey to destroy a plantation dedicated to growing zuka milk, which produces a powerful narcotic street drug.

The Great Ones, who use the drug to raise funds for their war against humanity, will go to any lengths to stop Mick, his cohorts Claire Hyndman and Nonie Tomio, from their mission.

Journey through a world filled with aliens, robots and clones in this book that is a cracking good read for all ages.

Squaring The Circle

Science Fiction Thriller. Techno Thriller

Physicist Sam Jacobson has made an astounding discovery:

A particle that serves as a direct line of communication to the fabric of spacetime. If a person conveys expectations to the cosmos, as he now can, reality answers in kind.

Want to create a black hole in the laboratory? Done.
Make yourself bullet-proof? No problem.

But with great power comes great insanity. Left unhindered, the evolution of man into God could come to a horrific, world-ending conclusion. Two strangers, entangled like a pair of fundamental particles, are the only ones who can stop him.

The first is David Sandoval, the executive producer of a once-popular television show, and he isn’t ready to retire just yet. His program will be canceled by the network unless he can find a way to improve the ratings. An invitation to a mysterious laboratory might be the miracle he’s looking for. The second is a girl named Eddie.

Pissing off her overbearing mother, popping psychotropic medications, trying to ignore the voices – these are the sum total of nineteen-year-old Eddie’s life. But when forced into a surreal connection with the creator of her favorite science program, her world changes forever.

Diamonds and Lies

Romantic Suspense

Sparkling rocks, family secrets, and seductive lies

Mia’s advertising career masks a side job in the family business―the business is thievery and the competition kills. Partnering with her brother, Andy, Mia is drawn into a short timeline to plan a diamond heist to make good on Andy’s double-cross of the crime boss who hired him for the prior job. Openly teasing the mark, Mia plays with the jeweler’s attraction to her, insinuating herself into his life, gaining his confidence. When Andy’s past threatens them both, Mia abandons the heist and disappears. The mark, under Mia’s spell, hides and protects her from danger. They are both in peril as her brother’s stalker closes in on them. Alternating between ecstasy and fear, she has to make a fateful decision.

Is she placing her trust in the wrong man? Can a relationship built on lies become real?

Nothing Familiar

Paranormal Mystery

Fighting powerful magical forces that threaten to upend her world, LeeAnn is alone and overwhelmed, and she’s running out of time to save the ones she loves.

LeeAnn’s life is taking a nasty turn. There are forces at work which are determined to expose the magic community to humans. One of LA’s closest allies hovers on the edge of death. Grandmama Celeste has disappeared and, for the first time since LA’s known her, isn’t responding to pleas for help. To make things worse, LA’s best friend, Deg, is attacked by Wraiths and the healers aren’t sure they can cure him.

LA soon finds herself on a journey to Underworld…traveling to Hades in search of a rare flower that’s closely guarded by Wraiths. The journey is long…fraught with danger…and LA must trust someone who hasn’t always been trustworthy for its success.

But her challenges haven’t yet begun. Her world continues to burn.

Will LA be able to dispel the stigma of her own mistakes? Or will her friends pay the ultimate price as she gives herself over to the evil swirling around them all?