A billionaire alpha male; a nerdy heroine; and a deranged serial killer. Sometimes love can be murder!

In His Keeping: Taken
3.8 stars on 18 reviews

It's his story. It's his journey. The first and last, modern-day demigod. Can he rise from the charcoaled ashes of defeat to save humankind?

Darkened Demigod
4.2 stars on 26 reviews

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The Making of A Well-Designed Business is no nonsense advice for the entrepreneur who is ready to take action.

The Making of A Well - Designed Business
5.0 stars on 16 reviews

Step into the past with four sweeping historicals: HILDIE MCQUEEN’s Under a Silver Moon, DENISE DOMNING’s Lady in White, LAUREL O’DONNELL’s A Knight with Grace, and RUTH KAUFMAN’s My Once & Future Love.

Tall, Dark and Historical
4 Book Box Set

They were a match made in heaven, but when Lana disappears on the night Hayden was to propose, they each begin a long and torturous journey into their own personal hell.

7 Years Later Series, Book 1

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3 Free Books from Bestselling author J.S. Scott

3 Free Books from Bestselling author J.S. Scott

New Book Releases 2018

This page highlights a select group of New Book Releases. If you are looking for a something new to read then this page is a great place to start for a new book. 

New Releases 3/14 – 3/27/2018

Priced between $0.99 – $6.99 on Amazon.


The Broken-Hearted Many


The teenage daughter of a Silicon Valley legend trolling for older guys …

Fodder for the sleazeratti. Hell for Alexandra Romanov’s younger brother and sister.

They’re still trying to cope with their father’s brutal, unsolved murder. AnnaSophia Romanov has managed to keep a lid on the mounting evidence of her psycho husband’s atrocities but can no longer deny her older daughter’s self-destructive path.

Discovering her in bed with a stranger leaves AnnaSophia one choice.

She calls the last person she should ask for help.The tabloids claim ex-cop Satish Patel abetted her in her husband’s murder.

He reluctantly agrees to deal with the deviant in Alexandra’s bed. But AnnaSophia greets him with a Glock, informing him she has everything under control.

Satish curses his stupidity and struggles in a gin-and-tonic fugue to defuse the situation. But AnnaSophia’s charisma threatens to shake his hunch she is hiding crucial facts about her husband’s death. Her misgivings about him shake her trust. She makes a disastrous decision that leads to six murders.

Further, that decision will force her to reveal the one secret she knows for certain can destroy her and her family.

Calling fans of Gillian Flynn and Karin Slaughter. Filled with adrenaline-laced twists and turns, this dark, psychological thriller brings the reader face-to-face with monsters walking among us. Grab your copy of The Broken-Hearted Many today. And stay up tomorrow night reading the fast-paced, stand-alone backstories in The MisFit, Books 1-4.

Cry For You

New Adult Contemporary

You know how the story goes. Don’t you?

Boy meets girl. Eyes lock, they fall in love, live happily ever after.
Not this story.

Lacey baby, was what he called me. He said I was too young for him but who cares, we were both young. He stopped resisting and we fell in love.

I thought we were going to be forever. We were. Until the unthinkable happened savagely ripping through us, ripping us apart, and forever turned in to never.

He was gone. I was left to pick up the shredded pieces. Punished for the life inside me I couldn’t give up. the very thing I didn’t know would bring me out of darkness years later, could be the very thing that brings us together again for a second chance.

If we can only survive the ripple effects of the pain of the past and what lies ahead…

**A standalone with a happy ending. Contains possible triggers.**

Defending Justice

Romantic Suspense

Former prosecutor and now hot-shot defense attorney, Jackie DelRay, is a star in the shark-infested judicial waters of Washington, DC. Behind her take-no-prisoners façade, she hides a painful secret and a longing for FBI Special Agent Beckett Pearson-the man who captured her heart during a passion-filled weekend in college. The same man who still holds a grudge over a case Jackie refused to prosecute years before. When Beck is arrested for the shocking murder of the FBI director’s estranged wife, Jackie breaks every rule she’s known about being emotionally involved with her client. Knowing the risks to her heart and her career, she rushes to defend him.

A former model and football star, Beck has finally found his home with the Bureau. He wants nothing to do with the sexy lawyer who left him without a goodbye twelve years ago and then destroyed his first, and most important, missing persons investigation. Now, with his freedom on the line, Jackie’s brilliant legal mind may be his one hope at staying out of prison.

When their investigation is mired by political alliances and reckless greed, Beck and Jackie battle corruption at the highest levels. That battle includes resisting the long-buried passion they’d shared twelve years earlier. But will a killer bent on stopping their investigation give them a fight they are bound to lose?

Hate Me

Romantic Suspense

I’m a criminal. A businessman. A cartel boss.

She’s a favor. Collateral. A pretty slave.

I have no interest in her beyond keeping her alive for the man who now owns her. And yet…I’m fascinated by the little Russian. There is no room for weakness in my world, but it appears the delicate rose has steel petals. I’m willing to bleed for a willing touch, a trusting glance…

A broken little bird. The big bad wolf. A longing that could heal or destroy.

Hate me or hold me?

Berlin Butterfly – Ensnare

Historical Fiction Romance

Death or Freedom? Hardly a choice.

Aug 12, 1961, Berlin Germany. Nationale Volksarmee soldiers roll barbed wire across the war-torn city to create the first Berlin Wall. Families are separated, livelihoods destroyed, death comes easily as crippling fear paralyzes the occupants on both sides of the wall.

Fifteen-year-old Ella is torn between fleeing to the west with her brother, Josef, and best friend, Anton, or remaining on the east side with her dying father. The impact of one decision can transform a person’s life. This story is about that decision.

The first book in the “Berlin Butterfly” series, Ensnare is an emotional heart-wrenching historical romance that leads the reader down the dark, early years of the Berlin Wall and through the eyes of a teenage girl living in post-war Germany. Readers will be captivated with Ella’s strength, determination, and vulnerability as she opens her heart amidst a dangerous and terrifying journey.

Dante’s Embrace

Paranormal Romance

Dante Windstorm is cursed. He withdraws from human interaction after his mother’s untimely death, only to have his Dad abandon him at a school for troubled teens, sending Dante into further despair. Dante stands at the edge of the cliff behind the school, ready to end it all, when a gorgeous girl with a similar affliction talks him down. Can her love make him realize life is worth living?

Gracie Dover, a senior at Waywood Manor School for the Gifted, is the chosen one, a dignified position that requires she dedicate her life to protect the Waywood students from an opposing gifted society who hunger for the power housed at Waywood Manor. When her path crosses with dark, sexy Dante Windstorm, desire and devotion sends her reeling in despair over her destiny. Will Gracie break Waywood tradition to be with the man she loves, or will she choose her preordained life as the chose one, a loveless, lonely existence?

Beautiful Disaster


Walking heartthrob. Sexy cowboy. Complete and utter disaster.

Can I tell you a secret?
I’m the world’s worst PR agent.
I was hired to fix Drake’s reputation…
And here I am… knocked-up with his baby.

Drake Blackthorn. King of Country.
He’s been a train wreck since that tragic night years ago.
My job was to follow him and his rowdy band around while on tour.
I had it under control… until I didn’t.
Because I saw the man behind the mic.
And beautifully broken.
Now, the hardest part…
Is figuring out how I’ll hide my growing baby bump from the vicious tabloids.

70,000+words in this full-length standalone romance. Bonus content included after the main story, including an exclusive second chance doctor’s baby romance: Doctor Baby Daddy. 

Lifetime Journeys


Discover exotic Bora Bora and take the trip of a lifetime!

Experience the overwater bungalows with breathtaking ocean views.

Get swept away in a surprise romantic wedding proposal dinner.

You’ll have an amazing adventure with black-tipped reef sharks in their own native habitat.

And later you’ll catch a feast for lunch while deep sea fishing!

Take advantage of the complete 11-day Trip Summary and “Best Of” review of all 3 French Polynesian islands we visited. Includes 70 vivid photos!


Science Fiction Romance

These three novellas in the To Be Sinclair series cover the safety of the Imperial Family’s stargate scientists, the extent to which they owe obedience to their Emperor, and the influence the Imperials hold over the Royals.

Fearless: Prince Ricky has had few relationships due to his depression, but amazingly, he finds a lady who understands how to deal with it. Unfortunately, does his acceptance of death define his relationship with his mother, the director of the Stargate Institute?

Deliver Us from Evil: Prince Roman and Prince David are taken to task for their inability to commit to a lady. As stargate professionals, though, they must be extra careful in starting relationships. How do Roman and his cousin David come to an acceptance of their duties, and what happens when the Emperor provokes them beyond all reason?

Evolve with Resolve: Princess Kayla Pierson-Sinclair longs for a lover, as well as a future beyond her currently dull but important position as the Emperor’s social director. Just before the wedding of her long-time friend, Lady Elisha Wooldridge, Kayla meets Elisha’s brother, Lord Graham, whose autism has been given as the excuse for him to be cut out of the Wooldridge succession. Kayla comes to the realization that Graham’s been more misunderstood than anything, and just one highly romantic kiss from him is enough to make her long for him in her bed!

As they try to get together, Graham’s family tries to keep them apart, worried that Kayla is just toying with him. And, as she grows to understand their family dynamic, Kayla gets just that much more determined to emancipate him from the Wooldridge family entirely.

Graham’s issues lie deeper than the perceptual problems of autism, however. Will Kayla ever discover the cause of Graham’s PTSD? And will their families accept their desire to be together?

Note: This book contains sexual situations.

Rise and Run


Felix and Conor Quinn are brothers at odds. After starting life as a less-than-ethical government experiment, the brothers now share the same body. When their adoptive father, illegal trades mogul Rian Connell, receives a tip that his niece is in danger, he sends Felix to track her down. The assignment brings up bad memories for Felix. It also threatens to bring Conor’s dark secrets to light—secrets that necessitate the manufacture of a drug to suppress his genome.

More pressing problems arise once Felix finds Kaitlyn. He soon realizes that Government Directive International (GDI)—one of the last governments of post-War 2042—has disturbing plans for him. By the time Felix realizes that Kaitlyn was only bait to lure him in, it’s already too late. GDI’s Agent-in-Charge doses Felix with a lethal, fast-acting virus, bringing Conor to the surface.

Immune to Felix’s virus thanks to his genomic difference, Conor must take up the mantle of uncovering the secrets of his past … before they get everyone around him killed. Every instinct tells Conor to run like hell, but in the end, his only choice may be to outsmart GDI. Or bring the organization crashing down.

Finding Forever

New Adult Romance

From a USA Today Bestseller comes the heart wrenching story of love, pain, and survival needed to make it through…

Seventeen year old Harper Collings
Just wants to get away.
Away from the life that has been inflicted on her.
Away from the pain it causes.
Away forever.

Cole Kennedy has it all.
A pretty girl on his arm.
A best friend by his side.
He’s the quarterback for his high school football team.
Cole wants to get away from his life.
Away from the stress it causes.
Away forever.

Nobody knows the secret life Cole Kennedy has to endure, the everyday torment from his father until the day he snaps. The day Cole is arrested and taken away from everything he knows. Sentenced to finish out the rest of senior year in Sunshine Estates he meets one girl that doesn’t seem to care about life even more than him.

Harper Collings takes solace in the reprieve that Sunshine Estates brings. Her life is painful and leaves scars. When the new guy tries to befriend her, Harper does her best to push him away, she doesn’t want him, she doesn’t need him. But in the end he is the only person that can save her.

When two lives collide, they find more that they were looking for.
They find, Forever.

Grave Ghost


Treachery and treason: a pact with a djinn betrays until time crumbles to dust.

The ancient, cultured realm of Myklaan is under threat. Addiction to a devastating drug is spreading, magic is fading from existence, and its powerful neighbour, Terlaan, is poised to wage war over the theft of a mystic crystal its mages cannot spark.

With Shah Ordosteen besotted by his scheming bride, and his heir intent on rescuing the Terlaani Princess from patriarchal Verdaan, the criminal underworld is holding addicts to ransom. But Ordosteen’s niece, Lady Jordayne, is not one to sit idle while her people suffer. When a poor man’s djinn-brokered deal goes horribly wrong, she sees beyond the ruined lives to the possibility of salvation. After all, she can manipulate family and stranger as well as any djinn. If she can bear the very personal cost.

From the wild, untapped magic of an abused boy to the dark sorcery of an eastern magician, from the rage of a djinn-cursed ghost to the murderous rampage of a zombie, Grave Ghost continues the sweeping saga of three realms plagued by an evil djinn.

Touch Me When We’re Dancing

Romance, Women’s Fiction

#17 of the beloved series, Pam of Babylon. The theme of life after a snowstorm is slow dancing, couples falling in love, or out.

A new neighbor moves in next door to Pam, Lisa discovers love in an unexpected place, Tim finds comfort in someone who has always been there, and Sandra decides to appreciate what she has in her hands.

In the city, a major shake up at Lang, Smith and Romney leads to the proverbial pot of gold for Sandra.

Randy has a shocking visit, and in return, takes back a promise he made to Pam in Greece.

In the background, Karen Carpenter sings. 🙂

Crime Interrupted

Mystery. Suspense. Crime. Thriller. Police.

When news of Mexican gang activity reaches local authorities in Durango, Colorado, the bucolic peace of the small town is shattered. Realizing the severity of the threat, the sheriff’s office reaches out for assistance.

With years of hard-earned experience, Senior Agent Buck Taylor from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation is unquestionably the man for the job. As talented a sleuth as there ever was, Buck is known for his dogged determination. Buck’s last case—a gruesome triple homicide in Teller County—has served as a productive distraction from the grief etched into his heart by the recent death of his wife of thirty-five years.

Now, as he turns his attention to the trouble in Durango, Buck finds himself drawn into the dangerous world of cartel violence, drugs, and human trafficking. But as Buck focuses on the cartel case, the players in his triple-homicide investigation become more prominent—and deadly—than ever. With multiple agencies—including the FBI, the DEA, and ICE—converging on Durango and numerous criminals gunning for Buck’s life, the stage is set for a fiery showdown.

Crime Interrupted is a thriller that will have readers burning through the pages.