Not all storms cause destruction and chaos. Some make new paths...

The Fury of a Storme
Author Sandra Sookoo

She was a Diamond with a few very tiny flaws—and the desire to be good. He was a rogue with the sense to reform—and to help her to be bad.

Lady, Behave
Author Cerise Deland

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A little pleasure is a dangerous thing…

The Devil and the Viscount
Author Mary Lancaster

Could she ever trust him after he broke her heart? Will he pick her over his loyalty to the Templar Knights? Can they find the love they once shared?

Author Laurel O'Donnell

A Baffled Lord and a Bolting Lady! Six highly placed matrons mourn their lack of daughters until they devise a scheme to launch eligible girls in need of assistance, and so The Society of Sponsoring Ladies is born.

The Sprinter
Author Kate Archer

A story of hope and overcoming family dysfunction. Mark's anger causes him to make bad decisions. When he discovers his ability to write, he discovers his true self.

My Canvas Bag
Author Lucas Kinkaid

In the process of near-drowning, Angelica time travels to California’s Gold Rush of 1848. She is rescued by a handsome Frenchman, only to find he is shackled with a family curse.

The Shape-Shifter's Wife
Author Carolyn Radmanovich

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Gods and Mortals

4.3 stars 2,230 reviews

Urban Fant. Romanc.

The Trials of Hercules

4.3 stars on 101 reviews

Historical Fantasy

Archangel Down

4.1 stars 1,495 reviews

Science Fiction

Born to be My Baby

4.4 stars on 240 reviews

Small Town Romance

Portrait of a Lady

4.4 stars on 420 reviews

Hist. Erotic Romance

Beyond Space Opera

3.8 stars on 81 reviews

Science Fiction

A Fresh Beginning

& Murder

4.3 stars 2,215 reviews

Cozy Mystery


4.2 stars on 73 reviews

Romantic Suspense

The Dark Rift

4.1 stars on 191 reviews

Supernatural Thriller

The Millionaire

Next Door

4.2 stars on 215 reviews

Contemporary Romance

Justified Deception

4.5 stars on 360 reviews

Western Romance

When Danger Calls

4.3 stars on 451 reviews

Romantic Suspense


4.1 stars on 59 reviews

Historical Fiction

The Death of Death

4.4 stars on 322 reviews


Whistlin’ Dixie

4.0 stars on 270 reviews

Romantic Comedy

Enemy of Mine

4.1 stars on 76 reviews

Time Travel Romance